62 comments on “Sunday Specials: Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach has every reason to be clingy to the Crown

  1. Last year, sumugal si Stella Araneta ng pumayag na Filipino designer ang tatahi sa gown ng rep natin. Now, sana sumugal siya ulit at pumayag na Filipino language ang gamitin sa Q&A.

  2. tanong lang, meron ba ni isa sa inyo ang nakasubaybay sa lahat ng miss U winner. paki labas naman yung mga list ng achievements nila maski yung last 10 winners. para may basis tayo na si pia ay talagang a tough act to follow. baka natutukan lang natin sya kaya nasasabi natin na ok sya, kababayan natin sya kaya magaling sya.

  3. I saw Pia and Ruffa Photo at Mac Make up event, wow ruffa is far beautiful than pia even @ her 40’s na…. i dont know if pia reach 40’s what she really look like…. i am no against pia she is really beautiful inside out but i was just saying how ruffa’s look standing beside the current miss universe.

  4. @bong, Norman’s personality is very surprising . He talks like he’s from six feet under. He sounds so cold and apathetic,
    I prefer to read his posts than watch him on tv speak.

    • Really Fabian?
      I got the opposite reaction.
      I enjoyed Norman talking and elaborating his points of views and finally “visually” connecting his voice with his writings.

      Different strokes for different folks, I guess.. 😊

      • Saluda, you are always very pleasant …. Idk.. i probably had a different picture of what Norman was like … based on his posts .

        It’s like listening to the songs of Beyoncé and Mariah and then hearing them talk. There is a disconnect .

    • Fabian, nasaan na daw yung LV bag ni Mommy N at yun ang mas importante ngayon.
      Jawsmio, mag-anniversary na ay wala pa daw yung OPM mo hihihihi… Charette lng.

      • Bong , maybe I’ll see him …and you .. at the mall of Asia. Hand carry ko yung LV nya hihihi

      • Charette Fabian 🙂
        Pero gusto ko yung magmeet tayo with Mommy N.
        Bakit hindi tayo(readers) magmeet and greet with Mommy N para makita natin ng harapharapan ang mga Chaka doll na nagmamaganda di ba Mommy N?
        Overnight Party sa isang private place, di ba Bongga hihihi… walang charette yan.

  5. Yes let us savor in her reign. The woman who is the quintessential representation of “confidently beautiful” (with a heart) and who may have been the sole savior of the Miss Universe brand from what could have been a disastrous transition from Trump. Legendary Pia will be.

  6. Congrats to your success.
    I have Basil’s sentiments though . I hope u become more reachable again

  7. The MUO will always have a special place in their hearts with the best Miss Universe winner ever especially from Paula Shugart, Esther Swamn, and Shawn Mclean. Yes, there will be more Miss Universe in the future, but there can only be one Pia Wurtzbach and she’s the pride of a country that is called “The Pearl Of The Orient Seas.” Pia the whole people of the Philippines will be forever grateful to you for putting us on the world map of universal pageantry. Mabuhay and thank you from a grateful nation.

  8. Off topic. Any clues as to what the stage will look like? I’ve seen the videos of the rehearsals with the supposed layout but the girls see to just walk past the alleged stage lines…

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