26 comments on “Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa for Miss Paris Group

  1. Marami naman palang ganap ang Miss International winner. I see Kylie’s posts on IG. May events and advocacies siya. So ano ang inireklamo ni Bea Rose dati tungkol sa kawalan ng ganap sa MI?

    • Sophia, what can you expect from someone like Bea Rose Santiago, who’s from KF (KAPANGITANG FLORES)? Hehehe. Everyone can still recall or remember the issues surrounding this camp, with the likes of Imelda Shcwieghart as well as Leo Almodal. TATAK KF. LOLS.

      • @Garga,
        Have you noticed when Rodgil Flroes of KF, is being interviewed by the press, media etc.? He looks untidy and not presentable. Mama Jonas Gaffud always looks good, and well mannered and presentable at always. Take note that KF stands for Kagandahang Flores 🙄🤔😏, but look at Rodgil Flores overall look. You be the judge.

      • Sabagay may point kayo, sayang ang mga merly sa KF, ang gaganda sana kasyo nalolosyang. Si Tito Rodgil mabait pero panget, si Jonas demonyita pero less panget (panget pa din).

      • Correct. The actions of Bea Rose Santigo as well as Imelda Schweighart, is a no-brainer. It simply says what types of girls, does KF (Kapangitang Flores) has :). Very incomparable especially with THE ACES AND QUEENS. Their girls are so full of class, very competent, beautiful, and successful after their reigns.

      • Class and values ba? Hahahaha. Para bang si Manemanics Barrientos at si Madam Gionna Cabrera? Oo nga naman, class and valuesssssssssssss.

  2. Ganda, very natural ang dating 🙂
    Mukhang c Pia lang ang may ganitong promo ads among the MI winners.
    Last year walng ganito c Edymar kahit sponsor na last year ang Miss Paris Group.
    Perfect image for MI2016 Kylie Verzosa.
    Kylie is 4ever image model of Miss Paris Group hihihi walang charot.

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