249 comments on “Sunday Specials: Who will succeed Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach?

  1. First time to “predict”

    Here are my strongest 15 in no particular order:

    Aruba (may win it all)
    Curacao (may win)
    Costa Rica
    Sri Lanka (may win)
    Sierra Leone

    Spoilers: Canada, Georgia, Brazil, Thailand, Denmark
    USA and france (sorry some of the spoilers are some other peoples’ top choices)


  2. I don’t like the new Miss Universe with a negative vibe in her name like war.. just like Warouw!

  3. 12 oras na lang at magkakaalaman na… It’s sad lang walang pa-contest ang blogger para sa Top 3. Kahit GC lang or a basket of oranges at a box of milky knots pwede na.

    I will pray hard na hindi mananalo ang mga bitch candidates.

  4. OT: I wonder if si Lala at Laila ay iisa hehehe , ramdam ko lang based sa mga posts.

      • Ay, hindi po talaga! I promise. Hahaha, tsaka if ever ako man po si Miss Laila bakit Lala ang ipapangalan ko, sobrang close naman di ba? Gusto ko na ring palitan yung username kasi baka ma- “your comment is awaiting moderation” ulit ako.

  5. KUmakalat ngayon sa social media na si Rhett ay di na magbibihis ni Max sa finals si Cherry Veric na daw, yung gown na sinoot ni Max now sa rehersal kay cherry yun. Nagtaka din ang isang fan ni Max kasi naka private na twitter ni Rhett.

    • Could be official and confirmed. Inquirer tweeted it. Said Rhett will no longer dress Maxine for the MU Finals.

    • Yeah, Max is now wearing a cherry veric gown… sa mama j daw ang nagdecide… I wonder kung yan na talaga ang final o me change costume pang ganap ala MJ Lastimosa?!

    • nakakainis na yang gown problem na yan!!! taon taon nalang. why mama J decided it?? may nabasa ako na maiksi daw ang final gown nya na gawa ni rhet. kailan pa nila nalaman yan??? bakit last minute??? nyeta talaga bpci na yan. lalo na si sma. lalo nila tayo pinapakaba.

  6. Sana ang tanggalin na ang online voting next year at gawing Top 20. Btw, saan kaya ang next edition ng MU?

    • @LIreo- May chika na balak daw ng MUO na gawin uli dito sa PInas ang next edition dahil napakawarm daw ng accommodation ng mga pinoy sa mga candidates pero bukas pa daw ang final announcement.

  7. Ok so rumors are floating that Maxine will use an interpreter. I think this is great, that our delegates ought to be allowed to speak in the language they are most comfortable with. Given that Miriam Defensor Santiago is no longer with us (she would’ve been my first choice for translator, lol), who would you pick to translate for Maxine? My second pick would probably be Boy Abunda. I can’t watch his show, I find him a insufferably pretentious, but I cannot deny that he has the gift of gab and is articulate in both English & Tagalog.

    • Ang liit naman ng tela di man lang ginawang sarong. Ala Ate Vi handkerchief ang peg. Hahaha.

  8. Top 12 (In no particular order) + 1 (Swimsuit)
    1. Venezuela
    2. Philippines
    3. Colombia
    4. Thailand
    5. Indonesia
    6. Brazil
    7. Australia
    8. Nicaragua
    9. Kenya
    10. Mexico
    11. France
    12. Puerto Rico
    13. USA

    Top 9 + 1 (Gown)
    1. Venezuela
    2. Philippines
    3. Colombia
    4. Thailand
    5. Indonesia
    6. Brazil
    7. Australia
    8. Mexico
    9. France
    10. Nicaragua

    Top 6 + 1 (Q&A)
    1. Venezuela
    2. Philippines
    3. Brazil
    4. Thailand
    5. France
    6. Nicaragua
    7. Mexico

    Top 3 + 1 (Final Look)
    1. Venezuela
    2. Philippines
    3. Mexico
    4. France

    Miss Universe 2016 – Venezuela or Philippines
    1st Runner – Up – Philippines or Venezuela
    2nd Runner – Up – Mexico or France

  9. Heard during the final dress rehearsals from co-host Ashley Graham reading the teleprompter:

    “I’m glad we’re seeing girls of ALL sizes in the top 13!”

    This declaration all but confirms IMG’s campaign to rebrand and redefine the pageant this year. Also, the interview portion now makes up 60% of a candidate’s total score in the prelims. The top 13 will be full of surprises.

    So expect an unconventional, unexpected winner, with another controversial crowning moment that will outlast the usual 72-hour news cycle, and many disappointed fans (that will include me).

  10. My untouchable Top 6 – minus Interview


    Other 7 – based on Prelim only

    Dominican Rep

    Could surprise Top 13

    Alternate :Good prior to Prelim



    Caught on my friend’s cam! Si frontrunner and self proclaimed number 1. Nag rehearse rumampa. Tinawag ang bansa nya.
    Rampa uli si bakla ng taon. Nakaharang si dancer na nakapamewang na nakatalikod! Tinulak ang braso ng nakapamewanG na back up dancer. Nagulat si dancer! Posing si bakla kunyari walang nangyari. Pagbalik ni delegada sa likod. May sinabi (siempre di ko narinig dahil layo namin) pero sumenyas si dancer na parang,”what’s wrong with her? (Senyas lang! Di yan exact words) Pero we have it on VIDEO!!. Pinagiisipan ko pa kung ipost namin. Kasi baka mahalata na kame. Bawal kasi video at baka di na kame makapasok bukas.

    Brent520 (2017, January 28). Latest Update: Live sa MOA arena! Si Ginoong Chismosa. http://www.missosology.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1342437

    Bes, ayan na may citation na, baka maakusahan na naman ng plagiarism kuno. Haha. Peace!

    • Wow, Miss Kosovo is prettier than Miss Argentina… and she speaks English very well!…

      I also find Ms. Sri Lanka more pretty compaird to most of their past deligates… I even find her face more apealing than all those other girls this year with indo-aryan-dravidian ancestry like India, Mauritius, and even Ms. Malaysia.

  12. Maxine will wear a gown made of jewel stones in the finals. May mga pasilip na ito before and maganda talaga s’ya. So, pasabog nga ito. Excited na ako to see it. Good luck, Maxine!


    • They have in the lobby of Okada. And in Snaps of Sofitel. I have one too in my house with 3 of my friends.

  13. I predict USA and Canada to reach the top 6.

    And I have this awful sinking feeling that IMG will crown Miss Canada for shock value and controversy.

    And if my prediction comes true, this will be the last Miss Universe pageant I’ll ever watch.

    • Ay naku huwag na huwag nilang lolokohin ang mga fans at magkamali na magselect ng winner for controversy’s sake. Will not give a damn following MU pag ginawa nila yan. Mataas ang panlasa ng karamihan sa pinoy pageant fans at they will raise a howl when a winner will be chosen for wrong reasons.

    • Puwes, tayo ang tiyak na manonood at ang Colombia naman ang magwewelga dahil C Maxine ang mananaling MU2016 hihihi… NO charette ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I don’t want the new Miss Universe with a negative vibe on her name like war.. just like Warouw!

  15. TOP 13: Argentina Aruba Barbados Brazil Curacao France Indonesia Malaysia Nicaragua Philippines Thailand Sierra Leone Venezuela
    TOP 14-15: Kenya Portugal

    My favorites: Brazil France Malaysia Philippines Sierra Leone
    (Every 3 hours yata nagbabago isip ko, hirap pumili!)

    • me too, my mind changes so quickly

      top 14-15: THAILAND, NICARAGUA

  16. Tito Norman, will you be coming from AHV? What time should I leave on Monday, if I’m coming from AHV? Thanks and more power to you!

    • I like the list except for maybe Malaysia. I hope she makes t but She does not seem to stand out . She lacks the drama of Thailand and Venezuela ( which I m not a fan of)

      • @Fabian, yeah honestly we have the same thoughts about Malaysia.The reason why I put her on my Top 6 because I believe she will be in the Top 13, lol . I just lover her beauty though. I also like Belgium, Ukraine and Spain.

  17. Maxine won me over during the preliminaries. She was confident and beaming with pride. What I love about Maxine’s face is that she looks oriental. Gorgeously oriental. Looks very Asian. If she nailed the prelim interview as well as the top 6 q & a, a back-to-back win would be possible.

    I have a strong feeling Venezuela is Maxine’s toughest competitor. Actually, medyo crush ko nga siya. Hahaha! I love her elegance and confidence. She is well put together. She knows her shit. But, her being a beauty queen through and through might hurt her chances. IMG probably wants a less-rehearsed queen.

    I am not fond of Miss Brazil’s strong features.

    I don’t know about you, but I kinda like Miss Albania. Probably because of her hair. I love big hair!

  18. Ang kaisa-isang 50-50 candidate na gustung-gusto kong masali sa finalists: Noelia Freire of SPAIN! Tapos sila ni Max sa dulo ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, agree. This is my TOP 12.

      12. INDONESIA
      11. AUSTRALIA
      10. COLOMBIA

      9. BRAZIL
      8. VENEZUELA
      7. THAILAND

      6. UKRAINE
      5. NICARAGUA
      4. FRANCE

      1st RUNNER-UP– SPAIN


  19. My Top 6 in particular order
    1 France
    2 Spain
    3 Philippines โ€“ feeling ko makukuha na natin ang 2nd RU

    4 Venezuela
    5 Nicaragua
    6 Thailand

    Spoilers: Aruba, Chile
    Madami ang magiging Vietnam 2015 this year: Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia

  20. My current TOP 12+1:


    Puerto Rico

    Fan votes:
    Indonesia, Sierra Leonne, Malaysia, Spain, Haiti, Panama, Belgium, Singapore, Dominican Republic, or India,

    Wala ba papremio makahula tito norms?

    • Nice list! Thanks Jo!

      Hirap pala si Mariam sa NatCos niya pero ang ganda talaga ng lakad at presentation niya. That body is to die for! Napaka-toned!

      My top 5 picks are:


      Good luck to all wonderful MU2016 ladies tomorrow!


    i got this information from one of the girls chaperon and ofcourse with some of my other reliable sources inside the muo.


    No Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia in the Top 13.

    4 Asians will make the cut. these ladies are Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines
    this year is an asian domination just like the 2015 edition + 1 asian country!

    according to my reliable source possible top 6 from the top 13 are philippines, france, spain, ukraine, brazil, thailand

    there will be only 1 black candidate who will penetrate in the semis according to my source its either kenya or sierra leone.

    stay tune for more updates! especially tomorrow during the final dress rehearsal!!!

  22. Biglang kabig ang blogger!
    Miss Philippines na ang bet nya at nalaglag sa UNTOUCHABLES List si Keke.
    Haaaay Norman, for a change, try to be true to yourself, wag plastikada te!

    • Dear Basil,

      I am amaze by how much hate and bile you throw at Mr. Norman and still manage to visit his site everyday. You already made your point several times. I really don’t understand your repeated caterwauling.

      I admire your Mr. Nornam for taking the high road by still allowing trolls to visit your home.

      Having said that, my top candidates in random order:

      Asia / Oceania:



      Ukraine (wait, Europe ba and Ukraine..lol)

      Latin America:


      Sierra Leone / Kenya

      One of them will be the winner with France or Spain or Nicaragua most likely to win.

      World Peace.

    • To be honest I kinda agree with Basil. I love Norman but he kinda have this tendency to build up someone and flake in the last minute. Not only in MU but and most especially in BBP – every year. I remember in 2013, she was like all Elima Elima and Ariella was nowhere in his list then when Ariella won, He was like- ‘I knew from the start that she’s gonna win’. hehe peace! He has never predicted a winner haha…I can attest to that, I’ve been reading his blog since 2011. In 2011 he was rooting for Patricia Tumulak, 2012 I think Nicole Schmidt, 2013 Charmaine Elima, 2014 Bianca Guidotti/McGarry, 2015 Janicel Lubina, 2016 Nicole Cordoves/Apriel Smith I think.

      Anyhow, I think most gay followers of MU are stuck in the trump era MU- the all beauty MU. The Miss Universe Organization is obviously changing and they are no longer looking for some stunning beauty but a lady that will represent the brand.

      Mind you 60% of the Prelim Score is the interview and I just have this feeling that Malaysia is in and she will be the big surprise tomorrow morning. Again, hindi ko sya bet but navvibes ko lang taalaga. And matalino si girl…ala Sushmita.

  23. OMG, a reliable source told me that an eloquent-elegant-exfactor ‘black girl’ will win!!! And when I think of black beauties these delegates popped up into to my mind:





  24. Mga bes wala bang leak ng evening gown ni Max from the rehearsals? Dyusko bat ba walang teaser kahit kulay lang??? Diba last year there were photos and videos of the rehearsals in Vegas? Bat wala ngaun? Also we dont know who were being called in the top 12-13 in the rehearsals which usually gives us clues about who’s in…

    • inaabangan ko nga yan. masyadong pa secret. unlike last year ung kay pia meron. maybe yung final gown nga ang tinutukoy ni max na mapapa wow tayo since walang wow factor sa prelim gown nya. but she carried it well. i think hinde pa tapos ang rehearsal meron pa mamaya or hours b4 the pageant. so baka may makakita sa kanya wearing her final gown and baka ipost. so wait lang tayo.

  25. My Wishlist/Prediction:

    1. Brazil
    2. France
    3. Philippines

    4. Venezuela
    5. Thailand
    6. Colombia

    7. Mexico
    8. Curacao
    9. USA

    10. Sierra Leone
    11. Aruba
    12. Indonesia

    13. Australia
    14. Panama
    15. Argentina

  26. These will be the ladies:

    1 Malaysia – Sushmita Bailey Shugart adore her interview. Candid frank but intelligent philosophical. She was alright in the Preliminaries.

    2 Nicaragua – the WME/MUO loves her. Easy to deal and she follows.

    3 Philippines – her banter with the judges were excellent. And she has smiles for everybody. The staff of the organizers love her.

  27. Ang hirap pumili ng finalists mula ng bago na ang owner ng MUO. Ang daming factors: confidence, beauty, with a heart, business, geo-political, at surprise element. We always hear recently na it’sa job so might be looking for someone who has proven success/stability in their career.

    I pray na manalo ang isang kandidato na humble, compassionate, sincere, loving, smart, and charming. Nakakaumay na ang mga kandidatang maganda lang pero bitchy.

    To our rep, Maxine Medina, I can see a winner in you. Maganda ang aura ng face mo at very gentle demeanor. Ano man ang maging resulta, todo support ang Pampanga sa iyo. You represented our country very well. Wishing you the best of luck.

  28. I think Miss Georgia would be a spoiler together with Vietnam, France, Singapore, Chile, Sierra Leone, Canada, Aruba, and Great Britain. Thailand, Venezuela, and Philippines would be the three frontruners that make the top 12. Indonesia would be the 13th from the online votes.

    • I love Georgia but I worry about her interview. Another I love is Slovakia. She is a student at Seattle University

  29. Narrowing them down to a [difficult] Top 13:

    Costa Rica
    Dominican Republic



  30. this line up is so dynamic ; my ranking changes every four hours when I rewatch the prelims:

    two scenarios in my mind:
    I. will this be a repeat of MU 20 years ago ? (1996) when the top 2 are Venezuela and Aruba , but this time, Aruba takes the crown ?

    II. will this be a repeat of 1974 top favorites in the top 2 , Spain and Aruba, but this time, Aruba takes the crown ?

    I am feeling some victorious vibe from Aruba.

    I hope Philippines is in the top 3 and becomes 2nd ru, the very first 2nd ru Pinay in MU history.

    Three spoilers that I can see for the crown are China, Denmark, Belize. Crucial is interview skills.

    Now, since it is top 13, my bet is that USA will surely be there in the semifinals.

    Thailand is pretty but she does not have that special โ€˜itโ€™ factor or โ€˜xโ€™ factor, so I’m sure that she will definitely not win the crown but she will be in the top tier of the semifinalists.

    I question Brazil but she still has a chance of making top 13 but no further.

    France has the ‘it’ factor, the ‘x’ factor. Crucial is how much she wants it, how she will fight for it.

    Colombia, really ? I donโ€™t think so, even for top 13.

  31. We can dream of a perfect world where none of the top 3 ( which hopefully includes Maxine) gives a convincing answer .
    But I doubt it’s gonna happen .
    I’m sure one of the top 3 will at least be articulate in English or Spanish .

    So , Ana W, bring your bottle of nitro pills to the Mall of Asia . You will need it hihihi

  32. I’m throwing out a positive vibe to my top 3:

    1. Philippines
    2. Brazil
    3. Sierra Leone

    Thy will be done!

  33. TOP 6




  34. Top 13 according to my taste and their presentations

  35. O ayan ang prediction ni Mommy N on Youtube ๐Ÿ™‚
    Masaya na ang naiinis bakit meron syang Indonesia chu chu hihihi
    Same as written above: MU2016 is Philippines, 1stRU is Venezuela, 2nd RU is Colombia.
    Kasama nya si Bianca na superganda at diko makalimutan na tinawag ko syang Bb. Gandanghari noong 2014 hihihi Charette lang.
    Video start @24:20.

  36. This is it folks! Fearless forecast for Top 3 regardless of placement.


    No bashing, no drama, no bullshit.

    • Let anyone win but Thailand.
      I can even handle Indo .. but not Thailand.
      I just hate her overconfidence and the uber-nauseating walk and facial expressions. Pls do not even mention her shrieking voice which is not appealing at all.

  37. Sana i-judge nila ang mga candidates yung wala silang kahit anong make up para makita ang tunay na ganda.
    Hindi yung maganda lang kung naka make up.


  38. ~~~ My unbiased Top 12 ~~~

    This is combining Politics and Preliminary performance.

    Argentina / Australia – I am torn between the two. Argentina has this classic beautiful hollywood face while Australia has a young, youthful and fresh look. I don’t think both will make the cut, but one of them will.

    Aruba – I completely ignored her before prelims. Weak sash. But damn! This girl had a very strong presence. Her styling was minimal and simple, but She looked very elegant. Her body is a bit too athletic and she has a deep voice… I feel like even with her strong Prelim performance, she might not make the cut… but I really would love her to be included.

    Brazil – Im honestly not a fan of her. For me, she is not a dark/black beauty front runner. But she IS Brazil. Strong sash. So naturally she will get noticed…. and fans and MUO seems to love her. So she’ll definitely be top 12.

    Colombia – She was my top 3 before Prelims… But after prelims, she dropped in the bottom of the list. Nothing special with her performance, but her sash does say Colombia.

    Dominican Republic – Very few people like her, but I LOVE her. For me, she was the most “expensive” looking Prelims night. I really want her to penetrate top 12.

    France – She’s always been on my radar but I’m 50/50 on her… she looks great on photos and looks good on stage. However, her close up photos and candids are horrid. She has lots of wrinkles and she looks 10 years her senior without make up. She does not look fresh. But she did looked good on stage….

    Haiti – Another black stunner. Even fewer people notice her. But for me, she was a stand out. I much prefer her than Curacao (whom, in my opinion, was too much and unnatural on stage)

    Indonesia – Not a fan of her. She’s not at par in terms of beauty with others. She totally copied Shamcey’s head tilts. But, she has the biggest fan base in all of Asia. So it makes sense MUO/IMG would include her (the same as their last year’s rep and the year before and the year before…

    Nicaragua – The darkest of the dark horses in my opinion. She is fresh. She had a strong Prelim performance and her communication skill is very strong. I wouldn’t mind seeing Nicaragua win it all this year.

    Philippines – It’s no secret I’m not 100% with Maxine… but she DID do well in the prelims (like any of our reps!) and I have to give credit when it’s due. My confidence in her even grew higher when she announced that she requested for an interpreter. This just increased her chances…. but she still needs to penetrate and enter Q&A round. Also, The Mall Of Asia Arena will go BESERK if she was not called as a Semi Finalist. MUO & IMG wouldn’t want that (aminin!)

    Thailand – The best in Asia in terms of facial beauty. As long as she don’t open her mouth… because she loses her ‘ganda’ points. But she looks good on stage and does have a very exotic look. Love her straight long black hair.

    Venezuela – I mean… Do I need to explain why? Duh.

    ~~~ The Maybes’ ~~~
    Puerto Rico

  39. I Max could make it to Top 6. But Im not going to predict her the winner. If we consider the economic and political aspects of pageantry, Thailand should win. Another die hard pageant nation. Another beautiful country to host in the future. France would be another bet because she is just really stunning. Or we can go we Aruba which could provide shock value is she makes it. We shall see!!!

  40. Thank you for your fearless forecast, Sir Norman ! I am 95% in agreement with your list. For now my eyes are all fixed on Maxine. After delivering an almost flawless presentation during the preliminary round, beaming with such surprising confidence, I can, at this point, say that she has a chance in achieving a back-to-back win for the Philiipines. If and when she nails the very crucial Q & A with conviction, with or without an interpreter, I believe she can take it all the way !

    P.S @ Max – we’re aware you always dread the Q & A. You have been doing your homework, and reading the news to get updated with current events. Answer with calm, substance and confidence (whether in English or Tagalog) and you will do just fine !

    All the best, Max and the Philippines ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Ang bali balita itapon na daw list ng frontrunners at parang tatlo lang talaga kukunin dun. I review daw ulit prelims at may sleepers dun na umariba.

    Kung hindi man si Maxine – ang bet ko talaga na nakalimot ako sa iba kong sinusundan – France!
    I’m also picking Aruba and Nicaragua.


  43. Miss Chile – Fluent in English and an active volunteer on LGBT rights and Alzheimer awareness. Just give her the mic, tapos ang laban.

  44. Tito Norm, my magtamong na po ba kung palalitan ni maxine gown nya for the finals. For me, ok naman ung gown, dahil sa confidence nya sa stage and her presence, di halos napansin ung gown ung presence nya napansin. Kaya nag stand out. Pero my chance kaya baguhin nya ung gown ? Kase sa final 3 if ever. Dba wla ng Q&A dun. Final look nlng? Baka kse lamunin cya ng ibang nasa top 3. Kse for me ung gown nya parang normal lang. Para umaten cya ng ballroom dancing. Sory pero top 3 ko pa din si maxine. Bsta di ko ma explain ung desgn ng gown. My mga former beauty queens (foreigner) na nag trvia . Sabi na my isang top choice daw nila. Na mejo na disappoint sila sa gown. Na sana daw kung pwede palitan. Thanks po

    • Literally or hypothetically? Could you speak your mind and describe how you have arrived in saying that? If you couldn’t, then I assume that your brain is suffering from bovine spongiform encephalopathy that is prevalent in the latter 90’s.

      • daming kuda. How could you sleep good at night, knowing you called another human being FAT?! You called somebody FAT. Akala mo naman ikinaseksi mo yan? ๐Ÿ˜‚

      • May ipinaglalaban? Is saying fat, especially if it is a fact, to a candidate in a “beauty pageant” a sin? Oh, my gummy bear! And how do you call about those who say worse things about Maxine here?

  45. On a side-note, with Mess World Beauty With a Purchase fully downgraded to a 10th tier pageant, I hope Miss Earth steps up its game and is keenly observing Miss U while it is being held there in the Philippines, and taking notes on how a world class pageant should be set up.

  46. let us do this by geography and background; my choices are-

    Europe- Georgia, Denmark, France
    LatinA – Venezuela, Argentina, Spain
    Asia -Philippines, Thailand, Turkey

    Misc 5 -Slovakia, Ukraine, Belize, Panama, Nicaragua

    Spolier -China

    Possible misses -Aruba, Haiti, USA

    (hyped but no go- Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Nethrlands)

      • when I re-watch the prelims again and again, China and Aruba are the ones I keep on rewinding to where I can get a second look; after I watched the UP CLOSE videos, I am also now keeping my eye on Belize

    • My Top 6 in particular order
      1 France
      2 Spain
      3 Philippines – feeling ko makukuha na natin ang 2nd RU

      4 Venezuela
      5 Nicaragua
      6 Thailand
      Spoilers: Aruba, Chile
      Madami ang magiging Vietnam 2015 this year: Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia

  47. If I’m a judge:

    France will win

    1st Ru: Venezuela
    2nd Ru: Philippines

    Top 6

    Top 9

    Top 12

  48. Philippines France and Nicaragua for top 3. Fresh aura, refreshing beauties and killer looks. Thanks Tito Norms for your insights. Any insider scoops?

  49. Norman glad you pick Maxine, because she won we over with her regal bearing, humility and above all her down to earth personality. She IA real gem. What a beautiful tandem of Pia and Maxim as Miss Universe in the new era of Philippine Pageantry Mabuhay.

  50. Apart from Maxine, I think that the ladies from Nicaragua > France > Brazil (in that order) are worthy successors to Pia. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ท

  51. If Maxine doesn’t accomplish a back to back for us, I wouldn’t mind Sierra Leone winning. She’s an honorary Filipina so, in a sense, we’d still get a “back to back”. ๐Ÿ˜€

  52. Ganito sa tingin ko mangyayari sa monday. MARIA MIKA MAXINE MEDINA WILL WIN para mapagusapn ang miss universe. Biro mo, back to back na, sariling bakuran pa nanayaru Di ba controversia yon? Pero desrving nman si maxine. Controversial lang sa mga kapit bahay.

  53. Argentina pa rin ako. Spain and France.. Altho I hav no idea on their comm skills and proficiency in English.

  54. Thank you Tito Norms for your list of strong contenders. It gave readers a peak into each candidate’s character and personality. This kind of format makes reading your blog enjoyable. To the Max!

  55. Isa yata sa umangat nung prelims so Curacao.
    Napanood ko siya sa fb video nila ni USA. Ang galing galing nya magsalita. Tinapos ko talaga yung video kahit mahaba kasi napahanga ako

  56. Congrats to our outgoing #Queen in #MissUniverse2015 Alonzo #PiaWurtzbach in #65thMissUniverse #Philippines

  57. Kung si Melanie Marquez nga naging Miss International, paano pa si Maxine?
    Back to back na yan .

  58. Here are my best 12:

    1. Philippines
    2. Venezuela
    3. Aruba
    4. Brazil
    5. Spain
    6. Thailand
    7. Colombia
    8. USA
    9. Australia
    10. Curacao
    11. Malaysia

    13. Indonesia (fan vote)

    Sana after ng Miss Universe beauty pageant sa Monday, may naka-stand by ng float sa labas ng MOA Arena para pagka-korona kay Maxine derecho parada na. Hihihi! I am feeling Maxine will do a back-to-back. She is in her best element. Walang duda, she has the X-factor, most stunning face, impeccable charm, at loudest cheer. She can speak (pake ko sa mga inggeterang pumupuna ng English n’ya. Hello! Kayo kaya ang pumalit sa kanya. Kahit ako na kudaera, nung pinagsalita ako sa big crowd, kinabahan ako at nag-buckle. Public speaking is a tough job!). Good luck, Maxine! You have my love and support.


  59. Maraming maraming salamat po Tito Norman sa lahat ng updates.
    Always enjoy and stay positive.

    Ilang years na rin ako nagbabasa dito pero minsan lang mag-comment.

  60. Tito Norman how do you assess Miss Singapore and Malaysia? they are the least talked girls of Asia in blogs and forums but very worthy ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Favorite ko talaga ang Malaysia
      3. Sierra Leone

      • Why I am confident with Malaysia and Singapore kasi my friend who is like camping in the vicinity is collecting some gossips and facts. Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines did well in close door interviews. The 3 ladies also did well in preliminaries.

        Max is a sure top (fingers crossed)

        While Malaysia and Singapore did well in prelims wala masyado pumansin sa kanila dahil the viewers and fanatics are busy hyping the strong sashes. I heard of a rumor that the judges are informed to look after the not hyped delegates who will perform the best. I hope both ladies got the attention of the judges.

      • Sana nga napansin sila. Pinapanalangin ko yan.
        Di ko napapansin si Singapore.
        Love at first sight talaga ako:

  61. What if Singapore or Malaysia will take the crown? A big surprise and jaw dropping twist but both ladies are very deserving ๐Ÿ™‚

    The safest and I am sure that will be in the taft12

    and I will add NETHERLANDS, ICELAND and INDIA as the surprises of IMG.

    IMG staff have scouted all the predictions and list of pageant blogs and forums, they will make sure that people who will watch the pageant will have the surprises of their life. They will call girls with sashes that is not usually being called every finals night but the most deserving silent performers.

  62. Norman is WRONG. Mark my word it will be none of the above. It will be a girl who has barely been noticed. Much like Sushmita Sen then. Or worse it will be FAT Ms Canada!

    • That will be extremely tough to spot if she has barely been noticed. I just hope she would make a good successor if ever.

      • Thanks for all your hard work! Ignore the haters! I still feel that it will be good for MUO to pick an unknown . It’ll give other less sash powerful nations more encouragement to keep sending delegates. BTW Sushmita was noone’s pick or predicted winne back then.

    • There is no right or wrong of Norman’s final predictions. It really depends on the judges.

    • Maka wrong ka, WAGAS! Gawa ka ng sarili mong blog at dun ka magsisigaw! How could your barely-been-noticed candidate be one of the top 12? Ang daming activities na naganap aside from the regular events tapos hindi siya nagpapansin at nakipag sabayan along with the so many front runners.

    • Ano naman ang problema kung si Canada ang manalo. Palibhasa ba kasi hindi siya kasing sexy ng ibang kandidata, hindi na siya karapdapat na makoronahan? Sana naman may kaunti tayong respeto kung nag huhusga tayo ng ibang tao, describing someone as “FAT” is rather rude and classless.

    • Crowning Miss Canada? Would MUO go with that idea for the sake of media mileage? It’s a brand that is at stake, my dear. And I don’t think WME/IMG is willing to sacrifice its prestige for choosing a very wrong girl. Take note, last year they took advantage of the crowning gaffe because that made people talked about Miss Universe. But, they still chose the best girl, Pia.

      Now, how do you think Canada fared in the preliminaries considering the 1/3 points for each segment? Let’s analyze.

      – Interview. She might have aced it because it’s her forte. Accordingly, she was asked about economics, law, politics, etc. These are the areas Miss Canada excel at, given her background as law student.

      – Swimsuit. A major flop. Would any of the judges like a fat candidate strutting in two-piece bikini on stage? No matter how confident a girl with her body is, that remains a no-real-deal thing. And Canada was that.

      – Evening Gown. Hers was not impacting. I could include her to my top 10 list of the least performers in that round.

      Finally, I don’t want to think that Miss Universe wants to indulge with body shaming issue. This is a beauty pageant where a deserving girl who is fit and fab wins. If indeed Miss Canada were to be chosen, I wonder what the reactions of the Filipino audience would be inside MOA. Knowing Filipino MU fans? Hmnnnn.

      • I genuinely don’t see any problem having a beauty queen that doesn’t fit the mould. Why can’t we be more open to outliers. Having lived in different countries has made me realise that there is a progressive movement in the way in which women are viewed and treated. To be honest nobody knows what Miss Universe is all about anyway outside the pageant world. In the UK, millenials find such a pageant very shallow and useless. If the Miss Universe Organisation can somehow radicalise how women are seen, and be part of the progressive movement then it will somehow cement it self as a leading organisation that empowers women. So having Canada as the winner, doesn’t bother me at all because that somehow brings a stronger image of empowerment.

      • That prediction a la blind item? It’s funny. Why did the predictor not provide the exact name of the winner s/he is predicting? This is the only thing I can say… K.A.L.O.K.A.

      • @Mio – Are you stunned? You should be. And yes, I am sexy in all levels. May kuda ka?

      • Ana, I find it annoying that Ms. Canada wasn’t fat to begin with. She got fat – there’s a difference. She didn’t market herself as a plus sized model or pageant contestant. Even a few months prior to MU wala kang nakikita sa mga posts nya na nag rrarally sya for real sized women. It was only when she arrived here na nagka bistuhan tapos bigla syang kumambyo against body shaming. Eh malamang nagulat mga tao kilala sya eh. Kakapanalo lang nya ng first runner up sa supra tapos ipagtatabi tabi mo sila now mas malaki talaga sya. Sakin lang, she got lazy. Wag nang i fluff yang advocacy advocacy na yan.

      • Lailaaa! Baka part ‘yan ng game plan n’ya, ang mapag-usapan ang katawan n’ya. Na, in fairness naman e nagtagumpay s’ya. Maaari ring tinamad talaga s’ya kaya lumobo s’ya ng ganyan. In all respect, siguro naman sa ganitong larangan ng pagandahan, hindi dapat i-justify or i-push ‘yung advocacy n’ya na “no to body shaming.” While IMG advocates healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t tolerate literally healthy beauty queens. Pansin mo Lai, walang skinny candidate ngayon?

      • Ana, kase nananba kaka buffet ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

        Kidding aside – Barbados who I was super afraid of pre pageant got super lost even sa segment na inakala ko ma e-ace nya which was swimsuit. The reason? She was uber skinny. Walang laman.

        Kung healthy lifestyle ang isasampal sa body shaming eklavu ni Canada – edi wag na tayo lumayo. Ayan si France. Hind sya nagpapayat ng sobra tulad say ni Clarissa Molina last year. Pero kita mo naman sa katawan nya na medyo bilog sya pero toned. Mas malaki sya sa ibang girls like Habach pero ang healthy nya tingnan kaya for sierra don’t me.

        Wa ako pakels if nagpataba sya or what ang dating sakin nagpabaya talaga sya and gusto nya ng pity party. Kung nagpataba sya at isa sya sa mga faves ko …. Dapat may 3-4 post man kang sya sa social media on real women hindi lahat ng pics nya sexy tapos boom no to body shaming ulit. I stalk these girls like a hawk. Sa pagkakaintindi ko ang advocacy nya breast cancer. Lame excuse. Ikaw ba naman papayag sa ganyan strategy? Parang di naman tayo tunay na babae. Sino bang gusto mas malaki tingnan kung kasama mo balingkinitan? Ako mismo na hindi candidate malulungkot.

        Papayat naman yan. Maganda pa rin mukha mautak pa rin naman kaso sinayang nya yung chance na mag represent ng Canada sa MU looking her best. Nakakainsulto sa ibang candidates na sasabihin nyang mas malaki sya kase she advocates a healthy lifestyle eh kamusta naman yung iba na payat at super healthy? Pfffffffftttttttttttt ….

      • Masasarap daw ang food na sini-serve sa Conrad at hindi tinitipid ang mga candidates. Kaya wala ni isang tsikang may nagugutumang candidates (hello Miss World with a beauty purchase), pero ‘yan nga, nagsisitabaan sila. Hindi kaya dahil din sa Milky Knots? Hihihi! At least, happy tummy ang mga candidates kaya panay ang papuri nila sa ating bansa.

        Enough na with Miss Canada. Alam na nating laglag s’ya sa Top 13. Hindi natin bet ang mga walang disiplina. ‘Di magandang ehemplo sa ating mga kababaihan. Women empowerment ang mantra ng Miss Universe, at hindi women laziness. Sa totoo lang, hirap akong tingnan sa stage si Miss Canada nung preliminary. Siguro ‘yung feeling ko eh hindi nalalayo kina Yari and Riyo Mori. Pag enter din ng letter C countries, inaabangan ko kaagad si Colombia. Tapos, um-aura si Curacao!

        Regarding Barbados, bet ko ang fez nitong si bakla, but then mare, wala pala s’yang kalatoy-latoy sa stage. Bland! Poor performer s’ya. Kaya much as we want to have a non-sash-factor countries enter the cut, hindi naman nila kase ginagalingan. Asan ang mga diyosang sina Belgium, Georgia, Turkey, at Netherlands?

        P.S. Para tayong version nina Shandi and Susie sa kanilang vlog sa Youtube. O ha, Ana and Laila ng Normannorman naman ang peg natin. Hihihi!

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