79 comments on “65th Miss Universe Watch | Raissa Santana of Brazil 

    • Baka drama lang yan?.. Kunwari hindi marunong … Sure naman na top 15 yan based on ganda tapos biglang ang galing pala mag pasarela..

      • Wrap up nga eh hihi c2f naman oh.. pero sa tingin ko may tinatago siyang husay sa pagrarampa 🙂

    • Why does Thailand have so many fans ? She is very very very ordinary .
      Same with Brazil and Colombia who both look extremely masculine. Most if not all Miss U winners were ultra feminine .
      It’s very difficult to appreciate USA’s beauty . But she makes it into the top 5 , she can win the crown .
      For now , my favorite is Australia . She just looks a little too young

      • If she makes it to the TOP 5.. I don’t think she could give a convincing answer to any of the 2 Questions.. Even with a learned biased translator.

  1. Guys, let us don’t forget this event. Let us support the countries whose delegates were behind Pia during her crowning. They are, Bulgaria, USA, Malaysia, Myanmar, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Austria, Mauritius, Lebanon, Israel, China, et al.

    • Will never. LMAO @ Indonesia’s crying face this country can really choke this year for all I care.

    • im agree to that. hoping na may karatula ang mga pinoy fans sa MOA na may nakalagay na names ng countries na naging mabait sincerely kay Pia during MU2015 lalo na si bulgaria at israel.

    • I was there during that fateful night. Parang parting of the sea – one side to Pia and the other to the losing team. Indonesia never acknowledged Pia’s victory on and off stage and yet here we are training its candidate. So typical of us pinoys alam ko we can easily forgive but can never forget. #karmaisab—h

      • So baka isa yun sa rason, bakit hindi na prioritize ang pag punta ni Pia sa Indonesia? LOL wala lang naisip ko lang

  2. I think she could be 3rd Runner up like Shamcey in Brazil… But if she speaks English, nails the final Q&A.. She might win!

  3. Maxine Medina in her pasarela training. I think itong sa video ni Jonas hindi pa niya isinama ‘yung emote training in front of the camera, at ‘yung posing. Totally walk pa lang ito. What can you say, guys?

    • I noticed that lately Max been wearing heavy make up and lipstick. She looked clownish already. Sorry. But anyway I still have high hopes for her.

    • I don’t think Maxine needs to show a lot of fierceness as her personality tends to be on teh sweet side. With that said I like this walk. Elegant and vulnerable and her projections are on point as if there’s a real camera on stage.

    • Magpuputa siguro. Nilangaw kasi yung mga projects sa US kahit ibinilad na nya lahat-lahat. Ilang sikat na personality na rin ang nilandi ni bakla, wa epek pa rin. Baka dito na maghahasik ng lagim at kakabit na lang kay Chavit.

      • Pssst! ‘Di halatang bitter na bitter ka kay Janine, ah! Ikaw ba ang ex n’ya? Hehehe!

      • Ay Ana Winter, idagdag mo pa yang X nya. Kung di ba naman skwaskwang ugali yan di ba!!! Makikipag-landian sa Twitter at online sa mga sikat na celebrity habang may bf?!!! Ilusyunadang palaka!

      • Hahaha! Ganun? Ibalato mo na lang ‘yan kay Janine. Nagbigay rin naman s’ya ng karangalan sa Pilipinas. Minsan ang mga magaganda, may angking kahinaan at kagagahan din. Hahaha!

    • d kaya sya ang co host ni steve? diba sabi pinay daw. so baka sya. baka lang. palaisipan pa kase gang ngayon sino ang co host steve. madame naman pinay sa bansa. 😅. if ever sya. what can u say?

      • Geoff, parang ‘di na magi-stage co-host si Steve. Si Ashley Graham na lang yata ang backstage host.

  4. among sa mga latina. base sa mga photos and some vidoes. shes the one na sure ako na pasok sa top 5. sya ang nakakatakot sa mga latina. shes the one to beat. mas na fe feel ko sya kaysa colombia, venenzuela at mexico. even wins.but only if she will do very well come finals. hairstyle ang problem nya and a little bit on make up. her aura is okay and she has the height. her face and being a black women is not an issue or a problem.
    mukang may pinaglalaban nga sya kaya ganyan ang buhok nya. well. MU is being confidently beautiful and now with a heart. mukang mabait naman ito and no attitude problem. so for her. just be your self, be beautifull and be confident enough.
    so far Philippines and Brazil they are my top 2 from now til the finals. im waiting for the 3 remaining girls. Maxine is still my Miss Universe 2016.

  5. She will be a Yaritza Reyes-MU Dom. Republic 2013 in MU2016.
    Top 10 semi-Finalist but if she’s lucky enough, She’ll be on the Top 5.
    PangMissU din pala c Ai-Ai basta itransform lng ng maayos.. Charot
    Bongga yung heels ng trainor hihihi

  6. She is the candidate to beat. Just like how Pia was the Asian that Latina fans would love (believe it or now, its true, before the mix up fiasco). I think Raissa is the Latina that all fans will adore. She is Pia’s successor.

  7. She’s a winner. Just gorgeous. Has the bubbly aura of Maxine, sex appeal of Colombia (minus bitchy attitude), and versatility of Pia. I hope she wins. And doesn’t she sometimes looks like both Rihanna and Beyoncé?

  8. I like her a lot. Wouldn’t surprise me if she took the crown and there’d be no complaint from me.

    My only question that I ask myself when seeing a beauty like her or Colombia or Venezuela is… Is she the prototype that the new MUO is looking for? I think we all noticed a difference last year just by who made the cuts. I think the new MUO is evolving and with each year that passes, we’ll get a clearer picture of their new prototype. Or… This year, the countries that make the first cut will be so different, type-wise, that it’ll make a statement to all that “this is what we’re looking for now”. Guess we’ll have to wait and see…

  9. I love her, my non Filipino friends love her ang problema kay Raissa styling!!!!! Lahat ng sinuot nya mula ng nanalo sya napaka questionable. Medyo vocal ako sa IG about her kase gusto ko na I umpog sa pader mga stylist nya. Nanalalamon sa floral, ruffles, flares, prints in short ang 90s! 😭😣

    Kaka kuda ko ay nag message sakin ano ba daw pwedeng look ni Raissa – sabi ko I know she loves her hair but it’s not a proper afro kaya wag nang I push. They have a habit of putting her hair up na Parang nest kaya please lang! Wag!

    She’s Brazilian, she has the presence, the pasarela (medyo hindi lang sya lean sa taste ko) pero they need to nail her makeup and please please channel Lais Ribiero VS model for styling na sexy pero di bastusin.

  10. not with that big hair. shes top 15-10. she needs to be styled differently. she looks kindah mature though….

  11. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than colombia. If maxine wont win(i hope she does), i wont mind her winning, or turkey.

  12. Mga vaks sya favorite ko so far. It’s funny how I mentioned it in the previous feature of Andrea and the next one featured is Brazil. Taft 5 to mga teh

  13. Reasons why she will be in the Top 5 0r at least Top 10

    – She’s got the height, face & body
    – She’s prettier than Deshauna Barber
    – She’s Latina & 2nd black Rep of Brazil
    – She has a good background story to tell
    – She has a background in modeling & marketing.
    – Philippines has good diplomatic ties w/ Brazil
    – At least 1 of the ff. will make it to the Top 5: Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil.
    -Brazil currently has one of the longest semi-finalist placement streak…
    – Among the 3 pageant crazy country, Brazil’s win is now the longest overdue- 27 years.

  14. She is gorgeous and irresistable!

    Strong contender for 2016 MU crown.

    But I am for Maxine Medina!!!

    Go go go Philippines!!!

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