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  1. Medyo ngayon ko lang na gets. Miss Universe is now posting photos of the candidates from their intramuros, binondo and fort santiago shoot. kaya ba wala sa sched or tahimik lang kasi para hindi dumugin at makapag shoot sila ng ayos? can’t wait for the photos! since hindi na si Fadil ang photog, sana maganda pa rin ang shots!

  2. Any update? Ano ang schedule nila today and tomorrow? Nakapagpahinga na kaya sila sa dami ng activities nila simula nung first day?

    • Today some of the girls were off to Davao this morning. some are on their way to batangas.

      May tv guestings din ang iba kanina from Umagang kay Ganda and Showtime meron din. jampacked! feeling ko sa susunod na dito uli gagawin ang MU, 1 month na! hahahaha

      • Thank you very much sir Norman. I know you are very very busy but at the same time enjoying the moment with the girls. Thanks for giving us updates. I love you!😊

  3. My delegate pick outside of the pageant powerhouse circle: MISS BARBADOS (5’9″ / 22yo)
    Barbados finally returns to Miss Universe under a new franchise holder after an absence of 8 years.

    Miss Barbados’ advocacy includes empowering girls to become strong empowered women — which just happens to be Miss Universe’s theme this year. I’m hoping she makes the first cut and beyond.
    Good luck Shannon!

    • Miss Barbados is a dead ringer for Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez, right? Stefania’s pic below:

      • Melanie, yes pero sa photo above parang pinaghalong Olivia Culpo and Stefania. Sa eyes kasi parang olivia e.

    • Yes, she is a bubbling threat. Dark horse. Many beauty experts do not even mention her. She was my #1 after the arrivals.

  4. Is it true that for the swimsuit competition, it’ll be four girls instead of one? I hope not.

  5. tama lang na meron silang ganyang event. she really set the bar so high. both bbp and miss universe. Ang daming magaganda sa 2016 batch. my only expectation is maging memorable ang MU 2016, maging maganda ang stage. more beautifull and level UP than b4. hinde lang stage kundi sa lahat ng part ng show. im sure mag sspeech si Pia sa coronation day and also i am expecting yung Pasabog ni maxine at aces sa prelim at finals. pasabog na mag le lead kay maxine to be part of semifinalist up to final cut of Miss Universe

  6. When you wish for Bruno mars or chainsmokers, you got flo Road instead. I kinda feel
    Shortchanged by MUO now. But to be fair, flo Rida performed in the year that rare back to back won happened! Hmmmm….
    Konti na Lang talaga at maniniwala na Rin ako sa destiny 😀😜

  7. So are we going to see the MU candidates here? or this is more like a ‘private’ event by A&Q? well, she deserves this tribute. She has been an icon for beauty queens. humble, bubbly, elegant, fierce but at the same time passionate.

    I wonder what will be her role as MU Ambassadress? anyone? will she be a representative of MUO in some events?

    • Hi Mr. Manila. We got confirmation that all 86 candidates will grace the event. Paula wants the girls to be inspired by the journey of Pia.

  8. Uh, Flo Rida is the performer on the 29th! He was the one who performed in Miss Universe 2009. Okey na ‘yan kesa wala. Hehehe!

      • I have never heard of Papa Enrique… Hihihi! Gusto ko rin si Papa Enrique, kaya lang parang wala s’yang latest single.

    • omg , Ana. It’s obvious u r not aware of the current music culture. ‘Ok na na si Flo Rida kaysa wala’ . What have u been listening to? Victor Wood? Eddie Peregrina? Tse hihihi

      • Ay, kaloka! Sino yang mga binanggit mo Fabbie? Di ko sila kilala. Kahenerasyon mo ba sila?

  9. Pia Wurtzbach, the first MU titlist crowned by WME/IMG, showcased external beauty balanced with internal substance defined by the natural ability to articulate, communicate and represent the brand.

    She is the blueprint of the WME-IMG brand and has set the standard of future MU titlists.

    Have a wonderful forever Pia! The sincerest salute and the unlimited amount of gratitude to you.. Bravo 👏💜👏

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