25 comments on “65th Miss Universe | In One-Piece Swimsuits for a change

  1. Tito Norman, please tell Jonas and company to get rid of those horrendous swimsuits. The swimsuits are obviously too big for most of them. Instead of showing off the bodies that they worked hard for, the swimsuits made the girls look fat. Dami tuloy nanlalait sa kanila ngayon for being mataba daw, etc, including Maxine. Mukha daw kakapanganak lang ni Colombia, Brazil, etc. I think it’s just the swimuits. There’s a video of Panama and Venezuela wherein they said another person could fit into their swimsuits. Kita din ang cameltoes ng ibang girls dahil sa luwag. Poor girls. Mahirap rumampa with an ill-fitting swimsuit.

  2. Aruba needs more trainning… it wasnt bad but it was safe…sayang naman ang ganda and credentials…

    Brazil had the most exposure… Not a fan of her posing but her movements are in good timing.

    Colombia… may appointment? Nagmamadali?

    Nasurprise ako kay Dominican Republic… She can walk and may bagong veneers… Alam na natin kung saan napunta ang crowd funding.

    Germany was pretty.. she kind of slipped.. She seemed distracted.. Puyat?

    Puerto Rico also showed that she is well trainned as well..

    Belgium looked pretty…

    Philippines obviously did well..

    Thailand had the best waste to hip ratio and she can walk.

    Venezuela’s walk was perfect.

    Eksena si Vietnam.. halatang scripted ang pagtapilok… LOL

  3. Top 5:
    1. Colombia
    2. Mexico
    3. Philippines
    4. Thailand
    5. Venezuela

    MU 2016: Venezuela
    1st Runner – Up: Philippines
    2nd Runner – Up: Thailand
    MU 2016: Philippines
    1st Runner – Up: Venezuela
    2nd Runner – Up: Thailand

    My Top 17 for Miss Universe 2016:
    1. Colombia
    2. Curacao
    3. Dominican Republic
    4. Brazil
    5. China
    6. Indonesia
    7. Kenya
    8. Mexico
    9. Netherlands
    10. Nicaragua
    11. Paraguay
    12. Philippines
    13. Poland
    14. Puerto Rico
    15. Thailand
    16. USA
    17. Venezuela

    Top 10:
    1. Colombia
    2. Dominican Republic
    3. Brazil
    4. China
    5. Mexico
    6. Netherlands
    7. Philippines
    8. Puerto Rico
    9. Thailand
    10. Venezuela

  4. these yamamay one-piece swimsuit are so unflattering! im okay with the one-piece swimsuit as long as maeemphasize pa rin ang figure ng mga kandidata. I mean alam niyo yun? may mga ganun na swimsuit di ba? tama ang fit.. kahit ba plain red o plain black lang yan. ang dami nilang swimsuit noon na one piece. like this o. di ba??

  5. preliminaries mag kakabugan ang mga itey! presentation lang namn d p nman actual competition. Although most of the candidates did not flatter with their swimsuits nga.

  6. These 1-piece Yamamay swimsuits are really, REALLY DREADFUL. I feel bad for the girls — they had no choice but to wear them. I hope they switch to 2-piece swimsuits for the finals — for the girls, for Yamamay, and for the pageant’s sake!

  7. After all the hypings, shoutings, feelings, hosannas and aleluias, yun lang ba si miss colombia at miss indonesia?????? hindi magbabago ang prediction ko na papalakpak ang dalawang babaknitang ito sa coronation night.

    • Arichie it’s not prelims yet. These events do not count but they do give you a preview of how the candidates are so far which could give an idea on their attitudes and preparedness even during non-competition activities.

  8. Are these still Yamamay suits? The ones with words on them look really tacky. I don’t know what look they’re trying to push here 😦

  9. Just want to ask if may glamshot pa din sila and mga evening gown portraits and such? Parang wala sa schedule. Hahahaha lol Thanks

  10. kudos to all the girls for their energy, having to leave the governors ball before the strike of 11pm, then wake up at 4am for their flights to cebu for a whole day line up of events..wud love to join the fun in baguio tomorow having missed the vigan segment but sadly cant make it..

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