16 comments on “65th Miss Universe | Which were and who wore the Best Ternos?

  1. my choices for the best ternos
    czech republic
    british virgin islands

    who wore it well
    czech republic
    sierra leone

    here’s a flash back from the 90’s minorka mercado, miss venezuela, inno soto terno
    the best i’ve seen, looks very modern up to now

  2. I like Venezuela’s terno. It’s creative and modern. Some ternos are cringeworthy not because of the concept but because the cuts were questionable (e.g. Great Britain). I wish they would have done a terno submission concept and choosing the best out of the submissions.

    • I think its because all of them were pre-made.. They were not fitted to the measurements of the candidates. They were assigned which terno will go to who.

      • Agree on that aspect. I was surprised most of them actually looked quite good. But the funny thing is that they know which candidates they are making the ternos for so at least they have a rough ideas on the main measurements (height, bust, waist, hips etc. )

  3. The gown assigned to Venezuela looks beautifully structured… I guess, it is inspired by the patterned sawali walls of Nipa huts and our traditional woven palm leaves during Easter. Awesome!!! 😀

    I find the Terno of Thailand too Traje de Mestiza.. I would prefer a more modern and native inspiration but it is well made and intricately designed.

    The Terno of Miss Singapore is actually very well designed but she doesn’t have the curves to compliment her dress.

    Ms. Belgium’s terno looks a bit cliche but the the classic design complimented her beautiful face and figure.. I do wish she wore higher heels but she still looks amazing.

    Surprisingly, Sierra Leone got assigned with a nice gown… It was a bit too long for her but still she’s lucky she did not get one of those weird designs.

    • Oh I wish Ms. Philippines was assigned a Terno made by Francis Libiran or Cary Santiago. Oh well I guess the organizers want to give an impression of fair treatment… LOL

  4. Singapore was a sight to behold. Her beauty reminds me of Mutya Datul & Rogelie Catacutan. Great Britain has a resemblance to Jamie Herell. Galinh umawra nina Vene, Singa, Thai, at of course Phil. Sino ba ang mas makaka-alam kung pano umawra suot ang Terno kundi isang Pinay din. Kalowka si madam Gloria Diaz sa interview from PTV during the governor’s ball.

    Q: ‪Do you believe Maxine can give us back-to-back Miss U victories?
    A: No, but, I think she has a chance and chance is one in a million.‬

    Pak! Pasaberg si mama.

    • Kung kumuda ang thunders parang ka level nya si Catriona. Sa totoo lang ang Chaka ng sagot niya nong nanalo siya, mas deserving pa na maging Miss Universe si Shamcey at Janine sa kanya. Echoserang thunders. Pwe!

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