18 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Charlene Leslie of Aruba

  1. let’s hope maureen ava vieira’s magic will rub off on her.. maureen was really a favorite in 1974, sexy and so amiable, and even appeared as lead in a movie named after her ” miss aruba went to town “, … ay, those days..!!

  2. It could be between Aruba and Brazil…

    Thailand is not Q&A material but she might make it to the Top 5 just to make things interesting…

  3. Wowww! Ganda naman at wala talaga syang kyeme kahit matusok tusok pa ng tinik ang butt sa SS pic ha, taray naman! Top 10 o 5 for her, may aura kasi si ineng na kakaiba!

  4. She has all the goods! Baka ito manalo, ayon sa prediction, somebody who has letter C in her name, a country near Atlantic Ocean.

  5. This 5’11” beauty from the island of ARUBA is definitely on my top 10 list. On top of her super model looks, she’s pursuing a Masters degree and speaks 3 languages. There are strong delegates coming from the Caribbean this year, but Aruba is my fave.

  6. Difinite TOP 15.. Beauty, brains and brawn!
    She has a low sash-factor but she might make the TOP 10 if she blows us away during the swimsuit competition.

    • Definite*…

      And again,

      Anz athlete, a model, and a future doctor of nutrition.. Wow! She might even make it to the TOP 5!

      • Closer — Yes, I agree. She could make it to top 5. And if there’s a dark horse to win this pageant, Miss Aruba could be it. It will all depend on her performance during the prelims and finals. She already has the beauty and brains.

      • Ms Mel…
        A lot of Top contenders from the Caribean…
        She might replace Curacao in my Top 10..

        I’m expecting

        2 asians in the Top 5


        2 Mullatas in the Top 5


        2 Latinas in the Top 5


        Caucasians in the Top 5

        In her case, she is both Mullata and Latina which increases her chances.

  7. Ang daming magagnda… Oh Maxine dahlinnn if you want to do well , please follow your instinct specially when it comes to you hair and make up. No updo hair for u…a big no!

  8. Ganda ng mga pics nya but NO sa Video.
    Need nya ang Elegant/Queenly Aura/Walk.
    Ginawa syang babaeng bakla sa Video hihihi.
    Need ng MUO ang kagaya nya to speak about Health and Nutrition as another program sa MU2016.
    Bet ko ang kinky hair nya na palaban din ang dating like Brazil hihihi

    Miss Aruba Universe 2016 is CHARLENE LESLIE! Follow her Miss Universe 2016 journey here: http://www.missosology.org (Website) http://www.missosology.info (Forum) #CharleneLeslie #MissUniverseAruba2016 #MissUniverseAruba #MissUniverse2016 #MissUniverse #MissUniverso2016 #MissUniverso #ConfidentlyBeautiful #MU2016 #2016MissUniverse #MissAruba2016 #MissAruba #Aruba #CostaRica #Real_Missosology #MissosologyInstagram #Missosology #MissosologyAruba -MA

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    • O ayan, walang Pinoy Judge daw hihihi.
      So, walang lutuan sa Back2Back announcement of winner of MU2016 this Jan. 30, 2017.
      Kaloka ang Gabriela ha… Mapapamura na naman c DU30 sa inyo nyan hihihi Charette lng 🙂

      • Ang dami namang arte ng Gabriela! Paki-transform nga yang si Rep. Arlene Brosas para maihanda sa BbP2017, Jonas!



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