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  1. Tanzania
    Crech Republic


    These are my top 12, with 3 others, after last night’s charity gala and last friday’s activities. Wow, the ladies are now on the go-battle. At least 48 are in stiff competition. This week, labanan na!

    • Dko peg si Anindia pero parang mas may jutak sya kumpara kay Kezia. Not hating on the latter ha.

  2. No public sale of tickets for the prelims? That’s like 15,000 seats, right? I would have thought that this would have been a perfect opportunity for MUO and sponsors to generate additional revenue for the pageant, pay for expenses, etc.

  3. Aruba for Miss U. I like Kenya and USA too. Indonesia has been looking good in recent pics. But Thailand ? Everyone must be blind putting her in the top 5. Something wrong with Australia’s nose.

  4. Rumor has it that Miss Universe might have a plus size delegate to enter as one of the 12 semifinalists this year, as part of its pageant rebrand that welcomes women of all sizes.

    So is this why Miss Canada suddenly gained all that extra weight? As part of HER STRATEGY to be the pageant’s designated plus size semifinalist? TAKE A LOOK:

    Miss Canada — just 14 months ago, as 1st runner-up in Miss Supranational 2015:

    Miss Canada — last week at Cebu’s Miss Universe swimsuit presentation:

    Is this also part of the reason why plus size model Ashley Graham will be there as pageant commentator for the live telecast?

    If indeed Miss Canada enters the semis, and she clinches the Q&A, and if it turns out this is the year Miss Universe finally crowns its first plus size queen, this would certainly make for ANOTHER CONTROVERSIAL CROWNING, right? Another explosive Miss Universe news cycle and social media extravaganza.

    What do you think? Too much conspiracy?

  5. You said you might even make a quick appearance. Will you do so as a prelim judge?

  6. I hope MISS BARBADOS sports this look again for the upcoming prelims, as she did when she first won her national title.

  7. But the actual event will be on the 26th which will be streamed love by MU? Because that’s what the MUO website says, that it’ll be on the 26th. Kuya Norms, kindly clarify. Thanks

    • the actual event is on the 26th. but late telecast by tv5, 28th is the swimsuit, 29th the evening gown. weird no

  8. Wasn’t tv5 in trouble for having an Indonesian owner years before? Hm.. Their mediocre rep is definately getting a placement if not more.
    I foresee a repeat of the Miss World corruption influenced by dog higher powers and I shudder at the thought…

      • Bakla, Miss World was considered a major pageant. It became irrelevant once corruption kicks in. Stop acting like Miss U is impenetrable. This is the kind of thinking that get people stabbed in the back and act all surprise about it.

  9. Hello Sir Norman! Will there be any replays of the prelims on tv or will we just have to watch out for uploads online? Thankyou!

  10. Tito Norman and others, please post online live streaming links for the prelims and finals kasi cannt afford kaming mga graduate students at early career researchers magsubscribe sa cable channels dito sa US. Hindi naman po interested ang mga Amerikano kasi mas concern sila ipa-impeach si Trump kesa sa Miss Universe. Salamuch :).

  11. I wonder how would 65th MU be if our contestant representtive is N Manalo ? May laban kaya ?

    What if KRDS was never disqualified ?

    Not that i dnt want Maxine but just wondering 🙂

    I have an answer , but ill keep it for myself 🙂

  12. the shoo-ins for me, as they are very likely to do well in the preliminaries


    the ones i will look forward to seeing in the prelims as they haven’t had that much exposure

    south africa

    in the middle
    they had some coverage but not as much as the shoo-ins

    sierra leone
    united kingdom

  13. ..i dont mind having the pre-pagenat close to ordinary mortals..i just hope the venue will be filled to the rafters para masaya..di tulad nung davao tapestry na kelangan pa mamudmud ng ticket ni kat de castro para lang magkatao sa smx davao.

    • ang mahal kasi ng ticket, sino ba naman bibili nun for a selected few candidates lang na bibisita sa Davao.

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