9 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Estefania Bernal of Argentina 

  1. Looks like 30-ish but beautiful kung di lang binanggit age niya dito I would think she would be one of the older candidates of this batch.

  2. with the right styling and attitude on stage this girl can rock the competition!

  3. Ang ganda, la problema es el basura… charot santos
    Madaming itatapon sa trash bin na magaganda hihihi
    Pero, Sige na Nga ipasok na kita sa Top 15 depende kung maganda ang Duck Walk hihihi

  4. so hot!!! But girls of her type are rarely ever picked. Too modelesque. Should take the cue from the Aussies- put loads and loads and loads of personality as you would put loads and loads of tanning lotion lol

  5. Possible Top 15… but I suggest she shapes those eyebrows… They are too thick and bushy IMO..

  6. ..i hope she had rigorous trainings the past weeks if she was only chosen last november..with proper styling, she has the makings of a MU queen..she reminds me of molly and ximena somehow..i find her brows too strong altho pd nya e peg si brooke shields..also, i,find her nose bridge pag naka side view somewhat not pleasing..but facially, shes quite there..she needs to soften her make up and all..

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