11 comments on “65th Miss Universe Insights | The Difference Between Christelle Roelandts and Stephanie Geldhof

  1. She is absolutely gorgeous, I think she’s one of the prettiest faces in the competition and she’s definitely in my list of to-watch-out-for. And that masterpiece she wore is just beautiful. Way to go, Belgium!

  2. She is Beautiful.
    She does look a little like Miranda Kerr! Proud Aussie here.
    I hope Miss Belgium and Miss Philippines go far in the competition.
    No to miss Colombia. She may be pretty but their game plan hasn’t changed.
    The past 3 title holders have come in to the Miss Universe competition acting as if they have already won even when the competition has only just started.
    I like Paulina, she was deserving and was really sweet to Pia throughout her reign.
    Not to say that Andrea isn’t beautiful because she is, however her personality can come across as overbearing. Colombians capitalise on the exterior as some others have commented and to them, it’s just a game about who is the most prettiest. Where as our Miss’ Philippines are trained with a balance of each aspect of a beauty contest. I think that’s why Latina’s are so threatened by us now.

    Miss Belgium is stunning. I hope Miss Philippines takes the crown if not, Miss Belgium or Miss Brazil.

  3. She looks like Miss Ukraine 2010 & Miss Universe 3rd Runner-up – Anna Poslavska and VS model Miranda Kerr with hints of the young Carmen Electra.

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