19 comments on “Tonight | The Governor’s Ball for the 65th Miss Universe Contestants 

  1. Norman please volunteer to write their PRs. Poorly done. Parang draft ng hindi magaling na writer. Peace!

  2. Sana mag-perform ang split diva na si Mystica.
    I also want to see Mang kanor and Aling Siony in that event.
    That will be an honor for them.

  3. The “Governor’s balls”…hmmm… and “it refers to Chavit Singson ” daw and aims “to provide opportunity to get closer to the candidates..” Lol. Good luck ladies.

    World Peace.

      • Oh pautwas you are so mean and malicious. That is not nice. You could just say “all powerful, fat divas”.

        World Peace.

      • Jona isn’t fat Thomas baby but yes she is no doubt a powerful diva! How I wish Sheryn Regis is still in the country.

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