29 comments on “Catriona Gray for Mega Magazine’s Christmas & New Year

  1. I checked on that and the only country who won Miss World and yet hosted Miss Universe in the same year is USA ( ex. 2010 -USA). On top of this, the negative international publicity on our current administration (ex. Like Russia is also not placing lately) and our current long winning streak in big 4 pageants seems to add to all those other factors that does not favor our delegates. I do love Cat but IMO, if we want to win another Miss World then we can’t just send another Megan Young who’s shoes are indeed hard to fill, but someone packaged uniquely that any judge could not compare her to anyone. I think Cat is perfect based on ancestry (Scottish-Australian-Filipino), background & personality, beauty, philantrophy, modeling and pageantry but if we really need to nitpick then we must send a girl who also spent most of her life in the Philippines on top of having a high educational attainment (preferably a diplomatic course), and excelent comskills in at least, English and Filipino.

  2. Just an observation……
    Ignore the nega because it seems to me that replying to their posts gives them an idea that they matter.

  3. saw this in a FB post…thought of sharing…

    MUST READ!!!

    No Miss World from a Miss Universe Host Country Policy ?

    Some of the hard-core pageant fanatics claimed that the reason why Catriona Gray was not favored to win the Miss World 2016 crown was because of the two national directors from Puerto Rico Wilnelia Merced – Forsyth and Liliana Tanoesoedibjo from Indonesia. Others claimed that it was because of the Philippines’s refusal of Miss World Organization’s proposal through Megan young to host the Miss World 2014 pageant but embraced Miss Universe Organization’s offer to hold the pageant in Manila for the third time. As a long time pageant analyst, it seems there’s a semblance of truth in the second allegation. Not just a little, but a big semblance of truth.

    Miss World is based in United Kingdom. It’s platform is seen to be more for the causes of humanity. Most of the time, the winner comes from Africa, Asia and the Carribean, if not from a third-world country. Miss Universe on the other hand is a picture of glamour and sophistication. Whilst there are certain causes that Miss Universe also uphold, the reign of a Miss Universe is still perceived to be a stepping-stone to entertainment stardom.
    With that said, a lot of pageant aficionado believes that Miss World holds a no Miss World winner from a country hosting a Miss Universe policy. For sure this is the first time you’ve heard about this. This is particularly true with the Philippines. Not just once, not twice, but three times.

    Margarita Moran was crowned Miss Universe 1973 on July 21, 1973. In the next four months, Philippines would have achieved it’s first Miss Universe-Miss World back-to-back win. However, a few weeks prior to the Miss World Finals in London, Miss Universe released a statement it would hold next year’s pageant edition in the Philippines, Moran’s home country.. Despite Pascual’s strong showmanship and her witty final interview answer in Miss World 1973, Miss World favored USA’s Marjorie Wallace to win.
    By the time Wallace was fired for not fulfilling her duties, Miss World Organization held a no title conferment decision to Evangeline Pascual. She was offered just the duties and responsibilities without the title. Why? Well, no Miss World title from a Miss Universe hosting country policy. Miss Universe would benefit more than Miss World if a reigning Miss World winner is from a country which is hosting the Miss Universe during her reign.

    With Pascual’s refusal of the offer, it was expected of Miss World to take it against the Philippines and declare a no-semi-final placement in the next eight (8) years. Philippines decided to abstain sending representative to the pageant in 1976 and 1977.

    When Ruffa Gutierrez failed to grab the Bb. Pilipinas Universe 1993 title from Dindi Gallardo, a lot of pageant fans thought about a a would-be neck-to-neck battle between her, Milka Chulina of Venezuela and of course the eventual Miss Universe 1993 winner Dayanara Torres from Puerto Rico But Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. insider spilled that Ruffa’s Bb. Pilipinas World placement was intentional. Ruffa has been eyed to be the first Filipina Miss World.

    Ruffa had the most anticipated welcome in Miss World 1993. Upon landing in the airport in Sun City, South Africa, media feasted on her spontaneity and being game in answering questions; be it pageant related or personal. Ruffa was involved in the Bruneiyuki Scandal which got sensationalized a month before her official Miss World send-off.

    However, during the coronation night, pageant fans worldwide was left disappointed when Ruffa was called as the Second Princess, with Lisa Hanna from Jamaica eventually crowned Miss World 1993.

    Now going back on October 1993, Miss World Incorporated made a press release announcing the Philippines as the host country of Miss Universe 1994. What was thought of as a tourism-industry milestone for the Philippines was a sad thing to note for Ruffa. Well, nobody thought about it. Not until it happened again to Catriona Gray in Miss World 2016.

    Perhaps it’s now easy for you to connect the dots. Perhaps it’s not really about the two national directors who sat as judges. Perhaps it’s not really about Megan Young overshadowing the Miss World Philippines candidates. Perhaps it’s all about the “No Miss World from a Miss Universe Host Country Policy” that left Catriona with no crown. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

    Source : http://beauconia.blogspot.com/
    by Anaroobang .

    Miss International doesn’t have this “policy” and Kylie won the title… a year after Pia won and the Philippines hosting MU…so it’s really Julia’s discretion here? hmm…*deep thoughts*

  4. I really hope she changes her mind about not joining another beauty pageant.

    Catriona, even if the other pageants do not have a “beauty with a purposes” motto, becoming a beauty queen, whatever pageant it is, will give you a bigger platform for your advocacies and whatever cause you wish to pursue. Just look at Kylie, Nicole, Pia, etc.

  5. Days have passed and the dust has started to settle and yet I am still itching to give my two-cents worth on the sorcery that has just happened. However, I realized that it will just be useless. Congratulations to Ms. Puerto Rico.

    Let’s however not forget to give recognition where recognition is due:

    > Catriona Gray : For the nth time, the best delegate in recent memory we’ve ever sent. You did us proud. Congratulations!

    > MW Philippines / A&Q : Thank you for raising the bar. Here is to more Catrionas in the future.

    > Filipino Pageant Fans: Part comedy, part rabid , 100% nationalistic. Keep the torch burning guys.

    > Mr. Norman Tinio. – After the MW show, I just had to shut down and not read any pageant-related news due to disappointment. And yet Mr. Norman (who I assume was/is equally distraught) continued to move on and fulfill his promise to give at least one news per day. Thanks for creating this little community of passionate, funny and intelligent forumers. Of course with some very few exceptions who opt to be negative, with comment full of hatred and bile and as ugly as their faces. You know who you are. Lol.

    Merry Christmas and World Peace.

  6. wait. ngayon lang ako makakapag comment. wahahahha

    Kenya was super gorgeous. ganda ng arrive niya para siyang black barbie! And is it just me or mas bet ko ung Mak Tumang gown and Nat Manilag (the one she wore during talent competition) than what she wore sa finals night?

    Regardless, I’m still proud of her! A lot of people (not just Filipinos) thinks Cat should’ve won, but andyan na yan, move on na lang and support Cat pa rin.

    • Although I can see why they picked the Libiran dress for the finals I, too, think the Tumang gown would have been a better choice for the finals. The former made her look ultra feminine and delicate, but the latter “showed” her elegance and beauty better…It probably wouldn’t have made a difference anyway; the winner (or her alternate) was already chosen before the finals.

  7. Whatever others will say you are still my Miss World 2016 Catriona! Thank you for representing the country and for doing your best. God bless you.

  8. Nagamit ng husto ni Julia Morley si Catriona bilang pampaingay kasi alam nyang umiingay na ang mga fans sa Miss Universe. Wrong tactic Julia.

  9. Well well well mga bakla dinownload ko ang HD version ng miss world at pinanood sa 55 inch HD tv and here are my observation:
    Kenya, Puerto Rico and Indonesia had the most sincere answers during the top 10 interview. Catriona’s answer was ok but it was not as heartfelt as those of the three I mentioned. For me, the winner should have been Kenya. Beauty wise Brazil is on top
    By just watching the clips, China deserved the Top model award, she could walk the runways of Paris and Milan and land on the covers of Vogue and W.
    But the real winner of the night is Megan Young, I wish she could conquer Hollywood someday just like Priyanka Chopra who is doing the US series Quantum and Baywatch several years after her reign. It could also happen to Megan I am sure.

    One last word, Indonesia deserve the spot that she got. I dont understand what most people here are saying while Catriona is just right to be on the top 5

    • Ay sorry po ano ba tong nadownload ko walang top 5 Q&A…pinanood ko na lang ang top 5 Q&A sa youtube….Pero dapat si Kenya pa rin ang nanalo at 1st Runner up si Catriona.
      Yun lang po

      • @4m, anything less than the blue crown for Cat would be an abomination . It was , still is hihi

    • You can watch it in HD on a 70″ screen, it won’t matter kung bulag at bingi ka.
      Baka naman tanga ka lang.
      There was only one girl deserving go the crown and that was Catriona.
      Indonesia??? Oh please…

      • Oh come on now but anyway your judgement is clouded with biases so no need to argue with u too

      • Me biased? Hahaha. Only a troll would think Catriona did not deserve a win or sige na nga, a runner up the least. Well, masaya kang bigyan ng atensyon thru your irrational posts. So, enjoy! But the travesty shall forever be etched in the annals of history. Ciao!

      • More of BOPOL than troll. Mema lang ang potah as usual. Parang letseng clickbait lang ang peg.

  10. Join ka sa Modelling contest Queen Catriona kagaya ng Philippines next top model hihihi Big charot 🙂

    May result na pala sa Miss Tourism Queen of the Year 2016:

    Sofia Del Rocio Saavedra Valderrama from Chile was crowned as the winner of Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International 2016. Sofia succeeds Leren Mae Bautista of the Philippines as the new Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International.
    Miss China was declared as the first runner-up
    Miss Romania was declared as second runner-up
    Miss Australia was declared as 3rd runner-up
    Miss India was crowned as 4th runner-up.
    The representatives Tatarstan, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Vietnam and Kenya made it to Top 10 and the representatives of of France, Paraguay, Mongolia, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Malaysia, Japan, Estonia and Poland made it to the Top 20 of the contest.
    Best in Talent is Malaysia
    Best in Nat’l Costume are Vietnam and Brazil

  11. ~~~ I can now let out a sigh of relief for Cat . . . after MW 2016 she’s back to what she does best . . . modeling . . . looking modelesque as ever . . . and please continue on with your advocacy, Cat . . . and thank you for making us proud showing to the whole wide world that you are beautiful inside and out ~~~ 🙂

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