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  1. WELL as long na she is happy and contented and it is her passion so there is no talking needed, kahit saang trabaho naman if gusto mong mag pakasama nor mag pakabuti na sa tao na yun,,,,,, stigma is not essential,,,,,,,,,,,,, choice na nag tao yun .

  2. Jeremi, I know the conversion rate. Fixed rate of 1 USD = 3.76 SAR. We are the accredited hospital of Saudia Airlines and I have a lot of friends na FA not to mention mga piloto pag renewal ng license NILA. I know about the salary because one of my friend turn down the offer from being a Nurse to FA. Rogelie is a Nursing graduate too for what I know.

    • It was actually 3.75
      I don’t think that your nurse friend is telling the truth.
      From what I know nurses in Saudi earn from 700 to 900 Usd.
      No FA will ever accept that kind of compensation.
      I started at SAR.7,500 back then with a yearly increase of 750 a year
      All tax free

  3. I was a FA with Saudia for 4 years and it was the most amazing experience I’ve had. She will have the most amazing time for sure. First class accomodation, being treated as royalty, endless high-end shopping in Jeddah and Riyadh, first class transportation etc etc etc. Oh how I miss days those days with Saudia and in Saudi Arabia.
    Congratulations Rogelie

    • I hope u were not one of those snotty Pinoy FAs. I Always try avoiding Pinoy FAs. I’d rather receive rudeness from non-Filipinos (which does not happen very often.)

    • Although medyo exaggerated Yung story mo,I’ll leave it as it is coz nakikita ko dina-drop ng coaster niyo ung mga FA SA Tapat ng Al Mahmal mall in Balad which is not high end. I seldomly see fa at Rubaiyat or Mall of Arabia either. YOur accommodation at saudia city is a larger version of condos in Ortigas and Sharbatly village is more high end.

    • The benefits of Saudia is attractive and competitive. Di siya sayang in fact swerte siya. She can go apply other airline din naman ang mahalaga she have started in a good company.

    • Korak! As in the likes of Singapore Airlines pero for experience gora na rin. Hindi na rin masama Ang tax free na USD 1200 a month with free accommodation and free trips abroad. Huwag lang sana siya lapastanganin ng mga fellow FA niyang Tunisian or Ehipto.

      • Gemma whom did you get the info about 1,200USD a month. It is actually between 7k to 10k Saudi Riyals which about 2k to 2,500 Usd. Know the facts

  4. Wow! Naipasa Niya screening ng IPAMS Recruitment. Hopefully, international flights ang bigay sa kanya. And Kung may manligaw man SA kanyang piloto eh non-arab sana para makaiwas SA mga mala Emily Artadi na wakas.

  5. wow ang ganda niya wearing hijab look so fab and respectable…. so doesnt mean only wearing sexy dresses that looks beautiful, look at rogelie, wearing simple dress like this she is still look fabulous.

    • True!!! At least yan di kailangan ibuyangyang ang jewels and pearls para kumita!!! Mas malaki pa swelduhan diyan kumpara sa pokpokan mask as pokpokan ni Janine!!!

      • Ano kinnect ni tejanine? wow huh respect the choices of others ang mahalaga di sila pabigat sa akin, sa iyo at sa iba pang tao. But true wearing the abaya and hijab is so modest at ngmumukhang mamahalin lalo na if dati nang maganda.

      • Damit at ang kawalan ng damit bakla!!! Si Janine ibinuyangyang ang flowerpot!!! Pinokpok ang sarili para kumita!

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