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  1. shes nice beautiful

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    Norman posted: ” courtesy of Powerhouseph Miss Philippines did everything according to the game plan. She was in her best elements during last night’s 65th Miss Universe Preliminary Competition. And with the thunderous applause that sen-surrounded all her appearances”

  2. Sinech ang shundidate na biglaang nasira ang sapatos before prelims at meron naman isa (but baka 2 daw) nanakawan ng accessories and shoes?

    And meron rin nananabotahe kay France… Sinechiwa silez?! ;p

  3. i see similarities in the “game plan” from pia’s MU 2016 performance

    bouncy swim suit walk

    simple lines during preliminary evening gown (although there was an interesting back story to pia’s)
    —which means that she will definitely be wearing a different more intricate gown in the finals

    very detailed headdress for national costume but very simple silhouette on the gown

  4. Venezuela
    Dominican Republic
    Siera Leone

  5. I’ve been watching the preliminary competition over and over again. And I’m feeling emotional because Maxine did her best and exceeded my expectations. She is the consummate model. The evening gown and national costume seem to polarize the Filipino fans. I understand the evening gown is not spectacular stationary but in motion it was just amazing. This worked to her advantage. The judges have 15 seconds to vote, so they voted while Maxine was walking in the gown. They would have made up their minds and put in their scores by the time she posed. Still, her perfect beauty stood out when the gown looked sleek and simple.

    As for the national costume, it was classy and tasteful. It was an interpretation of Mindanaoan costumes and cultures. I think we are just used to outlandish national attires, but maybe we should change that perspective. Maxine and that national costume were impactful.

    • yan ang dis advantage kapag by group ang rampa. narampa ang susunod habang ang nag ju judge eh nakatutok pa sa judging sheet. so may possibility na hinde mapansin ng buo ang rampa ng susunod na kandidata. pero kung mapansin man saglit lang. ok sana kung silang tatlo eh nasa taas pa at saka lang sila bababa sa hagdan isa isa kapag turn na nila para mas ma scoran nila ng mabuti ang susunod na rarampa. para kung hinde man makita ang pagbaba sa hagdan. so yung gitnang part ng paglalakad eh mapapansin. kesa naman ung by group na nga tapos maiksi ang runway.

  6. I seldom comment but I gotta admit I like to read comments from avid pageantologists in this blog. It’s funny. You guys are really passionate when it comes to beauty. I’ve watched the prelim via youtube and I say Maxine did well; matter of fact very well! But I think the Miss U crown will go to one of those stunning European girls although I am hoping that Malaysia will win it. I think Venezuela won’t win because she’s too over the top and overwhelmingly confident that may affect judges’ opinion of her as cocky or overly self-assertive. That’s just my opinion. I know she’s oozing Miss Universe but it can also be her downfall. But she will be in the Top 6, definitely. I think Columbia will be in the Top 12 but won’t go far as part of the Top 6. Among the Asian babes, Maxine, no doubt, will be in the Top 6 and Top 3. Again, Malaysia may surprise everyone. She is one gorgeous gal. She has a natural beauty like Maxine. She can also speak with spontaneity and wit. If she gets into the Top 6, she will ace the A&Q and the CROWN! Thailand will be in the Top 12 and may even be part of the Top 6 but she won’t advance to the Top 3. I don’t think Indonesia has the oomph factor to catch the judges’ attention. Yeah, she’s tall but she doesn’t command attention.

  7. Ok ok with all honesty now… based on prelims, I like the following:
    Venezuela (I don’t really like her beauty but to be fair, she did very well)

  8. I think I like her national costume!! It’s so classy and she looks ravishing. She looks amazing on the prelims. Her twirl on the swimsuit round remind’s me of what Riyo Mori did during her time. I think her team would be changing things before the finals on Sunday. She really looks beautiful yesterday, Please stop the bashing and just support her. I heard she picked that color because it’s her favorite. She might be wearing something different on Sunday if she makes it to the Top 9. Good luck Maxine!!! You are already making us proud!! Even the Mr. Tinio is not spared from the bashing. What going on with you Filipinos!! Can’t we admire other delegate’s and not be accused of being paid for doing so.

  9. Side comment last year ni Rosslyn Sanchez, “it’s not about the gown, it’s how you carry it”. Sabi ni Joyce Burton, “it’s hard to force a girl to wear a gown she’s not comfortable with”. Maxine is comfortable with what she’s wearing thus she deliver!

    • As for NatCos, almost similar to the one worn by Reham Snow at Miss World designed by Pitoy Moreno.

      • I will use The English …… The English language …. Jeremi hintayin mo matapos magsalita …
        para hindi sabihing LC ka! L.C.

    • Is speaking the English,the English language, the major, major, I mean problem that will hinder her success?

    • Maxine looks si pretty with that kind of hairstyle and minimal make-up… but the English invented the terno and they will deliver themselves to others

      • Malungkot maging bobo kaya pilit kang naghahanap ng karamay! Marami maldita dito pero galit mga tao sayo kase wala kang insights! Kaya mo lang mamintas, di mo kaya mag-isip! How miserable a life to be bobo and sad and pathetic!!

  10. Carry lang Mr Norman. Mind not the bashing.

    Anyways, I am not an expert but after watching the Preliminaries, my top12 are as follows:

    1 Malaysia – surprise really; but she has that Sushmita Sen/Rio Mori vibe

    2 France – sassy and classy. She is channeling that Estefania/Isler sophistication

    3 USA – silent but she will slay. The authority is there and yet, her humility is illuminating.

    4 Philippines – hard to ignore that winsome everything. And she is as great as being a gracious host.

    5 Venezuela – she is very Venezuela. But I doubt that the 65th crown is for her.

    6 Brazil – the last spot in Top6 for her. She has that undefinable x factor.

    7 Thailand will be there, but she won’t advance in the Top6.

    8 Spain – examine her closely and youll realize that she has that gaiety.

    9 Denmark – that arrogant blonde look that commands presence and style.

    10 Tanzania – her color, her pasarela, her face

    11 Puerto Rico – that body + Dayanara Torres

    12 Colombia – she’ll be there in the Top12.

    Spoilers: Australia, Aruba, Indonesia, Turkey and Georgia.

    • I now understand Norman’s fondness with Ms. Indonesia. We sat beside their table in one of MOA’s restaurants. Shes a stunner and endearing. Shes good natured i think. And what impressed me was she called her pinoy security group in and ordered food for them personally. She insisted. She said “ohh you always tired. Please eat with us. Please please..” Her demeanor was sincere. I think mr tinio saw that aspect of her as he is with them almost everyday. Yun lang. Sa mga nega with anything, peace. Thanks

  11. Guys! even i am. im really disappointed a little bit to our blogger norman. i really dont hate keke but her fans made to hate her. and also to jonas and her team. in a reason of they trained keke. But this needs stop. lalo tayong tatanda ng maaga nyan.
    Tagal natin hinintay ang MU 2016 and we are almost there. 2 days nalang and a New Queen will be crown. Pia will pass her crown. nangyare na ang ayaw at gusto natin. lahat nangyare at nagawa na. so we cant rewind those things to make those things right base on our taste and expectation. Maxine did a great job too. From start to end. So all we have to do is to support her still and pray for her. we have only one dream and goal. To Have a Back to Back Win in Miss Universe come January 30, 2017. So dont waste time bashing norman or throwing bad words to him. Lets just be good and be positive. Bashing cant help us and also to maxine. But supporting her and praying for her success on January 30,2017 is a great thing that we need to do. Peace Be With You!!!

    P. S. Sana mag post si rhet eala ng kahit kapirasong part ng final gown ni maxine. Last year si andrada nag post sya ng clue sa final gown ni Pia b4 the coronation night. so i hope he will do it too.

    • disappointed TO ?
      in a reason of ?

      OMG maghanap ka rin ng interpreter.

      cheers Norman !!!!

      • Geoff: lol. intindihin mo nalang!!! pa inter preter preter ka pa dyan. mema lang!!!

        dyan magaling tayo sa english — pundido ka ano? hehehe

  12. Let’s accept it:

    Chalita – ang di nakakapagsalita
    Keke – ang nangongopya, di rin nakakapagsalita
    Maxine – same din, “Imelda” onvented the terno thing!

    Ano ba aasahan dyan sa mga Asian, wala! Ngayun pa Lang lumuhod n kayo!

    Bottom line, they cannot express themselves. Period.

    • ikaw ang sanay lumuhod kaya mauna ka na …… remember open ur mouth …. hahahahahaha

      cheers Norman!!!

    • Ano ba aasahan sa “onvented”? Asians can express themselves but not necessarily in English. Latinas almost always use interpreters, and no one found fault in that. Double standards ba?

  13. Hey everyone. I think it is time for us to stop the negativity and bashing and accusations. The finals is 2 days away and the least of our worries is who is hyping who and why. Prelims is a foregone conclusion. The interviews are complete. We cannot do anything anymore but send positive vibes to Max and pray for the best showing with the odds against her.

    Also, let’s stop bashing Keke. I respect everyone’s opinion but some attacks have become personal. It’s ok to criticize her but be objective. Those one-liners and shades are just getting out of hand. Same with the Maxine bashers. Geez we know you don’t like Maxine so stop reminding us that you just don’t like her. Don’t be a broken record.

    And to those who keep on bashing Norman, stop. Yes this is Norman’s passion but let’s not forget that passions turn into money making opportunity too. Whatever his intentions are so be it if that’s what makes sense to him and his future. He doesn’t owe us anything. He doesn’t owe the country anything as like everyone pointed out, this is his passion. He is free to write anything and support anyone. If he likes one camp then so be it. If you don’t like what you see, then stop following him. That is how business works, right?

  14. I posted earlier re: selling my extra VIP ticket for Monday’s coronation day. Pero ang bilis ng exchanges here, di ko na alam saan na yung post na yun. The ticket was bought when they announced the pre-selling link within the inner circle, 2 days before they opened the official selling days opened. Therefore, it is the nearest to the stage available then. I am selling it at the same price i bought it at 50k. If interested, please text or call me at 09062017921. Thank you.

  15. Poor Norman so much bashing and hate. If were you I’d shit down the comment section of this blog or block certain people who insinuate that you are a traitor to their country.

    • he’s been a very good sport about it and
      probably too busy anyway to be affected too much by it

    • The reason why this blog has a lot of follower is because of Norman’s high tolerance for both bashing and positive thoughts. Alin? Try to be critical on an article on that “self declared authority on pageant” forum where the admin has nothing to do but to attend coronation night and pose a pouty lips on IG and you will automatically be blocked! Norman’s threshold is insurmountable. I think he is Psychology graduate that’s why. 😇

  16. So, is Maxine wearing the same green gown for the final coronation or may iba pang gown na isusuot? I know last year Pia wore two different gowns due to unexpected complications. Pero this year ba, anong strategy? Two different gowns din ba ang plano ng A&Q for Maxine?

  17. Kung iko kumpara ko ang prelim performance ni maxine dun kay pia last year eh anlayo ng agwat…Pia 97% Maxine 70%

    • Ay iba ang mansanas sa orange ateng jeremi. Iba rin ang 2015 sa 2016. At mas lalong kakaiba ka. In english you are a nuisance.

      • And what do u think you are aj?
        In English just another aging bald faggot.
        Sorry but I reply this way to those who deserve it like you

      • Aq tita jeremi? Hmm.. I dont really think of me self tita. I leave that job to my baby. 😀

    • Jeremi everything is relative. If MAxine is at 70% the rest of the girls are probably in the 30%… hihihi. peace.

    • Jeremi you’re opinions are inadequate and to put it bluntly, stupid. You were the one who said Pia will never win last year. For you to call people faggots proves how uneducated and how much of a fag you really are. Haha get a grip you squatter. Lol

  18. Lahat Tayo hindi inimbitahan ni Norman Dito pero para Pa rin siyang karinderyang bukas SA lahat ng gustong kumain ng libre! Pinakain na ng libre,namintas PA! Si Norman may “operational expenses”, binabayaran Niya yung Renta ng pangalan ng blog Niya, nagpapagasolina siya para pumunta SA mga event, nagbabayad siya ng internet para may Mai upload. Meron PA siyang team na mina manage. Hindi ako nag full time SA ganitong passion dahil Alam ko masakit SA ulo pero rewarding in other forms. Nag click man lang ba kayo ng ISA sa mga advertisement ni Norman para tumaas ang revenue SA ad sense? Ni require ba niya kayo na Gawin yon as a prerequisite bago mag comment Dito? Hindi Diba? Kaya Kung Wala rin naman maiko contribute para SA kaunlaran ng blogger, huwag na lang magbigay PA ng SAMA ng loob, Diba?



  20. It s a shame that Norman Tinio is being accused of being paid for hyping Indonesia s bet . That he is on the side of our neighbor instead of being on the side Of the Philippines . People maybe right , i may be wrong in stating this . But unless nobody has seen , have proofs that the blogger have had recieved any payment ( coming fromIndonesia ) i think everyone should STFU!

    Its just a beauty contest . Maybe we need to be more tactful and refrain from making stories. There are words called “blasphemy” and “oral defamation ” which by the law can cause you to court and even jail.

    My point is this . Not because Norman hypes Indonesia means that he doesnt like Philippines to win . Maybe it is a strategy . So let s not worry until we have to . Unless you do not have a day job to get busy with , then do as you wish . Or maybe , your job is to bring Mr Tinio down, so be it. Its unfair for him and anybody be accused if being paid . Really bad .

    All of you must have watch Harry Potter ( if u havent go figure out ) . I still remember i hated Prof Snape until i ve realised , that he is infact in alliance to Dumbledore.

    So there , take the chill pill and relaks . Prinoproblema nyo masyado na pinapanigan at pinapasikat ni Norman si Indonesia eh tapos na ba ang laban ? Nakoronahan na ba sya ? Hindi pa naman ah .

    Dapat ang problemahin ni Miss Indonesia paano makapasok ng top 12!

    Naglaba na ba kayo ? Nagsaing ? May pagkain ba kayo ngaung gabi ?
    Dami nyo priproblema eh kahit batikusin nyo si Norman ng kung ano ano may pagkain yan . Tse !

    • Ang problema kasi, mas maraming bakla ang di nag isu so kada sa mga diabetes ngayun. Bunganga ang ginagamit, Hindi utak.

      One thing more, Filipinos are very fanatic – to the point na ayaw nila na accept ang pagka loswr!

  21. Mga baklang Pinoy, perfectionist! You can never please them. Understandable, kaya nga mga balls eh – palaging 50/50 ang pananalita, opinyon. Walang paninindigan. Suma total, pa impress ang dating parang sila ang kandidata! Hahhahaha. Magbigti na Lang kayo!

  22. Napaka unforgiving ng iBang Pinoy Dito! Yung exposure Nung kapitbahay Dito is the same as what Maxine is receiving. Sa Instagram lang naman medyo lumamang ha. Nanggagalaiti dun SA kapitbahay eh Kung magbabad naman SA mga forum wagas! Yung iba dumadayo PA SA FB page ng kapitbahay kahit di naman naiintindihan Yung salita dun. Kaya konting appreciation sa kabila naging malaking issue! Pati si Mama ruffa Hindi pinatawad. Pag Ang comment pabor SA kabila thumbs down agad. Anong gusto niyo? Huwag na Silang mag participate? Sabunutan Yong kandidata nilA? Grabe!

    • Too nga Sabi ng Mga puti “Asians hate one another.” At yun Yung tine take advantage NILA kaya palagi Silang Manali be it politics, economy or sports!

    • Kulang sa breeding ang ibang pinoy. Maraming palengkera, mula sa Malacanang haggang sa kanto. I’m afraid we now need to teach graciousness and class in class. Jusmiyo.

  23. Magbubulagbulagan ba tayo? Pa-pinoy pride pinoy pride? Nung chaka mga pinapasuot ni Madam sa mga merla natin sa Miss U yung kay MJ, venus at Bianca halos sunugin nyo Araneta! Eh ano itong suot ni Maxine? Pweh! Nagmukha siyang ballroom dancer na nakasuot ng green na walis! At milyones ba yung tusok-tusok na ewan sa ulo?!!! Masagwa pa yan sa basura ni Baraza! Pasalamat kayo at magada si bakla at host tayo kung hindi ni top15 wala yan! Pang-barangayan lang hindi uubra si Rhet Eala!

    • Are you for real?! Maxine’s gown is miles better than what Barraza would have designed. I think it is simple but chic; it doesn’t detract and distract from her beautiful face. I am not completely sold on it at first, but after seeing it in motion it is actually quite eye catching. It complements her classy and sophisticated aura.

      I also think Maxine’s national costume is very pretty. She looks so regal and sophisticated. The design and concept is simple, but it speaks for who she is. She doesn’t need to wear an overzealous design to be impactful. Heck, she can even wear the dress as her evening gown! Also, minimize the earrings –if it were for an evening gown –and you have yourself a pageant trendsetter.

      Rhett considered Maxine’s taste and persona when he conceptualized her dress and costume, and it was indeed a collaboration between them two. The designs were made for and about the woman wearing it. I think Maxine would have looked ridiculous, tacky, and forced if she was made to wear something that is not “her”.

      Sigh. People can never be happy and satisfied.

      • Andor to tell you the truth pang Dancing with the Stars yung green gown ni Maxine o kaya dress para sa isang ice skating championship

      • I think that Maxine chose Rhett to design her evening gown and national costume because his aesthetic represents her style–clean and simple lines, with luxe materials. She’s not over-the-top; her style is more subtle sophistication–but you cannot question the expensive provenance of her outfits. And you can tell she felt like a million bucks in those outfits. You can feel her excitement, and see her confidence in the evening gown & national costume.

        The poor girl. She has trained so hard to represent us. And she’s doing a superb job. And here we are nitpicking and tearing her apart. She deserves so much better than that.

      • Jd, r u the moral police of this blog now? Why don’t u start by being civil to those who do not share your views? Maybe u can get somewhere.

      • Oh shut up bitter Jeremi!!! Attention seeker. Kahit anong isuot ni Maxine, aangal ka dahil inggit ka. Hahahaha. Shut up!!! Wala kang madabing maganda kahit commendable naman si Maxine. Duh.

      • At Jeremi, I can place Maxine as the top performer in the EG. She was young fresh and ‘original’ .di nakakaumay na gaya ni Thailand.
        But I like Indonesia too . She is pretty .. with make up on

      • Fabian ok yun ang sa tingin mo eh anong pa ba magagawa ko hahahaha pero can u please imagine Kim YunNa the famous korean figure skating champion wearing that dress in the rink while twirling endlessly. It would have been spectacular, right but on a pageant stage? I dont think so. Kala ko talent portion at mag bo-ballroom dancing si Maxine

  24. Pageant blogger Norman Tinio and Binibining Pilipinas International 2014 Bianca Guidotti will tell us who they think will make it to the Top 12!


      • Di ba nag-avail ng interpreter?
        Really? Guidotti making her list, diusmio, di ba clapper ka te, so ano alam mo sa mga ganyan?

      • Ay true! Saka ano alam ng clapper ng MISS INTERNATIONAL sa Miss Universe???!!! Sabagay pera-pera lang uli para may komisyon yung manager na si Mama Judas!!! Parang si Cordoves at si MacGarry lang yan, pinaghohost para may komisyon at kumita lalo si Judas!

      • Basil tama si Norman . Bianca story is so 2014. Kung baga , LipAs At Lanta na parang Kanta at Dahon mo. Tse hihihi!

      • We ought to just scroll past comments like this.

        The thing about the internet is that it has allowed people from different classes & backgrounds to interact with one another.

        When you see comments like this, it’s obvious that those of us from more, how shall I put it, refined and affluent backgrounds would never address another human being like this.

        But perhaps in their families & neighborhoods, it’s the norm.

        Since frequenting this board, I have become more and more convinced that to have beautiful manners is a luxury.

        Perhaps these posters’ families could not afford to give their offspring basic human kindness & decency.

      • @Cocoy -Are you fluent in spoken and written English? Where did you finish college?

      • To the rescue ang blogger sa BFF nyang clapper, try to be true to yourself, wag ipokrika, for a change.

  25. http://preen.inquirer.net/39321/conspiracy-theories-on-the-terno-according-to-maxine-medina

    Sa observation ko sa kanyang past interviews, kumportable sa tag-lish si Ms Medina kaya hindi niya
    matumbok ang nais niyang -express in straight english. IMHO, sana sa paglabas ng issue na ganyan ay
    magreflect ang rep natin na gumamit ng interpreter. Mas maihahayag niya ng malinaw ang sagot niya sa
    tanong. For sure, pinoy audience will provide tremendous applause. I’m nervous for her. Baka matulad siya sa pagsagot ni Ms Raj at Ms Arida na medyo kinabahan.

    Kapag sumugal siya sa pagkuha ng interpreter, she will make history as the first rep to use our language in MU final Q&A at who knows she will be remembered as “the girl who defended the crown”. I hope BPCI will allow it.

  26. MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach defended the Philippines’ bet Maxine Medina from criticism, after Maxine erroneously said that it was former first lady Imelda Marcos who invented the terno.

    In an interview with CNN Philippines, Pia said: “It’s a mistake. It wasn’t done intentionally. She honestly did not know. Are we really going to put our girl down because of a statement like that?”

    Pia added that while Maxine should have been more careful with her facts, people should also give Maxine a break from all the criticism.

    “We should be celebrating because she’s made it so far already. This girl has been training for months and months leading up to the competition, and what she really needs now is encouragement, along with the other candidates,” Pia said, reminding us that coronation night is only 3 days away.

    Meanwhile, in a interview with ABS-CBN, Maxine apologized for the mistake, saying she should have said “popularized” instead of “invented.”

    “Sorry for that word…. Mali lang ‘yung word na nagamit ko (I just used the wrong word),” she said.

    On Thursday, January 26, social media users criticized Maxine when she said that it was Imelda who invented the terno in a recorded video of the Miss Universe candidates’ visit to Vigan.

    Former first lady Imelda Marcos was known to have popularized the terno during her time, and was even dubbed the “Iron Butterfly” because of the dress’ sleeves. (FAST FACTS: Who invented the Philippine terno?)

    Maxine is hoping to repeat Pia’s success in the Miss Universe pageant on Monday, January 30, at the Mall of Asia Arena. – Rappler.com

  27. Based on the pre-lims and judges here’s
    my current Top 12:

    Venezuela- Total performance/ modeling skills/ confidence/ pasarela/ wardrobe/ pageant credentials/ sashfactor/ racial ancestry/ comskills/ marketing mileage/ audience impact/ educational background/

    Philippines- Facial beauty/ modeling skills/ pasarela/ swimsuit body/ modelesque bonestructure/ sashfactor/ homecourt advantage/ marketing mileage/ confidence/ education background & proffesional background/ audience impact/ comskills?

    Brazil- Total performance/ confidence/ modeling skills/ modelesque bone structure/ exotic facial beauty/ back story/ pageant credentials/ comskills/ sashfactor/ racial ancestry/ educational and professional background

    Thailand- Swimsuit body/ facial beauty/ cinderella story/ pasarela/ modeling skills/ confidence/ wardrobe/ audience impact/ educational background/ advocacy/ marketing mileage?

    Indonesia- Marketing mileage/ sashfactor/ educational & professional background/ genealogy/ wardrobe/ confidence?/ comskills?

    USA- Educational & professional background/ comskills/ backstory/ sashfactor/ advocacy/ pageant credentials/ confidence/ racial ancestry/ wardrobe?

    Aruba- Modelesque bonestructure/ facial beauty/ athlete/ educational & professional background/ comskills/ Swimsuit body/ modeling skills?/ wardrobe?

    Australia- Personality/ comskills/ commercial face/ modelesque bonestructure/ marketing mileage/ sashfactor/ advocacy/ wardrobe?/ modeling skills?

    Canada- Pageant credentials/ confidence/ comskills/ educational & proffesional background/ advocacy?/ total performance?/ malrketing mileage?

    Colombia- Sashfactor/ facial beauty/ modeling skills/ pasarela/ confidence?/ pageant credentials/ racial ancestry/ wardrobe?

    Puerto Rico- Sashfactor/ pasarela/ facial beauty/ wardrobe/ comskills/ total performance/ marketing mileage/ confidence?/ swimsuit body?

    Mexico- Pageant credentials/ confidence/ swimsuit body/ pasarela/ total performance/ wardrobe?/ modeling skills?

    Dark Horses:

    Curacao- Swimsuit body/ facial beauty/ Total performance/ pageant credentials/ racial ancestry/ comskills

    France- Pageant credentials/ modeling skills/ pasarella/ body proportions/ wardrobe/ sashfactor?

    Sierra Leone- Personality/ comskills/ audience impact/ back story/ racial ancestry/ media mileage?/ modeling skills?

    Nicaragua- Educational & proffesional background/ comskills/ facial beauty/ wardrobe?
    Malaysia- Wardrobe/ comskills/ racial ancestry/ personality/ facial beauty?

    Argentina- Modeling skills/ Modelesque features/ facial beauty?/ pasarela/ wardrobe


    Anyway, grabe ganda ni Pia in this gown by M5…

    Sana gold serpentina version nyan ang national costume ni Maxine with the pearl headress, alampay on the shoulders and 2 giant birdwing shaped gold fans while doing some singkil fan dance moves. (Which coincidentaly emulates the Garuda/Rok bird in Maranao pre-islamic mythology) Edi sana taob costumes ni Thailand and Indonesia!

  28. And Maria Mika Maxine Medina delivered ! And how she did it was beyond my expectation ! I’ve never seen Max beaming with such self confidence up until last night’s preliminaries. Her over all performance may not be that flawless but her confidence was just wow ! Her beautiful face was so radiant that you can’t help but be in awe everytime her face is caught by the camera. And the way she glides on that stage was perfect ! Congratulations Max – that was a very stellar performace. Good luck as you complete your MU journey on Sunday night (back here in the States) Monday morning (Manila time) ! So proud of you, girl ! A top 3 finish is enough to make every Filipino all over the world happy ! But a back to back win will give every Filipino a reason to celebrate and prove that the beauty of the Filipina is world-class 🙂

    • I agree, her face is her edge over the other front-runners- Venezuela (looks old), Brazil( looks masculine), Thailand and Indonesia

      • I concur C2F Maxine’s face is a breathe of fresh air and so refreshing enough to make everyone swoon. I think it’s that unique aura that will catch the judges’ attention and eventually catapult her to a top 3 finish or even succeed Queen P as the next MU 🙂

  29. In Norman’s defense, this is HIS blog and he has every right to post whatever he wants of whoever he likes. If he had chosen to show his overwhelming support for a contestant other than Indonesia, would have anyone really cared this much and to this length as to question his loyalty AND integrity? I am not a fan of Miss Indonesia and I think she has a tendency to be a “forty footer”, but after watching the prelims I have to admit she has presence and I can see why Norman likes her.

    • I agree. I am also wondering why everyone here hates her. Undeniably Maxine is one of the best but let’s be fair, during the prelims, Indonesia’s stars were beautifully and QUIETLY shining through. I guess everyone here is for those very latinized approach of presentation but Indonesia has a different way- relaxed, poised and classy. Her evening gown was beautiful too and complimented her classy and quiet approach. The lower half of her gown says it all about her – black with some obscure glitterings when hit by the light that you would love to focus your eyes on them because you know they are there.

      • Thanks jeremi for attempting to bedazzle us with that glowing albeit painstaking review of Ms Indonesia. Well ang masasabi q lang, Maxine doesnt need all those drama.

        Make no mistake, i have nothing against Keke and I’m fine with her being considered a top 12 contender. But im not fond of how you regularly come up with all these hullabaloos just to antagonise.

  30. I came into the prelims with two goals- won’t take photos, won’t be distracted with any socializing or dinners- just judge the girls up close and clearly assess Maxine’s performance. This was my 4th encounter of them all-86 complete (yes, including the prelims rehearsal). I thought i was so sure i could firm up my Top 12 after last night. I even had to charm two friends to sit with me for needed perspectives-one corporate friend from a fellow Miss U sponsoring company and a metro icon for hair and make-up. We told ourselves we will discuss what we see in our front-runners and form our Top 12.

    We sat at the middle, tried our best not to be distracted by an obviously restless Chavit in front of us (because his VIP guests did not arrive or came in late; and his empty VIP 2 seats will not look good on any streams) and the late comer, MsU Margie who barely claps her hand except when it was Philippines.

    Thought we’d come up with a concensus? NO. That’s the beauty of this year’s Miss Universe. This whole process of metrics and processes right in front of us and we see no one pulling ahead. This makes the morning of Monday something we look forward to wake up to. However, there are inputs that clearly showed up last night:

    Philippines- Maxine took advantage of the love and the loudest cheer from the hometown crowd, absorbed the energies and floored her non-believers (my corporate friend never liked her until last night) at the prelims. From the first time the spotlight showed her beautiful face and the way she confidently intonated Philippines, alam na nang lahat sa loob na may laban ang Pilipinas. At the rehearsals, i already know her gown will divide opinions, but the prelims proved Maxine and her team picked the right gown. It was not only good in motion but it heightened her glides and her hip sways. You actually do not focus on the gown, you take whole notice of her over-all regal bearing and classy walk in that gown. For someone trained in modelling kaya hindi patapon ang lakad at di masyado katangkaran, that gown accentuated and strengthened her performance. For the swimsuit round, i just prayed di sya magkamali sa ikot nya as i saw from the rehearsals (Ecuador and others, ang galing sa rehearsals pero off-timing ang ikot and balance sa prelims). And she came out not only executing the ikot, but her hands gleefully moving showing confidence in her own kind of class! Will she make it in the finals? I’d say she will make it to the TOP 6 and will pray harder for the Q and A.It was assuring to know from reliable sources that she was one of the few candidates who were given second look and longer casual interviews by the judges during their preview and preliminary interviews.

    Who surprised me last night? – ARUBA! I missed this girl! On their batch, i usually just focus on the beauty and body of Argentina and the pretty face of Australia- but standing tall and classically beautiful is Aruba! Matched with an elegant gown, she was an instant Top 12 for me.

    Who was the most consistent? – Brazil! Consistently strong, consistently powerful, consistently consistent! Tanggalin mo raw buhok nya at mukha na syang bakla sabi ng katabi ko! Yes, magandang bakla at baklang napakalakas ng dating. She is automatic in the top 12.

    Who was the most paradoxical? – Venezuela! Breed, training, confidence- all these DNA markings are present in Habach! Except for the classic beauty of face! How far she will go, depends on the ideals of the judges. Pia was not the most beautiful last year, but she has a commercially- appealing beauty. Sabi uli ng katabi ko, pag si Brazil kinalbo, mukhang bakla- si Venezuela raw pag kinalbo, mukhang lalaking bakla! I don’t mean anything harm but i get the depth of their drift.

    Who was the biggest bomb? – Colombia! Yes, with all the hype and all the confidence her sash has given her, she was a bomb that was never detonated last night. She was big and boring! Flat hair, boring gown! It will strengthen the fairness index of Miss Universe if she won’t make the first cut. But won’t be surprised if she makes it.

    Who was the most boring among the alphas? – USA! I don’t get it! I don’t get her. Pilit pinapalabas na Tyra Banks 2.0. But she does not yield power and confidence. Her beauty (not type) does not inspire! I digress- Was it just me who saw her First Runner Up, Miss Hawaii, in person, watching the prelims live last night? Swear!! Anyway, i get it! US audience will turn off their TVs soonest Miss USA does not make the first cut..So there she will be…a boring, uninspiring good speaker..

    Who surprisingly faded away? – Barbados! I just could not notice her last night! She suddenly shrank! Is she that small? With a blah, what is that gown- i am now ready to take her out of my list.

    The one who divides our opinion? – Indonesia! I love her! Palabas pa lang sya, pansin mo na agad. She is regal in that towering frame. And i love it when she glides. But my friend made me see her straight body and flat na pwet! Dayanara saw Indonesia’s small stumble in her evening gown and took notes with Yari’s saddened face. I am sure sure it was not the stumble that was distracting, it was how Indonesia kept on mumbling during that few seconds of eternity. It just didn’t look graceful to me.

    The hype that i don’t get? – Thailand! My make-up artist frend love her and I know many of my other friends too. Sorry, i don’t get the hype. I see the toned body but with an average beauty of face. I see the effort but clearly a copycat of Pia (saw her smizes last night?) Sabi nga nung nasa likod namin, kung sa Binibini sumali yan, thank you girl yan! Also a sensible drift..

    The face much beautiful up close? – Australia! Beauty of face, steady performance, strong sash equals Top 12.

    The silently steady Latinas of the night? – Panama and Nicaragua! Both were not explosive but in the rules of averaging, they may leverage and be part of the Top 12. The towering Panama was very strong in her evening gown performance while Nicaragua’s appeal is very global, you will hardly miss.

    The should-be-in-there candidate? – France! – Her Belle-ish drama in her yellow gown, her personality that’s full of charm (saw her national costume presentation? Her interpretation of Moulin Rouge was full of personality). Masyado lang talaga masyado mahaba ang baba for me and it is an issue for me.

    My two friends love but I hardly noticed? – Curacao. I need to review her performance. After more than 5 meetings, i still could not single her out. That is the beauty of having multiple judges.

    The ‘they-were-present’ girls? – Belize, Bulgaria, Belgium, Mexico, Haiti. All these girls took my attention but since there will only be 12, we might miss them. But won’t be surprised if they make it either.

    The candidates who lost spark? – Kosovo, Germany, Malaysia. Kosovo just needs more training and maturity. Sayang ang ganda ng mukha. Germany had a beautiful gown but also needs polishing to shine. Malaysia started very strong with high-res, quality press-release photos. But she slowly drowned in the competition and its sad..

    So there you go. Maybe one more thorough look at the dress rehearsals and i may be able to finally make up my own Top 12. Nah, never mind. Let us just enjoy the show.

      • What if Maxine just withdraw? She’s helpless being bashed left-right and center. Kawawa naman. I firmly believe hindi si Norman ang binayaran but may mga bayaran diyan ng ibang bansa bloggers kuno kuno to put Max down. however, gaya gaya naman yung iba just to say am different.. siege ibigay ang buri, maghagilap kayo ng replacement like “It’s because I’m only 17 yrs old” or “Quiet please”. Kayo nga ba kahit magaganda mga nieces ko and amazon sa tangkad eh yaw magrepresent ng sobrng meticolosong pinoys. yung headdress mali, yung gown mali, yung walk mali, wala na rin ma say dahil mali. OR ang sagot kaya ni Max sa Q&A eh “No comment for the love of my people.”Isipin mo na lang Max baka ma-hospital ka sa sobrang hospitable namin.

    • @momoy

      beautiful review! thanks momoy, this is big help to us not privileged to see the MU delegates up-close, nor even see them all five times!!!

  31. Bakit never e try ng philippine candidate ang mga nat cos tulad ng sinusuot ng mga super sereyna. Tulad ng pormang bwaya, aguila, damit na yari sa bote, disposable plastic glass. ang daming pagpipilian. Or nat cos na mukhang passengers jeepney, or kalesa. Never pa kc nasubukan ng pilipinas na magdamit na parang isang tonelada sa bigat.

    • Just like thailand last year, toktok thailand. Pwede namang motor rela ng cagayan de oro, or sikad sikad ng dipolog city.

      • Since ang pangunahing hanapbuhay natin ay pangingisda at pagsasaka, pwede ring ang nat cos nya ay pormang bangka sa bewang at ang headress ay lambat. Or ulo ng kalabaw at may itutulak na araro.

      • wag naman copycat ,,,,,,,, better yet sempling pandango sa ilaw na nakakasilaw dahil batterya ng kotse ang source or batya’t palopalo na bitbit buhay na tilapiang kumikisay

      • Gusto ko yung may historical significance… The Maranao princess costume is one of the best examples because the background behind it depicts one of the pre-colonial versions and origins of our live for pageants in our country.

    • yeah tama ka. dame sa history natin. dame ma hahalungkat aside sa terno. kalesa, jeep pwede din. pero naunahan tayo ng thai. last year trycle ang natcos nila. so i think we dont need to be a copycat. dame pwede. si sma lang ang problem. terno lang yata ang nasa isip o mas taste nya talaga ang terno. Pwede din naman siguro like. rice teraces as palda so malaking part yon kasing laki ng pang ibaba same kay shamcey o mas lake pa. and then sa top sila na bahala at sa head dress basta mga ganyang idea mga sikat na lugar sa bansa. But im happy that SMA allowed maxine and rhet to decide on her natcos. sana tuloy tuloy na yan na pinoy at kandidata ang mag decide sa natcos and also sa gowns. magpasa sila ng magagandang design para ma approve ni sma.

      • Hindi ko din masyadong type yun because of the kind of feathers used and it looked more of a space alien…

  32. Canada is not the token “fat girl” of the competition. There were a few others, but Israel takes the cake (no pun intended). Sure, Canada might be the prettiest of the plus size contestants and had been the most vocal about it (because a lot is/was expected of her), but her size does not make her stand out –for the right or wrong reasons.

  33. I’m waiting for the post solely dedicated to Keke.

    Nahihiya pa eh.
    Ipost mo na, diusmio, biglang kabig.

    Nakakaawa ang ibang kandidata na wala manlang updates/post bout them.
    Remember Norman, you are an official media partner, kaya you can never excuse na personal blog mo to.
    Be fair enough sa ibang delegada.
    Hindi lang si indonesia ang kandidata.
    At ngayon special mention mo si Max dahil rinatsada ka kahapon ng mga kababayan mo!

    Maxine should be watchful, dahil ang mga tunay na bashers nya ay yun mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya.
    Mga pasimple kung tumuklaw!

    • Basil,
      Let me just meddle because I have been reading your comments which I thought at first as a joke but now it’s really becoming too personal and disrespectful to the blogger. I am not sure where you’re coming from, jealousy and envy I guess? Sorry Basil but I don’t like you this time.

    • mag-move on ka na Basil, iba naman ………. hahahaha ………

      cheers Norman !!!!

  34. I like her national costume, very chic and modern ang atake sa design, di gaya ng iba ang literal ng concept.

  35. There’s a possibility that MUO might crown Miss Canada just to create pageant controversy. After all, it seems Miss Canada might have gained a significant amount of weight as part of her pageant STRATEGY so she can be the first plus size candidate to win the title.

    BREAKING HEADLINE NEWS: “Fat girl wins Miss Universe”

    Please IMG and MUO, please don’t do it.

    • Looks like Miss Canada gained like 20 pounds during her preparation for Miss Universe. What a difference from what she looked like during Miss Supranational (December 2015, below) when she placed 1st runner-up, right? Well, she’s now crying wolf, claiming in numerous interviews that she’s being bullied online because she’s fat, and making this part of her pageant “advocacy”!

      Seems like manufactured drama, if you ask me.

      • Problem is I think MUorg is buying it since the issue is picked-up by major magazines like Glamour, etc… It’s also possible that she is already in cooperation with MUorg to do so… If she makes the TOP 16 then this fashion entrpreneur/ soon-to-be-lawyer would ace the Q&A. 😦

    • Nope, she has a lame excuse for not making the effort to fix her body. She lacked discipline and is now using body image acceptance as platform.

  36. OT: Sana sa pag relinquish ni Ms Medina ng BbP title niya ay palitan na ni Mrs Araneta yung design ng lahat ng crowns.

  37. I watched the prelims again and yes, Maria Mika Maxine did quite well. Her national costume is also very remarkable. I hope she is top 3 and 2nd runner up would be great. We’ve had no 2nd runner up yet in Miss Universe history.

    Also, after watching prelims again, my top contenders proved me right (Slovakia, Georgia, Denmark, France, Spain) but one candidate really zoomed up: ARUBA ! Back in 1974, Maureen Ava Viera was a huge favorite among Pinoys and she ended up in top 5 as 4th ru. Maybe in 2016 MU, it is time for Aruba to take the crown all the way.

    On the opposite end, one candidate really tumbled down: COLOMBIA ! I don’t think she deserves all the hype. She should go say bye bye early, not even pretty enough for top 12.


    • Barbados was one of my favorites since the start. After watching the prelims again, I feel that Barbados was overtaken by Belize. I think Belize can surprise everyone on Finals Night.

      • wow, Carribean region and countries around it , very strong ! (after watching prelims again)

        ARUBA vs HAITI

        (Dom Rep is not really pretty but she projects strongly)

    • Agree, Colombia was forgettable. Aruba did great! But I was most impressed with Georgia who has a very nice face and radiating stage presence and I wouldn’t mind if Pía crowns her ^_^

  38. I like Maxine’s National Costume..the crown which was studded with golden south sea pearls.

    Natcos is very elegant
    Emerald green gown is also outstanding
    Swimsuit ok din

    Sobrang maganda face nya.

    For me top 6 ko


  39. I like Maxine’s gown since it’s a breath of fresh air from the usual sequins, appliques, and nude silhouettes. It’s true that it’s not the prettiest gown out there, but judges are briefed to score the ladies on their elegance and how they carry themselves. At the end of the day, the lady should wear the gown and not the other way around. 😁✌🏽👑

    • The golden fan dance would have made that necessary impact instead of those green scarves..

  40. I really don’t like how she finishes with a closed bevel… very old school and just doesn’t feel strong. Really thought she’d do better…

  41. my final pick (after prelims):

    With Highest Honors:

    With High Honors:
    Costa Rica

    With Honors
    Puerto Rico

    Honorable Mention:
    Dominican Republic
    Great Britain

  42. Yes she did BUT the gown designer did not. Lucky for her that the Philippines is the host. She will make it to Top 12 and may be eventually 9. But the other low key girls who stood out in the prelims have better gowns. If the actual pageant were last night, the top would have been France, Venezuela, and Curacao. All had amazing and show stopping gowns!

    Bash or no bash, many pageant fans know that Maxine did so-so but there’s more potential for getting to the next level.

    • I agree, but it is Maxene who insisted on choosing Rhet to design for her. Ughhhh 😦

  43. nasaan po ang vinta? alam ko hindi dapat literal pero wala talagang kahit anong hint ng vinta inspired yung natco.

    • Lam mo gurl, ang pagdesign ay hindi literal na kailangan ipakita Yung concept, di porke’t sinabi vinta inspired kailangan may ipakita vinta. May gahd this people! And the head piece, corals ang concept, so kailangan din ipakita corals?

      • well that is my observation. and when you think of vinta it should be bright, vibrant, happy and a splash of color which is the total opposite of the natco. The natco is more alitaptap inspired with all the glitter that sparkle in the dark.

    • I think yung tri-color patches on the dress represents the colorful sail of the vinta… IMO, sana ginawa nya yun sa dun sa alampay/sari/sash.. as in batik patterned version ng Vinta tapos jewel/gold encrusted..

    • yes the gown is a standout because of the color and movement but did it really highlight her? we all remember the uniqueness of the gown.

      • Yes, it did highlight her because when she stops moving.. the focus of the judges goes toward her beautiful face.

      • Spoon feed lagi gurl? Pwede ka mag observe gaya ng hinahanap mo vinta sa costume. As per the gown C2F is right, the moment she stops, you will focus to her face, hindi natin alam Kung ano iniisip ng judges habang naglalakad sya siguro they are observing how she’s carrying the gown? We’ll never know, but as per the strategy nila and concept, everything is spot on.

  44. I honestly feel like this edition of Miss U is going to be one of the most unpredictable of all. We have Philippines fighting hard for a back to back. Pageant powerhouse trying to redeem itself from a lackluster year in Venezuela but with a candidate that isn’t facially stunning. Colombia looking to avenge last year’s brouhaha, USA who can speak her way to the top and two Asian neighbors trying to steal some thunder from the Philippines. At the moment, I feel like every favorite isn’t a clear standout so this is going to be an interesting finals. Maybe someone under the radar will come out on top come Monday? Keep an eye on Belgium, Barbados, Kenya and Argentina. We shall see.

    • Or worse, IMG might decide to crown a plus size candidate like Miss Canada (the token “fat” girl this year) to create controversy and publicity, so the pageant lands news headlines again, like it did last year.

      Let’s hope not.

    • Baka nag iba ng strategy ang Venezuela, instead of sending candidates na almost perfect physically, ngayon naman e yung siguradong magdedeliver. Effect siguro nung pagkapanalo ni Pia, na hindi man the most stunning in her batch, nakuha ang korona sa performance.

      • Yeah.. remember Irene Esser?… completos recados na sana biglang waley sa Q&A… Sali nyo pa si Mariana and Mygbelis… Etong si Mariam effortless sa performance.. Mukha lang talaga kulang…

      • Main difference between Pia and Mariam is Pia’s compete and maturity is miles beyond everyone else. Mariam is very young. She can compete on stage but Im not sure what the level of maturity she has to really take on the responsibility of Miss Universe.

  45. O ayan na. Ung mga nagrereklamu na puro keke ang lumalabas sa blog na ito, me papuri at exclusive post sa kandidata nyo.. Spot on pa nga ang sabi.. BTW sir Norman, may u please give us details on their remaining activities/rehearsals sked today, Friday, til Sunday.. Wud like to catch even just a glimpse of the candidates.. Might stake out near moa arena then.. Go Argentina, hope you make it to the first cut and from there, bahala na..

  46. From the very start, it is expected that Max will deliver.
    But how about your adapted daughter Kezia, haaa Norman?
    And just like that, the blogger’s focus shifted to Maxine.

    • Tito Norms, bat mo naman hina hype si Kezia? Parang all of a sudden may isang focus ka na candidate other than out bet. Di ko maremember kung ganyan ka sa isang bet in the past years. Isa ako sa mga na disappoint sa totoo lang. i feel that your allegiance to our bet Maxine is half baked. Predictions are another thing, but come on, don’t shove Kezia in our throats. Baka nakalimutan mo na how we were blindsided by the Miss World hulabaloo. Kezia is beautiful no doubt, but upon seeing her Prelim results? Nah, her gown isn’t that comfy at all and she is tripped. But im sure you will still include her in your Top 12.

      • Please don’t make assumptions like that. I can take bashings but when it comes to that matter, I draw the line.

      • Mga bakla, wag nyong igang bang si Tito Norms! At wala kayong mga manners. Kung makapagsalita kayo parang walang feeling yung tao. At ang beauty at charm subjective yan, so pabayaan nyo so Tito Norms sa choices nya. Anyway hindi nman sya judge sa prelims at finals so let it go!

      • May purpose ang pag hype ni Tito Norms kay Aso guys and thats for the benefit of our current and future candidates… Isip isip din kung sino gusto nyo makasama ni 4M sa TOP 6 Q&A! Tsk tsk… Grabe sila o?!

      • Maka-deny eh talaga namang bias ka Norman! Yan kasi ang pinapa-feed sayo nila Judas Gaffud! Ano hype pa si Keke? O ano niregalo sayo ni Kurniawan? Pa-official official correspondent ka pa palibhasa kasabwat ka rin sa pangungurakot nila Kat de Castro, Judas at Wanda Teo sa Miss U, pinagkakakitaan nyo at pinamudmod nyo sa mga alipores nyo yung ticket? Dedeny ka? Wag ka! Alam na alam ng mga taga-pageant ang hilatsa mong bakla ka!

  47. In every candidate we had the past years, hindi nawawala ang mga bashers. Most bashed were Ara Arida and Janine Tugonon and yet they ended up runners up.
    Maxene definitely delivered what it should be. She did her best in last night’s prelims. She’s my number 2 in swimsuit and top 5 in the evening gown.
    The costume is fine with me at least this is different from the previous years and it made by a pinoy. Buti na lang maganda yung headress. Pero I agree mas maganda ang mga costume nina Thailand and Indonesia and even Vietnam.
    I just hope next time mag pacontest naman ang BPCI ng mga costumes.

  48. pwede ng gawing gown ung natcos nya alisin lang ang headdress yung sash and ung nasa kamay nya. the color of her natcos dress and ung blue na nasa kamay nya is a good combination. when ive read na may head dress sya i thought her natcos will be a filipiniana gown pero hinde pala. But best natcos man o hinde. im happy na finally hinde filipiniana gown ang natcos nya. its good to see na maiba naman ang natcos hinde laging naka filipiniana gown. she carried it very well. inspired naman ang natcos na yan. very modern and she looks very elegant and expensive. kaya no need to reklamo. i saw in the that one of the judges clap his hand nung pagpasok nya sa stage wearing that natcos. so im sure approved sya kanya yon and also to others.
    Sa EG and SS performances nya. she did a great job both segments. ganda nya talaga. i like her smile. enough confidence habang rumarampa. buti hinde sya nagpadala sa lakas ng ingay ng mga fans nya na halos mag over confident na since she is a host country. hinde ko lang gusto ang style ng buhok nya sa SS. Sa EG naman. i expected na she will have a hairstyle na same sa pic nya wearing a yellow gown. but a bun also suits her. ok na din kaysa naka ponytail. yung gown nya very different. naka agaw pansin im sure. kakaiba kase. the color is a good choice base sa skin and base sa birth stone nya. i like the details of her gown, so alive. pero sana dinagdagan pa ng konting haba para sayad ng konti sa floor. Pero she did a great job sa performances nya. i am hoping and praying for a top 3 finish for maxine sa MU finals or even wins Miss Universe 2016.

  49. Maxine can win this whole thing!!!! Bravo!!!!

    NatCos and GANDA! Ganda sa live! Mga bashers na nagbabasa lang SHUT UP! Natcos has no bearing.

    On EG, ang GANDA-ganda…


    • True. She has her own merits worthy of the crown. Yung ibang hyped candidates parang sumusunod lang sa templates lol.

  50. I would like thank you for your quick updates. I can only imagine the pagod and elation mo sa event na toh. Im proud of you, No.. WE ARE PROUD OF YOU.. U’LL ALWAYS BE MY BEST AND BELOVED PAGENT BLOGGER!!

  51. ~~~ My assessment ~~~

    First of all, I am very happy that it’s a Filipino made costume and it’s not the typical Filipiniana that we’ve seen so many of that we’re sick of it… in other words, nakaka-umay

    And that costume is nice…. but that’s it. Just “nice”. I must admit it is classy and elegant. However, it’s nothing special.

    This is just a dress and a head piece… Literally.

    While the color scheme is dazzling, it is lacking in creativity.

    They kept her costume such a big secret that it made us all expect that it was going to be a big “pasabog”. I mean, this is literally that one chance we have to showcase Filipino’s artistic and creative visuals… and I’m sorry, but that was not achieved. Who ever designed this needed more brain storming.

    I really don’t know what BPCI or Jonas Gaffud (I am sure he had a say in this) why they picked such basic costume.

    Nilamon nila Thailand at Indonesia costume ni Maxine.

    And let’s not forget about Myanmar’s costume. While it wasn’t the most blingy and dazzling costume, That was very original… effort kung effort!

    • I agree about the national costume. Luckily for Maxine walang point ang NC. But it was really a missed chance to prove Filipino designers’ creativity. Kumbaga sa essay walang coherence. Kung headpiece din lang pala magdadala eh di sana pinagsuot na lang sya ng 2-piece made from puka shells at least nagmatch sa headpiece motiff davah.

    • Any cheap copycat can make that dress and headdress overnight for a fraction of whatever cost they are broadcasting. It was basic, ordinary, and low energy.

      • Exactly.

        If it wasn’t for the “rumor” that the head piece is supposedly worth 1M Pesos, this costume will look extra basic

        It’s only the cost of the head piece is what justifies the simplicity of the design

    • You exactly nailed it!!!!

      This is our chance to show our culture and traditions with no excuses.. And now I feel like it was a missed opportunity.

  52. Maybe the headdress brouhaha is due to the expectations set by the designer by saying that it’s worth a million or so.

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