13 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Valeria Piazza of Peru

  1. She’s going to have a very slight edge because MUO is already familiar with her, having sent Pia during her coronation. It does seem that she comes from the same mold that Laura Spoya came from. Mukhang may type ang mga Peruvian ‘pag dating sa beauty queen.

  2. Sweet nya sa video below pero kontrabida ang middle pic nya above 🙂
    Galingan pa nya ang pasarela sa Prelim kung gusto nya mapasali sa Top 15 🙂

  3. I think she’ll do well. First, her name screams Miss Universe. And two, she just seems more mature and seasoned like Pia and Deshauna. Seems like the new MU is past the days of crowning youthful girls like Zuleyka. Seems like they want girls who have experienced life a bit.

  4. The same Laura Spoya who was one among the more vocal candidates in dissing Pia (and the events surrounding the botched Steve H announcement) and continued to do so even after issuing what was supposed to be an ‘apology’.

    She again picked up that severed human foot she found at her pictorial and attempted to clobber Filipino pageant fans with it when Kylie V won MI, claiming that the MI judging process was no better than MGI’s Tom Yam Goong style of judging…

    That being said- and some credit to Laura- this year’s Peruvian rep pales in comparison to her beauty, though we hope that she wouldn’t be such an evil c_nt..

    • I didn’t know about that story. Laura Spoya of Peru was my MU 2015 bet, Colombia was my first runner up. I feel sad to hear that.

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