103 comments on “The (Miss) World is no longer her Oyster

  1. Ms. Morley made a huge error by allowing an Indonesian ND and a former MW from Puerto Rico to be part of the judging panel, then having BOTH delegates finish in the top 3. It was so obvious it was ridiculous.

    In retrospect, Miss World “could” have made strides to gain much needed equality withe MUO – especially with gaining the Philippines as an annual fan base – but took two steps back.

    All the best to the new MWP national director. I still think MW is needed to help the exposure of Filipina beauty at the tier 1 level. However, Julia and the MWO better get their act together…like quickly!

  2. I was never a fan of Miss World. I followed Catriona’s journey because like most people, we all believed that she WAS IT. But apparently, Julia Morley did not get the memo. With that said, I will only follow Miss World if we have a rep that I really like. Otherwise, I’ll stick to MU mostly and the lower tier pageants with at least clearer bases in judging the winners.

  3. Not surprised. She gave the franchise a good run, but it’s time to let it go. We already had the blue crown once, without resorting to have our ND be in the judging panel at that.

    Some reactions from Indonesian fans are hilarious. Sore loser daw, lol. Maybe true, but remember: Cat’s loss did not go unnoticed by other National Directors. If Indonesia wins next year (malamang), wins BWAP for the 3-4th running, or be included in the top 3 again, other directors and non-Pinoy fans will remember 2016 and the day Cory gracefully gave up the franchise. This will taint their future achievements, kaya kinakabahan yang mga yan. Even other international pageant fan pages talked about this news. Ibig sabihin, what happened last year truly says something about how low this pageant has become. They better spend money on fielding a high-caliber rep for next year. Tahimik yung ibang directors at international fans ngayon pero if Indonesia, for example, pulls a bigger stunt next year and MW lets them, we’ll see more ND’s pulling a Cory and non-fans slowly treating MW like it’s a ME 2.0 soon.

  4. Echoss lang to ni CQ. Kasi alam nya wala na sasali sa MWP 2017. Last year nga 8 lang pumunta sa screening. Ng pa extend lang kunyari habang nghahanap ng mga ma uuto na sasali para pampadami. Kasalanan nya din naman masyado obvious sya mg favorite ng kandidata kaya masyado predictable ang result. Wala pa screening alam na ang panalo.

    So ayaw nya lang mapahiya dahil alam nya this year baka 2 na lang mgpa screen

    • Alam mo teh, ang echos ay ang KF camp na tinext pa ni Madam CQ na sumali for MWP 2016 pero sinabi nila busy sila dahil andaming pageants na ganap ng kanyang camp. Kunyari na busy pero ayaw lang sabihin na hindi sila prepared, at baka matalo. So ayun, they make iwas na lang para hindi mapahiya.

  5. KUDOS to Cory Quirino!!!!

    Indeed you are a woman of beauty, substance and integrity!!!

    Mabuhay ka!!!!!

    Next : Catriona to relinquish MWP crown and go for BbpMUP’17


  6. I knew it.
    The fact that Miss Cory Quirino has been silent about the brouhaha about the results of last year’s pageant speaks volumes to me. The woman finally saw the light.
    Still, her 6 year stint with Miss World Philippines was highly impressive. She brought home our 1st Miss World thru working with & supporting Megan, plus 5 consecutive placements in the semifinals.
    Many people told her winning Miss World is an almost impossible feat to achieve.
    Imagine if she hold the reins to Binibining Pilipinas, if ever SMA vacated the position by any bizarre means possible. Sky is the limit when it comes to the great possibilities that could happen.
    I wish Miss Quirino well on her future endeavors. Her contributions to Philippine pageantry is immeasurable & indelible to the memories of all Filipino pageant enthusiasts all over the world.
    Mabuhay ka!!!!!

  7. Thank you Miss Quirino for the job very well done. Kudos for the excellence that you gave yo doll the Filipino fans. What an honor you gave this country. Thank you very much indeed.

  8. IMO, Julia wanted and expected the Philippines to win at Miss World which is the reason for the new format of the Q&A that actually favored our bet and why she allowed national directors of rival countries to be part of the judging panel. She expected that the two ND’s would be fair in judging and it is all for the purpose of proving that she is not biased to the Philippines once Catriona gives a flawless performance and wins. But her plan I guess backfired since Cat did not exactly hit the homerun with her answer while Puerto Rico did provide a slightly more satisfactory answer to the obviously biased judges who are too hungry for a win regardless of the lack of integrity in their judging.

      • @bong, pls make sure C2f takes his meds . He has been having a lot of these ‘magical ‘ notions . I mean he does that all the time but it has been out of control lately hihihi

      • @Fabian

        Excuse me Fabian…. tell that to yourself! Hiyang-hiya naman ako sa sweet & pleasing personality mo. Wow!

      • @San Longhino

        Wow! Dinamay mo pa ako sa gawain mo… Hiyang-hiya naman ako sayo!

    • Hahahaha lakas ng tawa ko dito. C2F naman kasi mukhang pabibo ka na namaj ayan tuloy. Hinay hinay lang kasi minsan para di halatang pasikat ka kahit na alam na naming lahat yun hahaha

      • @Christie Lyn

        Grabe! Anong pasikat dun?!…
        Nagbigay lang naman ako ng opinion.
        Isa ka pa… Hiyang-hiya naman ako sa mga opinion mo na kalevel ni Buddha at Mother Theresa…. Wow!

    • In what aspect was Puerto Rico’s answer better than Catriona’s? My mind cannot think of any. Diyos ko naman. Pag klaro ang pandaraya, wag na po tayo pakatanga. Lumaban. Wag magpaka-Esperanza na di lumalaban. Diyos. Wag tanga. Kung may katwiran, ipaglaban. Wag mag-isip ng kung anong anik2x to justify the loss.

  9. Hmmm, with arnold + abs-cbn = MWP, will they upgrade the production value or maintain the format of the previous editions? Maraming nagdadalamhati pa din sa resulta ng MW2016, isa nako nun. Pero beke nemen meme, under arnolds admin, 2 scenario lang pagpipilian nya, either madam julia will love him ang continue phil’s placement and legacy or papahirapan ni madam julia si arnold na huliin ang kiliti nya ala-SMA. Pero ang point lang na gusto kong tumbukin eh papayag kaya si Cat to join BBP17? Why not? May pa charity events n din naman ang MU. Advocacy here and there, na pwede nyang ma-lobby ang torch nya. Cheret

    • Sure na bang kakagatin ng ABS-CBN yan? Ganun ba kalakas ang clout ni Arnold? Looking at the list of talents he has booked, parang di naman. Could be wrong, though.

      • Shebegey may point ka. Options ni arnold v eh tv5, etc, solar sports at ptv since blacklisted sya sa gma at di pa sure kung kakagatin to ng abs.

  10. RIP Mess World!

    Advanced congrats to Miss Indonesia 2017. You will be BWAP Winner in Ms World 2017 and most likely declared the eventual winner.

    And to Julia Morley, your name is synonymous to politics. You never really changed all these years. From your scandal in the 70s, up to present. You will be remembered forever for infamy and NOT for prestige.

    • Mananalo lang ang Indo ng dahil sa pera pera at hindi dahil sa ganda haler. Ugly outside, ugly inside.

  11. This is probably wishful thinking on my part, but does this mean Catriona is free of her obligation/contract with Miss World Philippines? Will they be starting from scratch…like when CQ took over from Binibini? …If so, Catriona will be free to join Binibini (if she can be convinced)!

  12. Well, all I know is the MWP rep to Miss World placed every year, since 2011, under the leadership and guidance of Cory Quirino. Included are a MW winner, a 1st runner up, and a top 5 finalist.

    However, in recent years there lacked suspense in the MWP pageant for several factors not worth discussing.

    Nonetheless a hearty “thank you” and cheers to you Ms. Cory Quirino. You revitalized what had been an archaic, yet prestigious, pageant title.

    As far as Julia Morley and the MW pageant production is concerned?
    No comment.

  13. First, congrats kay Cory Quirino for a fruitful years sa MWP. Second, ito na ang simula ng pagtamlay ng MW contest sa PH. Third, huwag na magdaos ng competition for MWP. Mag appoint na lang. Sayang lang ang mga top caliber bets na pinapadala natin. Magconcentrate na lang ang PH sa MU.

  14. In all fairness and sincerity, Cory Q deserves a pat in the back for how she turned MWP around. Her efforts should not go unnoticed, though, I know how must be hurtful it was for her to endure how Cat was treated during the last MW outing. If I was “crushed” about Cat’s unjust placement, it must have been a “blow” for her knowing how truly deserving Catriona was of the blue crown. I’m not really sure how the new franchise holder would be able to attract attention back to the MWO. The change should start from within the organization and it better be done now, before the MWO itself goes into oblivion 😦
    Thank you, Cory Q and the best of luck as you move forward after leading and putting the Philippines back on track in MW since you took over the franchise from BBP 🙂

  15. Julia is forever peddling her MW pageant to potential host victims. SAD. Cory was not too successful in bringing MW to the Philippines, so Julia dropped her like an old snot rag and she has now moved on to this new guy, her new found bff — Arnold. Well good luck with that!

    Problem is, unless Julia drags her pageant forward to the 21st century and expands MW’s broadcasting and demographic reach, it’s going to be more of the same old 80s-style, stiff, boring pageant patty event that looks more and more like stale bread every year.

    Well, at least Julia will always have Indonesia and China to fall back on as host countries. Expect more placements for their delegates in the near future.

  16. In fairness, she did a great job. Combined with BbP, the first half of this decade witnessed the renaissance if not Golden Era of Philippine pageantry. I saw Nicolette Henson just give a report about the ladies and Vigan and remembering when she replaced Venus (briefly) in March 2016. I was in Vegas for my birthday then. Who would have thought a few months later Venus would light the Philippine pageant scene on fire and that five years later we’d have our first Miss World, third Miss Universe, and 6th Miss International?

    I also liked how classy Cory made our MWP delegates. They all looked EXPENSIVE.

    That being said, I do think Cory pigeonholed herself with certain favoritism. Let’s be truthful, why should girls compete in a pageant where they are not welcomed? Same goes true for BbP and we know they are just as selective when they want to be. Reality is beauty pageants are a business. You can’t keep going if you limit your market.

    Anyway, her efforts will not go unnoticed and unremembered. I am so glad to be around for the Philippines’ pageant dynasty. There is too much momentum now. We can only go forward.

  17. C Mommy Arnold na pala ang Franchise holder ng MWP 🙂
    May politics din kayang mangyayari at baka mga talents nya ang mananalo lagi hihihi Charette.
    Di ba friend nya c Kris na gustong makuha ang MUP franchise kung hindi ako nagkakamali hihihi
    Parang mangyayari nito eh Arnold + ABS-CBN + friends like Kris A. and Manny Pacquiao, etc = MWP.
    Mukhang hindi naman mamroblema c Mommy Arnold ng mga Sponsors dahil sa kanyang mga Connections di ba 🙂
    Good Luck Mommy Arnold, I know U can do it 🙂
    Expect that B4 2020, MW will be held in the Philippines hihihi

  18. Andami dami pa ding bitter dito. As in bitter. Mga bes, ang ampalaya inuulam, hindi inuugali. It was also a heartbreak for me when Catriona didn’t get the crown. She was clearly deserving, but was not every judge’s cup of tea. But a lot of people haven’t move on from that, have they? Filipinos are known to be the best pageant fans in the entire world, so they say. But sometimes, I get ashamed to be a part of this race that jumps in jubilation only with victory but delivers only a bad mouth with defeat. Circa 2013, when Megan Young won the MW crown, Philippines celebrated not only our first MW crown but Julia Morley for being a mother-figure, a philantrophist, for being “the” beauty with a purpose. But three years later, three losses later, Philippines is now singing a different tune. I just can’t help but wonder, WHAT if a nondeserving Filipina candidate won the blue crown over a much more deserving one, WHAT if the dirty politics (which btw has always been and will always be a part of the world of pageantry) is in our favour, and the world expresses its wrath against it, will Filipinos sat/act/feel and be the same?

      • If the Philippines won through Catriona, I wonder if people will still regard MW as a pageant that has now become a “second-tier” pageant. But hey, I don’t know what this tier kerfuffle is all about.

    • If the Philippines won through Catriona, and Cory Quirino still gave up the franchise, will people still regard Cory as a woman with integrity?

      • We all say, MW is a boring show but we watch and we follow anyways. #becauseWeArePageantFans

      • I cannot trust MWO anymore. If they did it in 2016, im sure they can do it again. I wouldnt want a victory or defeat under such circumstances. No more MW for me.

      • if Catriona had won and Cory still giving up the franchise then that would have been a different reason. like lacking of sponsors which is true for miss world philippines.

      • and sweetie, no i dont watch Miss World, not even when Megan won. lols and i dont follow Miss World, not on my facebook or IG.. making comments don’t mean following it.

      • You don’t know all the worms inside the can. She will not reach this decision if and only if there was no travesty . When Cory Approached Morley during the pageant I can sense that there is a friction between them. I saw the reaction of Morley after Cory say hello during the pageant night in DC. Unlike before they hug and kiss each other.

      • O ano Mio……nasagot na ang mga WHAT IF’s mo! walang kwenta naman ang argumento mo.

        Sa susunod lagyan mo naman ng kahit konting talino.

        Cheers ka na lang sa Miss U!!!!

    • Mio , did u forget that the NDs of PR and Indo ( top 3 placers) were in the panel? That’s why Pinoys are still reeling about the result . Pls do not forget that fact when u make your argument

      • I knew that. National Directors should not be a part of any judging panel. It was and will never be right. But lo and behold, MW allows this and it is a part of MW’s politics. Point is, WHAT IF, the Filipino ND also happened to be a part of the panel and the Filipina delegate won, will we act/say/feel and be the same way?

      • Point is, we feel angry because the results wasn’t on our favour. We feel betrayed because we love and believed in Catriona so much that our emotions, out faith were crushed. But hey, it is time to move on. It is what it is. Catriona will not be declared the winner by throwing all teas and shades. Catriona will not be declared the winner by boycotting MW, or by cyberbullying the winner, or by hating Julia Morley and the org — such unfortunate events that should not be but is happening (we are not the BEST beauty pageant fans after all). There’s no do-overs. We just have to accept what was, be happy with what is, and look forward to what will be. Renew our faith, from one Filipina queen to the next.

      • The travesty was clear. No need to raise your WHAT IFs. Your questions are irrelevant. What happened that night, in itself, is worthy of the condemnation.

      • @MIO

        maraming mga manloloko dahil??????? dahil may nagpapaloko… isa ka na don.

    • Pinoys did not contest MW 2014 and 2015 because we knew where our candidates belonged then . We did too last yr although we felt like Cat deserved to be in the winning triangle.
      As for 2013, was Cory Q part of the judging panel?

      • Good point Fabian… as usual! 👍👌
        Did not think about that… still a little sore from Catriona’s non-victory.
        It has, for me, taken a little interest off Maxine’s quest at MU.
        A defense mechanism perhaps.
        Oh the injustice of it all.. 😉

      • actually, contestable pa nga placing ni indo as 2nd runner up sa MW 2015 eh.. dahil na naman sa lilianang iyan

    • napakatanga mo naman pala eh. kung gusto mong magpakatanga eh di ikaw na lang wag mo na kaming idamay sa katangahan mo. kung gusto mo palang manalo ay through politics eh di bahala kasa buhay mo.. bakit nong nanalo ba si megan politics din ba iyon? kalokah lang ha… meron ba tayong sponsors don? pinoy judges? ang problem walay credibility ang judging, sa kung sino lang gusto niya.. di ba unfair iyon sa mga candidates na naghirap? siguro sa iyo hindi dahil naka tunganga ka lang naman sa computer mo. Puro ka what if???? dirty politics? dirty politics na nga ipinamukha pa. kung magpapageant ka man lang at lulutuin, sigurohin mong hindi halata para hindi maumay ang mga fans na katulad mo. wala namang pumipigil sa iyo kung magpakatanga ka.. continue dahling! lol

  19. Unexpected but not in the least surprising. Interest in Miss World Philippines seems to have been declining and the mess last year was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She does not need to elaborate on her reasons for giving up the franchise. I believe, after she took over, the “factors” that play in the Mess World became more transparent to her and she’s finally had enough of them.

  20. i’m curious about the timing of the decision
    did the org know about this prior to the 2016 competition
    or after?

    either way….hmmnn….

  21. MW has, in my humble opinion, become a second tier pageant. Their recent pageant has only validated what everyone suspected – placements and winners are all Julia’s picks and they’re all dependent on what her political motives/needs are. Julia has lost the interest of the Filipinos, a fanbase that any pageant would die to have. Personally, it would take a major change in MWO to even (attempt) to get my interest. Part of that change would be the departure of Julia off the “judging panel”, to have an actual competition on stage instead of just making announcement of who made the next cut, to actually have judges judging on pageant night and to have National Directors not be on any judging panel. If these things happen, I MIGHT take interest in MW again. In the interim, it’s a second tiered pageant quickly becoming a third tiered, irrelevant pageant. Good luck to the new franchise holder. You’ll need it…

    • P.S. – Good move by MWO to announce this while the Filipinos and the world are focused on MU. Less chance of “gossip and scandal” to be associated with an already floundering MWO.

  22. Good Luck sa new franchise owner. Gaano kaya kalaki malulugi sa kanya knowing na mostly of the pinoy pageant enthusiasts ay wala ng amor sa Miss World? Very bad investment Arnold.

  23. The hell with Miss World! Nakumpleto na naman natin any korona ah! To date tatlo country lang nakagawa nun. Nung nag runner up si Gwen it didn’t create much noise. Back in the 80s mas anticipated PA ang Miss Asia Pacific. It was only when Ruffa won na nagka interest ang mga Pinoy Taz nanahimik na ulit until Megan won. Given this pagigihan na lang natin Ang streAk SA Miss U para masemento ang pagiging powerhouse.

  24. Thank you Cory for giving it up after what The woman did to Cat. I don’t really care since that was the last time I am following the pageant. Anyways good luck to you Arnold. I don’t know how you will be able to bring back the enthusiasm of the Filipinos to watch and follow Miss World again.

  25. Under Cory’s helm: 1Miss World, 1 1st Ru, 1 Top 10, 1 Top 15, 1 Top 5 and 1 Top 25. That is the most successful franchise holder of MWP ever, compared under Miss RP, BBP and Mutya who also owned the franchise of MWP before. Talagang tinapat lang nya sa Miss Universe season ang pagresign Kaloka #AllTeaNoShade

  26. I was hoping NO ONE will pick up the franchise.. leave it to Indonesia and China to fight for the crown next

  27. Masaya sana ako kung si julia morley ang naggive up ng MWO. Of course that wont happen. But seriously wala na akong amor sa MW. I dun care who holds the MWP franchise now or how good our candidate will be. IT WILL NOT MATTER.

  28. It’s Personal and business reason daw.
    Mas gusto ko malaman yung Personal reason hihihi 🙂
    Cguro ang ABS-CBN na lang ang hahawak pantapat sa yaman at negosyo ni Miss Minchin Lailana ng Indonesia hihihi
    Good luck sa kaibigan ni Madam Cory na hahawak sa MWP Franchise 🙂

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