10 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Camila Barraza of Kosovo

  1. She has the face, but we will have to wait and see if she has the personality. I hope she’s well supported at home.

  2. wait! I know this is off topic, but what happened to Sal Garcia? nanghihingi ng help to fund her travel para sa Miss U?

  3. Love her charm. Kosova reps have always been head turners @ the MU. Hope she gets the nod of the judges as one of the favorites. I’d definitely give her my 2 thumbs up.

  4. Para syang Miss Colombia.
    Very clear ang pagiging latina nya dahil sya’y half-Argentinian and Half-Albanian, born in argentina nagstart rumampa @14, nagpalaboylaboy sa ibang bansa tapos naging miss kosovo at naging citizen sya ng Kosovo last december daw sabi ng charette na info. 🙂
    Kung ganda ang pag-uusapan ay pasok sa Top 15 kaya lang baka magaya sya sa last year na hanggang ganda na lang, sayang naman.
    I hope pasok sya sa Top 15 at huwag lang mapeke ang MUO sa makapal na make-up ni Indonesia hihihi

  5. She’s pretty but her personality is a bit dry… Not the prettiest from Kosovo but she might make it to the Top 15 based on beauty alone.

  6. I’m loving her look. I loved last year’s Kosovo too with the short hair and I hope she surprises us!

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