9 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Cristal Silva of Mexico

  1. Mukha ba talagang matataray ang mga Mexicana? Halos lahat na lang ng contests na galing sa kanila ay mukhang mataray.


  2. Mars Laila, alam ko pinapagana mo ang iyong DPA prowess to uncover the national costume and evening gown to be worn by Maxine. Sino ba ang designer niya, si Rhett Eala pa rin ba? I am praying na hindi na Filipiniana ang ipasuot sa kanya. At ang gown niya sana eh sobrang pangabog!

  3. She got plenty of buzz from pageant fans all over after she was crowned, but it feels like things simmered down by a lot the more contestants were revealed. Makes me think she might be another Gwendolyn in the making – crowned in her home country with the bang but ended her Miss Universe stint with barely a whimper. I love her piercing eyes, but I think Ana Girault would’ve made Mexico’s Miss U bid stronger this year had she been the one sent to compete instead. She comes across as one-dimensional in most of her shoots I’ve seen so far, but that being said, I’m still hoping that she’ll go far. I like her better than some of this edition’s most hyped candidates. She has potential to do really well. I hope she’s at least more energetic than Gwen on stage.

  4. She’s got the look… She may now have the moves as in pageantry and pasarella.. But does she have the wits?… Well she is definitely in my Top 15 pre-arrival faves….

  5. Hmmm.. Beauty wise I like her. She’s Shamcey, Gabriela and Jimena rolled into 1. She’s definitely in my watchlist.

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