45 comments on “65th Miss Universe | Lunch with PLDT/Smart and Dinner at Okada Manila

  1. Margarita Moran still gorgeous. Aruba reminds me of Maricar Balagtas very beautiful, hope she makes the cut. USA still a no, give her spot to a very deserving one.

  2. This is by far the best make up Maxine has had since the competition started

    I hope they stick to this comes prelims and finals

  3. My choices for now:
    1) Costa Rica (English teacher, has alot of experiences or hinog na plus stage presence); COMPLETE PACKAGE

    2) Venezuela (personality, stage presence)

    3) USA (her background and brains!)

    4) Philippines (may laban talaga si max pero sa tingin ko she needs to let go and be a woman who can turn heads. May kulang talaga, d ko ma.explain. i think same din sa nakita ni natalie (former MU)

    5) Indonesia (being hyped for me will help her somehow and the org for sure has noticed her. Feel ko talaga pasok cya)

    6) Thailand (her beauty is stunning to westerners and has a killer body!)

    7) US Virgin Islands (spokesperson, actively working around the globe)

    Bubbling up: Curacao, France, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Sierra Lone

    • Re Maxine, I was feeling the same re Pia last year. During the activities, I feel that Pia was being overshadowed by others. But she shined when it needed the.most.
      Let’s wait for the preliminaries yo see how Maxine will perform.
      Baka nga bigla rin magshine si Miss Usa.
      I wonder who will be Ms. Vietnam for this year. Sobrang hyped pero ligwak.

  4. My current Top 12



    Sierra Leonne


  5. Ok I researched on the top contender’s genealogy…

    Let’s start with Mariam. Osmel really knows how to pick his winners. I found out that Habach is not only Syrian but of ancient Hebrew origins… Remember, IMG owners are mostly Jewish. While Santucci is of noble and “holy” origins.

    Meanwhile, Kezia who’s from Sulawesi, is descended from island Chieftains and European explorers (Dutch/Portuguese) who are mostly cadet branches of royalty. Her lastname also pops-up in Indonesian millitary history.

    Almost all the past MU winners have noble origins – ex. Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, Sushmita Sen, Mpuele Kwelagobe, Paulina Vega and our very own Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Take note that the Alonzos of Malabon, former district of Tondo, are descended from Maria Poloin who’s the granddaughter of a Sultan of Brunei and of Ysmeria Doily who’s allegedly of Brittish noble origins.

    I’m so sorry to say that it might really be between Kezia and Mariam while Max would most probably become 2nd runner-up. 😦

    • Yan ay kung makapasok sa Top 3 c Keke at Mariam C2F 🙂
      Dahiil ang Top 3 ko ay sina Philippines, Thailand and Brazil with Maxine winning a back2back crown of the Philippines hihihi,,, Charette 🙂

  6. Beauty queen plasticada ang template ni Miss Colombia. I observed when there are people she smile a lot but every minute or at every opportunity, she squirms and her eyes rolling or lips twitching. But I like her to win the Milky Knots Ambassador title and Miss SM Ecobag 2017.

  7. Beauty queen prototype talaga si Indonesia.. I really see a taller Ara Arrida in her. I like her I must admit. I just noticed that lately Indonesia is really bubbling up in the world of beauty pageants whether the baklang pangits like it or not

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