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  1. To early to host MS World… sa nangyari na paboran party sa nakaraan na pageant nila… iwan ko lang kung may manood at may susugal na sponsors…… MI malaking chance after all OKADA mukhang lalong lalakihan ang investment sa pinas plus ang mga haponess ngayon ei nakatuon ang mata sa mga Filipino…. Mali lang ni madam holya kung naki ride san siya sa init ng MU and MI ang problema sa kanya gusto nya siya ang nasataas… ei hindi mo nga alam kung ano ang gusto ng pageant nya… Fast tract events are just palamuti lalo na ang Beauty with a purpose ek-ek nya…

  2. my 5 words

    i do not have one
    no strong opinion either way

    i am just echoing others’

    i have a video instead

    from the great amy winehouse

    she says no no no

    merry christmas and happy new year!!!!!

  3. 1.Shoooo 2.away 3.Mess 4.World 5.Organization

    Donate the funds to public hospitals and impoverished schools. It’s still a charity work.

    Also, MWO should change the contest to Miss Charity wherein there’s no need to be beautiful and smart. Just have the money and chance of winning is high.

    • Gusto mo ng irony? Fact: Wala pang nananalong Miss World na nanalo rin sa BWAP Fast Track. Pampalubag-loob lang yata ito, di kaya lip service, ng MWO para sa mga kandidata?

      Isa pang fact? Sa 16 years na nagkaroon ng BWAP FT, 4 times nang nananalo ang kapitbahay. Yan ay mula noong 2011, kung saan nagsimula rin silang mag-place, kasabay ng Pinas. Bale ang record nila sa BWAP ay 4 wins in 6 years. Kasunod nila ang India na nanalo na ng 3 beses mula 2009.

  4. So True. If this one will be approved or pushed through, the representative of our country should come from KF (Kapangitang Flores), since the camp is a second rate trying hard beauty camp, Hahaha. So that even for once, they will excel not only in ME, which is their only forte, and for their girls to experience world class pageants, Hehehe. Let us hope the ugly ducking walk and the never ending big useless veneers will help, to get the 3rd crown our country in MW. Aces and Queens already proves so much especially with 6 consecutive placements in MW, and 5 placements in MU, 1 crown each in MI, MW and MU.

    • So True. If this one will be approved or pushed through, the representative of our country should come from KF (Kapangitang Flores), since the camp is a second rate trying hard beauty camp, Hahaha. So that even for once, they will excel not only in ME, which is their only forte, and for their girls to experience world class pageants, Hehehe. Let us hope the ugly ducking walk and the never ending big useless veneers will help, to get the 3rd crown our country in MW. Aces and Queens already proves so much especially with 6 consecutive placements in MW, and 5 placements in MU, 1 crown each in MI, MW and MU.

    • So True. If this one will be approved or pushed through, the representative of our country should come from KF (Kapangitang Flores), since the camp is a second rate trying hard beauty camp, Hahaha. So that even for once, they will excel not only in ME, which is their only forte, and for their girls to experience world class pageants, Hehehe. Let us hope the ugly ducking walk and the never ending big useless veneers will help, to get the 3rd crown our country in MW. Aces and Queens already proves so much especially with 6 consecutive placements in MW, and 5 placements in MU, 1 crown each in MI, MW and MU.

  5. Under the administration of du30, it is possible like MU. During megan’s win they have lobbied the idea of hosting the MW14 but Pnoy and Binay declined the idea baka eto ang dahilan kung bakit di pa ready si madam julia to crown anothet pinay kase naghihilom pa ang mga sugat nya. If MW & MI will push through in the Philippines, kakayanin kaya to ng mga Major sopnsors? MU=2016, MI=2017, MW=2018? Makakabawi kaya agad2x sina LCS, henry sy, okada atbp sa gagastusin? Or will they find another sponsors for these pageants?

  6. The only country who won Miss World and yet hosted Miss Universe in the same year is USA ( ex. 2010 -USA). On top of this, the negative international publicity on our current administration (ex. Like Russia is also not placing lately) and our current long winning streak in big 4 pageants seems to add to all those other factors that does not favor our delegates. I do love Cat but IMO, if we want to win another Miss World then we canโ€™t just send another Megan Young whoโ€™s shoes are indeed hard to fill, but someone packaged uniquely that any judge could not compare her to anyone. I think Cat is already perfect based on ancestry (Scottish-Australian-Filipino), background & personality, beauty, philantrophy, modeling and pageantry but if we really need to nitpick then we must send a girl who also spent most of her life in the Philippines on top of having a high educational attainment (preferably a diplomatic course) or a high-profile celerity background, and excelent comskills in at least, English and Filipino. We need to send the best of the best next year. So who would be our next willing victim?

  7. Had Catriona won, it would be great to hold Miss World in the Philippines. I don’t wanna see our representative win in our country for the same reason that I don’t want our queens win questionably.

  8. Philippines as host for Miss World 2018?

    I say go for it

    Under one condtion

    Megan Young, Cory Quirino and Jonas Gaffud must be part of the judging panel.

    • Don’t forget to include PDu30, Cong. Chavit, Sen. Manny Paquiao, Imelda Marcos, and Leah Salonga para hindi masyadong biased. LOL

      • Oo nga, tama. May point ka.

        Isama narin si Stella Araneta para masabing diverse and judges.

      • Sama mo pa si Boy Abunda, Vice Ganda, Paolo Ballesteros and Piolo Pascual para totoong diverse… Joke! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. The pageant gods must be crazy! After the recent blatant shenanigans, MWO is actually considering of holding MW 2018 in the Philippines?! They can not be serious!

    It’s been days since that dolorous and glum evening at National Harbor, but I still find it difficult to move on. I, too, have never felt so confident and optimistic about a Filipina’s chance for an international pageant glory, which sadly and obviously never came to fruition. Call me bitter or bias, but I still do not see how the top 3 edged out Catriona basing on the overall performance and the final QnA. The only real contender in that 3 was DR, but she lost me with her answer. On the other hand, Miss PR’s answer was short and direct, but it lacked substance and, in fact, didn’t hit the mark. Cat’s answer might not have totally been on point either, but hers sounded more heartfelt and substantive. I am baffled as to why they had their backs to the judges; they would have seen AND felt her sincerity and warmth if they had them face the jury. If we were just to base it on the final QnA, Kenya should have won, and I wouldn’t have any problem with it at all. She blew me away when she walked out in that red dress!

    People can say one judge or two judges can not affect the final result. However, if there was no “final judging” to begin with, and the last say is with the owner of the pageant, Catriona could have done backflips and cartwheels, and she still wouldn’t have won. It’s almost the same exact judges every year for the past few years; Julia’s little minions who are there to sit pretty and be the faces of the jury when, in fact, there is NO “final judging” done whatsoever. Julia had already picked Miss PR in her quincenera dress days before the finals…And she wore hoop earrings?! Seriously?! And even if she had her eyes on Miss PR, to totally disregard Cat’s overall performance AND beauty is a HUGE slap on the Filipinos’ faces. Sure, we rejoiced with Megan’s win, and Julia most likely had her eyes on her from the beginning as well, but her win was unquestionable and was at least “transparent”. Another big mistake by Julia is thinking that Miss PR is going to be able to help her further her “causes” through her beauty. Miss PR’s beauty is dime a dozen. It does not scream, speak, sing, nor hum Miss World. I don’t think it could motivate enough donors to fund Julia’s ego. I have seen waaaay prettier girls in the subway…and at Pace University. It’s sad to think that every year, many women and their countrymen (who support them) go to Miss World hoping and thinking everything is fair play, when it never really is…However, if we send a high caliber and outstanding contestant like Cat (which pretty much everyone agreed) and has proven her worth (which she did), then we could not be faulted for believing that Julia would “pick” her. Yes, Miss World is a business, but it should be ran wisely and snubbing Cat is NOT a very wise move on Julia’s part. So, a HUGE and LOUD “No Way, Go Away” to the MWO.

    I would LOVE Cat to consider joining Binibini and win, and go to Miss Universe and win! And I would love to be the fly on the wall in Julia’s room when that happens.

    • I’m not really sure if Cat would qualify for BBP after being MWP representing the PHL at the just recently concluded MESS World 2016. But if she still qualifies, I would absolutely rally behind her to join in 2-3 years. What say you, Sir Norman and Mama Jonas ? โ™กโ™กโ™ข ๐Ÿ™‚

    • i have said this before and will say it again.. after the recent MW which is perceived by many to be rigged, and heavily politicized, I HAVE LOST FAITH !!! to quote Andro.. ” No Way, Go Away!”

  10. funny ang MW infairness after they cheated here they are wanted to host MW 2018 in this country and syempre liliana as one of the judges. well sa airport pa lang sasalubungin na sila ng welga lalo na yang lilian. pabalik balik sa china at indo ang hosting nila so dahil dyan amoy na amoy na may suhol ang 2 countries na yan sa MW.
    anyway! very clear kung ano ang meaning ng nasa pics tito norman. masasabi ko lang if we wins mw next year then MW are welcome to host 2018 edition here in manila. pero dapat tayong magpadala ng ala meagan and catriona gray for mw next year kahit indo ang host yan ay kung talagang may plan sila na d2 mag host sa 2018 syempre possible na panalunin nila tayo next year kung maghohost sila sa 2018 d2. syempre gusto ko pa rin na ung pambato natin nxt year ay mw prototype talaga. mas ok pa rin manalo as in deserving hinde yung tayo lang mag hohost after a year eh kokoronahan nila tayo agad kahit d masyado deserving. But if indonesia wins a big NO!!!! for hosting MW2018 here. but i have a strong feeling. since likas sa mga pinoy ang maging mabait at magpatawad im sure DOT will agree in MW hosting here. syempre for tourism so hinde tatanggi ang ang DOT nyan. so wawa tayo. the best solution dont buy tickets yan ang gagawin natin if ever hinde tayo manalo next year at lalo na kung indo ang manalo next year at kapag d2 sila mag host sa 2018. Kaya lang kawawa din ang rep natin dahil walang mag cheer sa kanya. haysssssss. nakakainis talaga.

  11. BIG NO! Pauuto na naman tayo? Hayaan na natin sila maghanap ng ibang fans para tataas ratings nila ulit. kapal mo lola julia.

  12. 5 words: DONE WITH MS WORLD, NO!

    in fact we shouldn’t send rep to mwo anymore. Let’s see kung may excitement pa dyan sa boring na pageant cum cooking show na yan.

  13. Sir Norms, I’ve been “fortunate” (?) enough to have watched the Miss World 2016 pageant finals. My friends and I stayed at the Gaylord Hotel (where the pageant was originally supposed to be held before it was moved to the MGM National Harbor). My friend “knows people”, suffice it to say, and we were privy to conversations between the different National Directors. The day before the pageant night, virtually all MW National Directors (Osmel included) were already congratulating Cory Quirino in advance, for what they all thought was an inevitable win. During the finals, all eyes were on Catriona. Where we were seated, a group from the Bahamas were to my right, Americans in front of us, and Israelis were behind us. Most everyone were expecting Catriona to be proclaimed MW 2016 and were all surprised at the announcement. After the pageant, Cory was being consoled by the other national directors. A group of them were very vocal about Julia’s questionable practice of having National Directors as judges. Some of the National Directors said this was off the record, because they fear Julia may retaliate and their future candidates will suffer if they speak up about it. Some stated that if they were asked to judge, not only would they refuse but they would also publicly announce that they declined the invitation to judge. They all disbanded for a while and we last saw Cory being interviewed by the press. From what I understand, they were all headed to the Gala back at the Gaylord Hotel after the pageant, and we did not get a chance to speak to them anymore.

    [Interesting fact: Osmel Sousa bought a balcony seat ticket. Some people commented that he must not be expecting much from this year’s rep, otherwise, he would’ve bought more a more expensive ticket.]

    It was heartbreaking that Catriona did not win. Even the other National Directors were in agreement that politics and business played a big role in the supposed “snub”.

    I think after this experience, I must say: I am totally done with Miss World. In fact, I am actually completely fine if we never, ever send another representative to this pageant again – would highly recommend against it even. I don’t actually know how I will feel if we win another MW crown, knowing that Catriona totally deserved one and was denied just because of Julia’s business-as-usual scheming.

    I disliked the MW fan page and I think so should everyone else who sees through Julia Morley and her devious machinations. I will no longer follow Miss World and will be completely happy with the fact that we already won one MW crown. One should be enough to be honest. Very few countries can say they had won all Big Four pageants. We have nothing more to prove. We won ours without having to pay our way to receive Julia’s favor. We do not have to stoop so low as to host MW or sponsor its activities just to get a nod [especially if an undeserving one] from Julia Morley.


  14. 5 words – Miss World 2021 na lang!

    At sana by that time maayos na ang pagpapatakbo ni lola Julia. Naghilom na ang sugat ng mga pinoy sa ginawa nya kay Catriona.

  15. Dear Megan Young, I hope you decline future hosting stints for Miss World. Not because you dont deserve to host it but I hope you saw what they did to Cat. There’s nothing like being declined by her favorite Miss World.

      • Why? She can always say she committed to other things. Megan doesn’t own Miss World anything. She won fair and square.

      • Alam mo kaya lumalakas loob ng mga yan? We don’t call them out for their fraud. Enough is enough. Staying silent is Megan being one with the act. And do not start with me sa mga “cause” thingy na yan ng MW. The end will NEVER justify the means.

  16. 5 words for MW:

    Wawa Julia lugi na negosyo.

    Balik na lang sa China.

    MW needs sponsors, calling Indonesia.

    No beauty?- Okay, basta bayad.

    Bili na ng corona, cheap.

  17. The idea might arise from the fact that Filipinos are still the greatest and craziest beauty pageant fans in the world because of the turn out of ticket sales of the forthcoming Miss Universe beauty pageant in January. Tickets are all sold out!

    Miss World Organization has caused greatest injustice in pageantry through its recently concluded beauty pageant. When most Filipinos believed in and rallied behind Catriona to get the blue crown, but ended up a dismaying loss, then a five-year hiatus from following the pageant would suffice vengeance. I myself am no longer interested on this beauty pageant. It is hard for me to regain confidence on this pageant after giving us the ultimate proof that politics play well in this pageant. MWO might favor the Philippines by giving us another victory in the pageant in the next year or two, but, boy, that would only create serious doubt to its intent. That is because we won’t find a candidate with Catriona’s qualities in the next five years, who will be deserving of the blue crown. So please MWO, spare us. We won’t mind about your business no matter how loyal you are to Megan Young.

    • Ana, sino ba ang nagsasabing naghihirap ang Pilipinas or ang government natin.
      Box-Office success ang MU2016 at pinakamahal na MU ticket prices yata ang MU2016.
      20,000 seats ang capacity excluding VIP seats ang MOA Arena bigger than Araneta coliseum-15,000 lang.
      Maraming pera ang Pinas basta gagamitin lang sa tamang project/program.

      Dapat maexpose ang maling sistema sa MWO at dapat di manggaling sa Pinas.
      Miss Brazil must pursue her plans to write a book about her experience and observations in MW2016 + Anastacia Lin non-inclusion in Top 20.

      • Bong, I believe almost half of the tickets are hoarded for resale to rich pageant aficionados and foreigners who failed to buy tickets online. That’s business within business so to speak. Indeed, Miss Universe tickets are the most expensive entertainment tickets sold in the history of indoor shows in the Philippines, more than Coldplay’s and Madonna’s. Kaloka! Pero Filipinos love Miss Universe a lot. Miss Universe gave so much impact to the lives of the Filipinos and that is felt even in the smallest political unit of our country – the barangays.

      • @Ana; I think the organizers/sponsors already reserved most of the VIP seats already.
        Tingin ko magdadagdag yan ng additional tickets at sisikip ang passage way for additional chairs hihihi.

    • I agree … this is a NO-WIN situation. From Julia Morley’s track record, if his goes through, Philippines will win another crown or at least a placement, whether or not, the candidate is deserving. Or if for any reason, she gets a rare attack of integrity, she will make it a point that the Philippines does not win, to show people she can be honest and that she supports fair competition. Either way, Philippines loses, but MWO wins. So what this amounts to is that we will be rewarding MWO for that injustice and impropriety. And I refuse to be a part of that…

      • …and we are also penalizing Miss World Organization, through Julia Morley, for that mess it created and will be creating. And I will part of that!

    • Exactly how I will say it… thank you Ana Winter for putting your thoughts up here. I was one of those first timers at the Miss world final show -LIVE. I purchased a orchestra ticket for $220.00 , it’s very expensive to me but I just closed my eyes and keep going to the process of booking my ticket because I had a high hopes for Catriona. I also took a 5-day leave of absence from work to follow the pre-pageant events and to my dismay , there wasn’t any pre-pageant event ope for public. I was lucky though to have known someone from OPMB that gave me access to the media interview and MWAP close door judging. I will never spend a dollar for Miss World. I’ll just watch it on TV if it is available.

  18. Dapat nasa Top 10 c Canada Anastasia Lin.
    Dahil sa advocacy nya at BWAP which is against China(MWO Sponsor) kaya waley cya.
    I salute this lady ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. After the 2016 MW edition and all the debacle and brouhaha that came along with it, I’d say a big NO for now. With all the buzz and excitement that the 2016 MU is generating, Julia Morley needs the Philippines to save face, and MWO’s sagging network and popularity rating ! I’m sorry but please holding the MW in the Philippines in the next year or two is outright slap in the face of the Filipino people as a whole. Konting delicadeza naman puede ba ? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  20. True. If this one will be approved or pushed through, the representative of our country should come from KF (Kapangitang Flores), since the camp is a second rate trying hard beauty camp, Hahaha. So that even for once, they will excel not only in ME, which is their only forte, and for their girls to experience world class pageants, Hehehe. Let us hope the ugly ducking walk and the never ending big useless veneers will help, to get the 3rd crown our country in MW. Aces and Queens already proves so much especially with 6 consecutive placements in MW, and 5 placements in MU, 1 crown each in MI, MW and MU.


    • True. If this one will be approved or pushed through, the representative of our country should come from KF (Kapangitang Flores), since the camp is a second rate trying hard beauty camp, Hahaha. So that even for once, they will excel not only in ME, which is their only forte, and for their girls to experience world class pageants, Hehehe. Let us hope the ugly ducking walk and the never ending big useless veneers will help, to get the 3rd crown our country in MW. Aces and Queens already proves so much especially with 6 consecutive placements in MW, and 5 placements in MU, 1 crown each in MI, MW and MU.



  23. 5 words……
    Go far far away Julia!
    Filipina queens don’t buy crowns!
    Bribery won’t work, only JUSTICE!
    Go straight to H_ _L Julia!
    Admit you cheated Julia Morley!
    Filipinos are not stupid, Julia!
    Miss World Buy and Sell!

  24. miss world in the philippines. 5 word reply: utang na loob naman.
    on the onset, may kilig but once i’m reminded of the injustice cat and pinoy pageant lovers endured from them…wag na muna. give it a few years siguro lest it be misunderstood as pampalubag loob.

  25. I’d like to make it as objective as possible. No to philippines hosting MW at least in the next 5 years. Masyadong masakit nangyari ky Cat. :/

  26. Five words:

    No more baiting The Philippines.
    Remember Cat? F*CK OFF JULIA.
    Host pageant, buy the crown.
    Not desperate for tainted crown.
    Julia desperately needs Filipino fans.
    Julia can always be bought.

    If Julia wants MW in The Philippines, let her pay for it all.

  27. I won’t be surprised if Ms. World 2018 took place in the Philippines.
    Mahilig sa pageant and showbiz ang Secretary of Philippine Tourism.

    • Malalaman ni Wanda Teo na galit ng mga pageant fan sa MWO. Hindi siya titigilan sa FB, Instagram at Twitter ng mga nega comment.

  28. When most Filipino pageant fans are suggesting not to field a candidate to MW and here we are with this rumor.. i don’t think it is a good idea. I agree with some comments here. Ms Morley needs to regain the credibility of her pageant first which has been marred now with controversy. I have a feeling next year’s edition might not be as exciting anymore…

  29. May bagong kuda na naman ng mga tsismosa kagaya ng mga ADIK na meron pang Chronic Liver Cirrhosis na galit daw ang USA and MWO kay DU30 kaya di daw nanalo c Queen Cat and here it is:

    No Miss World from a Miss Universe Host Country Policy
    Some of the hard-core pageant fanatics claimed that the reason why Catriona Gray was not favored to win the Miss World 2016 crown was because of the two national directors from Puerto Rico Wilnelia Merced – Forsyth and Liliana Tanoesoedibjo from Indonesia. Others claimed that it was because of the Philippines’s refusal of Miss World Organization’s proposal through Megan young to host the Miss World 2014 pageant but embraced Miss Universe Organization’s offer to hold the pageant in Manila for the third time. As a long time pageant analyst, it seems there’s a semblance of truth in the second allegation. Not just a little, but a big semblance of truth.

    Miss World is based in United Kingdom. It’s platform is seen to be more for the causes of humanity. Most of the time, the winner comes from Africa, Asia and the Carribean, if not from a third-world country. Miss Universe on the other hand is a picture of glamour and sophistication. Whilst there are certain causes that Miss Universe also uphold, the reign of a Miss Universe is still perceived to be a stepping-stone to entertainment stardom.

    With that said, a lot of pageant aficionado believes that Miss World holds a no Miss World winner from a country hosting a Miss Universe policy. For sure this is the first time you’ve heard about this. This is particularly true with the Philippines. Not just once, not twice, but three times.

    Margarita Moran was crowned Miss Universe 1973 on July 21, 1973. In the next four months, Philippines would have achieved it’s first Miss Universe-Miss World back-to-back win. However, a few weeks prior to the Miss World Finals in London, Miss Universe released a statement it would hold next year’s pageant edition in the Philippines, Moran’s home country.. Despite Pascual’s strong showmanship and her witty final interview answer in Miss World 1973, Miss World favored USA’s Marjorie Wallace to win.

    By the time Wallace was fired for not fulfilling her duties, Miss World Organization held a no title conferment decision to Evangeline Pascual. She was offered just the duties and responsibilities without the title. Why? Well, no Miss World title from a Miss Universe hosting country policy. Miss Universe would benefit more than Miss World if a reigning Miss World winner is from a country which is hosting the Miss Universe during her reign.

    With Pascual’s refusal of the offer, it was expected of Miss World to take it against the Philippines and declare a no-semi-final placement in the next eight (8) years. Philippines decided to abstain sending representative to the pageant in 1976 and 1977.

    When Ruffa Gutierrez failed to grab the Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1993 title from Dindi Gallardo, a lot of pageant fans thought about a a would-be neck-to-neck battle between her, Milka Chulina of Venezuela and of course the eventual Miss Universe 1993 winner Dayanara Torres from Puerto Rico. But Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. insider spilled that Ruffa’s Bb. Pilipinas World placement was intentional. Ruffa has been eyed to be the first Filipina Miss World.

    Ruffa had the most anticipated welcome in Miss World 1993. Upon landing in the airport in Sun City, South Africa, media feasted on her spontaneity and being game in answering questions; be it pageant related or personal. Ruffa was involved in the Bruneiyuki Scandal which got sensationalized a month before her official Miss World send-off.

    However, during the coronation night, pageant fans worldwide was left disappointed when Ruffa was called as the Second Princess, with Lisa Hanna from Jamaica eventually crowned Miss World 1993.

    Now going back on October 1993, Miss World Incorporated made a press release announcing the Philippines as the host country of Miss Universe 1994. What was thought of as a tourism-industry milestone for the Philippines was a sad thing to note for Ruffa. Well, nobody thought about it. Not until it happened again to Catriona Gray in Miss World 2016.

    Perhaps it’s now easy for you to connect the dots. Perhaps it’s not really about the two national directors who sat as judges. Perhaps it’s not really about Megan Young overshadowing the Miss World Philippines candidates. Perhaps it’s all about the “No Miss World from a Miss Universe Host Country Policy” that left Catriona with no crown. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

    Ang haba basil ano hihihi ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Interesting article. The author raised valid points. To be fair with MWO, consistent talaga sila dito sa policy nilang Ito.
      So shall we call it now a wrong timing to have sent Evangeline, ruffa and now, Catriona in their respective years?

      • Basta ang gusto kong mangyari ngayon ay mangumpisal muna ang dalawang Lola na sina Julia at Liliana dahil kung hindi ay papanaginipan ko silang dalawa at pagsasampalin ko sila sa aking panaginip bwihihihihi Charot lang ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I guess yes, maybe they are not aware about yhis rule anyway!! so now that every body knows it I think they will make adjustment…

    • i understand your views on this however it is worthwhile to note that we shouldn’t have sent Catriona in this year’s MW. It was really a pain in the neck, that Catriona who made everything possible to grab the crown (which was really transparent and evident during the competition) didn’t make it even as a second princess. If i were to make a decision then lets do the same thing of boycotting the MW not only for two years but for five years or longer to gain back the respect which we once lost. if this already happened in two instances, its really tantamount to say that we never made realization this far. We know for a fact that filipinos are a great fan of pageants and boycotting MW for long will surely have a bigger impact.

  30. “I would dedicate my whole self, my love for pageantry, my voice to inspire, empower, educate people about Julia. And it will be greatest honor and duty to hold this torch high enough so that the world can truly see and feel Julia’s scheming light. “

  31. Seriously, if Julia wants it to be done here, fine, I-self-funded nga yung hosting dito just like what she did in the recent Washington DC edition. She said that in her inte View with Washington post.
    After what they did to Catriona, tanggap ko na Julia will just use and milk us to drumbeat her sagging pageant for no good. At tanggap ko na Rin na she will never crown a Filipino again in the next 63 years! Ayoko Lang na mabahiran yung paninindigan natin by joining this weird trend of hosting a pageant for a short cut win to the blue crown.
    If we succeed in hosting this in 2018, parang nilunok na natin yung paninindigan natin by imitating china and Indonesia’s dubious strategies.
    I don’t mind waiting For another 30 years for the blue crown to find its way back to a Filipina’s head Basta legit and widely accepted by the world pagkapanalo Niya (Ex: megan, rolene, ksenia)
    Si nawatt na Lang nilagawan niya. Bagay na bagay silang mag bff! Silang 3 ni Liliana! Pera peRa na Lang talaga ang Labanan ngayon! Nakaka suka!

  32. My heart is still heavy after Cat’s loss . I have never felt this bad about a beauty contest.
    And here we are .. more news abt MW.
    Julia , just g away forever!

  33. 5 Words.
    Bribering Philippines With A Purpose.
    No To Miss Wasted Pageant!
    Thailand, Indonesia Na Lang, Please?
    Juliana, liliana, nawatt: magsama-sama kayo!
    Huwag mo na Kami utuin, Julia!

  34. Okay lang basta amin ang korona sa 2018 – 2020. Tapos every year kasama sa judging panel si CQ. Fair enough.

  35. Miss World 2018 in the Philippines ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wow… I like it.
    Pero sa isang kondisyon.
    Sampalin ko muna ng tatlong beses sina Lola Julia at Miss Minchin Liliala hihihi Charot Santos … mwahhhhh

  36. Over Miss World. It’s a dated event.
    Although 2016 was a step up on the last couple of years, it felt like a poor imitation.
    I’m pleased for whoever wins regardless. I just find the entire show boring.

  37. No! after what they did to a Catriona, ruffa, mafae and Valerie, they do not deserve our hard earned money. They better just crown Indonesia for the next 63 years and I don’t care! #bitterparin #ampalayapamore #itataponkonadelicadezako #walaakongpakialam

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