27 comments on “Sunday Specials: One Last Photoshoot of Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach in NYC

  1. I’d love it if she showed more boob cleavage on this picture but yes Pia, you want us to look at your beautiful face… K.

    Hahaha Love u Pia! 🙂

  2. Mga Bakla, naniniwala ako sa top 3 placement…konteng-konte nalang talaga at maniniwala na ako sa destiny. It would be sweet kung magkakaroon tayo ng 2nd ru this time for Maxine Medina but it would be sweeter if Miss Universe 2016!

  3. The first candidate to arrive in the Philippines is Miss US Virgin Islands. Welcome to the Philippines CAROLYN CARTER!

  4. Life has taken me away from the pageant scene lately but no time like the present to jump back in. Just in time for MU 2017 to get into full swing, especially since San Francisco is going to be socked in with rain for the next week.

    Speaking of rain, man I am going to miss Pia’s reign. It has been a joy to follow her and she clearly has been MUO’s shining beacon of all its titleholders this year.

    I was there at the Axis and can’t believe after 42 years we did it. MU 1996 in the same theater was my first live experience and in between the two I was in the audience many times when Philippines clapped clapped clapped.

    Thank you Pia for never giving up. Thank you Pia for giving us 1000% in Las Vegas. Thank you Pia for staying above all the drama that critics and haters have thrown at you. Thank you for a year of dazzling us as Miss Universe 2016. Thank you thank thank you.

    I’m sure it will be significantly less than 42 years before another Filipina steps foot into that Manhattan apartment. Pia has been an inspiration.

    To all of you in the Philippines, hope as many of you can make it if even remotely possible. Forget about the excuses why you can’t. Got to Starbucks less, don’t buy that new shirt or those new shoes, skip the next phone upgrade.

    Something about witnessing a Miss Universe pageant live just can’t be beat. Especially when we will have two of our own on that stage!


  5. curious lang ako as to what happened with her Yamamay photoshoot? Did the campaign ever get released? super inaabangan ko pa naman yun. Anyone who has info about it?

    • I heard it from the grapevines what had actually transpired on Pia’s planned endorsement campaign with yamamay but I would rather not to say anything here baka pagtulungan na naman ako ng mga baklang pangit.

    • I think you have to ask Yamamay about it. It doesn’t look like they released any new bikini collections in 2016. Maybe during the lead-up to MU?

      In the same way, Pia’s Asian Adventures shoots didn’t make sense to me until they released the game, a looooong time after they were shot.

      Or, maybe, Yamamay is rethinking it’s swimwear line. If you visit its website, the swimwear line isn’t featured at all, or perhaps because it’s winter.

      And please, it’s never about the model. If they didn’t like the model, they could have done a reshoot and still released a collection anyway.

      It’s hard to take J este someone seriously when their professional experience is nowhere near international business and they try to make it appear that they’re in the know, when time and time again, we know that they know nothing. Unlike Jon Snow.

  6. Tito Norms is Fadil going to be working with MU candidates? Curious since he didn’t do Pia’s last shoot.

    • That is the 64-Million Dollar Question because Fadil has been tied up with other national beauty queens of late. But I wouldn’t really mind if they bring in a new guy like Filbert D Kung. 😉

    • I think not. If I remember correctly a few months after Pia was crowned nasabi na nila na she’s the last Miss U that he’ll be handling. Fadil usually does the final shoot too, kaso dito hindi. So baka hindi na talaga.

      I’m not really a big fan of his work, but I’ll miss him a lot still. He’s been a big part of Miss U tradition eh.

  7. Pia so beautiful and sexy. I will miss you and hoping that you will conquer Hollywood after your reign is over. You are the best Miss Universe ever.

  8. Aba aba aba, hindi masama kung uungusan pa ni Queen Pia ang ginawa ni Janine sa Nu Muses hihihi.
    Pagpipyestahan ng buong mundo este ng Universe ang katakamtakam na alindog ni Queen Pia kung magpapasexy na sya.
    I hope she can penetrate hollywood while working with MUO and modelling after 30th of January 2016.

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