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  1. Maxine enchanted the close door interview judges with her aura and yesterday (last night) I waited for her to perform in the preliminary com. I could simply say now that she is “IN” for the top. Maxine is politically correct, sash factor ek ek but ABOVE ALL SHE WILL BE ON TOP “BECAUSE OF HER PERFORMANCE and SHE DID IT IN HER OWN MERIT”. The pressure on her is massive (host country, reigning queen is fellow Pinoy and the endless bashing of two faced fellow filipinos (Kunwari expert pero wala naman mga napatunayang nilalang).

    Mind you people Maxine is a kind of person who is more confident and will charm you with one on one conversation. Her sincerity and sweetness will win who ever is in front of her (for sure judges was enchanted by the charming personality of Maxine). And BTW don’t get me started again with your english fluency ek ek folks, don’t pretend to be that perfect genius of english communication. Lastly huwag maging “CRAB” ipa-iral ang bayanihan let us cheer for our own MAXINE!

    I know she will make it to top but still you need to VOTE for her, 10 votes/day is a big help 🙂

  2. Final 3 – Philippines, France, Nicaragua. Elegant, classy and with loads of star appeal. The days of being fierce for the sake of drawing attention have long gone and the new MU brand is looking for strong women. Best of luck Maxine! #4M4MU

  3. Aside from her pageantry..

    Benta ng commentaries about her:
    -Birthday today.
    -She loves Karaoke…
    -Won all pageants she entered.

  4. MAXINE’s gorgeous face is ENOUGH to earn her rights to the top 12. Halatang nag-enjoy sya lalo na sa swimsuit segment and that is the most important, she was so herself. Hindi tulad nung ibang latinas na taon-taon nating nakikita na masyadong “PILITA CORRALES” ang performance just because they are so trying hard to impress.

    CURACAO impressed me with her commanding aura. Very Pia Wurtzbach ang kanyang styling.

    IPINAGPIPILITANG INDONESIA, average catwalk & her boxy body shape did not impressed me, and she faltered at her evening gown performance. Sige pa, IPAGPILITAN pa si Keke.

    IPINAGPIPILITANG COLOMBIA, malapad ang katawan, parang nanay na sya, tacky gown. i will say no more.

    IPINAGPIPILITANG THAILAND, maganda, PERO hinihintay ko ang pagbuka ng kanyang bibig at kung LALAMON din ba sya ng microphone sa Q&A, iyan ay kung aabot sya sa Q&A.

    And speaking of Indonesia, I admired Lupita Jone’s interview whereas she said she will never accept an offer to sit as one of the MU pageant judge if in case she will be offered to, because she is a NATIONAL DIRECTOR for Miss Universe Mexico, ohhh hello, national director of miss world indonesia. Wala yatang equivalent word ang DELICADEZA sa salitang bahasa.

  5. After the prelim eto ang masasabi ko………….

    Juscolored andaming diosa sa universe!!!!!

    Sa totoo lang hindi ko na malaman sinu sino ang papasok sa top 12!

    Ipagdasal na lang natin si Maxine na maabot niya ang kanyang pangarap!

    Kakaloka ang daming magaganda!!!!

  6. Antagal naman ng final prediction ng blogger tiyak marami na namang mag ngangangawa na mga baklang pangit dito

  7. I like Indonesia in her gown, so elegant and classy, she reminds me of Ara Arida in swimwear. She looks beautiful. Thailand’s waistline is to die for. Maxine was too eager to impress for me while Kezia was so natural, poised and relaxed on stage. In terms of styling, Maxine had the worst. Updo hair doesnt suit her at all. If these are the top3, I would put Indonesia on top followed by Thailand then Philippines but unfortunately, there are other girls who are equally stunning like Spain, Turkey and Dominican Republic but I would retain Indonesia on top

  8. Thoughts on Ms Medina. She is very consistent and i guess it shows that she is being herself. I like how she prefermed during SS. You can feel fun contrary to the usual fierce projection. EG was great in motion and while the gown looked plain (for the lack of word) when she is standing but it makes you focus on her really beautiful face. Her smile is really captivating. I can feel that she’ll make the cut. Good luck Ms Medina, you indeed showed the Filipino fighting spirit. I am hoping for a great placement if not B2B win!

  9. Ang performances na tumatak sa akin ay:
    3. Venezuela

    Pero kung ganda lang:
    1. Turkey

  10. Ang LAPAD ng katawan ni Colombia.
    Sa lahat ng nakita ko kanina kay Spain at France ako sobrang nagandahan.
    Before prelim kasi ang attention ko lang ay para sa:
    1. Philippines
    2. Malaysia
    3. Sierra Leone
    4. Bulgaria
    5. Turkey

  11. LOL lahat nalang kopya ni Indo this year ginawang Andrea 2.0, Max 2.0, Ara 2.0 pati gown 2.0 copy cat (a hideous black version of France Red gown). well isa lang di nagawan ng way at yung how she carry herself on stage. I am really trying hard to be objective to her but wala talaga. Anin’s intro and parasela is way better. What is really the hype with poohkeke? PoohKeke is a low class delegate ever sent since Whulandary.

    I would rather like to see Malaysia and Singapore win this to make the crown stay in Asia. Maxine’s runner up finish will be a great achievement but with what I saw she has the game to win it.

    The advice of Angelia is really true. Di pa tapos ang laban!

    Tito Norm’s saying he has first hand interaction with the ladies is hmmm….. Sorry maybe his eyes is glued on Keke at si Keke lang nakikita as his Insta post is more of poohkeke. My friend is super updated at stalking MU updates and he is more objective (nainis ako minsan dahil andami niya puna kay Max but as days pass by he said Max is getting there and a shoo-IN to be on top)

    My Friends 12

    Sierra Leone

    Para sa akin I think Thailand and Colombia will be there but I agree sa list niya kaya it is my pick too.

    • The way you described Kezia is unnecessarily rude and utterly disgraceful, considering she is a guest in our country. In your eyes, she might not be be a contender, but it is unkind to describe another human in the terms you did. I’m certain your parents would be ashamed to see that they raised someone so lacking in basic human kindness.

      • I am stating facts that poohkeke is a super downgrade delegate of her country. If your ego is hurt by what is my observation how much more the half-witted commentary of her fellow countrymen. Well my comment is rude that is just a whisper of how loud and rude Indo’s are! I could still be super rude with my observation If want to. Don’t get me started dahlin!

        Oh my parents are super proud of what I have become and what I have achieved in life sorry to tell you that. Human kindness? don’t me!

      • I don’t find Tenten’s description of Indo offensive. If you’ve been following pageant blogs, you’ll come across one of the worst attacks, especially those directed at frontrunners. If you’re looking for diplomacy and sugarcoating things, pageant blog is not for you. Go to sites where they will tell you what you what to hear (not sure where you can find one). Just look at it in a positive way, just take it as a compliment that just merely being mentioned or commented on means a candidate is starting to be noticed. Take note of the comments and learn from it.

  12. My picks after the prelims: in alphabetical order

    Top 3: Philippines, Thailand, Venezuela
    Top 6: France, Great Britain, Vietnam

    Maxine, tama na sa bun. Bet ko sayo yung soft wavy curls mo sa intro. Simple lang ang silhouette ng gown mo at sa muka mo talaga kami nakatutok. Ganda mo beh, dyosa. Di mo kelangan ng mala-vene na gown kase sayang ang face value mo. Maganda in motion ang emerlad gown mo pero pag nakatayo ka na, matamlay na din sya. I think may mas pasaberg na white gown si mama rhett sayo. Kalma lang beh, naniniwala akong kaya mo yan, kaya natin to.

  13. I have mixed reviews of Maxine’s performance. I believe overall she is a shoo-in for the Top 12 but the competition definitely brought it tonight by a lot of the girls. I like her walk and bubbly swimsuit presentation but her hair was kinda off. I’ve seen her better in wavy big hair but tonight looked kinda rushed.

    Her evening gown stood out because of the color. It was a nice contrast to an already dark stage. That’s why there’s a lot of sparkles tonight in terms of evening gowns. Her walk was great and I love how the gown moved as she sashayed on stage but when it comes to the pose, the gown did not show her entire curves from the waist down. I believe this gown was made intentionally to be regarded as good but not great to pave the way for the actual finals gown. That is my two cents.

    I wonder if Indonesia’s trip could make or break her but she looked stiff. Good smile and that big hair is killing it. She has A&Q to thank for that styling.

    • Yes I believe that Maxine’s gorgeous face is best complimented with a wavy hair down do…her hair in BBP I think was her best look so far. Parang naging staple na ng A&Q yang hair style na yan mejo nakakasawa na.

    • The color was striking, but the silhouette wasn’t exactly the best. The fringe details look off – but perhaps this could be attributed to the overall styling. Naka-bun so para siyang magsasayaw ng cha-cha. Would’ve been better if they went for a sophisticated 20’s flapper look. It’s far from being a bad gown but I think attention-grabbing wise the red number she wore in one of her final photo shoots pre-Miss U is a better choice. Even the yellow one she had for a magazine shoot. Speaking of shoots – may isa syang floral long gown na sinuot – mas kabog din sana yun.

      Thanking the stars that Maxine has the face and the modeling skills to pull this look off. Honestly though, I think she’s better off wearing a different gown in the finals.

      • True @newbiecommenter, actually I had to think twice whether to say yes or no on Max’s gown, but if you make a careful 2nd look on it, it’s actually nice. The cut from the back to the sides and the waist height was all complimentary to Maxine. I think yung hair lang ang panira but thankfully Max’s face is really beautiful. Im not really expert on Pageant but yeah maybe totoo na this is not that kabogera type gowns….I like it, not too bad but yung styling lang medyo off. But there is no way Max is out of Top 12 or even Top 5 tonight.

        Also, special mention to France gown, the yellow gown. I think blonde’s rarely wear yellow because it makes them seem monotonous but she’s a beauty tonight.

      • @H.Yashi,

        The detail itself was impeccable. Simple – and that has always been one of Eala’s strengths. Ang problema, simple designs are heavily reliant on the overall styling and yes, the modeling skills of the actual wearer. After taking a good second, third look I guess yung bun nga ang sumira. I mean, low bun tapos sparkly top, tapos yung swinging fringe details…teka lang. Hahaha. Make the dress shorter at hindi malayo na ito ay isang Miss U opening dress. Maxine is blessed with a gorgeous face and talent for modeling kaya hindi masyado halata.

        Dominican Republic’s dress was everything, too. Hit all the right spots at laking libre nila dahil hindi na sila namroblema sa style ng buhok niya.

      • Agree to both France’s and DR’s gown. Wow sobrang impressed ako sa gown ni DR. Venezuela’s gown was patease. That’s shoal was weird but I knew there’s something beautiful hidden there. Parang favorite sya ng Pinas this year with Sierra Leone and Phils.

  14. There is definitely a big shakeup from what I posted hours ago after watching prelims.

    This is now my unbiased opinion and based solely on the Prelims a few minutes ago. I will write the general comments below.

    Spot in the TOP 12 (but I only had 10, these are the girls that stood out in both SS and EG)

    1. Thailand
    2. Venezuela
    3. Philippines
    4. France
    5. Great Britain
    6. Mexico
    7. Netherlands
    8. Norway
    9. USA
    10. Dominican Republic

    SWIMSUIT (girls who wowed in SS)

    1. Australia
    2. Colombia
    3. Belize
    4. Kosovo
    5. Spain
    6. Turkey
    7. Vietnam

    EVENING GOWN (stood out in EG)

    1. Croatia
    2. Curacao
    3. Ecuador
    4. Germany
    5. Guatemala
    6. Haiti
    7. Italy
    8. Malaysia
    9. Poland
    10. Panama
    11. Georgia
    12. Kenya
    13. Ukraine

    SPECIAL MENTION (Candidates with a beautiful face)

    1. Japan
    2. Korea (her make up tonight was done well I guess)



    I could easily pen Australia in the #1 spot after the SS round but when she came out in EG, I felt like she was so uncomfortable and unsure hence dropped her out of my list. The gown she’s wearing I believe is a different version of last year’s Ms. Australia only that it is black and without sleeves so I was really disappointed but since I still have 2 spots to fill I believe that 1 spot still belongs to her. She’s really gorgeous.


    Great Britain and Norway, I’m not sure if they were on my list earlier but I believe I don’t but I am just mesmerized by their performance tonight. I was totally being in my unbiased self while either giving a yay or nay in each of the rounds per candidate and these 2 surprisingly made me say YES to both of the category. This might be a stray to the usual HOT Picks list but they 2 are definitely in my TOP 12 tonight.


    I don’t know if someone observed the same way I did but when Thailand, Turkey and Ukraine (not sure if it’s Ukraine) went out we all know that all eyes will be set on Thailand but just as when the silhouettes are coming into the light, it was too late for Thailand because my eyes is stuck to Miss Turkey already. I don’t know but for me she really did slay the SS, I’ll put her on my #2 spot for SS next to Australia. Belize was also a breathe of fresh air, super charming face.


    I really like the transition between Venezuela and Vietnam in the swimsuit round. I found it funny that after all the gait and the busy attention grabbing maneuvers of Venezuela, it right away transitioned into the beautiful face of Vietnam. It was like a rainbow after the storm. In my opinion, Vietnam made Venezuela a so so in the SS round. Her pretty face just swept away all that doodles from Mariam.

    LET IT GO:

    Korea’s EG was gorgeous however, I didn’t like how she carried it. She was like holding the cape that took away the attention from her.


    I felt that Myanmar went too far, so sorry…well as well as Colombia in SS round. My eyes were on Australia and Belize during the first line of girls and Colombia was like ‘Hey, I’m here’ and I was like hmmm No thanks… Belize’s face is too pretty to look sideways.

    I believe that the winner for this year will be a big surprise. Surprise in a sense that it will redefine the Miss Universe Brand and this is just a pure gut feel, I have a vision that

    – Philippines (if she did well in the Q&A at TOP 6)
    – France
    – Malaysia

    will be in the top 3.

    but a spot in the TOP 3 will be very well challenged by USA, Thailand, Norway, Netherlands, and Great Britain.

    I just really feel that Miss Universe will be so different this year. And Norman, if my wild guess happens, please hire me as your side bar blogger. haha

    Have a good rest Philippines and the rest of the Universe. I’m not sure if I will be able to watch Miss Universe online on the 30th but I’m just gonna wait for the winners at instagram.

    Lots of Love from Downunder. 🙂

      • I like France, Spain, Thailand and Venezuela. Spain was a surprise. I was disappointed by Colombia and Indonesia’s performance.
        Reactions about Maxine’s gown are polarized. I think she carried the gown well. I believe they intend to change the gown on the Finals. Good job Maxine.

    • hi H. Yashi, Before the prelim. Australia is in my top 6. How can such a pretty face not be. Even in the intro . I could sense she is uncomfortable. So she is also a disappointment for me. Top 3 Phils, Thail and Vene. You are right on Vietnam’s beauty

  15. While the rest of the girls still have to exert effort, Maxine is just there, gliding and twirling her stuff as if she’s born with it! Maybe it’s Maybelline lol but you get my point.

    Our girl does not need much, she’s the prettiest face there is. Reminds me of Rolene Strauss na walang kaeffort effort pero wala ring kaere-ere.

  16. just saw Maxine’s NC… it might not be extravagant like other NC’s out there BUT IT LOOKS HELLA EXPENSIVE. It’s modern and regal!

  17. My heart swells with pride for Maria Mika Maxine Medina. Consistent talaga sya, hindi nkkaba panoorin. She’s beating the odds, hindi lang double whammy, triple pa. Actually, she has 4 challenges: Philippines as host, Pia as current, the 5-year streak, and her beauty camp training a competitor. Go Maxine!!!!

  18. Maxine’s gown ain’t cutting it. Nung nakita ko yung gown ni Venezuela parang gusto ko na mag-emergency call kay Michael Cinco. Kailangan mapalitan yun sa finals. She looked stunning (strongest Asian imo), pero kulang ang gown. Please, mag all out naman sana ang team niya.

    Indonesia’s all hot air. Tawang-tawa ako sa prelims performance niya kasi wala talaga. Greatest disservice if she ever enters the top 12. Even the fan vote spot would be a total waste if it ends up in her hands.

    Venezuela came really prepared for this, it’s scary. Dominican Republic was a revelation. Spain re-emerged.

    Si USA nadama ko ang energy gap.

    • Hello, could you please elaborate the “Indonesia’s all hot air” part. Kasi bet na bet ko sya. Thanks!
      -Pageant Neophyte

      • @H.Yashi,

        What Cinco has over Eala is that the former can make adjustments accordingly. Hindi nga pang pageants si Cinco pero he’s better at conceptualizing something that would fit the occasion unlike Eala. Not to say Eala is a bad designer though, pero kasi his works don’t fit the pageant scene just as much kung ikukumpara rin lang to someone like Cinco. And perhaps this shows na he’s best making clothes for Maxine’s pre-pageant activities, but not the pageant itself. Cinco’s works have more diversity in my opinion, hindi lang pansin kasi he’s more known for his avant garde designs. Mas redundant pa si Libiran sa kanya.

  19. France is the biggest threat! Yung ganun Kakalma Ang manlalamon SA Q&A. And Kung tatlo na lang Sila SA stage SA final look, lulutang ang ganda Niya.

  20. Di ko bet ang hair at styling ni Maxine sa evening gown. Huhu. Buti na lang maganda pa rin face niya. Based on the evening gown (yun lang naabutan ko) for me, Thailand is a cut above the rest, followed by Venezuela. I was disappointed by Malaysia’s performance and styling. Sayang ang beautiful face.

  21. Anyare kay Indonesia? Muntik na sya sa gown nya.
    Thailand, Philippines, Venezuela, Colombia, Malaysia and Brazil

  22. Standouts:
    Aruba, Philippines, Turkey, Venezuela,

    Disappointments (too much hype?):
    Colombia, Indonesia,

    Low energy (kailangan mag Milo):
    USA – pero pwedeng surprise winner cya hehe

  23. Eto na ang aking ranking

    Top 3
    -Thailand (I would honestly put her above Venezuela cause she was so strong tonight but i feel like her communication skills will bring her down)

    Top 6
    -Brazil (was initially part of my top 3 but Thailand beat her tonight)
    -USA (placing her here because of her personality and story… Pero kulang talaga sa stage performance)

    Top 10
    -Colombia (she looked better in her national pageant… Seems like she’s the new Migbelis this year)

    Top 12
    -Curacao (Such a nice surprise! She’s a dark horse and I can see her moving much higher sa finals)
    -Dominican Republic (May stage presence pero kulang sa beauty factor)

  24. I would just like to compliment maxine for looking as beautiful as usual. One thing, maganda ung gown niya pero kapag cyay nakatayo side by side sa iba, nagiging ito mediocre. Parang pangball room ung dating. I loved how she chose to be her sweet self at SS competition tho 🙂

  25. I have new favorites !!

    Georgia !!
    Spain !!

    Old favorites did not disappoint …

    Slovakia …
    France …
    Denmark …

    From Asia -Philippines, Thailand, Turkey
    From LatinA -Venezuela, Argentina, Panama
    From Black -USA, Brazil, Haiti

    Colombia does not deserve to be up in the ranks ; Indonesia may be a close shot ; Nicaragua is fine but that gown…

  26. pasok sa banga si Max! I think she nailed both rounds. But she really stood out sa EG.. This is definitely her forte.

    Thailand is Philippine’s biggest threat sa Asia. Chalita’s prelim performance was exceptional!

    Venezuela is still really not that pretty BUT her stage presence is STRONG. Pasa vogue ang EG nya ahahaha.

    • Hi Joy, For me Maxine and Mariam both nailed ss and eg. Thailand standout sa eg but ordinary the ss. Brazil is a standout sa ss sa eg waley. Australia looks very uncomfortable. Indo is mediocre nasa top 12 na lang dahil sa fan vote

      • JAckie, at the moment Thailand is winning the fan vote. And Philippines might be second if both make the top 11 I think they are going to pick the third best in fan vote? Or if both make the top 11, they will picked the 12th best in the competition? I wonder how they’ll do it.

      • @4m Pasok na sa top 12 si Thai at Philippines even w out fan votes. Indo will be the fan votes winner. As much as I adore tall women. Kezia did not deliver. parehas sila ni Australia na hindi comfortable. It will be bet Mariam and Maxine. Chalita top 6. How about you? Sino standout ?

  27. Maxine’s face is beaming beautiful. But her body is not long and lean – reminds of Licaros

  28. Sayang hindi ko nasimulan…

    Ganda ng pasabog ni Venezuela

    Ganda ni Max

    Thailand daming fans

    Indonesia din

    USA wala masyado effort…

    Ganda ni Slovak, Ukraine and Kosovo

    Natawa ako sa trivia ni Sierra Leonne… Hair Salon?? Hahaha 😀


    • Troll Alert.

      Do not reply to this POS. Our silence to it’s post will be our way of showing it the fInger.

      • Dictator!
        that’s why there are a lot of spoiled underachieving kids everywhere . It’s because you . U deserve a middle finger too!

      • Ikaw naman una nagreply eh baliw ka pala. Respect the opinion of others. Im a Maxine fan pero i can respect other peoples choices… and will the winner kahit hindi si Maxine yan!

    • Bakla! Kahit gaano ka ka-hater ni Maxine wag ka namang bulag!!! Isa siya sa may pinaka-pak na pasarela at kabog na katawan!

    • remember ara arida in 2013? Masyadong pasweet sa SS and her ninang hair sa EG was questionable during prelims… Oh ano nangyari, TOP 5 si ateng!!!

    • Tumpak! I really like SG’s rep this year very Asian and she is classy too, she can express her thoughts very well. I hope she will win and Max will be a runner-up

  30. First of all I really don’t see the reason about the hype for Indonesia and Colombia. When MJ competed in 2014, people were so convinced that she had the potential to win the MU crown, but right from the very night that she snatched the Universe crown, I knew that we are not going into the Top 5 that year. MJ is beautiful and gorgeous but she’s not so remarkable just as how I feel with Indonesia and Colombia, there’s just no sparkle in my opinion.

    I try to be updated via instagram everyday to see the development and based from videos and photos here are my top pics.

    1. Venezuela – Didn’t like her at all during pre-arrival times, I thought she looks like a man before but when she’s finally in the MU competition and seeing her every so often I knew she’s the one to beat. Endearing, stunning and looks like she has a lot of personality as well. Her demeanor during the pageant though may cause her the crown. I find her very cocky sometime but when she’s in the stage she’s screaming like ‘Attention- I am Miss Venezuela’

    2. Philippines – Maxine’s greatest advantage is her gorgeous face, when I first saw all the ladies competing for BBP 2016 and knowing Kylie is there, I told myself Kylie will win for sure but when I saw all the pics and videos I knew Maxine will win from the very first time I saw her face; and she did win. She also fitted into the Philippine tradition of sending a Ms. Philippines that look entirely different from each other every year, making Ms. Philippines so unpredictable and exciting. Maxine’s weakness and this would surprise everyone I suppose, is not her interview skills, I think her backstory and motivation. I believe what MU Organization is looking for someone who is a representation of all the women in the world and Maxine just didn’t have that story to tell to convince the world that she has it to be Miss Universe. However, I really think that she should capitalize on being that ‘SIMPLE’ girl who all of a sudden achieved more than what she thinks she can do in her life and use that as her message just as how Miriam used her fall to represent all the women in the world in 1999. I’m not sure if A&Q team has figured out this strategy the way I did but I kinda feel that that was the idea behind Maxine’s miss universe video. However if Maxine ace the Q&A, I believe she could easily sail into the Top 3 as well.

    3. Australia – if looks are the only basis Australia is the clear winner, well neck and neck with Maxine. Like Max, Australia rises to the brim, in the sea of beautiful women. Just like what Olivia Jordan said, she looks like a VS model. Caris and Max both have that Pia vibe- beautiful girl but reachable and just like everyone else. Like, all the girls can be them type. The problem with Latinas is they look so rehearsed during the pageant.

    4. USA – if USA makes it to Top 6, she’s definitely in the TOP 3. She’s a powerful woman personified. She’s black and beautiful, she’s a woman but she’s strong and independent. Miss USA is 100% Miss Universe material no doubt about that.

    5. Thailand – This girl is a bomb and she has the story too- beautiful, reachable, oozing with sex appeal.

    6. Brazil – Almost all the women in the world love Beyonce, and this girl is seriously giving us all that Beyonce vibe. Face is gorgeous, not too crazy about her body and I feel like I still don’t know her even after her MU video so I don’t know.

    7. France
    8. Turkey
    9. Barbados
    10. Belgium

    11. Sierra Leone
    12. Malaysia

    13. Norway
    14. Germany
    15. Netherlands

    16. Colombia
    17. Indonesia
    18. Panama
    19. Slovenia
    20. Argentina
    21. Japan

    • may something sa gown niya. it’s beautiful.. but i don’t think it’s the right gown for her. the skirt is too stiff, halatang hirap ipakita ang legs. had it been a softer fabric (like france’s gown last year, mas okay)

      plus, lalo siyang nawalan ng shape! The black over a semi shiny nude lining, di nakatulong sa illusion na mas magka korte siya. just my two cents.

      mas bagay pa sakanya yung suot niya na pink gown sa photoshoot niya dito.

    • Mr. M, C budanding ang tinutukoy ko na panalo hihihi
      Indonesia will never be on Top 12.
      She is Miss Vietnam 2015.
      Swerte na lang nya kung manalo sya sa Votes … charette lang

      • Kung di siya magta-top 12 sayang naman training Niya d2 plus yung kay Francis PA. Parang Wala siyang natutunan Kung ganun.

  31. May pic din si Keke sa SS yellow ata color ng SS nya, nagtaka lang ako bakit yung mga released photos nya sa pre arrival ganda ng curves, pero sa nakita ko na waley ang curves? photoshop?

  32. Ang Tough ng Miss Universe ngayon, lalo’t hindi na top 16 ang semi-finalists. Andami kasing dyosa…<3
    Anyway highway eto na ang Final Top 12 ko…

    Top 12 (In no particular order) + 1 (Swimsuit)
    1. Venezuela
    2. Philippines
    3. Colombia
    4. Thailand
    5. Indonesia
    6. Brazil
    7. Australia
    8. Nicaragua
    9. Kenya
    10. Mexico
    11. Great Britain
    12. Puerto Rico
    13. USA

    Top 9 + 1 (Gown)
    1. Venezuela
    2. Philippines
    3. Colombia
    4. Thailand
    5. Indonesia
    6. Brazil
    7. Australia
    8. Mexico
    9. Puerto Rico
    10. Nicaragua

    Top 6 + 1 (Q&A)
    1. Venezuela
    2. Philippines
    3. Colombia
    4. Thailand
    5. Indonesia
    6. Australia
    7. Mexico

    Top 3 + 1 (Final Look)
    1. Venezuela
    2. Philippines
    3. Mexico
    4. Indonesia

    Miss Universe 2016 – Venezuela
    1st Runner – Up – Philippines
    2nd Runner – Up – Mexico or Indonesia

  33. I saw a video on Maxine’s performance sa SS, katakot ang twirl nya don pak na pak ibang-iba sa twirl last year ni Miss Dominac Republic, grabe ang ganda ng katawan at pasarela ni Maxine ha, effortless talaga…. Maxine is Miss Universe 2016!

  34. Seriously, kinilabutan ako sa gown!!! Medyo nag woworry ako sa designs ni rhett kasi parang safe masyado more on silhouette lang. grabe ang sexy nga!!!

  35. i cannot!!! Maxine’s gown is surprisingly amazing!!!! oddly beautiful. jusko nakakaiyak!!! so-so lang siya saken nung nakita ko yung photos parang sabi ko.. hmmm yan un???? pero nung in motion na. NAKAKALOKAAAAA NAKAKALOKAAAA

  36. Why is Cynthia Bailey’s daughter being used as her picture?

    That photo on the logo is her daughter, Noelle… not Cynthia

  37. Just saw IG clips of Maxine rehearsing for Prelims. May laban talaga tayo guys! Tinotodo na nya! I like that she started out in the middle. Not too strong and not too weak either. She paced herself! Red ang gown na nakita kong suot ni max. It kinda looks like the gown she wore sa “final training” video that was circulating online. Not the red flowy one she wore sa photoshoot. Not sure if this is her actual EG for prelims. quasi the rehearsal clip i saw na nana red gown sya, she was introducing herself along with the other countries na naka gown rin.


      idk about you guys pero feel na feel ko ang stage presence ni Max. Also iba pala ung design ng gown nya. Sagana sa slit ang gown ni Max for prelim lol. Ipakita mo ang long legs mo max!!

  38. With this year’s set of judges, my hope and my hunch is that they will look for a confidently beautiful woman who has the cerebral power to make pageantry one of the few sources of sensible ideas in today’s world full of hateful divisive rhetoric, “alternative facts”, and disinformation. Nowadays, forces are delegitimising political and social institutions. Beauty titles remain a platform where people listen to. Let pageantry be a catalyst for change by choosing the best spokesperson for wholistic beauty.

  39. Nasa Miss U app po ang list ng judges sa Prelims and finals. May 3 judges na magjudge both on Prelims and Finals.

  40. Nakakatawa lang ang mga reaksyon ng mga commenters dito……………….

    Meron nagsasabi “sa akin ok lang ang line up ng mga judges……iba naman ” sa akin di ko feel ang line up ng mga judges!

    Hahahahahahahaha……..akala mo meron magagawa! akala mo kaya nilang mapalitan! at higit sa lahat akala mo sila ang may-ari ng MUO! hahahahahaha

    “Hibang o Lutang” ang tawag jan! hahahahahahaha

    • Agree! Hihihi… akala mo may magagawa sila. Ganun talaga feeling mas maraming alam. Ok lang, hanggang sa comments lang naman ang mga sarisaring opinyon.

  41. Based on the Panel of judges here are my possible Top 12:



    Sierra Leonne

  42. I don’t think I’m 100% comfortable with former winners being part of the judges panel — especially from pageant-patriotic countries like India and Puerto Rico. But please do not include Lupita Jones, please! I can live with Leila or Riyo as judges, but not Lupita!

    • @Mel

      Btw, Canada is still in the game… Miss Universe page just posted this article from Glamour:


      I used to be rooting for her and now I think she’s fake… but her plan did work.

      • @closer — I know. There have been recent articles about Miss Canada — primarily by the British press — and her advocacy against body shaming. Well, I still think she gained weight on purpose — to manufacture her “back story” and to whip up publicity. I don’t like phony queens like her, with phony stories and advocacies — but you’re right, her plan might just work to get her into the semis.

        Still, not fair to the other candidates who busted their asses all year to get into shape, only to be pushed aside by Miss Canada who faked her way into being fat!

      • I don’t want to be mean spirited and wish for her plan to back-fire but in all fairness, she wanted to win so much that she opted to manipulate the system to her favor by creating this huge statement. We might see it as fake but MUorg may see it as empowered. I just hope na hindi sya makasama sa kudaan portion dahil ayaw ko maligwak si 4M sa top 3.

    • They have been there, so to speak, so they know what to look for in a candidate. These past winners are all independent-minded, women of substance and great character. Having been an international winner and have worked in countries outside of their own after their reign, they carry a global perspective, not a narrow country mindset. I think being a former winner is an asset, not a liability, to the Board of Judges.

    • I agree, no to Lupita… Ipagpipilitan nya ipasok ang Mexico que se hoda na may mas desserving na candidata..

  43. I feel nostalgic knowing that Dayanara Torres is in Manila to judge this year’s MU. Yes, back to the country she spent good years as a showbiz personality. At a time when the Philippines was experiencing a long draught of international beauty contest winners, the Filipino nation adopted her as its own Miss Universe. And she was a deserving adopted beauty queen— remaining wholesome, queenly and down-to-earth in an intrigue-plagued showbiz world. I live and work outside the Philippines but I hope ABS-CBN will give her TV guestings so that she can again reach out to the hordes of fans who truly miss her!

    • I love Dayanara! Sana nga may tv guesting sya kahit sa ASAP at kay Boy Abunda. I miss her lalo na pag nagtatagalog sya.

    • If only because the Filipino nation considers Dayanara as its own, I hope Norman writes about her in a special blog.

      While at it, what about the First Miss Universe, Armi Kuusela of Finland, who married a Filipino and resided for years in the Philippines?

  44. Hoping the True beauty wins…. A beauty Queen who posses Original Signature beauty/fashion not a copycat! All the best for my fave namely, Philippines, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Thailand, Brazil! God blesss and enjoy every moment!

  45. I assume this judges are for the preliminaries only. Another set would be on the finals night. Dun siguro papasok si Riyo Mori at Lupita Jones.

    • lupita jones said that shes here to support her gal and not to judge. and she is ND of Miss Universe mexico. and i think MUO will not allow her to seat as judge if ever.

  46. With three beauty queens on the judging panel, bye Colombia, Hello Puerto Rico! Huwag naman sanang alatin ng todo si Andrea.

      • Keribels lang Yan, teh! Kahit naman masungkit nila korona dekada PA rin Ang aabutin bago Sila maging powerhouse. Kung Ang Dominican Republic na namumutaktak ng runners up eh di PA rin makakumpleto ng big4 crowns sila PA kaya na puro d2 din umaasa. Isipin mo na lang na parang Pacquiao-Roach Lang Yan.

  47. To Norman, I just want to express my personal gratitude for your tireless effort in providing updates and insider scoops. Although exciting, it’s not hard to imagine how physically taxing the daily coverage can be. You’re probably powered by Red Bull and coffee these past few weeks. Maraming salamat for making a distance viewer like me feel as if I’m backstage. More power to you and I hope your blog expands in readership and ads…. we all deserve to make some coins in this life, honey 🙂

  48. At least walang pinoy na judge! If ever manalo si Maxene hindi masasabing cooking show.

    Sino po ang pinoy host na makakasama ni steve harvey?

    • if Riyo and Leila could win MU despite their poor comm skills and average beauty , why not Maxine? Liner naman ang mangarap di ba,,Miss tissa ? Tse hihihi!

    • Sana pareho pa rin ang criteria noon at ngayon. Sana ang quality ng mga kandidata noon ay pareho pa rin ngayon.
      Tsaka hindi lang naman pagalingan ng pagsasalita ng ingles ang hinahanap kundi pati yung laman ng sinasabi. Kung hindi man ingles ang salita dapat maganda ang mensahe ng sagot.

  49. Miss Laila, Alam mo naman siguro ang pakiramdam nang mayroon Keke, diba?
    Kaya pagbigyan mo na si Tito Norman, ilang araw na lang mawawalan na siya ng Keke.
    Gusto rin kaya ni Basil magkaroon ng keke?

  50. For me, it’s okay to have these past winners sit as judges in the finals as long as their scores will not be counted if the contestant is from the country where they came from.

  51. Guys and gals, don’t you think mas tumataas ang probability na manalo si Maxine kung Indo at Thai ang kasama nya sa top 6?
    Sa kanilang 3, si Maxine ang lamang sa QnA.
    Pero kung isasama si USA sa top 6, bababa chance nya na manalo kasi magaling sa QnA si USA.

  52. FAVOR naman po Tito Norman. Pakiyakap naman po si Basil. Alam mo bang miss na miss ka na nya?
    Lagi na nga siya nagpapapansin sayo pero kulang ang attention mo.
    Sige na hug na. Love love love na. Muuuuaaah

  53. I’m liking this panel of judges ! Credible enough for me ! I”m just wondering if this same panel witl judge both the preliminaries and the finals. With 3 former MU title holders in the panel, I hope they get to choose “the one” to succeed our very own Queen P 🙂

  54. I’m very thankful na hindi judge ang elitistang blogger, dahil baka sumabog na ulo nyan pag naging judge pa yan.
    Walang Indonesian sa mga judges, kaya naman Keke, kabahan ka na, pagbutihan ang online voting.
    Kay Miss Puerto Rico naman, pasok ka na sa Taft 12.
    Kay Deshauna, wag kang mag-alala ne, 2 or tatlo sa mga judges e kalahi mo, tapos sa inyo pa ang MUO, ikuda mo lang ng todo sa q/a at sayo na ang korona.

    • Anuveh Basilya. Napakabitchesa mo. Calm down ateh. If i need to give up Facundo for you eh gagawin ko na kumalma ka lang. 😂

    • Anong klaseng yakap at halik ang gusto mong gawin sayo ni Tito Norman para bati na kayo? LOVE love love. Peace peace peace

    • At least Hindi sya katulad ng mga local actors at singers na akala mo Hollywood stars ang asta-John Lloyd Regine Lani Sara
      At wag namang hydrocephalic head ang description. Puro tubig Laman noon . Si Norman , very smart . Commensurate naman yung attitude nya sa ability nya. Amin in , he is an excellent beauty pageant blogger tse hihihi!

    • I agree, pasok si Deshauna sa TOP 6 because of this revelation… Ligwakers either si Australia, Colombia or Thailand… Wag sana maka pasok si Canada and Aruba sa Top 6 dahil baka maulit ang placing ni Charlene Gonzalez in 1994.

  55. This is a power panel with credible background! They are most likely to choose the new queen based on 50% brain, 25% background/character, 25% beauty.

    Battle of wits and charm ito.

    • Agree! This is why the likes of British Virgin Islands might make it because of wit and charm. The chances of the so called front runners suddenly and significantly waned… I will not be surprised if Colombia, Thailand, Indonesia and Venezuela do not make it. From the descriptors they used on the judges, they want Miss U to be an Ambassadress… That requires a lot of communication skills and tact and diplomacy and personality. I ruled out USA but now she is back on my list.

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