46 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Maxine Medina of the Philippines 

  1. May tanong lang ako mga baklang pangit, bakit nga pala di dala ni Nicole Corroves yung trophy at flag nya dun sa guesting nila sa Family Feud

    • Eh kasi nga di ba dala-dala niya lagi yung runner-up trophy niya!!! Di pa kasi pagawan ng chain at ikwintas!

    • Mga baklang to, wala atang handa at naglalagi dito sa blog kahit new year! Hahahaha..
      Puro galit sa puso nanaman pinapak nyo. Hahaha!

      Palibhasa 1 bash = 1 peso

      Comment pa para makahabol ng pang laps.


  2. Max is currently in my Top 5 along with Brazil & Venezuela…

    Top 10:

    Top 15
    South Africa

      • @Jeremy

        Technically yes! 🙂 The competition started even before the host country was anounced.. But when all candidates have arrived, that’s when the real competion starts. So far these are the ones who I think would excell the next few weeks. Caveat! 😀

  3. Regardless of what others have to say, 4M is indeed ready to face and “conquer” the Universe !♡♡♡ She looks absolutely stunning ! Go Max 🙂

  4. I’m going to stop overanalyzing MU 2016. My experience with MW 2016 was so extremely exhausting.
    I just the Pinoys enjoy the show . And I know the only way they can do so is if they see Maxine through the very end of the show.
    Good luck , Maxine . Just be yourself.

    • Glamazon trademark moves and style aren’t the in thing now among international pageants, proof to that is when Pia won the crown besting the Latina heavyweights like Venezuela, Colombia, and Dominican Rep. Asians have started to dominate the scenes with left and right placements and winning such as Supranational, MI, Grand Int’l, Globe, and other minor pageants. Latinas performances in Miss Earth and Miss World aren’t the usual glamazon moves, it’s over and done, that was when Mr. Trump made us all believe that a MU prototype was fierce, bitchy, and shaky body movements.

  5. So much pressure to deliver back to back and yet she is looking more gorgeous than ever. Maxine you know we got your back. Now go get that crown #4M4MU

    • Wow ka dyan! Parang and dumi dumi nya dahil sa kapal ng make-up
      Imbes na purihin dapat sabihan yan na di dapat ganyan kakapal ang make up sayang ang mukha nya

      • LOL. Ever heard of BRONZER?!

        Minsan, mas ok tumahimik kaysa sa magcomment at humanash. Diba nga ang walang laman na lata, maingay?

      • Ei Sheena!.. Wag ka na patola kay Jeremi… papansin lang yan matagal na… Anyway, napadalaw ka?… Vacation ka ba lately? 😀

      • Sister hallu! Lipat bansa kaya lie low for quite some time. Wishful thinking makauwi ako ng Pinas to watch MU 😫😩 manunuod ka?

      • Can’t watch… may work ako that day… Unless may makuha ako VIP tickets.. magabsent talaga ako.. hahaha

      • Jeremi, super kapal nga ang make-up nyan kc kung light make-up yan ay ang laki ng eyebags, nagkamatis ang ilong at medyo chaka doll… medyo lng ha kc super chaka doll yung sa Miss world pero alam mo naman ang dahilan kung bakit nakaplace yung nasa MW hihihi

  6. I like Maxine too…she I prefer her with a softer and natural look. She should be styled like Ximena N. in the finals 🙂

  7. I like Maxine (win or lose) Everything about her; the way she talks (in normal conversation – not during interviews), her demeanor, how she carry wardrobes etc etc except for the make up that she has been wearing lately wherein she looks dirty and worn out. She reminds me of those pretty ladies who walks Sunset Boulevard at night whose make up are dust-smudged for staying on the street all night looking for “clients”. Please can somebody in her team brave enough to say and tell the truth about this kind of make-up. It doesn’t suit her ar all.

    • Ito rin yung comments na nabasa ko mula sa fb posts ni maxine at you tube, mdyo napuna ng ibang lahi ang heavy make up nya recently they said maxine is beautiful but needs to tone down her make up…. Still Maxine is my MU2017 wla na me paki kahit runner up pa sya.

      • Ganun ba? Kaso MU2016 lalaban si Maxine hinde MU2017. Paano yan? Ilalaban mo sya ulit sa MU2017???????

      • Oo alam ko. 2017 na pero ang gaganapin na pageant sa Jan 30 ay MU 2016 not MU 2017.
        Mukhang ikaw ang puyat at wala sa wisyo

  8. She’s IT!! May all the good forces in the Universe connect and give her all the positive vibes… If not a b2b, at the least a top 3!! Please…??!!

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