39 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Sal Garcia of the Dominican Republic 

  1. Happy new year to all Queens in contest of #65thMissUniverse in #Philippines congrats

  2. Humihingi na din ng financial help si Sal Garcia…di daw siya mabibigyan ng help ng government nila para maka-compete.

    • Bong 700 naman. Find something classy pls! Manga rap ka by afterimage? Classmate ng classmate /friend ko si Mel tiangco’s son ? He is a good singer but I have a lot of first hand info abt him hihihi he is a nice guy though

      • Fabian, mangarap ka ang message ko sa kanya at yan ang unang naisip ko.
        Wala akong makitang magandang video dahil tinatamad akong magsearch.
        Ito na lang ang napili ko dahil pangmasa ang dating.
        Kagaya na lang sa mga box-office movies na pinoy na super baduy at walang class na sinasabi mo pero patok sa masa kaya ienjoy mo na lang dahil wala ka ng choice.. charot lang hihihi
        Palakpakan mo pala si BF mong c C2F kasi pati paa ko ay pumalakpak sa kanya hihihi

  3. Ano ba tong mga latest na na-feature, mga kandidata ba sa Die Beautiful to? Ang chachaka! Ilinya na ang over-baked na pics ni Maxine!

  4. Sal is one of my favorites. She’s in my top 5.

    She’s not the conventional type of beauty, specially for a beauty pageant. But she’s very high end and very edgy. She’s a clear stand out.

    For me, she’s beautiful. She has a very interesting and unique look. She has a great body. Great catwalk… And that broad shoulder and swan-like longggg neck? Very classy and elegant.

    She seems a bit of a diva though. She seems a bit bitchy. But then again, most Dominican girls I know are like that, haha.

    I would love to see her in top 5.

  5. Miss Universe has a surplus of beautiful women. We all know what happened last year to India, Vietnam, Paraguay, Georgia. Communication skills were their downfall. And I am glad someone like Natasha Manuela who is very much lacking both in beauty as well as communications will not do well in this pageant

      • The problem was Urbashi’s face . It was not pretty . You have to have a pleasant face and a pleasant personality.

  6. ligwak tu..waley..last year’s Molina was a standout but on the wrong pageant..she should have been on the Barbie Doll contest.

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