18 comments on “65th Miss Universe | A Quick Spotlight on Miss Guatemala Virginia Argueta

  1. OMG her name is Virginia! Is she the one? Ang kakabog sa Universe 🙂 Well, I am seeing a Ruffa G. in her. And, the organition needs her talent. Lets see…..

    • What do you mean is she the one??? Sorry I’m so curious but she is my candidate and any updates from her we want to know!! 😊😊

  2. OMG! Watching the live interview of Margie Moran and Gloria Diaz in State of the Nation with Jessica Soho….The ever controversial Ms Diaz uttering (pertaining to Maxine Medina) “She should aim for 1st runner up,then kill the winner…..Joke!” I was shocked!

  3. How nice of you Miss Guatemala! This only means that competition is just a front show and friendship is still a winsome goal. I wish Miss Congeniality award will be brought back.

    Anyway, about the inset photo… How unlikely it is to see a photo of a Miss Universe candidate fixing her hair kneeling on the floor? Wasn’t there a dressing room wherein candidates could do their hair and make up? This is an MU brand mishap.

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