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  1. Congrats sir Norman, a dream come true! I am already excited about the updates of this big event. Ngayon pa lang nagpapasalamat na ako sa yo!!! Good luck sir Norman! Keep it up.

  2. Norms, see you sa Governor’s Ball, the Official Miss Universe Welcome Dinner on the 16th. Based on their emailed invitation, Derek Ramsey and Joey Mead are hosting. Maybe this is where the chismis of Joey’s hosting came from. Great performers are on the line-up for the night with the UP Madrigal Singers and Jed Madela initially confirmed, pero dami pang inaayos na artists. Some chismis: VIP Guests pay their tables to book access to this BLACK TIE, red carpet event. And the table is crazy expensive! Chavit is earning a lot from this! Each table, you get to pick 2 candidates to share table with. Since the sponsors don’t know exactly who the front-runners to pick, there was in introduction and backgrounder of some alpha candidates. From the way they did it, COLOMBIA was packaged as the girl to beat. So sponsors all lined up to book her on their table. IF the arangements are indeed confirmed, we got USA and Canada on our table. As Chavit quipped- ‘oh, di kayo mabore dyan sa dalawang yan kase marunong mag-ingles yan’… Also, as of today, Jollibee still not likely to be part of Miss U! Ganda sana ng proposal on the equity of Jollibee- on the pageant day intro, Pia will walk with Jollibee mascot na naka-Barong! The cost? 25M lang.. Just for you too see how big a business the hosting of a Miss Universe pageant is!!

  3. congrats tito norman!!!! From this…. soon….. to be a National Director of bbp. hihi. pwede naman diba. Good Luck!

  4. Well deserved, Norman. Imagine what’s in stored for you in the next five years!
    Bravo! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€—

  5. Way to go Sir Norman ! Congratulations once again !
    Unreachable ka na talaga. So proud of what you have achieved so far – you’ve come a long way indeed β™‘β™‘β™‘ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Can’t wait to read all about here on your blog Tito Norms. I remember 1994 and I was a newbie reporter for an international agency covering MU 1994. It was a dream come true for me. Hobnobbing with the candidates and ex-MU titlists during the Coronation Ball, watching rehearsals, being backstage during the pageant, attending press conference. Nakaka-excite din to be an insider and know the chismis. I remember talking to some candidates complaining about not getting enough sleep and the summer heat of Manila, juggling from one event to another, the Pinoy fans. Oh those were the days haha. Have fun Tito Norms!

  7. there is not much to cover din naman pala…facially, ni walang standout talaga..parang time llang ni paulina, alam na cnu mananalo…pasalamat tau sa MU brand at mastery of pageant production, otherwise parang nanonood lang tau ng MW or MI. . . ga ilan lang din ang kavugerah ..di tulad nung time ni ara, araw araw ang rampahan, neck to neck ang kabugan nun nina ukraine at ate monique na nagpa init sa 13 degrees na lamig sa moscow .. naalala ko,tuloy si whulan ba un, ang selfie queen sa taon na un..now, her compatriot kezia is a strong contender..im afraid, the 2 last standing women will be colombia and phils…juicekolord..tapos lahat tau mag antay kung tama nga ba ang announce ni steve harvey..i can see 2 more latinas and 2 europeans as spoilers…

  8. Bongga πŸ™‚
    Kalkalin ang dapat malaman ng mga readers Mommy Norman lalo na sa mga controversy sa past ng mga contestants at sa mga chismax sa mga nangyayari during MU2016 events on and off cam, sa room, sa toilet, sa dis-oras ng gabi/dawn, nawawalang mga malalanding hitad na candidates sa madaling araw, etc.
    Dapat kayo ang mauuna kesa mababasa namin ang malalagim at kasindaksindak na mga pangyayari sa ibang mga tsismosang bakla na bumangon pa sa kanilang mga libingan para makiusyuso sa sariwang duguan na mga pangyayari hihihi charette lng pero totoo πŸ™‚
    Excited kaming lahat at kay Joy, goodluck sa mga documented with photos/videos kahit pa nangyari ang balita sa loob ng shower room hihihi charette.
    Mga news and tsismis from Steve Harvey, Ashley Graham, Steve, co-host at iba pang host kung meron, yung mga performers, isali na rin yung mga MU/Pinoy gurards, judges, yung mga marami ng nasalihan na international pageants, yung mga contestants na mahaba ang preparations like 2015 pa nakoronahan bakit kasali pa sila ngayon na may bagong requirements/rules naman ang MUO, returnees/withdrawals ng countries and why, mga ganap from Richelle Singson ang Mama Jonas, yung mga nanaynanayan ng mga candidates kung anong nangyayari, yung mga food preparation kung anong details ay excited din kaming malaman, yung itsura ng room at magulo ba ang gamit ng contestants kc masikip ang room hihihi, etc
    I hope transparent lahat at walang itinatagong balita dahil pangit ang nangyari kc puede namang ibalita ng maganda ang pangit na balita kesa naman malaman pa namin sa ibang mga tsismosang bakla hihihi.
    I’m so Excited πŸ™‚

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