12 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Sari Nakazawa of Japan

  1. japan has consistently performed well at MU in the 60’s and 70’s, was a runner-up to gloria diaz in 1969, a semi-finalist in 1973 when margie moran won, was the first country from asia to win MU in akiko kojima in 1958, and of course another title thru riyo mori.. let’s hope japan this year regains its strong sash, like last year.. go japan, for team asia!!!

  2. She’s the strongest East Asian candidate this year. I hope she’s well-prepared, imo, with a killer styling, this girl can slay. Good luck to her, she’s somehow one of my sentimental faves along with Thailand, and of course, our very own Max. I hope all three becomes the most successful Asian candidates this year, wag na si Ke$ha kaloka.

      • I knew it! Ariela Arida and Ann Colis ang peg… hmmmm… Baka mag TOP 5… Buti nalang waley sa comskills… Unless sobrang galing ng interpreter… Ughhh! Noooo!

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