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  1. this line up is so dynamic ; my ranking changes every four hours when I rewatch the prelims:

    two scenarios in my mind:
    I. will this be a repeat of MU 20 years ago ? (1996) when the top 2 are Venezuela and Aruba , but this time, Aruba takes the crown ?

    II. will this be a repeat of 1974 top favorites in the top 2 , Spain and Aruba, but this time, Aruba takes the crown ?

    I am feeling some victorious vibe from Aruba.

    I hope Philippines is in the top 3 and becomes 2nd ru, the very first 2nd ru Pinay in MU history.

    Three spoilers that I can see for the crown are China, Denmark, Belize. Crucial is prelim interview.

    Now that it is top 13, my bet is that USA will surely be there in the semifinals.

    Thailand is pretty but she does not have that special ‘it’ factor or ‘x’ factor, so am sure that she will definitely not win the crown but she will be in the top tier of the semifinalists.

    I question Brazil but she still has a chance.

    Colombia, really ? I don’t think so, even for top 13.

  2. Parang may mali.

    Ang sabi, the calculation of one cycle starts from one’s birthday plus 51 days, tapos you add another 52 days from there for the next cycle, and so on.

    But, Pia’s and Olivia’s birthdays are in September. That’s a good 83-87 days from the Miss Universe pageant night in 2015, which means they were on their 2nd cycles, not their 1st cycles.

    Labo mehn.

  3. My current TOP 12 is




    Dark Horses:

    Sierra Leonne
    Puerto Rico

  4. Hello guys,

    I’ve a feeling IMG will crown someone completely different this year. There’s been a significant amount of media coverage on Siera Bearchell, Miss Canada, here in the U.S. — CNN, Today, Allure, Self Magazine, People, etc. Even Sports Illustrated and the British press are covering her. This media blitz on Miss Canada had to have been pulled by very powerful strings with a very wide outreach, right? Hello, WME/IMG?

    Which leads me to wonder, did IMG groom Siera (yes, there’s no doubt she gained weight for this pageant) to be this year’s very outspoken, plus size candidate? Will IMG and MUO pull a BIG surprise come finals night? Are they setting this all up for another controversial win?

    Is this the year Miss Universe redefines “beauty”?


      • Here are some of the funniest of Teplitz’s introductory spiels. Most of them rhyme and we don’t think that’s a crime.

        Like most diamond mines, she sparkles and shines…it’s Angola!

        Get off her turf if you don’t windsurf…Aruba!

        A coral reef inspired this costume’s motif…Australia!

        The hills are alive, making this costume thrive…Austria!

        She’s got a knack for rocking red, yellow, and black…it’s Belgium!

        You know these wings are her favorite things…Belize!

        It’s a thrill to be dressed like a mill…when you’re Netherlands!

        This beauty queen likes to rep Halloweeen…Bulgaria!

        Covered in flowers, this dress empowers…Czech Republic!

        It’s absurd not to dress like a bird…when you’re Ecuador!

        Wearing a hat like a castle is never a hassle…when you’re Germany!

        Everyone’s a fan of her golden wingspan…Indonesia!

        Inspired by the notion of a multicolored ocean…Japan!

        This girl likes shoulders with spikes…it’s Malaysia!

        Let’s give her a hand ’cause she’s inspired by sand…Namibia!

        You won’t hear this rhyme so I won’t waste my time…it’s Philippines!

        You can just add a horse and there’s your costume, of course…it’s Sweden!

        Please make some room ’cause she’s dressed like a tomb…it’s Turkey!

        The finals are looming, but this beauty’s blooming…it’s Ukraine!

        Lifting this flower takes a lot of manpower…it’s Uruguay!

        The costume’s wide, but she wears it with pride…it’s US Virgin Islands!

        In 1492, Columbus would have been less blue…if he had Venezeula!

  5. While everyone here is bitching about Thailand versus Indonesia versus Philippines, here’s a quiet candidate who rose to the top on prelims night. Solid national costume, swimsuit, and gown performances – as good as Venezuela in fact.

    Wake up friends! Several girls rose on prelims night to surpass the sash favorites. There is no clear frontrunner today.

  6. Pia and Lu said “It’s a job”…. and any employer would pick the one who they think would most benefit their company. Thus, the one with the best credentials in their pageantry, academic and proffessional background who would ace their FINAL EXAM would win!

    Based on those infos, I could narrow down the candidates to 7:

    – She is a fitness and surfing enthusiast.
    – She comes from a family of models & beauty queens.
    – She is a successful ramp & commercial model while also practicing her degree in interior designer.
    – She won one of the most prestigious and discriminating national pageant in the world- BBP and had one of the most tedious trainnings as a beauty pageant contestant in the world.

    – She is a dentistry student & proffesional model.
    – She of Syrian-Italian ancestry and speaks four languages: Spanish, English, Arabic and Italian.
    – She won all pageants she joined.. and finaly the most successful national pageant in the world, Miss Venezuela.
    – She is one of the most prepaired MU contestant based on trainnings, wardrobe, cosmetic enhancements and preparation time.

    Miss Indonesia
    – She has a degree in informatics engineering, she’s currently a head of her bank’s accounting & finance and she also works a proffesional model.
    – She created/coded her own app that promotes tourism in her country.
    – She was a multi-awarded volleyball player
    – She won all the past local beauty pageants she joined.

    – She’s a multi-awarded track and field athlete.
    – She has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition & dietetics and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in nutritional epidemiology and public health.
    – She started her own practice as a dietician & fitness coach and she also works as a proffesional model.

    – Currently a law student & active in charity work.
    – Co-owns a business (clothing/fashion?)
    – She won all her local pageants and was Miss Teen World 2009 2nd RUp and Miss Supranational 2015 1stRUp
    – As a runner, golfer and gym enthusiast, she has always been physicaly fit until before Miss U.

    – She’s a successful proffessional model with a degree in Marketing.
    – – She speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.
    – She plays basketball and is a cooking enthusiast.
    – She won all the pageants she joined from her town, region, state and upto her national pageant.
    – She is also one of the most trainned & equiped MU pageant contestant

    – She’s a microbiology student, a professional model and is active in doing charity works.
    – At the age of 10, she helps her mother who was a cleaner and father who’s a company driver.
    – Miss Thailand was her 1st beauty pageant and Won.
    – She’s also one of the most equiped candidate based on trainnings and wardrobe from her national org.

    *Hindi ko pa sinali dyan si USA dahil hindi sya kasing ganda but she also has one of the best credentials… We only have a TOP 6.. So isa or 2 sa kanila ay maliligwak!

  7. I wonder kung saan na ung fortuneteller last time ? What do they see in this uears pagent ?

  8. Our hope is in the Lord and not in mysticism. I know that on January 30, Maxine will deliver and prove her bashers wrong. She is a convincing 65th Miss Universe. The person who scratched her arm will pay the price and Maxine will be rewarded in return.

  9. Hay mga Filipino Nga naman . I remember when I was in the Philippines as a student nahihiya ako sumagot dahil aminin ko Hindi ako lumaki sa Bahay na English yung gamit namin. Tagalog at tatlong dialects ang alam ko. Kaya sa school nahihiya ako mag english and I always stutter. Sabi sa akin ng guro ko eh I will never make it daw kasi Hindi ako sanay makipagtalastasan sa english. Yung Mga classmates ko eh wow engelesera at englesero. Hindi sa pagmamayabang I am a doctor now here in one of the best hospitals here in California. So for Fabian, English is not the parameter. Yung mga school mates ko na mga englesero at englesera anong mga trabaho nila ngayon?sorry if I have to flaunt my economic status here. But I’m just trying to tell everyone na kahit na Hindi ka sanay na mag english you can make it anywhere. Tayo Lang Mga Filipino ang maka pag husga eh wagas. Who cares if your train of thoughts eh Mali Mali as long as na yung sincerity mo sa Tao eh wagas and that is what matters.

    • Precisely Ivan : common mistake eh he/she, his/her

      and the worst : did you told, did you found, did you brought

      • @santiago: good grammar and diction is ideal . But if this is not possible , at least one should be able to get his message across.
        He/she ? Did she told? Not grammatically right but if someone is able to get his message known , he will be fine.
        With Maxine , we do not necessarily have to defend her comm skills.let us just embrace her and support her for what she is . Who knows ? Maybe Thailand Indonesia and Philippines will be the last 3 standing . We can still win hihihi

    • Congratulations, Ivan!!
      You probably took your school seriously and they didn’t.
      But b/w 2 people with similar academic qualifications who are night and day in terms of comm skills, who do you think will get ahead ?
      Communication is vital .
      And in the US , it’s in English.
      Mga Pinoy nga naman? U think you are above every one else?

      • It certainly helps to have a good command of the language but the substance and depth of one’s discourses and ideas is also just as important. Having said that, I suppose different situations and different audience require varied ratio between fluency and content. This is where jargon comes into the picture. How doctors communicate in the ER to have a successful operation isnt the same as how beauty pageant candidates communicate with one another or with the media or how they answer in the Q&A to get the crown.

        There is an equation for every situation. One factor isnt enough.

    • Miss Universe is a communicator – that’s #1! If she cannot speak clearly and coherently then she will fail as Miss Universe. Your attempt to correlate your job today and your disdain for speaking English back then does not work. If you were a poor communicator back then, I would not be surprised if you are still a poor communicator today. Language skills take time to develop and master.

  10. Jusko why is everyone so uptight here, I think everyone’s in their 7th cycle!!! chos! Mga vaks this article should be take lightly. I think Norms just wants to present a different way to predict pageants given its recent success. Kaloka ang mga vaks dito. hihihi

  11. Norman, anong cycle na si Indonesia?
    Ang tagal ng FEARLESS PREDICTIONS mo.
    Hirap na hirap ang lola kung san nya ilalagay ang UNTOUCHBLE nyang KEKE.

    • Listen cochroach, go back to the garbage can in the shanty town where you live & belong. And please STFU until you’ve learned basic manners & human decency & respect. Although, really, more than anything, I guess we ought to pity you since the trash coming out of your mouth is probably you just regurgitating the trash you eat daily. It truly must be so embarrassing to be you. You’re a disgrace to Filipinos in particular and the human race in general.

      Enough is enough.This is my version of grabbing a can of insecticide & spraying the vermin to exterminate them.

    • @Basil

      6th cycle din si Keke.. parehas sila ni Max!… Akalain mo nga naman! 😀

  12. Ang mga Filipino Nga naman pag English eh akala mo yun na yung parameter nila na ang isang Tao na matalino. Yung mga grammar Hitler’s when I was studying sa Pinas nasan sila ngayon? Hindi nila nagamit yung English nila. Dito sa America WaLa silang paki Alan sa grammar mo o sa usage ng English basta matalino ka at masipag. Yung mga kasamahan ko sa ospital magagaling sa English pero mga bobo naman. For Maxine I’m proud of you Hindi madaling maging candidate sa Miss Universe. Yung mga bumabatikos eh WaLa naman computer sa Bahay. Nag re rent lang. mahiya Nga kayo. The vanguards of society!

    • Ivan, the problem with Maxine is NOT her grammar

      It’s her train of thought. She has a problem expressing and conveying her thoughts through speaking, and that is the honest truth.

      Watch any of her interviews. She clearly has a problem with communication.

      It doesn’t matter if she speaks Tagalog, Taglish or English

      Talagang may kulang pag nag-sasalit siya. At yun ay sense and depth.

      The ONLY interview she did amazing on was the fast talk with Boy Abunda — the one, which, you just have to give a one word answer, not in complete sentence

      • Agree
        Maxine will improve in time though .. with more training and experience .
        But right now , we have to embrace and support what we’ve vot.

      • Correct. The girl speaks English. Her issue is her lack of spontaneity and wit. There is no help for an interpreter of what she lacks.

      • Ang taas ng requirement para maging representate ng Pilipinas sa Miss Universe ikumpara mo sa requirements natin para maging Congressman or Senador! Give the girl a break. I am sure if mananalo si Maxine matuto yan. Tingnan mo ang naging imrovement ni Maxine from Binibin until now. In a short span of time, ang laki ng improvement niya.

      • I totally agree with you its not the english, it is her thought processes, yung content nung sinasabi nya? very shallow, But ofcourse i am still hoping na ma deliver nyang maayos during finals regardless english or tagalog pa nya i dedeliver, ang mahalaga yung sense at laman nung sasabihin nya

    • in the Philippines and anywhere in the world , Your English skills are a parameter of whether u r smart or not. If your English is good , u have a better chance of moving up in the world be it in the medical field or not . The trust level of the people you work with , whether they are patients or not,is higher if u speak good English or not

      I know because I have been in the US for 20 years.
      These people tolerate our English because we are foreigners. Their expectations are low . But would very much prefer someone who can speak clearly and that means good grammar and diction .
      So Ivan , u r wrong.

      • Of course YOU have to communicate in passable English. You chose to work in the USA, for God’s sake! However, this is such an unreasonable expectation for a pageant queen.

        If excellent English were a criterion for being Miss Universe, then why not make it mandatory for all national winners to score a minimum ESL/TOEFL score? Don’t you see why it’s unreasonable?

        If you had your way, then the favorites who don’t speak English fluently would clap. I don’t see that happening.

      • Pautwas . It’s reality .not just in beauty pageants but in life in general.
        Good English is not a written requirement to win Miss U . But it would be great if the winner could speak good conversational English .
        IEnglish is the international language and Miss U is based in the US. If u cannot speak either English or Spanish , u will be alienating yourself from the rest of the pageant world.
        Would u not want Maxine to speak English with confidence? Forget abt grammar and diction , just be able to speak with clarity .
        Please do not be hypocrite.
        Maxine is required to prove to the organization that she can speak good English .. if she is to get the job..That’s the truth

      • Fabian i agree with you english is the primary tool or vital parameter, however not every can speak perfectly specially to those non englsih speaking countries, pero ang importante kasi yung sense or laman nung sasabihin nya, in Maxime’s case she can speak english kung magiging conscious lang sya, but her main issue is yung laman ng sasabihin nya? dun mo ma ge gauge yung may utak ba sya o wala? kasi mga latinas pinag aaralan nilang mag english after winning pero matatalino sila…. kahit kumuha pa si maxime ng interpreter kung ang laman ng sasabihin nya is walang kwenta, useless. eh di mag wrong english nalang sya for as long as sensible ang sasabihin nya.

      • Fabian – You’re now contradicting yourself. You wrote that English skills are a parameter of “whether u r smart or not” “anywhere in the world.”

        Now you’re saying it’s communication skills in general. The fact that you understand what Maxine is trying to say, yet nitpicking her ability to string a sentence together (to your taste, if I might add) means that communication skills are not the issue per se, but your standards for her ALONE and not other girls who are unable to even converse in straight English.

        Otherwise, the problem may very well be YOUR comprehension skills. And no amount of good communication can remedy that.

  13. Yung Mga Filipino bilib masyado sa gown ni Venezue .Foreigners are not much of this drama effect eklabo. Mas gusto nila yung simply Lang.

    • Ivan , Pati ba naman ito kailangan pang diktahan? Why can’t Pnoys enjoy what they want? Why do they have to conform to what your foreigners like?

  14. Rubbish! Cycle of menstruation is a fact but not this crap. Ask all the winners of MU what cycle they are in and they can tell you it was hard work, sacrifice, discipline and a dose of luck.

    • This article is based on Gerard Sison’s comment during the CNN ph interview of pageant experts.

    • Ano ba vaks why are you taking this so seriously… I think this article is to be taken lightly to balance the competition. Jusko lahat na sineseryoso ng mga lola nyo! kalurks…

  15. Philippines
    Sierra Leone
    Indonesia (Popular Vote)

    Five on this list are from my “fantasy list”/”what if list”. It’s an interesting/different mix than what is expected IMHO. It’s a bit out there but why not? It’s a new MUO trying to rebrand itself. Who knows, half or more of the top 12 may be a complete surprise to everyone. Just a thought.

    • I like your lineup Phil. Mine is similar except for Germany. I’ve Nicaragua in her stead.

      • Thanks. I really believe that there will be a lot of surprises in the top 12…

  16. Grabeh naman itong post na toh… Ang heavy…. ang Vigat !!!

    Norman Tinio: The beauty peagent blogger turned Clairvoyant with a dash of witchcraft and sorcery.

    Tama nga yata si Basil

    Tita Norman, isa kang alamat !

  17. Kagagahan! What kind of witchcraft is this? Norm you are better than this! Stop spreading the work of the devil!

  18. Indonesia’s photo in evening gown on norman’s IG has the most number of likes among them all with almost 3k likes. Maxine has 511. Yun na

    • Indos? check the likes who are they? hahaha I will be glad if the likers are from other countries but sorry to say Indos are the 99.9% likers of Norman when POOHkeke is featured. Well it works tingnan mo nga naman the followers increased rapidly. More followers more ANDA pa!

      So we can’t blame Tito Norms of flooding his inta and blog with POOHkeke (kahit puro hype lang kaya nafeel ang existence)

    • Miss Universe India 2015 had the most instagram followers than any other contestant; she ended up as clapper.
      Indonesians flock social media sites through spammed comments and countless likes; their candidate hasn’t won a major crown.
      Also do take in mind that the majority of the comments are from Indonesians themselves; Norman’s jumping on the fan bandwagon.
      Thus your point as always is invalid.
      Also quantity, particularly in fans doesn’t equate to quality. I’m surprised that for someone who acts all high and mighty here would jump into questionable correlations.
      Then again you’re a crab and a troll.

      • What I don’t understand is, if it’s all about internet traffic, why Indonesia? There are other countries with bigger population that are also big pageant followers (i.e. Latin America and India). Why aren’t they being targeted? I think with Indonesia there is some special treatment going on here, it’s not so much as just regularly featuring Keke, there is a hyping involved (pretty obvious in IG and FB). There lies the difference! The only connection I see is Tito Norms is trying to help A&Q. I would probably help out my friends too if put in the same situation. But it comes with consequences…which Tito Norms is now realizing.

      • Akala siguro nya, this is Miss World na meron bearing ang likes and support sa mga ng photos. LOL! Hindi na maka keep up ang lola mo.

    • Not only shallow reasoning, but he’s so unreasonable possibly due to his low IQ and disintegrated moral values. May malaking mali sa pagpapalaki dito ng mga magulang niya.

      • Wag natin sisihin ang magulang? Matigas lang siguro ulo nito. Puro bad words lumalabas sa bunganga.

  19. Top 12

    Puerto Rico


    Dominican Republic
    Sierra Leone
    Great Britain
    Slovak Republic

  20. Canada is in her 7th cycle.. She would either be punished or rewarded on Monday?

  21. If I were to pick a winner besides Max, I would love to pick Kenya, France, Malaysia, Ukraine or Curacao as the winner. France is so stunning!!!

    • I’m glad .. no Thailand . Her voice alone is not very queenly . She needs to modulate it

  22. Di ako naniniwala sa mga kadramahang yan.
    Maniwala ka lang sa Panginoon at gawin mong tama ang iyong buhay at paghandaan mo ng mabuti ang iyong laban kung meron man ay maging maganda ang lahat sa iyong buhay.
    Nang dahil dyan, My Top 3 are Philippines(Asia and the Pacific, magugulat kayo sa sagot nya hihihi), Brazil (Americas/Blacks/Africa included),France(Europe, Lagi ko naman isinisingit c France sa walang France sa kanilang Top 15 dati pa. Tinangal ko c Thailand na dating nasa Top 3 ko dahil sa Q&A problem).
    Ang hirap pumili dahil 20 ang napili ko sa magiging Top 12.

  23. Ok what if Philippines does win on Monday possibly because it is her 6th cycle, what will happen to her after once she reaches her 7th cycle?.. Would luck still be on her side?

  24. I think media coverage and publicity are far stronger forces than astrology, at least as far as the new owners of the Miss Universe pageant are concerned.

    There’s currently a lot of coverage in the U.S. media (CNN, People, Today, Allure, Glamour, Sports Illustrated, etc.) on Miss Canada because she is the self-declared, outspoken plus-size candidate. The token “fat” girl so to speak. So in terms of press relations, like it or not, Siera Bearchell’s weight gain strategy seems to be paying off and is getting a lot of attention.

    And isn’t this what IMG wants?







    There are literallly dozens more articles which you can look up online. Even the British and Australian media which typically do not cover pageants are running stories on her this week.

    No other candidate, not even the pageant itself, is getting this much press coverage here in the U.S. as much as Siera Bearchell. What’s surprising and SUSPICIOUS about this is that these articles about her are coming out all at once — like it’s an orchestrated media blitz. For that to happen, you have to have strong media relations to pull the right strings (hello, IMG?).

    So, my question: Is the MUO and and its parent company IMG collaborating with the news media and orchestrating this media blitz, with the predetermined conclusion of the fat girl finally winning the crown — the first plus size Miss Universe, ever?

    That should make BIG news headlines, don’t you think?

  25. Not sold on astrologists. They always come up with generalized statements that will fit whatever it is you’re looking for. It’s just another occupation that separates the people from their money.

  26. I do not believe in astrology , not at all.
    It’s all bs.
    Maxine can win it if she answers the question /s well regardless of grammar and diction.

    Having used ‘invented’ instead of ‘popularized’ , I think she will need an interpreter.. nothing wrong with that.

    • Problem is the interpreter’s job is not to correct facts but to translate what was said in the native language. The interpreter will not correct if she used the wrong word like invented and make it popularized.

      • @4m , Maxine prob would have said pinasikat instead of inimbento if she was speaking in Tagalog.
        She had said that already … she meant popularized not invented

      • Jeremi, sure ako mas mataas sa grades mo. Halata sa comments mo eh. Mababaw. Pati GMRC mo, bagsak. Teka, nakatapos ka ba? Ooppps.

      • Para sayo na Jeremi na nagtanong ano grades ni Maxine! Ito ang mas sigurado ako – si Maxine, nagrurumble flow ng neurons nya sa kaba in public speaking. Di sya boba! IKAW ang boba! Your framing of thoughts, your choice of words, and worst – your thought intentions show you are not only BOBO but trying hard, social climber, mean soul! Jeeezzz, ang totoong globe trotter knows knowledge is not measured by your eloquence in a particular language nor on her skills and adept in public speaking! May narating ka lang na konti, akala mo kung sino ka na? Self check lang, sama ng ugali mo pero wala kang maipagmamalaki!

      • Oh poor Momoy parang si Maxine yung dinescribe mo hahahaha
        Sorry I like Maxine but I had given up on her since that “deliver yoursefl towards others interview” and so on and so forth. Please let’s be honest. Just watch her during her official send off kung ano anong pinagsasabi nya. Maganda lang sya yun lang.

  27. Does speaking the English,the English language, the major, major, I mean problem that will hinder her success

    • I understand the desire for an interpreter. But it all comes down to fluency of thought and delivering ideas clearly and eloquently. Comfortably speaking on a world stage is each girl’s final test. I wouldn’t Max to win by beauty alone, because if she’s not a capable communicator then her reign would terrify her. Kawawa lang siya.

      • I agree na kailangan ka magaling magsalita para maging Miss Universe at magawa ang trabaho mo effectively. Pero natuto naman ang tao. I think Maxine will do well if she will reign as Miss Universe as long as matuto siya at nag improve. Remember ang laki ng imrovement niya after Binibini and I am sure capable siya mag improve. May guidance naman siya sa mga supervisors niya at anjan ang support system niya (Aces and Queens and other mentors). Huwag sana maliitin ang kakayahan ng tao na matuto at mag improve.

  28. estefania, its not over till its over.. fight3..speaking of the prelims, i watched it over the smart livestream.but seeing the raw video clips here and there, it really gives us an insight on the big difference of seeing it live compared of watching the show on tv..on the screen, the audience’s noise is filtered while it can really be loud and rawdy watching it live..i can sense that its more like witnessing a movie shooting but it can really be fun..

  29. Napansin ko sa website ng MU, pwedeng bumoto more than once kapag naka incognito ka.

  30. I’m not comfortable with the idea. It’s like exposing our Achilles heel. Hindi nman kailangan perfect ang English ni Maxine. And just imagine the psychological impact this will have on our girl. Omg.

    Tapos si venezuela at si Keke eh sisikaping mag-English.

    That will be ganda points for them and the opposite for Max. I’m scared.

    • *sorry, wrong posting. This was meant to be a reply to jacob on Maxine getting an interpreter.

  31. Of course, I want the Philippines to win. I don’t know astrology so I’m just using my own bias and preference here.

    • Nothing wrong in using an interpreter. Everyone has strengths to be proud of and weaknesses to embrace. It is in recognizing one’s weakness that shows one’s humility and maturity. I admire Maxine even more if she goes ahead with an interpreter, only goes to show that she wants to give what the country deserve –which is her best performance.

      • Super agree. Just because someone has an interpreter doesn’t mean she will use it. It’s up to her to decide when the question is asked. The problem with us Filipinos using an interpreter is that we don’t really in pure Filipino anymore so it’s really hard to justify the use of one.

    • I’m not comfortable with the idea. It’s like exposing our Achilles heel. Hindi nman kailangan perfect ang English ni Maxine. And just imagine the psychological impact this will have on our girl. Omg.

      Tapos baka si venezuela at si Keke eh sisikaping mag-English. That will be ganda points for them and the opposite for Max. I’m scared.

    • Philippines is well-known and regarded for having a population proficient in English. No doubt the judges will be shocked and may even look at it as sandbagging. Kung kinaya ni Ara ang adbokasi sa final answer, then Max should brave it out and do the best she can without an interpreter on stage. Remember, the winner will be a public speaker so the final question is the final test. MUO is looking for confidence, confidence, confidence.

    • I don’t have a problem with Maxine using an interpreter at all. Leila Lopes, for example, spoke fluent English (she was based in London studying business), yet she used an interpreter in Miss Universe — and she won.

      • I’m sorry Leila was not fluent in English at all. … when she won and during her reign

      • Sorry Fabian, but Leila Lopes had been a resident of the UK of 4 years prior to winning Miss Universe.

  32. I want Argentina to win simply because I believe it’s time for them to win. Year in year out, just like the Philippines, they send the best reps to the Miss Universe but they have a weak sash factor. For example, Pia’s batch Miss Argentina was stunning and beautiful at the same time and was actually one of the best during the prelims but she didn’t even make it to the semis.

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