54 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina | The Send-Off

  1. Pahiram kay Max ang mga sequestered alahas ni Madam marcos…mas mahal pa sa MU crown,
    At wala na worries about the gowns she’s going to wear…the jewels will definitely be the talk of the world…or the universe rather and of course the focus will be on her…..haha…pasabog yan…Joke

  2. Its just a send-off masyado kayong natataranta. Hindi naman to basehan ng score sa competition!
    Ilabas ang ALAS sa Tamang Panahon. Mga tao dito parang laging baguhan!

  3. Good luck Maxine. Show the world, the universe rather, that Philippines isnt just about drugs and gov’t-sanctioned EJKs.

    • Gov’t sactioned EJK. You are certainly an ignoramus. You have no basis. You are probably a part of Narcopolitocs beneficiary.

  4. I don’t like Maxine’s transformation at all. I think Aces & Queens isn’t getting it right this time. That styling is reminiscent of one of those Nora Aunor’s gay impersonators without the nasty mole of course. Sorry pero mas maganda pa sya nung BBP where she looked fresh.

  5. in case, pagka hindi destined si Ms Medina, a runner up placement is not bad. Laban lang maxine.



  7. Okay, wait. akala ko talaga si Albert ang gagawa ng NC. sorry. LOL Si Rhett pala. I hope they come up with something eye catching, pasabog or bonggang natcos. Knowing Rhett’s designs, medyo simple lang.. more on silhouette lang halos. but we’ll see. siguro naman hindi sila magpapakampante lang. Pero nakaka excite ang jewelmer! may pa pearls si Mayor!

  8. Nakakakaba lang talaga. Rhett Eala’s creation eh hindi pang pageant. They’re taking risk. Tiwala na lang tayo para di ma stress. Anyway Max’s face eh hindi naman yong pang typical pageant na looks parang same lang sa creation ni Rhett na pang mowdel world, ganern. Malay natin, yon na pala ang gusto ng IMG ngayon mowdel mowdelan na Queen. Fingers crossed.

  9. I do not understand the overall styling. She looks as if she is going to her prom. The bun hairstyle is so Pia in 2015. Can’t they come up with something new and unique?

  10. Back2Back po ito mga ATeh 🙂
    Sabi nga ni MI Queen Kylie, “I can’t wait for another crown for the Phils. kaya, iuwi mo na ang korona, plsss”

  11. I hope pasabog ang gown and NC ni Maxine. I mean the competition is in the phils… BPCI doesn’t have to worry about paying for a bunch of extra baggages etc.

    • I am actually afraid it would not happen with Rhett Eala as the designer for both the National Costume and Evening Gown. We already saw the works of Rhett, and there is nothing spectacular in his crafts. I may be wrong this time. Good luck to you, Maxine.

      • thoughts were my thoughts initially. I wasn’t a fan of Maxine’s EG and NC during BBP. Hindi agaw attention…

        pero reading that article. I’m hoping naman that they came up a great design. This is MU that we’re talking about. Wag sayangin ang opportunity.

      • I am there with you 4M and Joy. Hindi maganda ‘yung natcos at evening gown ni Maxine during BbP, kaya may duda ako kay Rhett. Maging ‘yung mga creations n’ys sa clients n’ya, hindi magaganda. Lalamunin ng buhay ng Almodal creations ang mga gawa niya. But, who knows? It’s Miss Universe time, at mukha namang pinaghandaan talaga ni Rhett at BPCI ang mga susuutin ni Maxine. It’s Rhett’s time to shine, huwag niyang sayangin. Dahil ‘pag hindi maganda ang mga designs n’ya, bashers are gonna hate him left and right.

      • Bat naman kasi parehong Rhett ang designs. Let’s hope he and Max came up with something. Like I said, Im sure that BPCI and A&Q have inner knowings of the concept of the NatCos and gown. Is she wearing 2 gowns or just 1?

      • 4M! Max’s evening gown during the BBP finals is okay for me. mas katanggap tanggap kasi from her RE NatCos! Her natcos was super boring. nadala lang ni Maxine.

        Based on the article na nabasa ko, Rhet eala will be creating Maxine’s Natcos, Prelim and Finals evening gown. So I assume, dalawa nga ang susuotin niya? why not!

    • Wala bes. Terno na naman to. Hays, expectorant pa nmn ako na malaki at pasabog NC ni max dahil sa pinas nga gaganapin. I hope na alam na ni rhet at BPCI ang tamang cut and style that will fit maxine.

      • I hate this thread… kaka depress… Akala ko mapapawow ako sa isusuot ni Max… I hope I’m wrong.

  12. This is it, Maxine ! Wishing you all the best as you officially start your quest for our 4th Miss U crown ! You can do it, Max ! We got your back, girl ! ***4M4MU2016*** GOD bless and Mabuhay Philippines ***

  13. Tito Norms!

    Wala bang prediction contest dyan?

    Top 3


    Top 10



    Sierra Leone
    Puerto Rico

    Top 20

    South Africa

  14. First of all, i just want to say she look so mamahalin! But tbh, i quite didnt like the look. Why? Because i know may mas maganda syang look diyan. But it’s fine, maybe i was just expecting more pasabog (?) but again, she still look beautiful and elegant!

    Really queen of the orient seas! Im so excited for her!! I can feel the passion and her determination. She really proved her bashers wrong! I know she’ll do well!

    She’s wearing a rhett eala gown. Im so excited for her evening gown! I believe her NatCos is by albert andrada, Tito Norms?

    Kylie looks like a Japanese super star! Grabe ganda ni bakla! Angelica Alita is beautiful! She can be oulne of our future BBP queen. Train lang and workout she’ll be fine!

    Brw, i love Max’s confidence – claiming duterte will witness a b2b! Law of attraction!

  15. 1) The color looks so good on Maxine! I like her gown, styling, and make-up here.

    2) Kylie, Nicole, and Joanna look beatiful too. I like the yellow on Joanna

    3) What is Jehza wearing?!

  16. Time flies. Best of luck, Maxine! Chance favors the prepared. You’ve worked so hard – you deserve all the love and support as you try to get that elusive back-to-back win for the Philippines. ❤

    That being said, I hope her team won't style her hair in an updo after this, lalo na for the most important MU activities, prelims at finals night. Minimize sana kasi while she still looks good this hairstyle isn't the best way to highlight her features.

      • ..talangka agad?! d b pwedeng realistic lang ‘teh…bayot na maut ug dagway.

      • I think Marvin1978 is sooooooo fatalistic. Hindi marunong lumaban in short walang yagbols. Kahit fortitude na lang Marvin have mercy on yourself!

    • Hoy Gorang ilhan kaayo nga maot pud kag nawong kay imong batasan dili makaon sa iro.

      I am not really a type of person who will stoop down to your level of mentality but your half-wittedness is unfathomable. Don’t such be an idiot, I just wish the blogger will block you as I observed all your comments are trashy. This forum/blog is for decent people who can converse and exchange ideas smartly.

      I wonder if your a dog who migrated to Philippines because of what have you showed here in this blog.

      If you have nothing constructive things to say STFU and let the decent Filipinos support their candidates positively regardless of what the result will be.

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