15 comments on “Maxine Medina | The First Asian on the cover of Xpedition Middle East Magazine

  1. If Maxine nails all her Q & A, I will not have a problem crowing another Filipina as Miss Universe. MU B2B is possible and it’s happened before 🙂 And Maxine may just do it for . . . the PHILIPPINES . . . 🙂

  2. in the magazine cover photo, the styling is pitch perfect for maxine
    long lean silhouette
    simple hairstyle, with just enough curls
    the make up is great, just a tad too dark

    this is her winning look, i find!

  3. Good luck Maxine! 4M4B2B pa rin ang slogan ko kahit doble na ang challenge ngayon kasi homecourt teh. Victory beyond reasonable doubt ang order sa atin. Just give your best. Whatever happens I’m suppperrr proud that you’re our bet.

    On a side note, Mama Norms ha, yang press release ni chief ed Josh ha mejo may mga kelangan pang icopyread. Do they need a copyreader? Lol

  4. guys. is this albert kurniawan is part of aces and queens? he is pure indonesian right? kahit na love at first sight sya sa pinas hinde pa rin mawawala ang pagkaindonesian nya. he is in charged to train maxine and also he is training kezia. nasa pinas na ulit sya and saw her latest pic halos para silang magkapatid ni max. may mga times na magkamukha sila. its getting annoying na ha. why they choose albert kurniawan? kung si sma nasabotage si MJ. si max pa kaya. enebeyen.

    • Geoff, I don’t think we have to doubt Albert Kurniawan. If he were biased with our bets, he should have sabotaged our previous queens on their make-up training. We should trust Aces & Queens and the BPCI as well. Also, MUO will have a pool of make-up artists on the coronation night sponsored by Chi, that means if Maxine feels that Kezia is twinning her look, then Maxine would let the MUO make-up artists to touch her face. My 2 cents.

    • This sort of bothers me, too. Things are a bit different now kasi mas gigil na Indonesia ngayon kesa dati. I won’t be surprised if he feels the same.

      • Ay buti nagising din kayo sa katotohanan! Isa si Kurniawan sa dahilan bakit lumipat si MJ ng camp dati! Siya ang may pakana ng drag look at matronang pa-fez ni MJ para daw maging fierce ekek!!! In fairness kila Gio nagawa nila uli na fresh si MJ sa third try nya kaya ayun naka-harbat ng crown si ateng.

      • MJ looking like a Shamcey 2.0 never helped her chances of getting a good placement. Interesting because her ‘move’ to KF hardly changed her for the ‘better’. ‘Fresher’, yes, but again, still merely a copy of Shamcey’s styling in MU 2011.

        Your example is irrelevant, pero ibigay ko na sa’yo ‘to. Dirty tactics aside it’s Aces would remain superior over KF. Ang akin lang, produce good and lasting results. Aces did that. KF continues to release ‘trolls’ online while producing subpar queens as of late. Fact.

  5. Wow! I was staring too close to distinguishes Maxine in the second photo, she look so differently and stunningly very tall with her magnetic look, she is really beautiful indeed.

  6. I am excited to see you compete in the forthcoming Miss Universe 2017 beauty pageant. I have seen some of the strongest contenders in the pageant, and I could say that you are the most beautiful in photographs, videos, and (perhaps) in person. We are all behind your journey and we will give our 100 best to make sure that you are always in the forefront of the competition.

    Good luck to you, Maxine!

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