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  1. I can smell JEALOUSY in the air, as pinoy, I can say that this Miss Venezuela is STUNNING!, it will be hard to keep your eyes away…

  2. IMHO, she will place or even win. The new MUO owners seem to want publicity. Last year, they chose a handful of finalists who had “good stories” – a half black Miss Japan who was bullied, a Muslim Miss Indonesia who wore a bikini, a Miss France who was a Paris bombing survivor, a Miss Venezuela who was from the wrong side of the tracks, a Miss Curacao who is now a cancer researcher after losing her grandmother to cancer, etc.

    A Syrian-Italian Miss Venezuela is gold for newspapers. Syrian refugees is a huge issue in the world right now. The Venezuelan economic crisis is also forefront in financial circles. Her win will generate better headlines for the MUO.

    Would she deserve it or not? We’ll see.

    • I agree, a Venezuelan with Syrian-Italian ancestry is Gold. But is it what IMG/MUorg want to highlight this year?… Would it be another TOP 6 like in 1994? So far she’s in my Top 15:

      South Africa

      Puerto Rico
      Dominican Republic

  3. Etong si Mariam, beauty nya not my cup of tea. Even yung makeup looks nya parang nauubusan na rin sila ng pag eekperimentuhan but…… ang effort, ang pagpupursigi talagang kitang kita mo sa kanya. like migbelis she’ para syang walking sunshine. very engaging kahit hindi mo sya maintindihan. the body is killer…lalo na pasarela.

    endearing to si Mariam for me, parang ang saya kasama baklang bakla.

  4. Ayaw ko sa kanya kasi sobrang tangkad!!! Typical MU should be 5’8″ to 5’10” only. Higante na yan!!!

  5. Yung mga lumalait, papunta na din diyan ang mukha ni Maxine! Sige ituloy pa ang pagkakapal-kapal na makeup at mali-maling contour at pag-experimentan ang shade ng lipstick! Konti na lang mukha ng pokpok na bilasa si Maxine! Mga bakla gising! Sinasabotahe tayo ni Kurniawan!!!!

  6. Tanga gumawa ng video na to, di pa daw ready eh 26 na nga, next year ng May at 27 na, at that time over age at disqualified na di pa rin ready? Tonta!

  7. JawsKuh dapat sa MI2017 na lang sya para maipaghiganti ang kabatch nyang c Jessica Duarte na kahit tumambling na sa MI2016 ay waley ang beauty nya hihihi.
    Sure winner to sa MI2017 sana with her barbie look same with edymar’s face and body that undergone scalpel’s help to transform hihihi
    If Mariam won’t make it to the Top 15, magwawala na talaga c Osmel dahil luhaan na sya sa MI at MW, C Mariam na last card nya ay mawaley pa sa MU hihihihi… charchar lang.
    Osmel, this is 4 you 🙂

  8. abtkurniawan@titasofpageantry @candypanim hahahha tara turo ko kayo 😍😍😍 sana papayag sila sa jakarta to make her look tan nga e. Hahahha.. kse parang feeling ko mas bagay sakanya.. what do u guys think?😍😍

    candypanim@abtkurniawan Please! I will book my ticket agad-agad. Kinikilig ako when you respond, you can ask @titasofpageantry Haha. Sabi ko papunas sa kamay mo pag nagkita kayo. Santo levels. Lol. Yes! Tanned talaga ang pansinin. I like Keke. Parang ang bait niya. ❤️❤️❤️
    abtkurniawan@candypanim.. hahahaha santo talaga ha? .. nakakahiya kay tita ng bayan @titasofpageantry #charot hahahha oo try ko nga convince mga utaowskie sa amin.. iba kse ang mga isip nila lolzz

  9. She is overdone, no longer natural. It is still but refreshing to see a girl who is naturally and effortlessly beautiful. Thus, I can’t see her making it to the semi-finals.

  10. She’s more of a handsome beauty kaya I understand why she always get mixed to negative reactions from pageant fans all over, but I find myself a bit drawn to her for some reason. Must be the banging toned body.

    The most stunning Venezuelan candidate they’ve sent in the recent years so far for me would always be Irene Esser. I hope if she wins she turns out to be Gabriela Isler – yung mej questionable rin yung ganda nung umpisa but turned out to be a good queen talaga.

    • I agree, Irene Esser got the Universal beauty and has a good balance of a toned and voluptuous body.

      • Too bad she messed up in the Q and A portion. Janine’s runner up finish would have been a tiny bit less painful had Irene been the one who got the crown. Sumablay kasi itong si Irene ng matindi sa sagot niya eh.

      • Na high siguro sa dami ng hair spray sa kanya before the final question.. acncording to Nick Vireos blog… bka sinadya din na sprayan sya para pumalpak sinc gs2 nila talaga manalo US that time due to the Boston bombing.

      • That was my first impression of Gabby when she was crowned. Mukhang ninang/tita na ng ibang kandidata, pero she eventually grew on me naman.

  11. Sa mga post lately about Maxine preparations puro A&Q ang umaasikaso, ano role ng Bb Pilipinas ?

    • @ Dan Dan

      hahaha… over-processed!!! Norman said Filipinos love Venezuelan beauties in general, well, sorry po, am not among the “general”, never liked Venezuelan beauties ever!

  12. We can all agree that facially, she’s one of the weakest Venezuelan candidate ever sent to MU.

    But this girl has a killer body and great cat walk skills.

    She also has a very strong stage presence (if you haven’t seen her walk, look it up!)

    As Pinoy beckis would say — “powerful”

    She’ll defintely will be a semi finalist.

  13. Overbaked beauty has lost her X factor. She is a shadow of Edymar after the cosmetic surgery. Only her Blonde hair works for me. Freshness where art thou?

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