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  1. As per official website:

    The MISS UNIVERSE® Competition begins with three days of preliminary interviews that includes a swimsuit and evening gown presentation show. These preliminary events are especially important as it will be the first time the judges and fans really get to know the contestants. The preliminary competition is the driving force in selecting the Top 12 contestants whom will be named during the televised event.

    The live telecast and final competition kicks off with an announcement of the Top 12. Each of these contestants will walk the runway during the swimsuit segment displaying her dedication to a healthy lifestyle. Scores from each judge and home viewers via the Miss Universe Global Fan Vote will be averaged. The Top 9 is determined by the nine highest averaged scores during the first stage of competition.

    The Top 9 contestants move on to the second stage of the competition during the evening gown segment. The judges and fans will see the contestants’ personal style as they walk the stage in their evening gown of choice. However, the exact design of the gown does not count towards the total score and instead the judges focus on how confidently each woman presents herself. Each contestant receives an averaged score from the panel of judges including the home vote, furthering the contestants with the highest averages to move forward in the competition.

    From the scores given in the evening gown competition, the Top 6 competitors are chosen, bringing them to the Final Question round. Each woman selects a judge at random who presents a question focused on various social, cultural and political topics affecting their country and/or the world. In the event that a translator is needed, one will be provided at the request of the contestant. The Final Question round will determine the contestant’s ability to articulate themselves under pressure while sharing a thoughtful, well-informed response. Again, all scores are averaged and the Top 3 contestants move on to the Final Look.

    During the last stage of the competition, the judges and home viewers are asked to make a decision based on their overall performance through the Final Look. Rather than score, this segment is ranked, meaning the judges and home viewers base their vote on who they think should win the title.

    The event concludes with the host announcing the winner of Miss Universe. In the event that the winner is unable to fulfill her duties, the first-runner up will take her place as Miss Universe.

  2. Oh no… just a semi-final placement of 12? 👎
    Personally, I don’t like that change.
    85 to 15 to 10 is much more appropriate. A sense of accomplishment is rewarded to delegate, especially, from countries outside the “pageant-power-circle.”

    If there had been a top 15 from 1993 to 2009, the Philippines would have boasted a few more semi-final placements.

    I don’t know, that is just my opinion.

    • Sabi ng kaibigan kong umattend ng dinner (yung 18000 petot yata), mas maganda raw sila Miss Singapore at Malaysia kesa kina Miss Thailand at Indonesia. Siya ang umattend ha, hindi ako, kaya peace be with you ha? Mayaman yung babaeng yun eh! Ako hanggang nood-nood lang.

  3. Bakit 12 lang??? Sana 15 or 16 (kasama fan vote) or better yet 20! More semifinalists, more satisfied and happy National Directors. This will encourage more participation because of bigger chances to place.

    Oh well, if 12 lang, then… I have to revise my Semifinalist choices.

  4. I don’t get why Miss U would make a change? I also heard that for the swimsuit competition, 4 girls are going at the same time. WTF!!!

    • Baka gusto ng IMG, magpatalbugan yung 4 sa stage.

      Kidding aside, I still prefer yung isa-isang tinatawag.

      • Lol. Closer, I know — 4 onstage during the swimsuit competition might devolve into something loke THIS:

      • Melanie, langya muntikan ko na mabuga ang noodle soup na kinakain ko habang nagbabasa basa dito nang makita ko ang picachu ng aurahan. LOL!

    • Nvm concept lang pala but I feel like the Pearl of the Orient theme will stay based on Jewelmer pearls and bragais shoes…

      • Lagi nalang Terno… walang kamatayang terno!
        Ayaw ba nila nung Princesa ng mga Maranao na may Sarimanok sa ulo?! Maiba lang?!

  5. Lima pala ang pinagpipiliang national costume ni Vietnam?! In fairness lahat pinag isispan…

    Asan na yung walang kamatayang Terno ni Maxine?!.. Ipakita na habang maaga… Ayaw ko madisapoint. Favorite portion ko panaman yang parade of costumes. 😦

    • ive read somewhere na she will be wearing an emerald green gown. when i watch the video nakita ko yung emerald green gown malapit sa pader. the gowns looks beautifull. but not sure if sa kanya yan. yung gown na nasa center maganda din. if ever yan nga alin ang mas ok sa prelim at finals? Pero me, i am expecting more. especially sa performance with her gown and also SS.

    • Totoo kaya yan?.. Parang pinaghalong Almodal and Libiran( Kylie V BBP2016 gown).. I can’t believe Rhett Eala is capable of such… What’s always remarkable about his gowns is that its simple and yet well tailored. I’d be surprised if that is really the one.. But I still prefer if Max wears 2 different gowns for prelims and finals. I doubt if Rhet could top the one on the vid.

      • i think dahil nanalo si max sa bbp at sya ang designer ni max i think mag lelevel up ang mag designs ng gown nya para na rin sa future queens and that 2 gowns i think are level up naman. ok na ok. pero not sure kung kay rhett. rhet and maxine worked together and i think maxine help him to design her gowns na isusuot sa competition since shes an interior designer kahit hinde pang gown ang work nya i think marunong din si max sa gown designing. Pero im still expecting more for her gowns.

      • Balibalita… Pinagpilitan daw ni Max ang magdesign ng prelim and final evening gown.. Sama mo pa yung national costume… Malaking challenge ito kay Rhet because he needs to create several gowns for Max, BPCI and A&Q to choose from. In short, madugong-madugo… Reputasyon nya nakasalalay dito.. Alam nyo naman, paghindi nagplace si Maxine sa TOP 5.. Sigaw ng masa e Kasalanan ng gown! #alamna

      • and SMA will defend herself pointing out maxine as she is the one to blame for the gown kung sakaling pinagpilitan nga.
        But im sure if ever. yung pag iingles pa din ni max ang idadahilan ng maraming bashers kung bakit sya…… haysss 6 days nalang prelim na.

  6. now this makes the competition tougher! expect ang pabonggahan, pasabog left and right! epect that all the girls, specially the front runners will level up. nag a-ala Miss World ba sila pero MU production levels?

    I’m not worrying kay Max. I believe Jonas knows this and he made sure that Max gets the training she needed for this pageant. i don’t want to expect, but praying for the best.

  7. Off topic po Tito Norms.. I know po this absurd to hear but just wanted to confirm.. The dress code for the coronation night? Regardless if you’re in lower box, upper box or gen ad? Obviously in VIP section you need to be in formal wear?

  8. OMG the prelims would be a sort of survival of the fittest.
    Good luck ladies.. Personally, Colombia, Thailand and USA have secured their spots in the first cut but I don’t care. Just to see Sierra Leone amongst the semis would be enough to make my night/day. This girls deserves a longer time on the spotlight.

    • I have a feeling that they will crown a black girl this year. Someone who is a representative of IMG as a modelling agency.

  9. The new Miss Universe management WME/ IMG unveiled a new changes to take effect immediately on the upcoming edition of Miss Universe.

    According to news report by New York Post, for swimsuit competition, contestants will walk out on stage in groups of four rather than one by one.

    Also, WME/IMG is looking to bring in more fashion designers.

    The three-hour show will also include more stories and video clips about the individual contestants.

    Well, beauty queens have a lot more to do, than just look beautiful. A beauty pageant isn’t about walking the ramp in the skimpiest of clothes.

    On this edition, pageant is about cracking the tough round of questions and answers with conviction. On the article, it said that contestants will be asked more topical, weightier questions on subjects like gun control and politics.

    • This is MU’s short list. There are certain girls that are in the key events showcasing Filipino designers and the plum events Maxine goes to.

      Would not be surprised at all to see Mariam Habach take this all

      Filipinos love Venezuelans. MUO knows if she goes far, maloloka yung fans as if Maxine were to B2B.

      Plus rumor is Gabriela Isler is on the judging panel.

      • I agree. Mariam got invited in almost all the events which shows that she is favored by the organization and sponsors…

        She may make it to the top 6 BUT is it time for another Venezuelan winner?…

  10. this format will make us too nervous. so we cannot ignore the vodi app for voting. maxine should better to show her 90% of performance pasabog for prelim. since top 12 only. for sure magpapasabog ang kalaban with their 100% powers sa prelim. oh my gosh!!!! This format made me excited more and more. anong rason ng img????

  11. Like many MU fans, cutting back the number of semifinalists to just 12 is a big disappointment for me. If the pageant wants increased participation from more countries, IMG should be expanding the number of semifinalists, not shrinking it! IMG, please LISTEN to the pageant fans! Hell, if it was up to me, I would have 20 semifinalists!

    • Totally agree Melanie!
      Im very disappointed.
      There will be more “unjustified” omissions if you ask me!

  12. Obviously, gusto nila mangarag ang mga girls… I guess none of them are competitive enough… Some may be too complacent that they’ll make the TOP 15. Ang daming nagtatabaan na supposedly Top contenders like Canada-sayang ang resume… Si Colombia, halatang hindi nag eefort… Now that it’s TOP 12, I hope they would now bring out all their A game. Yung mga magaganda e nasasapawan ng mga hindi kagandahan but with great personalities… They maybe forgeting that this is still a beauty contest… Sino kaya ang mga sacrificial lambs?

    • this is a more plausible explanation- only a handful or really competitive girls..sometimes i think, parang 20-30 lang ang sumali this year because i keep seeing the same girls over and over…..MU should pause, give the girls a damn nap and distribute the exposure equally!!!

    • Closer: Talk about some candidates suddenly getting “fat”… Not sure if this is true, but there’s a crazy rumor that has been going around that MUO might attempt to crown a plus-size queen this year, obviously for publicity and to re-brand the pageant in a big way (pardon the pun) — which kind of ties in with why plus-size model Ashley Graham was brought in as backstage commentator. So another “controversial” crowning could be in the works…. so the rumor goes. Yes, the conspiracy theories! Not sure what to believe! Sounds crazy I know. We’ll just have to wait and see…

      Also, a leaked (possible) final question: “IF YOU WERE TO WIN MISS UNIVERSE, WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO EMPOWER WOMEN?”. Again, another rumor. Please don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger.

      • Empower women?…. Hmmm Sounds like what Venezuela, USA, Sierra Leonne, Aruba and Canada would be able to answer flawlessly…

        Plus size?!… Canada?! But she’s not black…

        Also increases Belgium’s chance… since her country is in the pedophile ring…

        But Venezuela is still in the game being part Arab… ughhhh….

        Brazil’s back story still gives her a chance in the Top 5 and she’s also gainning weight…

        Based on this info the possible Top 6 would be:

        Venezuela, Canada, Belgium, Brazil,

        Philippines being the host country…

        And who would be the 6th?

        Sierra Leone?!- I like her a lot but aminin na natin kung sa ganda e ang layo nya kumpara sa mga statuesque beauties….

        USA? -perfect example of an empowered woman… pero aminin na natin… kulang din sya sa ganda….

        I still have a feeling that they would crown a black girl…

        Could she be one of the dark horses… maybe someone from Africa?…-South Africa/Nigeria

        Or a still, plus size girl?… Canada so far takes the cake on that category.. no pun intended.

        I wonder who will sneak from the backdoor with an excellent resume and amazing backstory that’s unknown to mainstream media so far??????????

  13. Ang lungkot naman Kung top12 Lang. I was hoping they will still get top15 or even more out of 86! Para more exposure for the delegates para fiesta talaga. Bigla ako na-sad. Ang dami pa naming mga deserving girls sa batch na Ito. Ang lupit at brutal naman ng IMG!

  14. Top 5:
    1. Colombia
    2. Mexico
    3. Philippines
    4. Thailand
    5. Venezuela

    MU 2016: Venezuela
    1st Runner – Up: Philippines
    2nd Runner – Up: Thailand
    MU 2016: Philippines
    1st Runner – Up: Venezuela
    2nd Runner – Up: Thailand

    My Top 17 for Miss Universe 2016:
    1. Colombia
    2. Great Britain
    3. Dominican Republic
    4. Brazil
    5. China
    6. Indonesia
    7. Kenya
    8. Mexico
    9. Netherlands
    10. Nicaragua
    11. Paraguay
    12. Philippines
    13. Australia
    14. Puerto Rico
    15. Thailand
    16. USA
    17. Venezuela

    Top 10:
    1. Colombia
    2. Dominican Republic
    3. Brazil
    4. Australia
    5. Mexico
    6. Great Britain
    7. Philippines
    8. Puerto Rico
    9. Thailand
    10. Venezuela

  15. If this is the format , i think they will do this sequence :

    86 delegates to Top 12 cut

    12 casual interview (cocktail)
    12 swimsuit
    12 evening gown

    Top 6 cut
    Interview top 6

    Top 3 cut
    Common Q and A ( isolation booth)

    Final look

    Winner !

    • I don’t like it 😔.
      I still prefer a top 20 or top 15, then top 10, then top 5.
      4 runners up
      1 winner.

      In this case marami ang nabibigyan ng chance and marami ang happy because of placements.

      Huwag na gayahin ang Miss World please!

    • I hated this format when they used it before! The 15-10-5-winner format has always been my favorite. It’s the format they started with and should stick to. Oh well… Nothing we can do about it but complain to MUO. Just doesn’t seem to be enough to recognize enough worthy women deserving of at least the first cut. Guess it means that each slot will be harder fought for and mean much more. Still hate it though…

    • Baka kasi may National costume parade pa with long intro! 😀 Yey, love it!… Day dreaming here… hahaha

    • I don’t know why they keep on changing the format! Don’t fix the tire if it ain’t broken!

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