49 comments on “Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and Maxine Medina | They’ve got each other’s back

  1. I wouldn’t mind Max winning the 65th Miss Universe title even being the host delegate. If convincing talaga, why not? For me, b2b is really possible.. but is it really her destiny? is it really for the Philippines?

    Im hoping for a back-to-back but hindi ako mag eexpect. If manalo siya with valid reasons the so be it. I believe mas credible naman na ang MU ngayon compared sa dating may ari. 🙂

  2. It will never happen the back to back win….miss Philippines is not a miss universe materials. And the problem is….the pinoy fans always speculate, expect to win and when they lost…they are a sore lose. ..big deal ang beauty pageant. …di nila alam that’s the most irrelevant events sa buon mundo…

    • Eh di parang sinabi mo na rin na irrelevant din ang showbiz/entertaiment industry or ang magpatuli or gumamit ng napkin sa may regla, or isara ang bunganga mo, or hindi na magtsinelas/magsapatos or magdamit dahil puede naman na wala ang mga yan di ba hihihi Charot lang 🙂

  3. Sometimes Maxine’s look too small her cheeks too prominent and her face too tanned I cannot see its details. And then her nostrils ..

    • Huwag na lang natin pasalihin c Maxine Fabian at c Imelda/Miss Earth Phils. 2016 na lang ang ilaban sa MU2016 hihihi di ba ang Bongga at tamang tama sa panlasa mo Fabian hihihi Charot lang

      • @bong , I just think sometimes her face is not picture perfect .
        But you know, all A&q reps (Venus Janine Shamcey Ara and Pia) wowed us on Miss U stage .I expect Nothing less when Maxine appears at MU 16.

        Yup , Imee would have been great if she had some class and A&q managed her . She is gorgeous and very confident with Public speaking.
        My opinion regarding A&Q vs KF was based on MJ who did transform at all from BP to MU.

  4. The Filipinos are paying for it .maxine is vey qualified physically. If she gives decent answers, there should be no shame in crowning her.

    But what if she wins? How is she gonna handle the post win interviews and speeches? Well , you may say… Angola Japan and Venezuela 2008 and 2009 were in the same boat .

  5. Realistically speaking, a back to back is hard to achieve. Yup i agree with Sir N, it will take a lot before I will be convinced for a back to back win. I have yet to see Maxine’s showmanship first next month. By January 26 after the prelims, we will see if she has the goods to nail the elusive back to back win.
    Wag naman top5 Lang. Let’s aim higher for her. Top 3 na lang! Madudurog puso ko reminiscent of catriona’s heartbreaking loss if she won’t make it to top3.
    For now, I am putting her as my 1RU pre arrival analysis/ if only because hawig Niya sina Miriam and Janine!
    Merry Christmasguys!

  6. Same sentiments as Norman. It will definirely take more than a handful of convincing reason why Maxine should be the next Miss Universe. But it is possible.

    BUT a top 5 finish is more achievable.

    Good luck Maxine.

      • Panama,Puerto Rico,Curaçao,Albania,Kosovo,Ecuador and Portugal.Beat these girlsies first.

    • Almost the same with my Five except Mexico, it’s Peru for me. Mexico is so Pops Fernandez in some of her pics, maybe the it’s the mouth/lips.

      • I’m sure Krystal Silva will be a crowd favorite comes pageant proper.Yeah,her lips is so Pops Fernandez.

        I think Miss Barbados is the most beautiful candidate this year.

    • I am loving Miss Brazil. She should sport the same hairstyle she had in her nationals for the BIG night. She’s my pre-arrival woman to beat as well. She’s not as pretty as Colombia but definitely has more presence and a ton more personality. Maxine is definitely in my Top Five so far.

  7. If maxine places higher than australia, usa and indonesia, Philippines will still retain its Country/Performer of the Year status for 2016, esp if Maxine wns the crown.

  8. I’d like to witness Maxine going for a back-to-back victory. I’m not expecting too much though but i am deeply hoping for one. 🤞🏻 A Top5 finish wouldn’t be so bad.

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