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    • Those figure-hugging gowns in gold and silver give justice to her curvaceous body! Very sexy!

  1. Congratulations on a very successful reign, Pia ! What an icon you have become ! Thank you for making us proud 🙂 🙂 🙂 Good luck to whoever succeeds you – a tough act to follow indeed ! Mabuhay !

  2. With the event today in Malacanan, in Jolibee and in the Auction Ball, my list has changed:

    Nicaragua is classy in Mike dela Rosa
    Indonesia in the Lanvin Dress in Malacanan
    Turkey in the Filipino Gown
    US is hot in Red
    Portugal is very woman
    Thalita is hot.
    Brazil’ charisma
    Belgium was awesome
    Barbados is nack
    And USA

  3. Diaz can say whatever she wants to say but I was hoping that she would at least show her support and enthusiasm to our candidate because after all she represents our country in this competition. Whether you like Max or not, why can’t everyone just wish her all the luck on Sunday. If you don’t have anything good to say about her, the just STFU and move on and find someone else you will support but don’t support others but bashing and spewing negative things about Maxine.

  4. Well, Gloria Diaz has a right to voice her opinion. She somewhat believes that a victory, with the Philippines as the host country would not be hospitable.

    Hmmmm? I wonder what Denise Quinones of Puerto Rico, MU 2001, would think of Ms. Diaz’s comment.

  5. Teka muna bakit maraming nagagalit kay Ms. Gloria Diaz? Kailan pa naging masama ang magsama ng totoong nararamdaman at opinion kailan pa? Eh sa totoo lang naman wala talagang chance na mag back to back specially this time na sa Pinas ang MU not unless kung super outstanding ang candidate natin in all aspects na it would be a travesty kung di sya mananalo. Maxine is simply not…beauty and personality wise.. pinapakinggan pa lang nya ang tanong nag iiba na ang facial expression nya para syang takot na di mawari. Deal with it!

    • Kung sa iyo manggagaling ‘yun, Jeremi, I might understand. Gloria Diaz ‘yun, eh, an icon of beauty at Miss Universe pa man din. Do you get what I mean?

    • Kung Pagandahan lang ang usapan e kay Maxene ako.. Sino sa mga front runners ang mas Maganda kay Maxene?!… Si Indonesia?! Venezuela?! Colombia?!… Parang si Brazil, lamang lang ng konti dahil kakaiba ang look tapos si thailand mas maliit lng ng konti ang bewang… Yun na!

      • Well, based yan sa tingin mo Closer2Fame papano yung tingin naman ng iba? Tiyak may sarili din silang mga mata diba? Hahhahaha

    • Jeremi, if we could put to good use our God-given ability to think, opine and speak, would you rather use it to cause pain and self-doubt than to inspire? In a situation wherein you are given a chance to be someone gracious or inconsiderate, would you rather be the latter? As it is this world is already full of hatred and negativities. If you can light a torch of love and positivity, would you choose to wallow in the dark?

  6. Is it true,aside from Sushmita, Dayanara and Riyo Mori were invited as judges too? Grabe! Record-breaking tlg Ang Miss Universe dito s Pinas s dmi ng beauty queens n dadating!

  7. I like Maxine and I want her to win. It’s just that come preliminary and finals night, she should convince everyone who matters that she can be the next Miss Universe. As Pia said the next Miss Universe should be ready. Based on my humble opinion all beauty queens are or should be spokesperson for their respective organizations. Hopefully Maxine will show that fire burning and the confidence that she can take on and she has what it takes to be the next spokesperson for MOU. Some might just bit my head off but there are nuances in her demeanor that come across as if she is unsure and while people might say she is just shy but I hope come the big nights (prelims and coronation) those won’t show and what we’ll see is the Maxine on Fire 🙂

    P.S. this is the edited version. I forgot to proofread 🙂

  8. I like Maxine and I want her to win. It’s just that come preliminary and finals night, she should convince everyone who matters that she can be the next Miss Universe. As Pia said the next Miss Universe should be ready. Based on my humble opinion all beauty queens are or should be spokesperson for their respective organizations. Hopefully Maxine will show that fire burning and the confidence that she can take on and she has what it takes to be the next spokesperson for MOU. Some might just bit off my head but there are nuances in her demeanor that come across as if she is unsure and I while people might say she is just shy but I hope come the big nights (prelims and coronation) those won’t show and we’ll see is the Maxine on Fire 🙂

  9. Anna, do not be angry at GD. She is just voicing her opinion. What’s the point of asking a question if u won’t get an honest response?
    GD wax exaggerating when she said 1 in a million when there are only 86 of them . This is simply to emphasize how little her chances are . And this assessment is not unreasonable at all.
    Many can argue that a lot of candidates surpass her in beauty of face.
    Forget about Her English , she simply cowers in fear every time she gets asked a question . The other candidates may not be fluent in English but they Are confident at expressing themselves .
    Pls Ana, take your Premarin . You are having some pre-menopausal symtptoms. Hihihi

    • Troll.

      Don’t reply to this troll. Our silence to his post will be our way of showing him the finger.

      • Well u just did.
        Respect others opinions. That’s what democracy is all abt.
        If Maxine wins, then everyone will be happy including me.
        If she loses , do not cry a river. There’s next yr.

        And why pin down GD ? Miriam said almost exactly the same thing.

      • Yes, keep bashing Maxine in the name of democracy. I’m not the bully. YOU are. Pia has already said that the negative comments are demoralizing to the candidates, especially in the heat of competition. So why put so much energy into bashing one particular delegate? That’s what defines a TROLL.

      • @jd, what would I call u if I was a troll? A dictator? Someone who tries to suppress a differing opinion? It’s amazing how u grab people to your side by guising as a pseudo patriotic prick.
        If Maxine is strong enough to admit her weaknesses , why can’t you?Im simply trying to explain how the scenarios where her win is as acceptable as her loss. She is not a perfect candidate… she is nowhere near that .

    • Kezia?
      Maria Mika?

    • Names ending in “a” is generic among female. Seldom can you find name ending in “a” for males unless they are Orthodox Christian or Jews.


    • ..nagawa na yan nung ms earth courtesy of imee sweigjart.. Cguro, ibang script naman..

    • Ohhh really, sa pagkakaalam ko ay papalakpak pati paako at taenga ko dahil kalabasa ang maiiuwi ni Colombia at ang kabayan mong c Indonesia but i love both girls bcoz they are extremely beautiful(sabay labas ang mala buntot ng snake na dila ko) bwihihihi

    • Puro ka hula at kapag sumapol….sagad sa kayabangan at ipangangalandakan! ka bobohan ang ganitong kaisipan!

      Bagay sa iyo ang pangalan mo coco…as in coconut….walang laman puro uhog!!!! hahahahahaha

    • Pwedeng pwede. MUO perhaps is now orchestrating a massive crowd riots that will in effect stop the competition for minutes… only to resume and crown Colombia (and Indonesia 1st Runner Up)…

      Then the following day, Sushmita will lead a protest to MUO contending that indeed Philippines made the Top 12 (rank#2)… coz of technical error thus MUO end of awarding Maxine as an honorary 1st Runner Up at kasama cya titira sa New York w Colombia & Deshauna (USA) hahahaha

  11. Hi Pia,

    Filipino beauty pageant fanatics have more than million nice words to say, but still are not enough to be thankful, to you for ending decades of drought of our beloved country in Miss Universe. This beauty pageant means a lot to us Filipinos. You are such a pride and a true inspiration to those who fail many times in achieving their dreams but do not give up because victory is nothing sweetest when it is not worked hard for. When you won Miss Universe on your third attempt and eventually bagged the Miss Universe title, I then rose and decided to achieve my biggest dream which has failed me more than thrice to get. Thank you for inspiring.

    Now that you are passing that diamond Nexus crown on to the luckiest girl’s head on the 30th, I wish you the best path to take. I believe that there are a lot of good things beyond Miss Universe that will come your way, and I hope you won’t stop inspiring women to stay confidently beautiful with a heart.

    Someday when younger generations come to you and ask for your words or pieces of advice, give them the best encouraging words. As an icon, you don’t have necessarily to be candid or speaking your mind. You have to utter words with full of wisdom. Just recently an icon of beauty has given a candid remark about Maxine’s chance in Miss Universe. When she was bashed heavily on social media, she quickly explained about her previous comment which turned out to be her strong stand against or opposition to Maxine’s aim to claim a back-to-back in Miss Universe for our country. She even disgustingly reasoned that MU candidates would rise and create chaos should Maxine get the crown, without even thinking that hometown victories in Miss Universe have already happened in the past. She was illogical. I hope you won’t stoop down to that level someday.

    Again, thank you for beautifully representing the Philippines in Miss Universe.


      • @Veejay, kinimkim ko lang ang pagkayamot ko sa beauty queen na ‘yun. Parang ayaw n’ya talaga na may nananalong Pilipina sa Miss U. Gusto n’ya hindi sila dumaming titleholder. Kaloka s’ya. Dapat nga words of encouragement ang ibigay n’ya at hindi pagmamapait. I am not bashing her. I am just giving my sentiments.

      • Ayyyyy! napabasa tuloy ako sa mahabang comment ni Queen Ana about Cno ba ang babaeta na yan hihihi
        My lips are sealed but sometimes it leaks just like #LeniLeaks bwihihihihi
        Sino pa nga ba kundi ang Pinagmamalaki nating Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa.
        JawsKuh at nag-isip pa c cocoy at napakamot sa ulo …. UmiEthel talaga ang ET na nilalang na to hihihi..Charette lng 🙂

      • Back-to-back win is hard to achieve. It gets a gazillion guts for a candidate to do a repeat for her country. But, if she can prove that she deserves the crown, then give it to her. Beauty wise, Maxine has it. There are a lot of things that will happen in the preliminaries which Maxine may or may not excel at. What if she will ace swimsuit, evening gown, and the QnA? Will it still be a bad idea to crown Maxine? Eh, kung ganun, dapat pala ‘di na muna tayo nirepresent ng kandidata sa Miss U this year, ‘diba? Hello Puerto Rico, hello USA?!

    • Tama naman ang sinabi ni Ms Diaz and she has a point. Don’t sow intrigue and dont divide further. I like Maxine but the idea of b2b win is simply not good for us. I dont want MU2016 in Manila to be a cooking show.

      • Actually may point si GD in saying that. Pero para sa akin hindi maganda na sabihin iyon in a television. Sabagay ganyan naman talaga sya pranka kung pranka. Pero yung sinasabi nyang one in million yung chance, i don’t believe her. Maraming beses na nangyari yang kinoronahan ay nasa sarili nyang bansa.
        Nung kinoronahan si Olivia Culpo ano yon? One in a million? Pang 65th pa lang itong pageant na to hindi pa pang one million and 3.

      • Denise Quinones won in Puerto Rico as the 4th Miss Universe of Puerto Rico? Why is it a mortal sin if Miss Philippines will win in her homecourt as 4th Miss Universe too?

      • Gemma, you are correct. Maiinsulto ang mga judges. Buti sana kung Miss World yan na display lang ang judges.

        Bong, hahahaha!

        Miss tissa, delicadeza ang wala kay Gloria. Matalas ang dila ng lola natin! Ewan ko kung considered persona non grata pa rin s’ya sa Cebu?

      • Maybe ayaw nya dumami ang ms u from philippines becoz takot sya masapawan. She shouldnt worry. Shell always be the first filipina miss universe. Ang punakamagandang hayop sa balat ng universe.

      • @Gloria Moran……Only Miss Universe has the credibility and integrity to crown b2b.

        Miss Universe is most respectable beauty pageant of all.

        All other beauty pageants including 2nd tier pageants and most especially “Miss World” fits the word “cooking show”.

        MI has not experienced b2b yet.

        Ibahin mo ang Miss Universe!!!!!!

        Miss Universe is Miss Universe period!!!!!!!

      • Clearly Ate Glo is not aware of Miss Puerto Rico Quiñones winning in PR. 😉

      • Gloria Moran, so what is the point of joining this year if we don’t even want to win. We might as well skipped it since you’re essentially saying that we shouldn’t win. This is the kind of mentality that Filipinos need to get over. If Maxine deserves to win, then so be it. Period. Be proud of her. She worked hard to compete and here we are telling her that she shouldn’t win because it looks bad for the Philippines? Get a grip!

      • Precisely. Kahilig kasi ng iba intriga. If that is her opinion, amen. If mahina sa Ingles, andyan si San Miguel. But did they learn. Galing daw sa English pag nacorrect galit. Hind na lang magdamayan. Mahirap pag nanalo si Max. Parang si Quinones kesyo naging judge si Anthony n Dayanara kaya nanalo. Tumigil na lang kayo.

      • May mga sponsor naman sya na Filipino designers VJ.
        Hayaan na natin kung naghubad sya, huwag lang syang maging kabit ng mga pangit at matatandang politicians hihihi… kadiri di ba… kapit sa salapi ang mga tamad at grabe pa sa pokpok na mga hitad.
        Kunwari nasasarapan sa matanda basta may milliones ewwwww bwihihihi Charette lang.

    • International modelling? I think you are hallucinating! A 28 year-old woman to begin a career in international modelling? I don’t think so in million years

  12. Tito Norman could be please remind us again of the important events for the final week as well as the live streaming of the prelims? Thanks! And mga vaks I’m back from a long weekend! hihi

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