13 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Caris Tiivel of Australia 

    • I love her! Canada is now in my TOP 10… I love that she has beains and boobs… The jiggling in her swimsuit reminds me of Pia… Love it!. Love those jelly bags of fun… I wana squish’em, Juggle’em and feel their weight on my hands! I pat them hard together repeatedly like Bongos.. *gigil*

  1. Medyo turn off ako kaunti lang naman sa boses nya hihihi
    Pero ang importante naman yung laman ng sinasabi nya at kung paano nya maconvince ang judges sa sagot nya.
    I believe in you Caris hihihi

  2. She’s tall and pretty . But she looks too young and provincial. If the judges opt for a youthful innocent- looking candidate instead of the usual matronc ones , she will win no doubt.

  3. Australia has always been one of my favorites at the MU year after year AFTER year. Sweet, charming and the innocent vibe endear me to their rep every year. They pretty much are MW material for me as well.

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