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  1. My latest TOP 10

    Top 10:
    Philippines- Having one of the strongest faces, she’s almost perfect. She could be the one if she nails the Q&A.
    Brazil- She’s got the face, body and background. She’s Latina, 2nd black Rep of Brazil and the prettiest black contestant so far. Ph has good diplomatic ties w/ Brazil. They currently have one of the longest semi-finalist placement streak. Among the pageant crazy latin countries, Brazil’s win at MU is now the longest overdue- 27 years. Weakness: English comskills.
    Venezuela- Not the best facialy but a 6ft Venezuelan with Syrian-Italian ancestry and a fierce pasarela is hard to ignore. And of course, the sash factor guarantees that she’s more than prepaired without a doubt.
    Canada- Her pageantry skills is a bit all over the place but her sexy body and great personality with brains would definitely bring her to the top.
    Colombia- Exotic, Modelesque, Statuesque with a tried and tested pageantry skills. She definitely one of the best but it’s the diva personality that usually pulls them down.
    Australia- Sweet, sexy and statuesque. A model who speaks from the heart which is a perfect match to her classic face.
    Thailand- She has a beautiful exotic face and sexy body. They always have one of the best gowns and costumes. It’s the comskills that would prevent her from reaching the TOP 5.
    USA- Not one of the strongest faces but her background is timely and relevant. And of course, the sash factor.
    Indonesia-Not the pretiest face and I find her a bit of a copycat when it comes to pageantry. Lucky for her, their local org is always full support specially this year and well she is copying the best.
    Spain- Sexy statuesque body and diplomatic ties with our country.

    France- Not the most facialy attractive among their past queens but she came from one of the biggest national pageants in Europe and she’s got all the pageant skills.
    Mexico- Good diplomatic ties with Ph. Timely and relevant this year. Not the best rep but she might give a surprise performance after all her trainnings.
    Aruba- She has beauty and brains but has a weak sash factor.
    Panama- Not one of the best facially but her local org is full support.
    Netherlands- She’s an exotic white top model.
    Ukraine- Also not the most facialy attractive among their past queens but she’s well prepaired.
    South Africa- They never fail to send a contestant with brains which makes them the token country from Africa unless there’s a prettier African contestant who’s also a complete package with beauty brains and class.
    Turkey- Even though she has one of the best facial bone structure and gymfit body, her pageantry is weak.
    Ecuador- Well prepped with a sexy body and a bit of sash factor.
    Curacao- Pretty with nice background and good momentum after placing Top 10 last year.
    Barbados- Sexy body but weak sash factor
    Dominican Republic – Sash factor
    Puerto Rico- Sash factor.

  2. Happier new year to Tito Norms and to everyone connected to this blog! Especially to those who regularly spare part of their precious time to share their thoughts and insights on pageant-related issues and topics. Let’s all continue to hold the Philippine pageant torch up high to show the world, the universe rather, that as long as we have the heart to serve and a strong mind and the core values of humanity, then we will because we can be the major major pageant powerhouse ever.😊😊😊

  3. A peaceful new year to all!!!

    Excited na ako sa paglaban ni Maxine. Sana ma-achieve din natin ang back-to-back ng Venezuela.

      • Miss Tissa, bakla, don’t worry…nung na-fail makatop 10 si Jaya, 2016 pa nuon at hindi 2017 kaya safe pa ang 2017 for us..Antayin mong si Elizabeth Ramsay ang sasabak sa pageant duon sa Malaysia, tiyak mananalo sya:)))

      • Hindi naman kasi talaga standout yung jaya. Kahawig no jinky pacquiao. I hope she at least had fun in MY.

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