10 comments on “65th Miss Universe Charity | Rise Against Hunger

  1. Miss Colombia has gotten huge. The girl chances of winning the crown are going down the drain. Talk about letting yourself go. Meanwhile, Maxine and Mariam are unstoppable.

    • There’s this rumor that MUO might potentially crown a plus-size queen this year for controversy, publicity, women’s body awareness campaign, re-branding or whatever, as long as it makes the news and social media. Miss Colombia getting huge could all be part of the plan. But like I said, it’s just a rumor.

  2. I wish they had more of this kind of event. It shows that beauty is not only from the outside but also from within.

  3. ..since day1, argemtina continues to be on my top picks..i hope she speaks english and is articulate as well..the slogan confidently beautiful may soon see its de,mise and replaced with women empowerment chuvaness..gone are the ‘what makes you blush’ type of questions..someone articulate and opinionated will bring home the crown come the 30th..and h, i find mexico refreshing always giving me the molly isler vibe with her calmness and serenity..australia is sweet and has the pia vibe..colombia has yet to catch up, her late arrival worked to ner disadvantage as she has to catch up not only on sleep hours but on the battle of beauties..she looks haggard and kalat, trying to make up the initial faux pas on the loot bag incident..puerto rico is refreshing also and a lot of other girls..

  4. Wow, thank you Miss U org and Dept Tourism for organizing this event. Thanks girls for inspiring, helping and encouraging everyone to do the same. You guys are trully beautiful with a heart! 😀

    *Note: Andaming pasaway na hindi nag hairnet ng maayos… Pa flying kiss flying kiss pa yung iba tapos hahalikan yung mga plastic gloves na panghawak ng food… So unsanitary.

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