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  1. Indonesia, ang kandidatang IPINAGPIPILITAN. Actually ang 2016 pageant season lang nanyari na laging IPINAGPIPILITAN ang kahit na sinong miss indonesia. Produkto ng hype. Hindi ba nag iisip ang mga pageant fans lalo na sa miss universe na dapat total package ang criteria sa pagpili? hindi lang aura-aura, kung hindi yung laman ng kukote. Parang hindi nila nakita kung ano yung nakita ng MUO kay Pia.

    Itong mga pageant fans na ito, they are too quick to hype and proclaim a candidate by mere looking at their photoshopped pictures.

  2. Why post Kezia’s images here simply to elicit bashing? Please treat Kezia as a human being who deserves kindness and respect–just like our own Maxine. Why are we so threatened by Indonesia’s rising status as a country that sends contenders? We should welcome the competition & be proud that women from Southeast Asian are making great strides in pageantry.

  3. Speaking of the designers’ showcase, I just saw this blue dress, recognized the pattern as the same one from the gown my sister bought for prom. It’s available in Amazon.com and other chinese sites like Aliexpress.com. The pattern is too similar to be a coincidence, in my opinion. I definitely smell plagiarism here. How embarrassing!

    • Just to clarify further…this is Miss Universe Malta. She is wearing a dress Louis Pangilinan made for this event. On the other hand, my sister’s dress has been on Amazon.com since September 2015 and has had over 400 reviews.

    • @Urban Decay

      Yeah, Louie Pangilinan also made that gold gown sold at Amazon under Moderna Filipinas.

  4. Top 12 finish again for Miss Indonesia this year… Miss Philippines pag hindi 2016 MU at least in the top 3 along with Miss Venezuela. Miss Thailand another Top 9.

  5. Sana ay:

    1. back-to-back ang PH;

    2. in case PH is not destined for a consecutive win, I wish a victory for:
    2.1 First time winner;
    2.2 Someone from Africa/with Afro lineage;
    2.3 Southeast Asian reps;
    2.4 European bets because it’s been a while since their last title;
    2.5 A country who hasn’t won the last 20+ years

  6. iniisip ko yung binitawang salita ni maxine that shes here to win, that she will win, that Pia will surely crown her as Miss Universe 2016. though wala ako na feel na pagmamayabang, nakakatakot pa din. sa mga words nya, yan ang kinakatakutan ko hinde yung issue sa pag iingles nya. mas mahigpit ang labanan this year. sa mga past edition ng MU this year is the most tough competition. very very tough.
    Maxine! be carefull sa mga words please lang!!! Mas lalo mo kami pinapakaba.

    • bakla…law of attraction ang tawag dyan…wag kang nega para hindi ma-onsyami!

      • well tinawag mo akong bakla. so GAGA!!! i know and not for being negative. ni ne nervous lang ako and now lang ako now lang ako nag comments ng ganyan bout kay maxine. normal lang na magisip ng ganyan. i really want maxine to win.
        @jackie yeah she need to be positive all the time pero parang nasobrahan ng slight lang. Pero like what i said d ko ramdam ang pagmamayabang habang sinasabi nya yon. Yung smile and ningning ng mga mata nya dun ako napapa kalma. parang there is something talaga na pasabog.

    • Hi Geoff, They are trained to always have positive thoughts. You should always think that your greatest enemy is oneself. For me it’s anybody’s ballgame. Hindi ito katulad nun 2014 na obvious mananalo si Paulina Vega and Rolene Strauss (Miss World) Beauty wise maganda talaga si Maxine. Her walk .. the way she carries herself..Yun mahihigpit nyang katungali di rin FLUENT. At the end of the day Miss Universe is still a beauty contest and from what I have seen there is a huge improvement on Maxine’ s part. Para sa akin si Maxine ang mananalo. If not she will place high. Wag ka na kabahan

    • Not really. have you seen her before pics? Nagmukha lang siyang kamukha ni Ara because of make-up.

  7. Why they allowed such as bad dress to be worn by Miss Kazakhstan? Horrible dress. I pity her.

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