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  1. I agree hindi kagandahan si Thailand pero I like her kasi gandara ng outfits niya! Also ganda ng body niya. Facially, my favorite faces are: Germany (kamukha ni Heidi Klum), Nicaragua (always fresh), Belgium (look-alike ni Mila Kunis), Netherlands, Australia, Maxine, Malaysia (her face is just perfect!), Turkey

  2. ANNOUNCEMENT: From TOP 16 to TOP 12!

    Top 12 – Swimsuit
    Top 9 – Evening Gown
    Top 6 – Final Question
    Top 3 – Final Look

    1 round lang yata ang Q&A.

  3. Pakiramdam ko makakapasok si Miss Japan dahil sa sponsors. (Peace!!!) 🙂
    Si Maxine naman dahil deserving siya talaga tsaka host kasi tayo.
    Sierra Leone because she is different. Tsaka first-timer eh. Usually diba may konsidersyon sa first-timer?
    Pasok rin para sa akin si Miss Venezuela dahil masiyahin. Parang ang saya kasama lagi.
    Miss Malaysia kasi maganda tsaka para may variety.

    Nood pa ako ng konti para makilatis ko pa sina Miss France, Singapore, Barbados, Curacao, at USA. 🙂

    • Napatawa din ako. But in fairness, maganda kasi make-up niya doon. Nagmukhang maganda smile niya.

  4. A video from actress Gretchen Baretto during the #65thMissUniverse Gobernor’s Ball at SMX Convention Center Manila last January 16, 2017.
    “I’m his wife.” –Gretchen to #MissIndia ROSHMITHA HARIMURTHY.

    • ‘Di accurate ang description ni La Greta sa sarili n’ya. Should it be “I am his non-legal wife!”

      • @ana, what’s your definition of a common law wife? They have been together long enough for Greta to deserve the title… regardless of what the constitution says abt it. Life is short And he is dying in no time . Let her have it

    • 4M/Bong007!!! Need your help. Could you please teach me a step-by-step process on how to post a pic on this blog? Parang hindi na click yung step na ginagawa ko dati nung nakakapag-post pa ako ng mga photos dito. Hahaha! Kaloka.

      • Ana Winter there’s really no way to attach a photo here. What usually happens is when you paste the link, hit enter to see if it will give you a preview. It works for me when I share links from Instagram. Paste the link, make sure the blinking text cursor is at the end of the link then press enter. I don’t know if it works on every link but they do for Facebook and instagram.

  5. Wow lagare pala sila bukas. Sa finals pala e palakihan ng eyebags ang labanan. Hahaha Goodluck ladies! 😀

  6. This year Miss Universe should be called “Miss Uglyverse” or “Miss Chubbyverse”…Damn!!..what happened to those girls??… Who did send them to participate in such prestige “Beauty Contest”??. Most of them are out of shape, with disproportionate bodies and plain faces!!..They don’t stand out expect for three delegates that are Sierra Leone, Venezuela and France…That’s it!!…The rest of them, please send them back to their countries!!

  7. Vaks what do you guys think of the new changes in the competition? I’m not liking them at all! Why do they need to tinker with the format that has been working well in the past few years. Just stick with Top 15 plus the online voting winner, then top 10, 5, 3 and winner! Also give the girls enough time to have the spotlight to themselves instead of parading in groups of 4s for the swimsuit. Grrrrrr!

    • I like the new format, 4M. In this format only the toughest and deserving candidates are called and that would be exciting! I think they have decided to trim down to 12 up to 3 to focus more with the girls’ profile and vitals, plus there would be a lot of video presentations about the country. I thought it would be the case as it was done deal between the Philippines’ DOT and the MUO.

      • Ana Winter, I really don’t know. I mean yes we want to showcase the Philippines during the pageant but I thought there could be a way to just keep the same competition format. I could live with Top 12 but are they going to trim the girls before the evening gown or are the girls going to go with Top 12 for SS and EG then Top 6 (like 1994?) then Top 3?

      • Papano if there are 20 toughest and deserving candidates?
        From 12 magiging 3 agad?
        Di ba from 12 magiging 6 muna, then 3?

      • @4M- They have limited airtime on TV. Baka nga ganun ang mangyayari, labanan muna ng swimsuit and evening gown then they’ll have another cut (to 5, I guess) saka final 3.

        @Miss tissa- I think MUO will get the mightiest 12 of the toughest girls. Those eight girls who would not make it in the cut might fall short of the expectations of the MUO.

    • For the preliminary competition i prefer the same format as the past years wherein candidates will showcase their pasarela in swimsuit and evening gown individually. From there, the top 15 or 20 will be selected.
      During finals night the top 15 or 20 will be announced.
      These top 15 or 20 will advance for the swimsuit competition.
      Top 10 will be selected.
      Top 10 will compete for the evening gown.
      Top 5 will be selected as finalists.
      4th runner up
      3rd runner up
      2nd runner up
      1st runner up

      Mas masaya ito para sa mga candidates kasi maraming placements.
      Dagdagan pa ng mga special awards:
      Best in swimsuit
      Best in long gown
      Best in talent
      Best in casual dress

      • So, lumalabas na ang totoo. Ang babaeng pilit na ikinukumpara kay Max ay walang nagawa para kabugin ang ganda ni Max. Maxine is eloquent, stunning, alta, perfect!

      • If not for her towering height she would not be noticed. Also thanks to A&Q and Albert K who told her to style her hair wavy and big since it suits her well. I thought she used to have a really good smile but she’s been off lately especially the close ups.

      • Sabi nila pati si Thailand hindi daw kagandahan sa personal at sa malapitan?

        Mas maganda daw si Singapore at Korea!

      • Hindi naman sa namba-bash tayo, pero ‘di talaga kagandahan sina Indonesia at Thailand. If they join Binibining Pilipinas, mahihirapan silang magka-korona. They are just overrated. Maraming magaganda pero hindi pa lang sila napapansin. Baka naman may strategy din sila when to peak a la Maxine. Facially, ang gaganda nina Misses Turkey, Nicaragua, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, etc. I also like the vibrant Misses Aruba, Kenya, and USA. Although Miss Sierra Leone has won the hearts of Filipinos this early, I guess she came in at the wrong pageant. She should have instead joined Miss World.

        Miss Colombia has disappointed me via her physical appearance. She came in bulky! I thought she was slender as she was during her coronation in Colombia. Miss Venezuela is not facially stunning, but since she is endearing as “babaeng bakla”, Filipinos have embraced her fully well. However, I doubt her chances in the final 3. Venezuela has sent Miss Androgyny two-in-a-row, but last year’s Mariana failed it to move to the next 5. Brazil looks lovely, but her body is her downfall. It is too athletic! She might make it in the top 12.

      • Singapore I heard is getting some attention too! Not sure about Korea. To me they all look very similar. Vietnam I think is pretty.

      • Singapore has a pretty face but her bone-structure and body proportion is not ideal for a Yamamay swimsuit…. Unless Miss U org really wants to make a statement about different kinds of body types then maybe she’ll make the TOP 12.. But I doubt if Yamamay would want that.

      • @C2F – I agree with your defense on Miss Singapore. But, facially, she is gorg. Let’s see during the preliminaries when they finally wear Yamamay in two-piece. But then again, Singapore beauties are not trained well in pasarela. Was she handled by the well-known pageant granny, Ines Ligron? Vietnam is prettier—I mean NATURALLY prettier—than their last year’s rep. I’d rather want to see Miss Malaysia enter the Top 12, provided she is properly styled. Her gown is a bang! Yet, I have to see her in two-piece. India? No. She was a downgrade of any Misses India sent to Miss Universe. But, who knows?

        I am excited to see them in the preliminary competition and from there I will give my final picks.

      • Vietnam is one of the prettiest Asians but she lacks trainning… Remember, Vietnam & Germany were the only ones who tripped in the middle of their pasarela during the swimsuit event at Cebu and it’s not even planned.

        I agree about India… Face and body, she’s a complete downgrade.. But based on credentials, she has one of the best… Correct me if I’m wrong, she’s a student at Harvard???

      • kaya nga Miss Tissa ..kaya di ko alam kung bakit nila ipinipilit si Thailand…eh di naman maganda. I think Miss Singapore can also speak well.

      • Hindi nyo type si Thailand dahil parang pinay lang ang features.. Pero don’t forget… ang mga Pinay Beauties mabenta abroad sa ibat-ibang lahi… Dito mukha syang ordinario pero dalhin mo yan sa ibang bansa e blockbuster ang peg. Me hawig nga sya kay Ann Colis e… O diba sa Ms Globe sa Canada kahit barok English nya e winner parin? 🙂

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