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  2. These new clips of maxine in a beautiful red gown are making me excited for MU. Her styling here is on point. She looks so sultry. I can’t get my eyes off her

  3. She’s not one-dimensional and I love that. Ito yung sa tingin ko kulang kay Maxine at sa nakararaming kandidata ng Miss U this year. She’s like Pia in that regard – yung masaya kasama, marunong makitungo sa iba pero may lalim rin if needed. Kahit na Maxine and a whole lot of other candidates are ‘better-looking’ I actually wouldn’t mind if she wins this thing.

    To be honest I think the new owners of Miss U are over the type of queens Latin countries have been sending to the pageant. Yung prototype ni Ariadna et al kasi sobrang babaw talaga, bodering on being sabaw. Puro ganda at pang trophy display lang for the most part. Save for gems like Gabby, ha.

  4. A possible spoiler in the mold of MU 1999 from Botswana. She has the universally exquisite facial features, modelesque body and statuesque bearing. Let’s just hope and pray that Maxine will not choke like Miriam Q did in the top 3 Q&A.

    • shet!!! this simple red gown and with this looks and aura can captivate judges eyes. panalo ang dating nya d2. i think they are trying to show us mala danaya mendoza. hinde magaya ng sakto pero pwede na. effective. i polished nalang ng mas maayos. and i think tama lang na ganyang aura. diversity in short. wag masyado mala pia. pwedeng may pag ka pia pero in a different ways. she need to look like come finals na hinde lang ganda ang mapapansin mo yun bang mapapansin mo din sa kanyang mga mata o aura na shes 100% ready to speak also. ready for Q&A portion.

      i told b4 nawala ang excitement ko sa MU after ng nangyari sa MW. but when i saw this in my FB wall. damn!! pinanood ko ng paulit ulit and it bring back my excitement. but still i will not expect more. hopefully kung gaano sya kaganda at ka queenly sa mga photoshoots sana ganun din sa finals or more than that.

      • Okay na sana, may Dayana Mendoza pang ginagaya. Hindi naman siguro, may sariling ganda si Max, oriental beauty but not bordering on timidity. I don’t see Pia in her too. Maxine is different even the way she moves, walang peg. She is unique.

  5. Lots of gorgeous and tall girls this year. I am having a hard picking the top 15!! But for me she is not on my list. If it was Miss Hawaii I would say yes to USA!!

  6. Deshauna will make it to the semis because she has the wit. Q&A will be a breeze for her.

    Although she definitely has that seriousness in her, she knows when to have fun.

  7. What will make her shine through will be her wit. But someone here is right – her being Miss USA could be a disadvantage. It’s like being in the elections. there are odds stacked against her and for her. And sometimes, being a fresh face and entrant in the pageant world like Sierra Leone would garner more attention.

  8. Naku kahit mag top 5 pa yan si ateng at mag top 3, runner up lang ang placement nya. Cordoves gave a very intelligent answer still placed 2nd to Ariska of indonesia. At MW, Kenya and Phil gave the best answers and in neck-to-neck with eaxh other pero tinalo din ni Puerto Rico, Dom rep at Indonesia. Pero Kath Espin of ecuador, gave the best answer won the ME crown also with Kylie V for MI. Di talaga natin alam king ano ang hanap nila this year. Kaya instead of bashing deshauna, supportahan na lang natin si Maxine, mas magandang mag effort sa pag support kesa sa pambash.

    OT: after Albert K. (MUA of A&Q’s glam team) contract with A&Q ends, will he renew it or babalik sya sa indonesia to share his talent sa kanyang bansa?

    • your last question is good…the OT part. something for him to think about and something for us to ponder through……

    • Honey , the NDs from Indonesia and PR were among the judges…. hence the winners of MW. As for Nicole , Nawat wasn’t ready to give the crown to a Filipino and Ariana’s answer was not bad at al. Don’t make it too complicated.

      • girl, im not making it complicated, im stating facts. those pageants already have a winners. end of story

  9. Many were saying that she’s the most eloquent and witty.
    If that is the case, well, she better join a debate contest and not a beauty pageant.
    She may outshine most of the delegates in the q/a, but the question is, will she penetrate the semis ,and if, will she advance to the top 10 and top 5 eventually?
    I dont find her nailing the swimsuit and the evening gown portion.
    Methinks, she will be the Monic Perez of this batch.
    Suprafavorite but ended up clapping.

    • Basil u r full of sh-t!
      Did anyone encourage Miriam Defensor to join BP?
      All people are saying is that in a sea of beautiful girls, someone smart with a gift of gab stands out
      Tse hihihi

  10. she may have all the qualities – articulate, pretty, confident BUT USA already have 8 winners in this pageant, some even perceived to be “undeserved” and won only because of the sash… give the crown to others equally deserving, IBA NAMAN!!!

  11. When it comes to wit… She would be the grand champion… over Brazil, Colombia and Philippines… I only see Venezuela giving a better in the final Q&A… Another candidate who if she makes it to the TOP 5 would excell in the Q&A is miss Aruba and South Africa… another dark horse would be Australia.

  12. I think she will surprise many. After all, she is the woman who went from being on no ones prediction list to delivering a sound defeat to then-ultra favorite Miss Hawaii during Miss USA. I think people got the signal- Deshauna represents the shifting Miss Universe “type” under WMEIMG.

    It’s no coincidence that Andrea Tovar from Colombia is suddenly posting pics of herself volunteering with the police and army, it’s a strategic move. Deshauna may just be the exact opposite of Maxine’s bubbly, cheerful self – she is sharp as a knife and very posh.

    I think her biggest disadvantage is simply that she is Miss USA. There’s no greater snoozefest for pageant fans and insiders than a franchise crowning its own home delegate. Yawn. I support her nonetheless because from what I’ve seen she is truly a woman of substance and has been quite chummy with Maxine and Pia.

    • Opinion: do you think the Philippines is on the “wrong side” this year, having a reigning Miss U and being the host country, and we are aiming for a back to back? never mind the fact that our candidate’s strong suit are her looks and carriage, the weakest being her q and a.

  13. Prevent her sa Top 5 kung ayaw nyong manalo sya dahil cgurado ako na bullseye/panalo ang sagot nya😃
    Mamaya na ang song mo at matulog muna ako hihihi

  14. One disadvantage that may not be obvious is that she’s spent a lot of time with Pia and thus, has been compared and judged against the current MU. And how does she stack up? Not much, unless that’s a strategy. Sure, she has been the perfect companion (though Olivia Jordan was fun-ner) but one can’t help how quiet she is and even when Pia is not even trying to, she’s relegated to the background.

    Facially, not with the most though when she was here in the Philippines, the first-hand reports were that in the flesh, she’s really, really beautiful.

    Hopefully, we’ll get to see her on her own, to know the real Deshauna, out of the large shadow of the most memorable MU in recent memory, in January..

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