183 comments on “12, 9, 6, 3 | Talking numbers for the 65th Miss Universe 

  1. Norman must have a soft spot for Ms. Indo. She is always featured in his IG account. I feel bad for Maxine. I don’t think she is getting the same exposure in his IG account.

    • so what? norman is not MUO not even a judge. he can do everything he wants but at the end of the day it won’t matter. wala sa criteria for judging ang IG post ni norman.

      • So what ka din.
        Norman is a famours fashion blogger. Whether you admit it or not he has an influence to the netizens. Kaya ka nga andito sa blog na to cause he want to read his views di ba.
        Ofcourse he is entitled to his own opinion, and mine to.
        His writing and post seemed to be favoring indo over Maxine. That’s how I see it. And I don’t agree with him on that matter and i feel bad for Maxine.

      • thank you for that wonderful answer. yes I’m here to read not to be influenced. as far as I can remember, norman favored a lot of candidates that did not win. latest is catriona.

  2. Top 12 for me as of the moment:

    Asia&Oceania: Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia
    Americas: Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Barbados, Puerto Rico
    Europe: France, Great Britain
    Africa: Sierra Leone (bubbling up)

    Jawskuh, sana nagmaintain nlng ang MUO ng 15 semi-finalists kung ayaw nila ng 20. Cheret. Duguan talaga ang labanan. Pero sana ung winner ng People’s vote eh ang pang-lucky 13, hirap naman pag 11 lang yung pinili tas pang 12 ung people’s choice. Ang hirap mamili sa 86 na merlie beh.

    May pa-live ba sa youtube for the prelims?

  3. No Q&A for the Top 3? This is exciting format. I can see Venezuela, USA & Great Britain in the Top 3 with Venezuela winning. Max sure Top 6. hehehe

  4. Sige lang mga baklang pangit keep questioning Indonesia and Thailand’s beauty baka pagdating ng results mag ngangangawa na naman kayo.

  5. Asian girls are very strong this year. I am hoping for an all Asian or Asian dominated 12, 9, 6 and 3.

    The lady from down under is also a strong candidate – Australia.

    Not really sure of the hype about Colombia. But i find Mariam more beautiful and endearing.

    • Ang pinagtataka ko naman Kasi bakit ba mahina na sa English Ang mga graduate ngayon. Nung time ko pag sinabing LaSallista, mga Inglisera. Bumababa na ba Kalidad ng edukasyon SA Pilipinas o produkto Ito ng kaka jejemon at meme?

      • She went to graduate and obtained a bachelor degree of Interior Design from The Philippines School of Interior Design of De La Salle-College of St Benilde.

      • Okies. Salamat po. Nasagot na po yung tanong ni Gemma. Hindi po pala De La Salle graduate si Maxine.

  6. My current Top 12



    Sierra Leonne

    • Ako naman.

      MY SIXcellence:

      In no particular order:

      PHILIPPINES ( No further explanation)

      NICARAGUA ( The Silent Killer)

      FRANCE( The Royalty-like Aura)

      THAILAND ( X FACTOR appeal)

      UKRAINE ( Simply Gorgeous)

      VENEZUELA ( Confidence Overload)

      Bubbling Up: Misses Aruba and Brazil

      Subject to change after the Preliminary Show. Thanks.

  7. I’m not in the habit of disagreeing with the blogger in fact I’ve been so defensive everytime he gets a bit of bashing here and there but I’m going to disagree this time. The words untouchable and politically correct choice describing the Indonesian rep is a bit too overboard.

    I’m sorry but even if you remove the vile Indonesian fans in the picture I still don’t see any merits from this girl.

    Sure she is nice and warm and tall but she does not have exceptional editorial and ramp skills. 16 photoshoots (on my last count) since she won and she used the same hand on cheek pose. Her body is not killer, her legs are stubby. She’s too timid to go head to head with pilyo interviewers and might not get inside jokes. The girl doesn’t even have the makeup skills to learn proper blending.

    Sorry Ang harsh Pero why do they keep shoving her down our throats? Because of the mob like fans that can up anyone’s popularity on social media and pageantry?

    Too bad for the smart doll faced Malaysian
    Too bad for the confident Hatian
    Too bad for those who are more deserving …

    • P.s. the ND of Miss World Malaysia also stepped down pero since MIA ako palagi baka na discuss nyo na rin. I’m blaming Indonesia for this chain reaction hihihihihi

      • Yes, exactly lai. Couldnt have said it better myself.

        Ms Indonesia may be this years Pham Houng (Ms Vietnam). Last year she was sooo hyped by her countrymen but in the end she ended up as a clapper. Eto naman si Kezia, Imo, I dont see the spark in her. She may be training hard but she has no identity, She keeps on copying the looks of other girls. And then theres the tan… why?

        Personally, id prefer Malaysia more, if the MUo is really looking for face value then Kiran is the right girl. Even he 3 former Miss USa seem to think so as well….

    • Kapatid, Gusto mo magambag ng pangregalo sa shupitbahay na d marunong magblend and contour ng maayos ng MAC brushes? They’re the best for blending!

      Everytime I see her with that horrid and horrifying contour and blotchy makeup, gusto ko cyang kurutin sa singit, abutan ng Shiseido cleansing oil para linisin ang mukha nya sabay ipapasa ko cya kina Mikee or RB at ng mamakeupan cya ng maayos. Ansakit sa bangs ng contouring nya

      • Nako Sheena partida may blitz make up training pa yun with Albert Kurniawan na in fairness hind talaga sya pinabayaan pero pano pa pala kung wala? Sasabak yan dito in full Bali cultural show makeup ganern!?

        Yung tanning disaster nya na sabi ng kampo nya mag fefefade ito lang word ko – SCOBA!

      • Ginagaya si Ara and Maxine in one LOL.

        Anyway, nakakahiya for Albert K na ang galing galing magmakeup. But then again, hindi naman kasi inensive cheverloo ang training ng aso. Tsaka yung tan nya sobrang pilit…

        Lastly, bili cya ng 188 and 187 brush sa MAC. Perfect for blending! And all around brush sila, pwede for blush, fundacion, pang “baking”, at CONTOUR ;p

    • Laila, para kang kabute now pasulpot sulpot na lang.
      Miss ko na yung Indo news mo at possible winner pa naman ni Mommy N. hihihi
      Miss ko na tuloy ang delicious mushroom na may sabaw na malapot hihihi

    • Totally agree with you ms.lai she look copying former queen the result TH.. she just polarized beauty,, I think Malaysia and singapore better than her.. I hope Philippines, Singapore and malaysia make it into top 12

  8. I would not mind to get surprised with a come from behind winner kagaya nung kay sushmita sen o mpule kwelagobe, huwag lang yung mga IPINAGPIPILITANG frontrunner candidates daw tulad ni miss indonesia, thailand or colombia.

    Hindi ko sila nakikitang makikipagbakbakan ng kudahan hanggang magkaubusan ng hininga sa paghawak ng microphone sa series of Q&A.

    Hindi lang dapat puro aura-aura at outfit, obvious na ang gusto ng MUO ay yung lumalamon ng microphone at kumukuda na parang wala nang bukas.

    • P.S.

      And i am not buying the “pa-BFF” front act of Miss Venezuela, plastikada ang dating. Halatang nanggagamit lang, “user-friendly”.

    • Miss Aruba may have a weak sash-factor but she is almost the total package- beauty, brains & confidence. If she improves her pasarela, she could make it to the TOP 5.

    • Yes gusto ko rin ang ganda ni Miss Aruba. She deserves a place among the semifinalists 🙂

  9. Sa tingin ko, the new MUO owner is looking for a confident candidate who has pleasing personality, excellent public speaking skills, above average public relations to promote its causes and continue to thrive as a business at the same time IMHO.

    Kung pagninilayan natin, our very own Pia has showbiz background. So I guess this greatly helped in her people skills at nakita ito ng MOU.

    I’m glad that new MOU owners deviated from choosing among perennial contenders. It’s experiment to look for a refreshing ambassador of the organization has taken the right path in electing Pia who is both beautiful inside and outside.

    I hope whoever the winner will be come January 30th, I wish she will be a woman of gentle compassion. I’m really tired of seeing beautiful faces with monstrous/bitchy attitude/behavior.

    And to our rep, Ms Medina, sana nababasa niya ito, your fans in Pampanga loves you whatever the result is. We will pray for you.

    • I dont think it was an “experiment” from IMG to elect Pia as Miss Universe. She clearly won the finals night by giving the best answer and for having the loudest support.

    • Sushmita Sen to Judge in the 65th Miss Universe Pageant!

      Below is her confirmation post on Instagram:
      Getting ready with a dancing heart!!!!! 💃🏻😍👏❤️😀I am soooooooo excited, emotional and looking forward to returning home to the #Philippines after #23years 😇💃🏻✈️❤ it’s where it all began #manila1994 #missuniverse1994 😍👏💃🏻life comes a full circle, from winning Miss Universe, to having owned its Indian Franchise to now…returning back to #Manila this time as a #judge at the 65th Miss Universe pageant!!!😊❤😇💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻to all my #filipino friends who have been graciously asking…I can now confirm…yesssssss!!!! I am coming!!!😄❤️💃🏻😍✈️🎵 Mahal Kita Philippines 👏👏👏❤️💃🏻see u sooooooon!!!!!🌹❤️😍

      • Owner siya mg MU India franchise, is there any difference from being its National Director? Following the MW fiasco, conflict of interest is possible. Walang pinagkaiba sa PuertoRicoatIndon -MW issue. I like to see Sushmita Sen tho.

      • sabi… from winning Miss Universe, to having owned its Indian Franchise to now… nakalipas na

      • Sushmita was once bestowed the MU franchise which ran from 2010 to 2012. Her “I am She” beauty pageant had sent representatives to the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

    • Ganda ni Max kahit naka-severe bun. Have you guys noticed that her face shape is different these days? May pagka-oval na instead of a round shape. Uber-gorgeous!

      Iris is a quintessential French beauty. Very sexy and fresh. ‘Yong Miss France 2017, maganda rin at napaka-exotic ng dating.

      Love Alicia Machado! She was so bubbly and refreshing. Her swimsuit presentation was so fun!

      Looking forward to seeing what this photoshoot is all about. Hope to see this in the show. Getting excited with Miss Universe. Ilang tulog na lang 🙂

    • brilliant concept and execution!
      very clever. it’s like they are connecting the miss universe past (heritage) and connecting it to the present or even the future

      are they throwing hints that the winner will come from a country that have won in the past??? hmmm

  10. russia has an ethereal beauty. nicaragua has that serene girl next door appeal. im keeping an eye on chile jamaica netherlands and aruba. theyre all potential spoilers. i even like nigeria and puerto rico better than colombia. colombia is going down my hot pics IMHO. As for thailand and indonesia i seriously dont get the hype! theyre well dressed and all but their looks dont cut it for me.

  11. love the new format ❤
    hope the final 3 will come from these countries- australia, barbados, brazil, philippines, singapore, or any european or african nation or any nation that hasn't won yet… 🙂
    hope indonesia, thailand, venezuela will only go as far as top 12 or 9 😛
    hope colombia, puerto rico don't place! :devil:

  12. Breaking news: Sushmita Sen of India and MU 1994 just confirmed she will be a judge in this year’s pageant. I wonder how that will affect Miss India’s chances, if at all?

    Sushmita is a former NATIONAL DIRECTOR of Miss Universe India “I Am She” (2010 – 2012).

  13. 1. Brazil
    2. France
    3. Philippines

    4. Venezuela
    5. Thailand
    6. Sierra Leone

    7. Mexico
    8. Colombia
    9. Australia

    10. USA
    11. Barbados
    12. Indonesia

    – Argentina
    – Turkey
    – Puerto Rico

    • Wow, Maxine’s face looks tiny next to Keza’s — or is that the camera angle? They’re both doing great by the way — both candidates are on everyone’s list. Good luck girls! ❤ Can’t wait to see your evening gowns!

  14. Kawawa naman yung mga nasa Top Picks ng Elitistang Blogger.
    Kadalasan kasi kung sino yung mga hotpicks nya e silang mga tagapalakpak lang.
    Last year nga e hindi naman nya Top Pick si Pia.
    Nung 2014 naman e si MJ raw ang mananalo, ayun at naiwan lang sa Taft Ten ang merlat.
    Mas matindi nung Miss International 2014, back-to-back raw ang bff nyang si Guidotti, na hindi manalng nakapasok sa semi.
    Haaaaaaay, Norman….isa kang alamat!

    • ikaw din… isa kang alamat.. alamat ng mabahong bunganga… walang lumalabas sa bibig mo kundi tae… isa ka sa mga taong walang naitutuong sa lipunan.. canser ka!

    • Basil napatawa mo ko! Yung mga nasa Misso nga pumapalpak din eh, remember consistent nilang nasa TOP Picks si Urvashi, nga nga naman at nakiiyak na lang ke Miss Colombia. Nagiisa lang si Sir Norman kumpara sa mga Global Beauties at Misso.

  15. @norman: magpapa guessing game po ba kayo for this MU’s edition? Kahit GC’s na lang po ang prizes at a bag of ranges and milky knots : ]

    • Franco — Thanks dear, my sentiments exactly.

      Shannon has that same facial proportional symmetry found in faces like Olivia Culpo or Megan Young. I’m not saying these women look alike — coz they don’t — except for the fact that their faces have that same quality that looks beautiful from any angle because of the proportions and symmetry.

      That is why Shannon is under the Elite Model Management — she has THE FACE.

      • Another quality of Shannon (MISS BARBADOS) is she can have different looks, very versatile. Like Pia, Shannon is able to pull this off.

      • From that, to this “Stefania Fernandez” look, all glammed up after she won Miss Barbados:

        Love that shade of lipstick on her! Very few faces can pull that off.

  16. This format is more competitive and better for ratings. Bring it on!

    Again, reiterating my position that Barbados is the only girl with the most proportional and symmetrical face. She is the dark dark horse that no one is mentioning.

  17. Tito Norms!

    I saw a clip of your interview with CNN

    You mentioned Indonesia as a potential winner

    Could you explain why and how?!?!

    Tatagalugin ko nalang para hindi maintindihan

    It’s not a secret na hindi ako 100% sold kay Maxine… PERO !!!

    Kung si Maxine nga eh may pagka mahina sa communication, paano pa kaya si Indonesia na mas mahina?!?! Not to mention…. Mas maganda at mas pleasing on the eyes si Maxine kay Indonesia…. by a milestone!

    Tito Norm! Masakit! Paki explain 😦

    • hi mu 2017. Hindi ako si Tito norms, pero share ko Lang bet din sya ng mother ko na foreigner. 6footer si Ms. Indo and I myself love her height and body structure. For the first time nag wish ako sana 6ft din all. Dati I hate being tall myself. Maxine and Vene are my last 2 standing pero sure ako semi 12 si Indonesia. Don’t worry lamang si Max in terms of beauty and grace.

    • @MU2017 – You are not alone wondering. I am not also biased being a Filipino, but look at Maxine’s ethereal beauty! Tito Norms might have noticed something from Indonesia which the general MU fans could hardly see.

    • Hay naku, kung mapasali man si Indonesia sa Top 12 ay dahil sa word na Lucky.
      Kung mapasali sya sa Top 6, ang tawag dyan ay destiny.
      Kung sya ay maging MU2016 winner ay pls… gumising na kayo dahil ito’y isang panaginip lamang hihihi 🙂

      • Ewan ko, sinasali lang c Indonesia dahil connected sya konti sa A&Q at c albert K. na kinakagat naman ang media exposure ni keke ng internat’l beaauty news media.
        Dapat may events ang MU2016 ng Hilamos challenge with 20 pics after hilamos para magkaalaman na hihihi

  18. I want to see Sierra Leone among the top 12 along with Malaysia and Singapore.
    My top six includes Philippines, Venezuela, Indonesia, Colombia, Thailand and Brazil.

    Final 3 Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand (wish ko lang puro asians)

    Winner : Philippinnes
    1st: Thailand
    3rd: Indonesia

    Hihihi wild guess lang po for a change.

  19. I hope MUO will make it 20-10-5. Too many deserving girls might be wasted. I hope Paula Shugart hear the pulse of MU fans.

    • Okay guys , I don’t mind hyping Miss Barbados to death coz she’s so underrated! I mean she’s hardly even mentioned as a contender in most pageant forums simply because Barbados’ sash is weak. Frankly, I think she’s a threat to some of the front-runners. A professional model who can speak her mind! Her advocacy includes promoting confidence in young girls.

      Here’s a candid photo of Miss Barbados during their recent trip to Baguio, with very little make-up on, and her hair simply tied in a knot. She just needs to find the right styling to make her presence felt, especially in the coming prelims.


      • Okay guys, don’t get irritated please — I promise this will be the last photo of Miss Barbados, Shannon Harris, that I’ll post — today, LOL.

    • Melanie, Miss Barbados is a great pick! Her face is very beautiful and has a very proportioned figure with a towering height… perfect combination for a beauty queen. She sure does fit the bill. I have had to hear her spoke though.

  20. In the radar:

    Philippines (beauty)
    Barbados (beauty)
    Nicaragua (confidence)
    Sierra Leone (personality)
    USA (brains)
    Colombia (confidence)
    Venezuela (confidence)
    Puerto Rico (beauty)
    Malaysia (confidence)
    France (beauty)
    Thailand (confidence)
    Panama (confidence)

    Kenya (confidence)
    Australia (beauty)
    Germany (beauty)
    Kosovo (confidence)

    Btw, curious – do you guys want to bring back the transparent scoring of each judge in each segment? 😉

    • Yes!!! Please bring back the scores of the judges.

      Please factor as “one judge” ang global fan vote (not shown on screen). I’m sure kasi, may mga maglilista at magcocompute na ng average scores ng mga candidates habang commercial. Hehe.

      So kung 9 judges, we can only predict the Top 8 of the 9 (after SS) and Top 5 of the 6 (after EG). May thrill pa rin kasi baka makaimpluwensiya pa rin yung global fan vote which acts as the tenth judge. At least may suspense pa rin. At kita natin kung anong scores ng bawat kandidata.

      • Every contestant representing her country is beautiful. Some of them just have that stronger magnetic aura when it comes to physical beauty.

        Confidence is a form of beauty. Having brains is another form.

  21. In the radar:

    Philippines (beauty)

    Barbados (beauty)

    Orientation ✔️ #MissUniverse #MissBarbados 👑

    A post shared by Shannon Harris (@shanmharris) on

    Nicaragua (confidence)

    Sierra Leone (personality)

    USA (brains)

    Colombia (confidence)

    Venezuela (confidence)


    A post shared by Maduradas.com (@maduradas) on

    Puerto Rico (beauty)

    Mabuhay #missuniverse #misspuertorico #brendaazaria

    A post shared by Road To MUPR (@roadtomupr) on

    Malaysia (confidence)

    France (beauty)

    Thailand (confidence)

    Panama (confidence)

    Kenya (confidence)

    Australia (beauty)

    Germany (beauty)

    Kosovo (confidence)


    A post shared by Camila Brrz (@camibrrz) on

    Btw, do you guys want to bring back the transparent scoring of each judge in each segment?

      • Sexy J,


        I’m sure marami siyang baong Milky Knots pabalik ng Colombia 🙂

      • Milky Knots manufacturer is just waiting forthe pageant to end and she will be asked to be its brand Ambassador. Milky Knots to the world!

    • Yes!!! Please bring back the scores of the judges.

      Please factor as “one judge” ang global fan vote (not shown on screen). I’m sure kasi, may mga maglilista at magcocompute na ng average scores ng mga candidates habang commercial. Hehe.

      So kung 9 judges, we can only predict the Top 8 of the 9 (after SS) and Top 5 of the 6 (after EG). May thrill pa rin kasi baka makaimpluwensiya pa rin yung global fan vote which acts as the tenth judge. At least may suspense pa rin. At kita natin kung anong scores ng bawat kandidata.

  22. Top 12 ko (sa ngayon) friends: Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, France, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Barbados, Curacao, and Venezuela.

    Might be included: Japan, Turkey, Peru, Puerto Rico, Bulgaria, USA, Nicaragua, Norway, Indonesia, and Colombia.

    Syempre sana manalo si Maxine! BUT if Maxine won’t, I still want a European country like France or a “non-powerhouse country” like Malaysia, Barbados, or Curacao to inherit Pia’s crown. After all, Spain and India were first-time winners back in 1974 and 1994 when the pageant was held in Philippine soil.

  23. IMG should bring the top 16 back instead of having the cruel top 12. For me, the new format is a shame because it limits the chances of those performing and deserving ladies from non-powerhouse countries from getting the coveted spot. If their aim is to crown that one lady who could inspire us all with her story beyond beauty and confidence, then we might as well try looking it from those with weak sash factor. It should be everybody’s ball game and not for the selected few! #bringbackthetop16

  24. I am almost there with Tito Norm’s choices. However, Miss USA should be in the mighty 6. She might not have played her card this early, but, boy, I assure you she will peak come preliminaries. Also, I would like Miss Nicaragua to make it in the first cut. If some Filipinos question Maxine’s communication skills, then how do you think Misses Thailand and Indonesia would fare in the preliminaries? Thus, I am not convinced they could advance in the next 6.

    • Agree on Indonesia and Thailand . They are not even at par with the other candidates in terms of beauty of face and body
      If they make it, it’s because of the hype.
      I also agree on USA. She is pretty . If she looks good in swimsuit and her gown is fab , she may win it all .
      I don’t think Brazil is pretty enough and her features are very masculine . Her personality may put her through .
      Abt Maxine’s English , Pinoys don’t question it . They know she does not have the gift of gab . Tse , hihihi

      • I respect you opinion but disagree. Chalita face is gorgeous. It’s very internationally gorgeous. It may not be the cup of tea of some Filipinos who tend to like only western features but my god those cheekbones alone are to die for. Her face is so balance and open. Very good for print modeling.

  25. Goodness… 12-9-6-3? They could accomplish the same intensity with a 15-10-5-3 format.

    I don’t know why I’m fixated on 15 semi-finalists oppose to 12.
    Oh well, we will see how it goes.
    Now, will the final 3 have a q&a or are they at the mercy of the “final-look” rankings?
    I must say, it adds a little more intrigue and a cut-throat atmosphere to the MU pageant.

    Nonetheless, #GoMaxineGo

    • Saluda, I know. I wish they would stick with 15 semifinalists to give more participating countries exposure.

    • 6 – the number of Finalists who will undergo the Q&A

      3 – the number of ladies who will be given the Final Look by the judges.

  26. I’m not sure if Indonesia is an untouchable. In my radar, she was fading until she went to Davao. Mas matunog si Nicaragua. Matunog din si Malaysia. They both speak well.

    • I agree, Sophia. Malaysia should be in the Top 12. Thailand and Indonesia have forayed at the inception of the competition, and it looks like they are fading as the coronation night nears.

  27. Im hoping top 5 for Max. Chalita is a sentimental favorite too. Especially after knowing her back story. She grew up very poor and worked to help her mom as a maid. Of course all the girls have their stories but it would be nice to have a real life Asian Cinderella story. Colombia and Brazil are fading for me.

  28. Di na Bago to. Halos ganyan din yung ginawa Nung 1994. Mas matindi nun Kasi Top 10 lang Ang kinuha. May final Q&A PA rin Yan na Common question ng top 3. Back in the 90’s 3round PA ang Q&A kaya naging wasted beauty sina Carolina Ishak & Milka Chulina.

  29. MWO organisation should learn from MUO’s transparency with their competition rules and pageant proceedings.

  30. Tough choices to make. I think there will be lots of Surprises during the finals and I’m looking at non-powerhouse countries making the cut and some powerhouses or the usual suspects being left out. Fresh beauties like Nicaragua, Barbados, Germany, Belgium, Ukraine, Turkey, Nigeria, Singapore can spoil the front runners. This is gonna be edge of the seat competition. And I like that MUO now has no template for who is a typical Miss Universe. Anything can happen and Maxine is still in the running for a back yo back victory. #4M4MU

  31. Wait till the preliminaries. And if it is true na apatan ang rampahan, advantage si Maxine SA “P”series dahil sa kanyang Asian look. On the other hand masa-sandwhich ng 2powerhouse si Vietnam. Advantage din Kay Indonesia Ang “i” series.

    • I would love the idea of having 4 delegates strutting simultaneously. Makikita mo talaga who will shine and who will fade .

  32. Oh my god.
    Asking Mr Norman the top 5 is like asking him the impossible.

    I want
    Sierra Leone

  33. My favorites so far:
    Sierra Leone

    There are others but these are the ones that I am routing for the most. I know in my heart of hearts that The Philippines more than deserves to be part of the 12-9-6-3 cuts. The other three, in my humble opinion, deserves to make, at the very least, the first cut.

    • 6 – the number of Finalists who will undergo the Q&A

      3 – the number of ladies who will be given the Final Look by the judges.

  34. May I ask po if may photoshoot ba sila ng glamshots at kung may other swimsuit sila na gagamitin aside from the one piece.

  35. turkey, peru, malaysia, philippines, thailand and, who ever it is, does not matter for as long as those mentioned make it to the top 6.

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