43 comments on “On Ms. Dimaluna Tourism 2016

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  2. JawsKUH, ano ba yang EJK na yan. Kahit nga c De5 walang maipakitang ebedinsya at natapos na lang ang pagiging Justice sec. nya ay waley pa rin.
    Ginagamit lang ang mga kakutsabang local at international media na may EJK kasi nasupalpal sila ni DU30 at wala silang panlaban kaya gawa na lang sila ng mga maling information na kagaya ng World History na gawa ng US na napakaraming mali para ipalabas lang na Hero ang US.
    How about yung mga Pinatay ng mga kano sa mundo like in the Phils, Middle East and other countries, di ba mas masahol pa yan sa sinasabi nilang EJK killings at may paDiyos Dyos pa kayo.
    Di ba Senyora hihihi 🙂
    Pero ang Ganda ni Devine.
    May future syang maging MGI to stop the War … hihihi Charot Santos.

  3. Ang brave niya to answer that way. Personally, I don’t agree with her answer because I believe every life is precious and we need to do everything to save all lives. but… that’s her opinion and we should respect it.

  4. pak!!! daming matatalino ah… very informative kayo beks salamat. sali tayo sa Miss Gay sa barangay this 2017 bes. hahahah. for the final Q&A, kelangan mo lang mamili sa 3 options below ang explain why. charot!!! a. Pro-EJK; Pro-drugs b. Pro-EJK; Anti-Drugs c. Anti-EJK; Pro-drugs

  5. Brave answer to an expected question. Kudos to her preparation! Not smart just well prepared…nothing wrong with that.

  6. Very impressed with her answer despite lacking objective substance. We should not use the answer to debate our own point of views. It is a pageant and not a political debate. Now, I wonder what Maxine would say about this. I hope she is getting ready!

  7. Why don’t we begin by sacrificing this stupid bitch’s life. On less stupid Filipino can save a million lives. SMH

  8. Akala ko pipitsugin na International Beauty Pageant ito pero local pageant pala hihihi.
    Congratz sa winner.
    Guapa man pud ang winner.
    Taga Ozamiz c Adelle Go na Supermodel noon at baka may apo na ngayon hihihi
    Maalala ko pa yang Medina College noon na kahit tagamalayong lugar ay nakakagraduate yung mga 2nd courser sa Nursing hihihi.
    May kilala akong naging client ko na Doctor na nagTop 4 sa Nursing board exam from Medina college at mukhang nasa US na kasama ang family.

  9. And Tito Norms agrees that she did a good job answering the question?!

    Didnt Jesus left the herd of 99 to find that single lost sheep?

    • I blogged about Ms Dimaluna Tourism purely for vital purposes. If I was a judge, I would still make her win because Devine gave a solid reply as per pageant standards. It doesn’t mean that I support her views. It only implies that she has presence of mind during the Q&A.

      • C2f. The 99 other sheep were left in the “wilderness”. Heaven forbid what fate the flock could have suffered in the wilderness. Yet Jesus went out to save the lost sheep. Oh well, right, we don’t have to follow such example.

        But wait, do you think illegal drugs are the solution to big problems in life? You just have to kill your senses and the problem goes pfft, doesnt it? Nope, right? I’m afraid EJK is as horrible as drugs. The irony of it all.

      • @aj

        EJK is not the cure but it is this one small alleged side effect of the solution to wipe out crime and corruption. If there was a better cure than an invasive chemotheraphy to fight a unique case of cancer then I’d love to hear it.

      • Tito Norman, I beg to disagree. For me, Devine did not give a solid answer. The first sentence completely contradicts the rest of her reply. How could she proclaim life is a gift when, on one hand, she condones killing to save a million lives? Against din ako sa EJK lalo na the loss of innocent lives or yong mga tinatawag na collateral damage pero papalakpakan ko sya had she not included the first sentence in her Q&A.

    • @Aj

      Yes, Jesus preached that the shepperd left the 99 to find the single lost sheep because during that time, there were no pack of drug-addicted wolves who could ravage the rest of the herd.

      • The 99 other sheep were left in the “wilderness”. Heaven forbid what fate the flock could have suffered in the wilderness. Yet Jesus went out to save the lost sheep.

      • @AJ

        If I was omniscient and omnipotent, I would also do the same… But I’m not. Are you? 🙂

      • C2f, respect for human rights and concern for fellow human beings do not require omniscience and omnipotence.

      • @Aj

        Well you need those powers to leave a herd of 99 just to look for one.

      • I never did illegal drugs johnny. But i also dont relish the idea of a human being getting killed. If we hate people who kill be they on drugs or not, why do we have to wear their shoes and kill as well? It’s absurd dude.

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  11. I applaud her for giving such a brave answer. However, the end still does not justify the means. “Life is a gift” and yet she supports EJK? Ugh.

    • @Donna

      I don’t think she ever implied that she supports extra-judicial killings. What she obviously meant was, these criminals are the cause of deaths of millions innocent lives. Now, if you are in a situation where you have to choose between the lives of these criminals or the lives of their victims, should you choose to protect the criminals?

      FYI, majority of the victims of these alleged “EJK”s are criminals who resisted arrest with weapons that compromised the safety of the police and all the innocent people around them. Another cause of these alleged “EJK”s are criminals killing criminals to prevent the other from ratting on them. Therefore, if all of these criminals would just surrender then there wouldn’t be any casualties and our police wouldn’t have to arrest them by force. But obviously, that is close to impossible hence, to be able to protect the innocent, criminal casualties would be inevitable.

      • Wow, ang galing naman ni C2F Fabian Reyes ooooo… pati paa ko pumalakpak hihihi
        Huwag din tayo paloloko sa mga Hepatitis supporters na ginagamit ang EJK at iba pang kadramahan dahil di nila natalo si Duterte sa election kaya gagawa talaga yan ng mga paraan para ang dilawan ang makaupo.
        Naniniwala ba kayo sa mga ipinaglalaban ng mga dilawan, hihihi politics is politics.
        Kung noon pa sana nila ginawa ang pagpapaunlad at kapayapaan sa Bansa ay ginawa na sana nila noon pa.
        Ayaw nga nilang banggain ang mga heneral, at iba pang bigtime drug syndicate noon, anong credibility meron ang mga dilawan ngayon na puro pagpapabagsak sa DU30 ang ginagawa sa halip na tulungan ang mga mahihirap at wala namang pakialam ang mga dilaw na yan sa mahihirap kungdi magpasarap at magkamal lang ng salapi at pagtatawanan ang mga kawawang biktima sa kahirapan hihihi.
        Busy sila lagi kung paano patumbahin c DU30.
        Samantalang c DU30 ay busy sa pagsugpo sa kahirapan at mga kriminal.

      • Dear c2f, to quote you…

        “Now, if you are in a situation where you have to choose between the lives of these criminals or the lives of their victims, should you choose to protect the criminals?”

        With regard to your statement above, may i ask you some questions:
        1. Which courts or judges convicted these “criminals”?
        2. How does the govt determine whether a “criminal” is to be killed rather than rehabilitated?
        3. How credible is the system in place to identify the so-called “criminals”?
        4. What can you say about those cases of people who have been wrongly included in the list? Isnt it statistically possible that some of those who have been killed might have also bee mistakenly identified as drug addicts or suppliers?
        5. Don’t you think the government is violating Article 3 of the Philippine Constitution? The Article provides that:

        Section 1. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, nor shall any person be denied the equal protection of the laws.

        Section 2. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures of whatever nature and for any purpose shall be inviolable, and no search warrant or warrant of arrest shall issue except upon probable cause to be determined personally by the judge after examination under oath or affirmation of the complainant and the witnesses he may produce, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.

        I will look out for your replies and thoughts.

      • @Aj

        Are the answers to your questions the solution to my question?.. No..

        Fact is EJKs have been happening in all the past administrations… And yet none of the past administrations were able to put a cap on the rising crime rate… Hence whatever they were doing were proven innefective. The current administration has the political will to implement a different solution. It is producing not the most perfect results but it is proven to be way more effective than the past admins. Now here you are criticizing their actions .. which I don’t mind at all.. BUT what I would like to hear is if you have a better solution to the problem?

      • C2F, just because there is no other “option” doesnt mean that the existing is the best.

        also, you dont compare something bad to another bad thing just to make it the “better” case. you dont compare past administrations to duterte’s (in terms of EJK cases) in the same way that you cannot compare shoplifting to car snatching just to make one look better (or worse) and make it the more acceptable “social norm or practice”. Fact is, both are illegal and bad, and both need to stop happening.

        The biggest puzzle to me tho is how people like you keep missing (even deliberately snobbing) the fact that people killed in EJK cases ARE NOT PROVEN GUILTY YET. You do not have any proof that they are indeed guilty. Heck, how could they even prove their innocence when they’re already dead? Ikaw, sabihin ko kriminal ka without due process, tapos patayin ka ni duterte sa harap ng maraming tao and he will come off clean and innocent without you being able to defend yourself, ok lang sayo?

        Bottomline here is, taking the life of anybody, innocent or not, is just not the right thing to do. It’s not political will, Honey. It’s a f*cking killing spree

      • @Unorthodox
        I guess you did not understand my comments correctly. I am also against EJK but there are casualties who are labeled by the opposition and media as extrajudicial killings for the purpose of black propaganda against the current administration regardless if it is EJK or not.
        Again, those examples of EJKs you mentioned are also allegations against the current administration.. Do you also have proof that those “innocent until proven guilty citizens” who died are killed extra-judicially in the hands of our police? I don’t think so.

      • I’m still waiting for your answers to my questions c2f. Let’s make this discussion more systematic, coherent and, above all, objective.

      • Oh, and yes c2f, your answers to my questions will help us clarify our values and accordingly answer your questions.

      • @Aj

        How about you try to answer my initial question 1st:

        “If you are in a situation where you have to choose between the lives of these criminals or the lives of their victims, should you choose to protect the criminals?”

        Before I answer your long line of questions that may contradict my point but does not offer a better solution to the problem which is crime and corruption.

  12. As a country who’s been battling against drugs and crime for decades, I believe that we already have come to a precipice that we all have to choose between the lives of a few druglord/drug-pushers against millions of innocent lives. It is the truth and yet not everyone could swallow the it because some of us are still bound by the twisted morals perpetuated by a bunch of ancient hypocrites. 🙂

    • C2f, what if i am yet to have sufficient information to make a judgement whether it’s the truth or not? Or say i prefer rehabilitation rather than summary execution? Does it mean my morality is twisted or that I’m hypocrite?

      • @Aj

        Who’s doing the summary executions?..
        Most EJKs are mere allegations…

        I also prefer rehabilitation just like the current administration who just converted the recently discovered Mega shabu laboratory into a giant rehabilitation center.

      • C2f, you and i and the whole world know and the govt brandishes it like a warrior holding out a decapitated head as a war trophy. Sad to say those people were not given the due process of law, which our Constitution stipulates as a basic right of every Filipino. That’s summary execution aka EJK. That’s an easy way out but it’s inhumane and unconsitutional. The govt has to find a solution that respects basic human rights and the Constitution that holds the nation intact. If the govt can blatantly violate the ultimate Law of the land, what moral asendancy does it have to stop others from violating the same? What precedent is this wanton disregard of the Bill of Rights setting?

        If duterte and you guys are so cool about summary executions then why dont you have the Constitution amended accordingly? Then at least you guys we won’t be desecrating our Constitution and contradicting ourselves. At least EJK wont be illegal, never mind that it will remain inhumane if that’s what we as a nation really are.

      • @Aj

        Really? Well who are these victims you are reffering to? Could you give an example?… Are you here in the Philippines?… You must be getting all those infos from the International media. 🙂

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