14 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Johanna Acs of Germany 

  1. An upgrade! Their last year’s rep was a total dud. Kung hindi ba na-ambush interview yung mahaderang rep nila last year hindi pa mapapansin yun.

  2. Her chance is ruined because their last years rep was a bitch to Pia — we must never forget. #paybacktime

  3. she didn’t make it in the previous pageants she joined, although 1st RU at a second tier one, and semi-finalist at MI, same batch as Krista Kleiner… will she make it at MU..? Nah…!!

  4. She is sooo stunning and I fear that she can be the biggest threat to our chance for a back-to-back win.

    • I think Brazil will be one of the biggest threat.. she’s got that fun swagger that I love like KC Fennel.

  5. She’s pretty and I love the bone-structure…. sexy and fierce… We would have very good-looking kids… I just hope she has a nice attitude as oppose to last year’s rep.

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