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  1. one pic she looks like jamie rivera another pic sarsi emanuel then sometimes she looks like an inferior version of aileen damiles. am not impressed but she looks OK and OK is not a good word to win MU.

  2. do u know who i see in indonesian queens??? sarsi emanuel tha 80s bombshell actress. more than half ot heir queens seem to possess ttha aura and facial similarity and thats not good.


  4. Kezia is a lot more beautiful than the Miss World 2016 second runner-up from Indonesia. But, she is less beautiful when she stands beside Maxine. I don’t see her make it in the top 10.

      • I think MUO won’t do stupid bias act to crown a girl least deserving. Was there ever a time it allowed to sit a national director in the judges’ panel? IMG, a very well known and premiere modelling agency, won’t dare make lapses out of other’s greediness and risk its brand.

  5. If she wins, the Latin fans are going to be vicious on her. Kezia and the rest of puteris get their place on several hot picks minus the ‘fea’ comments because in all honesty, the pageant world still does not see them as a real powerhouse. Not even a potential one believe me. Hilarious how Indos have this belief that these Latin countries could ever truly recognize and appreciate their reps. They don’t because they only stand by their own queens – always.

    She’s pleasant, but facially she’s on the mid-bottom list. She’s tall but it’s not like height ever really played a huge part in choosing a winner. She’s probably kind but it doesn’t transcend that much – meek is a much better word to describe her and that’s never a good sign if one is gunning for a Miss Universe win.

    Maxine is leagues better than her. Even with her communication skills flaw she can still run circles around Kezia. No Albert or Libiran could cover this – kaya nga ginagawa siyang kambal ni Maxine to begin with kasi nga focusing on her own “strengths” would only highlight her flaws even more.

    I would be pissed if she cracks the top 15. She doesn’t deserve it.

  6. Sana huwag tayo magka amnesia sa lahat ng mga bansang bumastos kay Pia, Kyle, at Catriona. Siguraduhaing itatapon sila sa kangkungan come January 30th. I’m tired of their callousness. Huwag masyado maging forgiving mga madlang pipol.

    • I don’t think that would happen… We were brainwashed for hundreds of years na pag binato ka ng bato, batuhin mo ng tinapay… No wonder, we got colonized a lot… Expect Indonesia, Thailand, Colombia and India in the Top 15.

  7. Sana kuhain nilang translator for miss U eh yung galing sa miss earth para mag back to back tayo!!!!

  8. Wow! May Francis Pana na,may A&Q PA, pag di PA ba naman nag top 15 si inday Ewan ko na lang!

    • Mauungusan niya si Maxine!!! Marked my word!!! Sinisimulan ng isabotahe ng Hindotnesian na kababayan ni Keke si Maxine!!! Yang si Albert Kurniawan na walang katalent-talent ang magpapabagsak kay Maxine para iangat yung kababayan nya!!!

  9. I’m not a hater nor bias….

    But I just don’t find her beautiful at all. She’s very basic.

    Not even pretty.

    Her nose is unproportioned. It’s too big. Plus she has a crooked smile and her teeth aren’t great.

    I must admit she looks great in these photos — but these are airbrushed and photoshopped. Her candids are bad.

    The only thing that sets her apart is her height. She is defintely exceptionally tall for an Asian. Other than that, facially, she’s weak.

    Think Ana Fernandina Buquid (BB 2013 i think?). Her height was her biggest asset… but everything else was blah.

    There are much more other girls prettier than Kezia… Malaysia is farrr superior in terms of facial beauty.

    Dominican Republic is also beautiful… I’m sure MU & IMG will not ignore her. She’s very edgy.

  10. OOT:
    OMG 🙂
    Sa mga Anti-Janine, magsaya na kayo at nandito na ang kinaiinggitan at isusumpa nyo na photoshoot dahil di kayo ang napiling maging model ng Nu Muses hihihi charot lang.

    Would you pay as much as P1 million for a copy of the Nu Muses 2017 nude calendar featuring Filipina beauty queen Janine Tugonon?

    Anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the 2012 Miss Universe first runner-up as well as the 11 other featured international models in their birthday suits will have to shell out a pretty penny as the much-hyped calendar, now available at the Nu Muses website comes in not one but three limited edition packaging as well as individual fine print arts.

    The 20×24 fine print art of each model alone is available at $1,200 which at the current exchange rate roughly translates to P60,000, while a bigger 30×40 print has a price tag of $1,800 or about P90,000. Only five copies are available for each size which is printed on archival Hahnemuehle Fine Art Pearl with a certificate of authenticity so some bragging rights do come with each purchase.

    The calendar itself is available in limited quantities. The collector’s edition box set presented in a handmade, specially designed, hardback linen folio and consisting of 12×16 prints will set back each buyer by $1,000 or around P50,000. Only 1,000 copies are available in this configuration.

    The bigger premium edition containing 20×24 sized prints is available only in 100 copies and carries a price tag of $10,000 or about P500,000. The deluxe luxury edition of 24×24 prints presented in a linen handcrafted box and floating on a sculptural Lucite stand retails for a whopping $20,000 or P1 million as only 20 of these pricey babies are being sold.

    Each edition of the calendar is numbered, stamped and comes with certificate of authenticity but only the premium and deluxe editions are signed by celebrated photographer David Bellemere.

      • 4M, i noticed that too on this video.
        But i think the pictures of Janine are the best in the calendar.
        Janine pics might be the best seller and the first to be sold out maybe hihihi.
        Alam mo naman ang mga caucasians ay nababaliw sa mga exotic foods.. charotsss 🙂
        Pero kakaiba talaga ang kuha ni Janine 🙂

    • This is sad🙁
      Next stop…PORNO, shet!
      Baligtarin mo man ang mundo…Filipina ka pa rin!

      • Wow I am sad by your mentality

        I am a photographer too but I like more of a glamour and demure side of the profession but with what I saw from the shoots they were done beautifully with class celebrating femininity or the female form. Have you read what Bong has written on the comment (the prices part) yeah there are people willing to pay as much as million peso. The art is not being marketed in conservative country like the Philippines but the whole world or the universe rather. Every country has a millionaire who loves art and celebrates a classy photograph of femininity. If you nothing good to say S#%U nalang NAF said! thanks and bye

      • Well, abangan nyo ang documentary film na “Nude” by Starz at partly kinunan pa sa philippines this month kaya napauwi c Janine.
        I will expect Janine to be seen on US TV nx year 🙂
        Next stop: Hollywood hihihi
        Good Luck Janine.

      • True!!! Ano man sabihin nyo mga bakla na for arts sake keme eklavu etong photo chuchu ni Janine na to, malaswa talaga!!! At kahit ibinilad nya ng ibinilad lahat ng pwede nyang ibuyangyang waley talaga!!! Sumisilip na’t lahat ang keps niya diyan, di pa rin bastos?!!! Akala ko ba may class ang values ang Aces? Na kesyo matalino ekek daw si Janine!!! Eh ano tawag nyo diyan? Nagbilad ng katawan para sumikat wala namang napala! Kawawa naman si Ateng!!! Prinostitute na’t lahat sarili wala pa rin naging career! Karma niya yan sa kalandian niya!

      • Mga badings, didn’t you just hear that she was paid $10k Lang…To sell her panot na PekPek and her two Raisins…😖

        What are you talking about millions, millions here? Shet!

        There’s nothing wrong with setting up a goal, but you better be sure that those goals are attainable. Always remember to separate Fantacy from Reality, bwakk!

      • $10k lang?!!! Nakakaloka!!! Nagpakang-kang na lang sana siya sa politiko, umunlad pa siya at di pa naibuyangyang ang mga katago-tago niya!!! Cheap!

      • I’m proud of Janine kc talo nya c Dayana Mendoza at Olivia jordan + 2 Pinays na Ligwak at di nakasama sa Top 12.
        Kasama yan sa career nya at maraming inggit na international models kay Janine at kasama na ang ibang merlat sa Pinas na ayaw aminin na inggit ang mga p*ta dahil baka icondemn sila ng mga ipokritang Padre DamAso na Pinoy hihihi.
        Let’s wait sa Docu film NUDE of Janine nx year hihihi…

      • I would not want to see my sister or daughter naked. No matter how you try to justify it , it still makes for a very very uncomfortable discussion b/w the model and her family.
        However. It’s me . I was raised as a Maria Clara, Bong700.
        Whatever Janine , it’s her business.

  11. The girl is really nice. Medyo out of place and probably waiting for all of this to be done and over with. The fans are really vicious. Nag tone down na sila kase medyo matindi ang blackout sa IG ha. I follow several pageant accts and so far pageant central ph lang ata nakita kong nag post ng photos nya dito.

    This regional thing will get her to at least top 15. If they go cray cray with the voting pwedeng top 10. She’s plain pero likeable naman kaya lang Hindi rin sya masuportahan ng mga Pinoy kase grabe din talaga mga shenanigans ng mga kababayan nya.

    She’s on her way home na. 3 days lang ata sya dito and kaya din siguro hindi na nag explain AQ is because hindi naman nila tala trinain si Keke. Si Albert Kurniawan lang and his team tumulong sa kanya. Albert is an affiliate of AQ pero it doesn’t mean buong pwersa sila nag spend ng time and effort sa kanya so give na natin yang pagmamagandang loob tutal kababayan naman nya si Albert.

    Maswerte din sya kase naka pull sila ng clothes na modern na kahit sa photoshoots lang dito nag mukha syang current. Medyo outdated sila doon – very cultural show ang peg. Hindi malakas personality nya kaya feeling ko mahihirapan din nya manalo kase sa MU ngayon need na nila ng medyo aggressive at interactive na hindi lang sa stage on finals night -pang isang taon.

    • Sabotahe!!! Wag nyo pahawakan kay Kurniawan si Maxine baka lagyan pa niya ng asido mukha ni Maxine!!! Traydor ang putang Hindotnesian! Matapos magkamal ng pera at makaharbat ng mga lalake sa Pilipinas!!!

  12. I think the only training she had with AQ with the Indonesian guy. He posted on IG that she was here for 3 days of training with him.

  13. Don’t hate the girl just because the fans hype her. We’ve been guilty of the same for years pushing girls not worthy of the hype i.e. the Manalo sisters. Having said that I don’t see her as MU brand image. There’s something lacking in her – there’s no spark, no sophistication about her despite the army of top stylists, makeup artists around her. She is tall, that’s all, and so were a lot of girls last year who didn’t stand out next to Pia’s average height. I don’t blame Albert for helping her because she seems to be a nice girl and driven and determined. She wants what is best for her but all I see is a copycat of many a queens in her image styling. Girl you need to be you and if you can’t find the the best YOU in you, how is MU going to look for it? Or don’t mind me. Just my 2 cents

  14. At dahil kasingliwanag ng buwan ang kanyang panggagaya, papalakpak din sa finals night ang babaeng ito.

  15. Swerte ni Keke dahil sya ang unang Miss Universe ng Indonesia courtesy of A&Q 🙂
    Ang ganda nya, ang tangkad nya at may charity pa syang ginagawa.
    Parang asian barbie ang dating, pang Miss Universe talaga 🙂
    Kokoranahan na sya ni Queen Pia bilang bagong Miss Universe ng biglang nahulog ang korona at napasigaw si Pia at Keke ng Ayyyyyyyyyyy!
    Napasigaw din ako ng waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa at bigla akong nagising, isang panaginip lang pala ang lahat hihihi ….. charot charot lang hihihi
    Nang dahil dyan ay ito ang kanta para kay Keke 🙂

  16. Overhyped! She is not queenly. Well if politics and money bribing exist in Miss Universe then there’s a possibility of her taking the crown or she and her family (including their ill mannered fanatics) kneel in beans for a month to ask for a miracle to happen. Sorry I cannot really see a Miss Universe crown in her head.

    My choices as of today are

    Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand (I hope they will make it to top 10 and one of them will be crowned)

    Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, USA, Panama, Barbados and Argentina

    This ladies is not to my liking pero I think pasok sila sa tough15 MEXICO, BRAZIL and COLOMBIA or VENEZUELA

  17. I dnt want to question why AnQ and or KF train girls from other countries; because we have to remember that Mirriam Qiambao ended up 1st run having trained by Osmel from Venezuela himself . At the end of the day , its still business.

    If i were Keke, i would be insulted being styled as Maxine / or being compared to Maxine since i have my own identity . That is if she understands the true essence if beauty.

    I still have to see the rest of the candidates .

    As they always say ,” kita na lang tayo sa finals !”

    • I think she wouldn’t feel insulted because obviously she and the puteri org are trying to replicate everything on our candidate’s (i.e. MI and now MU) over all packaging but but… they can never replicate the wit and radiance of our Bb.s

  18. Overrated. Hyped by self-entitled Indonesians.
    The fact that Filipinos or A&Q sare helping her is disgusting; especially with how Her fans have bullied Kylie and sabotaged many Filipina candidates. She’s tall but that’s all. In the end it’s just a Wal-Mart version of Maxine with caked-make up. Without it; she’s a manish orangutan. Thailand and Malaysia has more appeal than her and that is without A&Q’s help or the arrogant push of thirsty fans. My long criticism speaks volumes of how much she’s not a top contender. Back to the clappers with this dog.

    • Separate the girl from the fans, you are just as bad. Calling this beautiful lady a dog? Get a life and have some class. She is working hard just like Maxine.

      • Even if I serparated her with the fans; she’s still an ugly dog. Class? Have you seen the comments here? Get off her high horse. I’m tired of filipinos trying to defend and show a helping hand towards people that are just going to stab you in the back. She’s not working hard; her fans are. In the end she’s a clapper.

      • Also I’m not trying to be a saint; my disgust that the Indonesian pageant industry have the nerve to use our resources despite allowing such corruption and bullying against our queens is justified. Get a life? Beki you’re the one bothered enough to reply at an opinion. Take your own advice and keep licking indonesian arse

      • @Kk I still try to maintain even a meager amount of decency. I still believe in God and follow the golden rule. And as one said, love love until it hurts. If you believe otherwise, so be it.

    • Ayon ako kay Victoriano. Separate the fans. You don’t know her heart. You’re totally judgmental. Lumalabas pusali ang isip mo. Eh kung tawaging aso ang ina mo?

      • You guys didn’t seem to seperate the fans when that mango miss world indo candidate unfairly won, especially during the top model event? Sorry but I have seen enough of their antics to show my kindness. I’m not risking being kind to really see her heart. If I am judgemental then let it be. I rather be prejudiced at a pageant community and their candidate that inherently wants us to fall than have my kindness abused.

      • “These are the few ways we can practice humility:

        To speak as little as possible of one’s self.

        To mind one’s own business.

        Not to want to manage other people’s affairs.

        To avoid curiosity.

        To accept contradictions and correction cheerfully.

        To pass over the mistakes of others.

        To accept insults and injuries.

        To accept being slighted, forgotten and disliked.

        To be kind and gentle even under provocation.

        Never to stand on one’s dignity.

        To choose always the hardest.”
        ― Mother Teresa, The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living

  19. Maxine Medina 2.0 (from make up to styling and everything) – not that it’s bad but where is the originality here ? I must admit she is looking beautiful, thanks to A & Q ? 🙂

    • For a second yeah! A Maxine 2.0 but just a couple of seconds lumalabas pa din ang Keke in her which is a definition of a clapper. Just like in MI hinulma si Felicia to be Kylie 2.0 pero lumabas pa din pagka buwang oh sorry I mean pagka Felicia Huwang niya sa manggo shape attributes niya hehehe

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