14 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Chanelle de Lau of Curaçao 

    • and if she wins, why not?? this will cement Phil’s reputation as the country for first time winners (Spain ’74 and India’94)

  1. She’s a great upgrade from last year’s rep who made the it to the Top 10. If she has the brains, she might make it to the Top 5.

  2. Gondah! Bakit ang baduy ng styling ni Maxine sa presscon. Why that hair?!!!! Sinong bakla ang to blame. STOP EXPERIMENTING ON HER ! Max is naturally beautiful no need to over do the hair and make up.

  3. Daming matatangkad!
    May isang 6’2″
    Anim ang 6 footer
    Sampu ang 5’11”
    Walo ang 5’10”
    Tig-21 ang 5’9″ at 5’8″
    13 ang 5’7″
    4 ang 5’6″
    Isang 5’5″

    Average height 5’9″

    Ayon yan kay Wikipedia.

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