40 comments on “Christmas would be Merrier (and extended) for Maxine Medina this coming January

  1. I like her make-up here. Di ko bet yung recent pics niya with 10lbs of makeup. Nagmumukha na siyang drag queen.

    • Nerves .
      It seems like her Mind is somewhere else whenever she is being interviewed . A lot of people are like that … even the smart ones.
      She has to calm down .. maybe smoke pot or take a small dose of xanax..so she can answer the questions with sense.
      At MU , your impressive response to the question on stage can win you the crown .. regardless of how bad your comm skills backstage.
      Di ba Ana at bong 700 , tse hihihi

  2. Keep the beauty, that winning aura and the momentum going, Maria Mika Maxine Medina ! Cheers for a safe and prosperous holiday season, everyone ♡♡♢

  3. Oh my! I hope she remains as beautiful as this. Every inch a Miss Universe already! Grabe, wag mo muna itodo ang pasabog, sa New Year na lang!

  4. I like her gown she’s wearing in the top pic. Not the usual pageant gown.
    No more Libiran. Please lang.

    • For me Libiran is one of the best designers of this country, yung sa MW is a different case, ginusto yun I’m sure ni Cat with the advice of Jonas and CQ syempre. Pwede naman si Francis, ang dami nyang ginawang magaganda sa Star Magic Ball, di din naman matatawaran ang husay. It’s just a matter of picking what will be the best for Maxine come finals. It’s the BBP and Jonas who have the final say, it’s not the really the designer. I think for Francis, it is always his business that matters. Baka nga nagpahiram na siya ng libre, nasisi pa sa pagkatalo. #Stoptheblame

  5. i did not realize how versatile she can be until now
    glad to see the fans rallying behind her now
    with some still having reservations with the Q&A
    (just remember Q&A is only a small portion of the whole competition
    and in the last few cases, hardly even factored in the placements, unfortunately)

    • Sabi ko nga, hindi magmamatter yang Q&A and comm skills na yan dahil sa Pinas gagawin ang Miss U. Runner-up din lang naman highest placement niya at important lang naman ang Q&A pag top5 na sila.

  6. like her look here. ganito. dapat o mas bongga pa. sana big wavy hair ang i style sa kanya. sometimes na kikita ko sa kanya si pia pag nag fi fierce sya lalo na with her hair up. ok lang na maging Pia 2.0 ang pagka fierce nya sa finals basta wag gayahin ang buhok na nakataas. para d masyado copy na copy we need diverse look for her, pia wurtzbach in a different ways….i am expecting na bongga ang gown nya. one in the prelim and one in the finals. this is once in a blue moon. na tayo ang host country na reyna pa natin ang mag kokorona ng bagong kampyon sa ating tinubuang lupa/bansa kaya sana maayos/excellent ang lahat kay maxine. from styles, performance to gown to comm skills/Q&A. and also we need to have a good unforgettable/memorable miss universe hosting next year. medyo wala muna ako ma say sa ating reyna as of now. sa january nalang muna. and medyo hinde pa na aalis ang sakit na ibinigay ni miss minchin sa akin. kaya enjoy nalang muna ang christmas and new year.


  7. Koronahan n yan! Kung ang mukhang manggang piko ng 2nd runner up s MW e mas may karapatan nmn si Maxine ng milya milya!!! Khit d n mgsalita! Putek!!!

  8. Hayyy naku Madam Stella, pwede ba palitan mo na yang koronang iyan na pinaglumaan ng panahon!!! Ilang beses ng nagpalit ng korona ang Miss Universe pero ikaw di pa rin nagpapalit!!!

    Maxene, my dear ang ganda-ganda mo talaga dyan (minus that ancient crown).
    Huwag paapekto sa mga bashers na nagsasabing may problema ka sa communication. Basta be yourself and feel confident! Walang masama sa taglish as long as naintindihan ka ng madlang people.
    Ipakita sa mundo kung ano ang kaya mo…pahiram pbb … bbp naman si Maxene hehehe

  9. Merry Christmas, Maxine!

    Huwag masyadong magkakain ha? Malapit na ang kompetisyon mo. Konting tiis-ganda para mailampaso mo ang mga kalaban sa Miss Universe. Kailangang sobrang pamatay ang body figure mo sa Miss Universe para kung sakaling manalo ka, walang intriga, at masasabing deserve mo talaga. Dedmahin mo ang mga pagkain sa noche buena. Isipin mo na ang ham ay si Miss Thailand, ang salad ay si Miss Venezuela, ang paella ay si Miss Spain, ang biko ay si Miss USA, ang lechon ay si Miss Indonesia, ang nachos ay si Miss Colombia, etc.

    Naku girl, sa facial beauty mo pa lang, lamang na lamang ka na ng milya-milya sa mga kalaban! Kaya kung ma-maintain or ma-improve mo pa ang iyong figure, ikaw na ang itinadhana! Hindi ako kinakabahan sa communication skills mo ‘di gaya ng iba because I know you worked hard for that. But don’t be too complacent, honey, continue reading and communicating with your peers! If I may suggest, everyday think about a topic related to Miss Universe, Philippine geography, politics and culture, then discuss about it by yourself in front of a mirror for 10 minutes.

    Ngayon pa lang, excited na ako sa Miss Universe. I can’t wait to slay your dragons left and right. Go for it, Maxine. Go and win Miss Universe 2016!!!

    Your sissy,

    • I agree. She should read, talk (no taglish) incessantly. Watch CNN, BBC etc. Discuss anything and everything under the sun over a cup coffee, a meal, a snack, while walking, shopping…anything…and all if these should be strictly in English no Taglish please…Forget about the Benilde’s thingy dahlin…just pure English please

      • Your point is valid at a certain extent, Jeremi. I like the idea of being a wandertalkie but maintain lucidity at all times. Merry Christmas! Mwah!

    • Jonas and his team has probably already trained Maxine to bits. She must keeping her aces close to her until the pageant night itself. She seems very calm and just enjoying the moment. Her humility is something to admire as well. Don’t trip up with those answers. Maybe she already knows her fate this January and that’s why she is so calm. Hmmm …

      • Kung ako rin naman alam kong imposible ang back2back at may assurance ako na papasok sa Top15, aba eh dapat lang na relax na lang si ateng at I-enjoy niya ang pageant lalo na host delegate siya.

    • Ana Winter, ang dami kong tawa sa u. Parang unti unti akong naka move on sa nangyari ke catriona. parang napaghigante na natin sya sa paghahambing mo sa lechon etc.

  10. I like her. I am just wondering why she seems uncomfortable in answering interview questions but when I look at her over-all aura she seems so tranquil and has this unconquerable calmness inside that disappears when giving answers. I think she needs a psychologist since she might have developed a phobia because of what had happened during BBP Q&A.

    • Dahlin’, trust, Maxine will conquer her fear. I believe she put her heart into her Speech 101 training because that is her waterloo (on which people bashed her to death) and is now prepared to face the universe. Expressing an opinion in a big crowd is really tough. Hence, public speaking is a talent. BUT, everybody can get the mastery of it through hard work.

      There is no doubt that Maxine owns a pretty, if not prettiest, face among the MU candidates this season. Her charm can wow a crowd, including the judges, which can easily bring her to the semis.

      Let us support our Philippine pride. She can be Miss Universe!

      • Ana you are living in a fantasy world . Maxine won’t be ready for the Q and A .. at least not the way we want her to be ..
        As u said, public speaking is a talent . And she does not have it

      • Funyeta!
        Yan ba si Fabbie?
        Mukang syang naluging bugaw.
        Lamunin ka na sana ng sinkhole at wag ng umabot pa sa 2017.

    • I like that; psychologists are really helpful in theses kinds of situations 🙂
      An innovative solution.

      • I was referring to a possible phobia because of what had happened and whah she had to endure from bashers after that Q&A, not her poor comm skills per se. Pyschologist can help in understanding phobias, comm skills certainly not…

      • Hi there my stalker! How you’ve been? Hope you too are sipping champagne this cold and icy christmas eve. Glad I have an avid follower. Cheers!

      • I am allergic to lies and insecurity. That is why I am following your every move. Watch out! I will always be there to unleash the lack of substance of your posts. Enjoy the holidays and do behave!

      • Well you can follow me everywhere. No one as in nobody has ever controlled me and the things I long to utter dahlin…not a even a biased, non-sense and trying hard CatrionaFan

      • Feel free to act Ms/Mr. I am just here to debunk your “bitter, shallow, me-ma” posts and comments.

      • Nagtitimpi? So you now know how it feels when we read you non-sensible, obviously attention-seeking posts? Be cautious and conscious then of what you post. Sawa na akong palipasin ang mga feelingerang posts.

      • Don’t worry dahlinn marami ka pang mababasa depende sa tunay kong nararamdaman. Take note I am not a conformist and will never be

      • It’s very okay to be a non-conformist. We should not be. We should always be guided by what is right and just. But your posts show you do not conform to those values. Criticize in a positive manner. Kaw hindi eh.

  11. I like her hairstyle with the crown pic, sana ganyan ang buhok nya sa EG competition.
    Honey lee, Riyo mori style…
    Kalimutan na ang Jumbo burger na buhok dahil overused na hihihi

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