115 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Favored Fifteen as of January 18, 2017

    • After an 8-year absence, Barbados finally returns to Miss Universe under a new franchise holder. Good luck Shannon Harris, Miss Barbados!

      • Ooops guys, MY BAD! That happens to be a pic of Stefania Fernandez I just posted. Here’s the pic of Shannon Harris that I meant to post:

  1. hehe…what if top 3: philippines, malaysia, singapore. Ganda eksena, tas super iyakan yung 3 s stage!! =)

    • Tama lang yan.
      Mabuti na yung nagpakatotoo ka hindi yung you cover-up something you are not.
      Dapat yung translator ay trabaho din nya for decades as translator para di masisi yung translator na ikinabagsak ng candidates at dapat ay masarap sa tenga ang boses ng translator hihihi
      Top 5 na yan and Good Luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gusto ko mapasama sila Miss Malaysia, Singapore, Sierra Leone, Curacao, at Barbados sa Top 15 para maiba naman. (Hindi naman siguro ako lang ang may gusto sa kanila)

    • Good point. However, it has happened. There have been four occasions that a Miss USA “did not” advance into the semi-finals; 1976, 1999, 2002 and 2010. The latter three omissions were occurred in the Trump era. Interesting…

      • Thanks for pointing that out, and you are right Saluda. Only 4 missed placements in the past 64 years — that’s a success rate of 93.75 % for semifinalist placements for USA delegates. No other country even comes close.

  3. As much as I really wanted to see Panama, Barbados, Netherlands, and Spain sa TOP 15… kaninang nagbabasa ako about MU2015… BIGLA KO NA LANG NAISIP NA POSIBLENG UNG TOP 15 DATI COULD BE THE SAME 15 THIS YEAR… ewan… LAKAS NG KUTOB KO.

      • Ang ganda pa naman ni Japan.di nga lang pinapansin.
        Maganda rin si Bulgaria. Di rin binibigyan ng sapat na atensyon.

      • South Africa has a great chance because their winners always have one of the best resumes just like how Australia crowns the one with the best personality… And they are usualy the token country from Africa. Unless there is a more gorgeous girl with a better resume. I think that would be Nigeria for her facial beauty and Sierra Leonne for her personality & back story.

  4. Glad to see changes in Ms Indonesia. She’s not a copycat of the other Asian candidate anymore and has developed her own style & look.

  5. My current faves:


    Sierra Leonne

    Puerto Rico

    South Africa

    Dominican Republic
    Slovak Republic

  6. top 3 — australia, brazil & philippines! ๐Ÿ™‚

    hanggang top 10/15 lang sana sina colombia, indonesia at venezuela! ๐Ÿ˜›

    sana sina singapore at sierra leone e umabot sa top 5! โค

  7. Kuya Norman, paki answer ito, nabasa ko lang sa Missosology, uu nga bakit ang iba di na invite?

    kenhan wrote:can someone put a tally of the girls who were
    asked to join in every leg of the tour?
    this could be helpful in my determination of who
    the favorites are. .

    also, will there be a media junket?
    that is definitely the make or break event. .
    those who aren’t invited there can kiss the crown goodbye. .
    if not, is there anything of that sort coming up?

    Did I missed the announcement that those invited to events are the favorites?, there are some contestants with chances to be called the final day and some of them have not be invited to any event…yet..the likes of Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Ukraine etc…assuming? Or maybe let’s assume they are inviting some girls that don’t have a chance, so they can have great memories..

    Well at least there are those girls who went out to shoot. Some of them NEVER ACTUALLY left the hotel to go out like Indonesia, India, Dominican Rep, Portugal, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria an Bahamas!

    • Well I think that the Vigan Terno show was one special event where only 20 were invited. The Boracay event was sorta special since it was a handful. The Baguio leg was more like the contestants that were not invited in the first two events. Maxine wasn’t in the Boracay or Baguio but she was at the Vigan Terno.

    • In my humble opinion based on this article, Sierra Leone has a good chance since Ebola is a big issue in her country… I’m sure she would be asked something related if in case she makes it.

      It also increases the chance of Mariam Habach to make it to the TOP 5 for being half Syrian and she would definitely be asked about her opinion on the War in the Middle East. Not to mention, Venezuela has their own economic issues.

      Thailand also has better chances because of her country’s issues about corruption and the death of their King.

      Better chances also for Ms. UK after the recent #BREXIT.

      Not a fan of Malaysia but her country also has issues about corruption.

      Belgium… Their country is part of the phedophile ring.. and their bet is 19 years old… they also have issues about genetic manipulations on plants and animals… wow… I can feel that she could make it to the TOP 5.
      I wonder what they would ask her????

      I feel bad about Aruba & Curacao… Nothing news-worthy about her country aside from their good economy.

      Haiti.. got poverty issues.. and natural calamities…

      Brazil?… No idea…

      Colombia… yeah drugs.. whats new?!

      Indonesia… K.

      The US democrats hate Russia but could their bet make the cut?

      I think it would be a surprise if Ms. China makes it to the TOP 5 for drama. Everyone would surely want to hear her opinion about hardcore politics. LOL

      Philippines… lam nyo na. Hahaha

      • Actually, I noticed this last year. Not so strong girls made it to the Top 15 probably because of their stories- (ex: Miss Japan who was half-black and bullied in her country), some others I don’t remember.

        There’s a good chance that Sierra Leone might make it, if not for her determination, because of her story. Just look at the recent posts in the Miss U Facebook. They’re highlighting the girls’ careers, educational background, achievements, and the like.

      • @4M

        E kaya din pala tayo nanalo lately.. hongdami nating issues… More issues, more chances of winning!

      • Closer2Fame This is where Maxine is weak at. She’s very successful model and interior designer but she has no backstory to share to us. I think she should just embrace her weakness of fear of public speaking and how we are bullying her to death as her storyline. Hihi.

  8. Until we hear all of them speak, we really can’t predict who will win. The new MUO favors substance and personality over physical beauty. Right now, all we can see is their physical beauty, and some glimpses of their personalities. I hear heavy topics daw ang itatanong sa Q&A?

  9. Is this true na may prediction daw na hindi mangyayari ang back to back.
    Ang mangyayari daw ay BACH to BACH

    WurtzBACH to HaBACH ???

    Ayoko ayoko ayoko!!!

  10. This is the first time that Im liking a contestant from Singapore I dont know why but there is something in her that I like. She has this calmness and vibe that is so South of France. I also like Argentina, Thailand, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Netherlands and Turkey

    • On Sierra Leone, I wish her luck. I hope after the pageant, she gets to stay in the Philippines and do modelling specially runways. The new Wilma Doesnt

      • English is the first language of most Singaporeans so i expect her to be able to express herself well. I’m also rooting for her along with Barbados, Indonesia, Venezuela and of course the PHILIPPINES!

      • Hindi maganda katawan ni Singapore…wag ka na umasa… Goodluck nalang kung papasa sya sa Marketing ng Yamamay, one of the major sponsors.

  11. Top 5:
    1. Colombia
    2. Mexico
    3. Philippines
    4. Thailand
    5. Venezuela

    MU 2016: Venezuela
    1st Runner – Up: Philippines
    2nd Runner – Up: Thailand
    MU 2016: Philippines
    1st Runner – Up: Venezuela
    2nd Runner – Up: Thailand

    My Top 17 for Miss Universe 2016:
    1. Colombia
    2. Curacao
    3. Dominican Republic
    4. Brazil
    5. China
    6. Indonesia
    7. Kenya
    8. Mexico
    9. Netherlands
    10. Nicaragua
    11. Paraguay
    12. Philippines
    13. Australia
    14. Puerto Rico
    15. Thailand
    16. USA
    17. Venezuela

    Top 10:
    1. Colombia
    2. Dominican Republic
    3. Brazil
    4. Australia
    5. Mexico
    6. Netherlands
    7. Philippines
    8. Puerto Rico
    9. Thailand
    10. Venezuela

  12. I have this feeling that if Sierra Leone makes the first and second cut she just might (happily) surprise us all and make top five. In all honesty, I would not mind at all if she won. She’s a unique beauty with a golden heart.

    I would love to see Singapore, Barbados and Turkey make the first cut. Surprising to me is how I’m no longer enamored by Brazil, Colombia and France. Mexico I’m on the fence about her. Venezuela I’ve come to love. She’s not my type of beauty but she has become endearing.

    It would be wonderful to see countries that are rarely seen, if ever, in at least the first cut. It’s exciting to see a deserving candidate from one of those countries “in the mix”. Is this the year for a Botswana, Angola, Namibia, Chile, New Zealand type win?

    Maxine is still high on my list. She’s wisely not showing or playing all her cards yet. She gives glimpses and baits you then pulls back. She’ll amp it up in the preliminaries to make the cut on pageant night. I believe then she will conquer the stage on pageant night. Top 3 or 5 would be great for her, for us. However, I am praying for the seemingly impossible B2B… You never know…

    • I posted this in another blog post, but here’s my opinion on the back to back:

      For me, Maxineโ€™s true calling as Miss Philippines isnโ€™t to bag a back-to-back. We have already proven our strength in the international pageant arena. This year, our hunger for a crown takes a backseat to the honor of being host. Therefore, while she is expected to continue our good performance in Miss Universe, I feel that her real purpose should be to embody and showcase the spirit of Filipino hospitality to the universe. This, to me, is ultimately how she brings the Philippines pride this year.

  13. My top 15 faves:

    Puerto Rico
    Sierra Leonne

    Dark Horses:

    Dominican Republic

  14. Rise against Hunger event while the other girls are enjoying in Baguio ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kakatuwa yung Indian accent ni India at ang kuda ni Vietban hihihi

  15. Happy to see sierra leone in the list. She doesnt even know that shes being noticed because of her attitude of just having fun and not taking the competition tooooooooooooo seriously.

    • I know!! That’s what i love about her. She’s just enjoying her stay here in Manila. para bang dedma kung manalo o matalo. basta ako mag eenjoy! pak! Rampa dito, photoshoot doon. ganyan! I hope she’ll deliver come preliminaries para pasok siya sa semi finalists!

  16. Argentina and Belgium are so pretty! I hope they place. Isama na rin di Malaysia and Turkey. Sila yung pretty faces this year. May Miss Photogenic ba?

  17. Sino ba nagsuggest mag tan si Ms. Indo? before parehas sila malakas ni Chalita. Now nagmukhang ordinary. May gut feel ako mag place si mariam sa top 5

    • Mariam is a threat to Max! She may not be facially super stunning but the girl is a super prepared.

    • @mr manila. Sa to too Lang si Mariam at maxine nakikita ko n.a. frontrunner . Malaki improvement ni max. Si mariam tama ka kahit di sobra ganda gusto ng mga tao plus sash factor. Si chalita is very attractive .

    • Lol so cute these 2 are. They remind me of Edymar and Kylie during the last MI. PH and Venezuela – 2 beauty pageant powerhouse โ™กโ™กโ™ก ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I would replace Dom rep, Costa Rica with, Barbados, turkey, Slovak republic or Panama! Great Britain is a doll too

  19. My 15 best


    close shot: Panama

  20. For me the list is ok but will exclude Miss Indonesia and Miss Thailand (masyadong feeling)

    I will count in Miss Singapore (very elegant) and Miss Spain

  21. The doppleganger of Brook Shields, Argentina’s Estefania Bernal is the one to watch out for.
    This bombshell is in it to win it.

    • Maxine is very blessed that we hosted the event,pag sa ibang country ang venue, she can easily be overshadowed by other contestants’ presence. These girls are on fire.
      Still, she is very beautiful!

  22. I wish there will be more Asians in the top 15 this time. Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea and Singapore.
    I am sure included in the top 10 are Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia.

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