17 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Mary Esther Were of Kenya

  1. Stunning and blessed. I pray you bring the crown home. All the best and the Lord perfect what concerns you present our country.

  2. Good profile. I think the new MUO scrutinizes the girl’s backgrounds din. Looking at their recent winners (Pia and Deshauna), I think they prefer good speakers, or girls who can talk and have substance. So this girl fits the bill.

  3. 4 crowns na ang nakuhang crown from African countries at tig-isang crown sina South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Angola(2011).
    Miss Kenya is an experienced Model, Journalist and a good speaker.
    C kenya ba ang best rep ng Africa to win the crown.
    Hooefully, this time for Africa hihihi Charette lng.

  4. i liked miss world kenya 2016 than miss universe kenya 2016, i think if that girl send to miss universe she will get high placement again…. i wasnt able to favor her to with along with miss philippines becauase i want natasha to win miss world even she is low rate beauty but sad to say wilnelia gave high score to miss puerto rico the reason why she won over gorgeous miss philippines. sorry pinoy fans we want to win, the only hope to win when we are part of the panel of judges…i hope you guys understand… liliana_charoit santos

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