74 comments on “65th Miss Universe Provincial Tour | Davao City

  1. Asaan na si Laila de pageant na lagi ko inaabangan kung kailan Mu season tsaka siya nawala. LAILA magpakita ka I miss you here.

  2. Halata ko lang na yung mga candidates na nasa mas bonggang events ay mga possible winners under MUO’s investigative/surviellance eyes:

    Bonggang Vigan Vs Manila pictorials
    Bonggang Rise against Hunger Vs Baguio char char hihihi
    Bonggang Davao aurahan/rampahan Vs Batangas vacation
    All candidates were in cebu for SS presentation 🙂
    What’s next hihihi

    • Except that, one of the heavy favorites Colombia was not invited to participate in the events in Rise against Hunger and Davao. Sa Vigan, hindi siya nakahabol.

      • To make it balance Sophia… Kapag wala si Pia, wala na masyadong sigawan sa MU event dahil kulang sa kilig/sigaw factor ang mga kasama ni Pia kaya kasama c Pia panghatak sa audience dahil nasa kabilang event sina Maxine at Venezuela hihihi

  3. OMG gondora mga designs from Davao!! everything is just WOW!!! Ang dami talaga positive things nagawa ang pagdaos ng Miss Universe dito… destiny talaga. wapak na WAPAK!!!!

    • Wow, miss Nicaragua looks like Iya Villania on TV.. And she can speak English fluently. Possible Dark Horse.

  4. OT

    Following Miss Cory Quirino’s stepping down as National Director of Miss World Philippines … another National Director bites the dust: Miss World Malaysia National Director Dato’ Anna Lin has also stepped down.

  5. Beautiful creations. Each dress truly shows the uniqueness of Davao and the Philippines!

  6. So now IMG wants candidates who have back stories, girls who somehow beat the odds, or girls with advocacies, or sob stories like “oh, I was fat and bullied”, or “I was a housemaid coz we were so poor!’, etc. No wonder they had to trim the semis down to just twelve — I guess this gives the pageant additional time to air these sob stories and what-nots of the 12 chosen ones.

    Well! Personally, I don’t like this new direction IMG is taking. The reason I like the old Miss Universe is because I can admire beauty for beauty’s sake, the fierceness and competitiveness of the candidates, the glamour, the fashion, the stage performance of the candidates.

    Miss Universe is a BEAUTY PAGEANT! I don’t need to see the candidates’ personal baggage — I mean we all already know what it’s like to have our own personal struggles. I just want to watch a BEAUTY PAGEANT and be in awe of 86 delegates competing for the title of the most beautiful woman in the universe! I watch sports because I want to watch a great game, not to learn about the athletes’ personal lives!

    Hell, if I wanted to see all that other crap I could just watch Miss World, which I stopped watching years ago.

    • They have to do this because beauty pageants in the US do not fare well in the ratings game. It’s a reality TV and they have to put a lil’ drama in it for the sake of ratings.

      • Ana, I live here in the U.S. so I get it. I still think IMG should keep the number to at least 15 semifinalists to include more countries for their international audience, and stll devote a bit of time to the candidates’ personal dramas. But this reality TV culture I see in the States has become so irritatingly pervasive and contrived. TV producers must think we all like it. But the truth is, although beauty pageants in America has a limited but a devoted audience, Miss Universe’s international fan base is still huge. IMG should cultivate that audience, and not turn the pageant into something else that it is not. If they alienate their key pageant audience by doing the latter, the pageant will eventually die.

      • I think they care less of the TV ratings in other countries because they are paid by the local franchisees of the rights to broadcast the MU pageant and not based on the success of the ratings on local run. Regardless of the ratings, countries that send representative in MU would still love to buy the MU TV rights.

    • Exactly Melanie!

      For crying out loud this isn’t Miss World, this is Miss Universe! We’re talking about the glitz and glamour of beautiful women all across the globe and not their Maalala Mo Kaya episodes!

      And it seems that it’s only in Asia and Latin countries who appreciate the pageant world, lalo na sa Pilipinas. Much of Europe and the US aren’t enthusiastic; they don’t see pageants purposeful.

      • Morena, I agree, absolutely. The combined TV audience of Asia and Latin America alone is more than a billion people, and U.S. networks are still splitting hairs over a few piddly millions. WTF. I want my fierce gladiatorial-style combat, Miss Universe back — not some sniveling poor-pity-little-me candidates with sob stories and fake advocacies. Beauty for beauty’s sake, beauty is it’s own purpose!

        So there. IMG, hope you’re listening!

    • Melanie, first of all, let me say that I agree with you 1000000% percent. But unfortunately, this is life. You can never please everyone.

      The whole point of pageants like these is to showcase the diverse “beauties” we have in this planet.

      And I totally agree when you say “when I watch sports, I want to see a great game”… Very true!

      Unfortunately, Miss Universe for IMG is a business, and they will do anything to create buzz.

      While disappointing us pageant fans with their new format, they only really care more about popularity and publicity (I am willing to bet $1000 that last year’s mishap with Steve Harvey was an inside job — nondisclosure agreement)

      When Miss Universe was all about physical beauty, alot of people were saying that women are being “objectified” on stage, that pageants have no substance.

      And now that IMG is “trying” to highlight the contestants sad & sob backstories, pageant fans are complaining.

      In conclusion… Whichever direction they go, there will always be a negative feedback… Unfortunately, they only care what benefits them more — and showing the girl’s sob stories will make people like them more (think Katniss of Hunger Games!)

      • @MU2017: Point taken and you’ve raised very valid points. But here’s the thing — people who have complained that pageants “objectify” women are people who never watched pageants to begin with, and never will. And no amount of political correctness or TV reality will convince them to think otherwise or change their TV viewing habits — like I will never watch golf on TV because suddenly the golfers have a back story to tell.

        Yes, IMG’s Miss Universe pageant is a business, and like any business it needs to identify, cultivate and focus on its target audience: people like us who love watching them. Miss Universe has survived for 65 years and remains the most prestigious beauty competition in the world today, with a viewership of over a billion people during its live telecast.

        Don’t try to fix what ain’t broken is all I’m saying.

      • @Melanie

        I agree with you and share the same sentiment (don’t take my comment as argumentative — I was just stating why they’re doing what they’re doing — as a business man myself, I can see why they want to go that route)

        But yes — I wish they put would more emphasis on beauty and give recognition to those who actually trained and came prepared

    • Melanie, your characterization of what I MG wants from a candidate is a little over dramatic. They do not necessarily want scenes from Pasan Ko Ang Daigdig for a candidate to qualify into the semifinal round.
      They just want a story , happy or sad…like how they grew up ,what they are now, and what they want to Be… to attach to those gorgeous bodies and faces. Anything that more than meets the EYE.

      ANA, u r wrong! TV ratings are essential to any TV show .. inside and outside the US. How can u possibly justify the existence of a show if no one is watching it.? Who is going to buy the franchise?
      Tse , hihihi!

    • The direction they’re taking is still a million-light years better than it ever was under the Orange Anus who is about to be inaugurated today (?), tomorrow (?) or hopefully never??? lol….but see how all those years have conditioned our mindsets to favour glitz and glamour over substance and character?? And yet when our candidates lose even after a brilliant display of wits in the Q&A, we complain!

      I believe that the balance they’re looking for- that right mix of traditional pageant superficiality and female empowerment- is achievable.

      Everyone just needs to get on board but more importantly, someone has to take the lead which IMG is doing…

    • @Ana, @Morena, @MU2017, @Fabian, @Andrew, @sexiness

      💕THANK YOU guys for letting me vent. I liked the discussion and you all raised good points. Perhaps it won’t be as bad as I fear it’s going to be, right? Let’s all hope so. Goodnight y’all!

    • I think this is an exaggeration. As a media/PR/advertising person, I understand where IMG is going. They are not necessarily after the sob stories; THEY WANT A STORY, THEY WANT SOMEONE INTERESTING. Miss Universe has always been about women empowerment, but this was not highlighted in the past decades because Trump preferred Latinas who were beautiful on the outside, but without any story (of if meron man, this was not highloghted). The result: loss of interest in Miss Universe, declining ratings, possibly declining business. The American public perceived them as empty beauties. WME/IMG is a talent management conglomerate. They are pitching the talent (beauty, personality, etc). This is what they did with Pia. They chose someone with determination, persistence, ambition, and beautiful at the same time. They put her in fashion shows, made her host a game, etc.–things that weren’t done with the previous winners. The previous winners essentially slept the rest of their reign–not literally, but after the coronation we didn’t hear anything about them anymore. But with Pia, they created a likable image for her, sold her to the public the entire year. The result: the revival of interest in Miss Universe. Business is booming again.

      I prefer what WME/IMG is doing. They know what they are doing. They know how to manage a talent. Now, we see a working Miss Universe. Hindi tulad nung dati na after the pageant wala nang ganap.

  7. Heto na, Maxine is starting to show off her pasarela de alta in this Mindanao leg presentation of the MU candidates. Mindanao fashion is exquisitely fabulous! Kudos to the designers of the down south. Tres bien!

  8. I have to be honest, the creations of the Davaoenos are sooooo divine! The colors, the fabrics, the pattens, I think it’s time for Philippines to showcase these designs more than just the usual ternos. All the ladies look AH-MAZING!

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